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Gift episode 18


Gift episode 18

Okoye: Gift Gift, small pin charger wey sabi charge fast.

asked me to hold the bathroom wall and
he spread my ass cheeks with his palms
and pe-netrated from behind, I felt his
hard long kulikuki deep inside my w-et
pu-ssy, he started fu-cking me. Slapping
my yansh, scattering my sugar toto, squeezing
and pressing my oranges on my chest.
Firing and pounding me, slapping my
yansh making me to yelp in pleasure and
mo-an. He was just ban-nging me hard and
fast, Okoye unclad himself and guided
one of my hand to his raging kulikuli. I
started pumping it as he bit his lower
lip and groaned, while I mo-aned as Samuel
kulikuli was touching the right places inside
my pot of sugar, he pulled out and I caught
my breathe, sweating and feeling the
impact of being pounded hard by long
kulikuli. Okoye took over and thru-sted
in without warning, I mo-aned out loud
at the sudden mixed of pain and pleasure,
he slapped my yansh and dug his nails
on my waist as he kept scattering my
pot of sugar with his short kulikuli using
doggystyle. Samuel adjusted my position
and I held on to him as he guided his p—k
to my lips, he pressed it on my lips and
I opened my mouth, I nearly bit it off if
no be say em get sense to commot am.

Okoye: ewooohh! assshhh! Gift ooohh!

Me: aaahhh! Ooohhh! Yes!! harder aaahhh!!

Samuel: *rubbing his kulikuli on my face* aaahh! fine gal.

bathroom door was opened all of a sudden.
We were startled as the person that opened
the bathroom door screamed.

Granny: chimoooo!! aaahhh! Gift *screaming*

collect my pa-nt run, Okoye quickly pulled
out of my now expanded hole and Samuel
covered his kulikuli with his palms, suddenly
grandmother slummed on the floor out
of shock, she be BP patient already. I
think say she no go come back till Evening.
I was terrified and rushed over to her
screaming in shock, Okoye and Samuel
quickly wore their clothes and disappeared.
I shook her repeatedly on the floor but
she didn’t move, I screamed in shock
and ran with my tiny legs [email protected] to call
the maid. The maid rushed in with me
and find my grandmother lying motionless
on the floor, she asked me to call Okoye
and Samuel so that they will carry her
to the health-centre in the village
since the only hospital
in the Local Government is located at
the centre.
Seeing that I was [email protected] she decided to
call them by herself, something wey them
don see and touch. I quickly wore my
clothes and Samuel with Okoye came in
with the maid wailing like women of Owu,
they carried grandmother out of the house.
I ran out of the gate and called a car passing
by, since our house is closed to the village
major entrance road, the only tarred road
in the village sha. The man volunteered
to help carry her to the hospital in the
centre, the maid didn’t go with them instead
she called my father. My heart started
beating fast, I started praying let my grandmother
loose her memory if she survive, my papa
go just kill me if my granny tell her w€tin
I dey chop clean mouth at my age.
that evening my dad came home and
sent for me.
I waka like somebody wey them catch
stealing meats in the kitchen.

Dad: Gift, why your grandmother fall?

Me: I no know, she open my bathroom door come fall.

Dad: *sigh* the doctor say she no go survive.

Me: no no, mama nofit die.

Dad: make we pray so.

Christmas no sweet again for me, I no
even go watch masquerade again. I was
praying everyday for mama. The next
morning being first day of the next year,
My papa announce the death of my grandmother.
I nofit laugh, I nofit cry, I just know say
kulikuli don make me send my grandmother
to early grave. Our Elder say when a child
think she dances more than the elders
who have outgrown the stage, is a bird
chirping to the tone of a hunter.

was about giving Ahmed the sweetest
meal that he will ever eat when my dad
called telling me we will be on our way
to the Village for Mama burial, suddenly
I felt goosebumps all over me and I became
scared that Mama will appear as a ghost
and whip me with koboko. I ran inside
back out of fear, I was just shivering and
looking at everywhere and nowhere due
to fear. Later, Ella cried for biscuits I got
up and went to buy it in the store at the
main road, I went alone ’cause I broke
all ties with Odele the owner of the small
finger kulikuli size. As I waka pass that
weed guy house along that road jiggling
my moderate soft yansh. I started hearing
someone whistling behind me, I turned
and saw one handsome bearded guy chasing
me trying to keep up with his threatening
trouser that want to pull down from his
waist. I realized it was the weed guy and
ran, I dey fear smokers oh! He chased
me, mad oh! the guy head no really correct
at all. If no be Ahmed that guy for chase
me enter my uncle house, I swear. That
night when I finished serving my uncle
food, I wore a very sedu-ctive gown. I didn’t
wear my panties, I wan really teach the
man lesson. He stared at me with lust
and I knew he will not finish the plate
of fried rice before he will come looking
for me to pounce on my sugar-pot, after
I set the food on the dinning. I waka go
my room making sure my soft yansh cheeks
rumbled provocatively in the soft fabric
of the short gown. Em no even reach five
minutes I enter my room locked door when
I heard someone knocking on my door,
I didn’t reply. I waka enter my bathroom
and started bathing and singing everything
na double double. I came out and the knock
was still on going without the same gear
it started, w€tin ho-rny man no go do.

Uncle’s voice: Gift open door, Ella dey for parlour *kpoor! kpoor!!*

Uncle’s voice: Gift, I go give you plenty money. Just allow me see you, I go dey satisfy.

I giggled and buried my head in my pillow,
the man went on and on behind the door
for some minutes before he stopped.
I sighed and rested on my bed, hoping
for sleep to take me away when I started
hearing another sounds coming from
my window.

Uncle’s voice: Gift! abeg wake up ohh! if you no open the door, I go break am *goor goor!*

I didn’t answer rather I pretended to be
asleep and I wasn’t hearing all those noise
he was making behind the window.

Uncle’s voice: I love you Gift, abeg open the door. I love you so much.

lie em no love me oh! na my sugar-pot
em love.

Uncle’s voice: I go divorce your aunty marry you, abeg open the door. Please, please, I dey beg you.

didn’t leave my window till I slept off,
I didn’t know how long he was behind
the window. I woke up the next morning
feeling energetic, I wanted to go out and
check up on Ella, immediately I opened
the door my Uncle bounced on me not
giving me any space at all. He wore only
short while I wore my nigtie, he was just
kissing all over me, smooching all over
me and pressing my bossom. Mumbling
incoherent words, I asked him to stop
but he ignored me s—–g my ni-pple
like a two years baby after releasing my
brea-st from my nightie. The door was
opened ajar and then I started hearing
my aunt calling my name from the sitting-room,
the stupid man didn’t get up, instead he
was about inserting his kulikuli when
he realized my aunt was closer. He scampered
and went under my bed, I was in daze
breathing heavily when my aunt came
in. She asked me what happened and
I explained that a force pushed me back
on the bed when I wan come out, she started
praying against spiritual husband while
na her husband dey torment my life. The
thing sweet me as the man dey suffer
under the bed ehnn..

My aunt: you see my husband..

Me: em nodey ona bedroom?

My aunt: I don go check am, I no see am. Even Ella say em never see am.

Me: maybe em don go out to joggle as usual.

My aunt: okay, make em no go late oh! na 6am be this.

Me: my daddy dey come today?

My aunt: yes na, ona two go go village together, your grandmother burial.

Me: aunt Alicia go return with my brother?

My aunt: no, na only she dey come. Your brother dey school, come help me for kitchen.

I wanted to leave my uncle grabbed my
feet from under the bed. I stepped on
it and he groaned before I followed my
aunt, my toto don possess that man tru
tru. My father came to take me and my
uncle pleaded earnestly for him to bring
me back to stay with them, my dad was
so happy saying am a very good girl that
everybody wan associate with, for bed
bah? We went to the village and I met
Okoye with Samuel. My aunt was so happy
to see me, the one from overseas oh!
she said I have grown and ripe that she
didn’t even recognize me again, evidence
of proteins from sper-m sha… Our Elder
say, he will disregard tradition is a bird
picking stones in the river and ignored
the shores.


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