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Heights of Deception episode 9


Heights Of Deception (episode 9)
Second-to-last episode

Just when all hope of finding true love again is lost, God shows up at the 99th hour with the partner you have always dreamed and prayed for. No matter how frustrating the search has been, that spacial person will be worth it when the search is over. Finally, Kesha had found the person her heart beats for; a man that is everything she prayed for while still with her ex-husband ‘Dan’. When you finally meet the right person, you will definitely know because the level of peace you would feel when around that person will be highly noticeable.

In just few months of meeting Desmond, Kesha began to glow and feel alive again. She needed no seer to tell her that he was the man of her dreams and more. When they were done revealing their feelings for one another, they kissed passionately one more time and hugged each other.

A promising relation was born that day between the two lovebirds. Their relationship introduced Kesha to a whole new level of happiness and peace she wasn’t used to. Desmond called twice daily to check up on her and also visited her weekly. He made sure she never lacked anything she needed and he was always there for her as a partner whenever she needed any form of support. Without doubts, it’s safe to say that Desmond was into Kesha and a God sent.

While things were looking beautiful and blissful in Kesha’s camp, we can’t say same for Dan. Things had gone from bad to worse in his marriage with Sharon, to the extent that she controlled his every move. That marriage was a living hell for the Gold Digger and it didn’t look like things were going to change anytime soon.

One fateful morning, Sharon woke up first and began to go through Dan’s phone to check for any suspicious conversations or chat. As she quietly scrolled through his phone, she came across numerous messages from other ladies to her husband. One participant message broke her heart into pieces was one in which the sender referred to her as ‘Money Machine; which made her know he was using her.

The anger Sharon felt that moment was enough to send Dan packing from her house. However, the hot-headed woman wasn’t going to tolerate any form of cheating, not after she singe handedly foot the bills for the family. Apparantly, there was fire on the mountain, but on one was running yet.

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Few minutes after finding the text messages, Dan woke up from sleep to find his wife angrily staring at him. He needed no seer to tell him that there was fire on the mountain. “Why are you staring at me like that?” He confusingly asked, “Do I look like a fool to you? I cloth you, feed you, foot the bills in this house and support you with those business ventures of yours that never succeeds. Who are these ladies you keep texting back and forth, calling them ‘Baby’? I need explanations otherwise I will kick you out in the streets” she angrily said.

At that moment, Dan was really scared but tried as much as possible to keep his cool. “Which ladies? Babe please stop with the allegations, I don’t know what you are talking about?” He lied. Without hesitating, Sharon brought out his phone and showed him proof of his erotic chats with strange ladies on social media.

After seeing the chats, Dan was lost of words. He didn’t know what else to say or do, but to beg his wife. “Baby I am sorry, it wasn’t intentional. Please forgive me, it’s the devils handwork” Dan soberly said.

Sadly, it was too late because Sharon cared less. “Come off it! Don’t get me more furious than I already am. So I am now a money machine for you? How would you explain calling me a money machine? So you are a Gold Digger and nothing but an opportunist. Matter of fact, I want you to leave my house this very moment. I would rather be by myself than be in a relationship with a gold digger. I will file for divorce soon, Leave my house!” She angrily said.

In no time, Dan was thrown out of the house. He stayed in a shelter at night and worked every morning. It was such a trying time for him till he realized that it was best he returns back to his country. With immediate effect, he packed his bag and took the next available flight back home.

On arrival, Dan was happy to see his family, friends and well wishers again. A lot of people weren’t happy at the state of which he came back, but they didn’t see the need to ask him questions. They all went with the flow and tried as much as possible not to make him uncomfortable.

While Dan was going through hell, Kesha and Desmond were enjoying their relationship. Every night, Dan was would think of his ex-wife as though his life depened on it. His once hard heart gradually began to melt. For over a month, he was sober and totally cut off from the entire world, just so he can find peace. He wanted to apologize to his ex-wife to see if they can amend their differences.

One evening around 7pm, Dan made his way to Kesha’s house, so as to beg for a second chance. When he arrived, he knocked twice on the door but got no response. He took a deep breath and knocked the 3rd time. The door opened and guess who opened the door? It was no other person than Desmond.

Dan’s heart raced but later calmed down when he figured the person might be a new tenant that moved into the house after Kesha packed out. “Are you a new tenant? Because I am looking for my wife that lives here” Dan said.

In a flash second, it dawned on Desmond that the person standing on the door was Kesha’s ex-husband. He asked if it was Kesha he was looking for and Dan nodded ‘Yes’. He also asked for his name and he replied ‘Dan’.

Demond smiled faintly, shook his head and dropped a shocker “Kesha is now mine, please back off!”

End of episode 9 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see the fate of Kesha, Desmond & Dan.

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