Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 12

Hell’s Nest – Episode 12

A story by Goddy Francis


I visited Giselle to check on her , she also informed me Jordan was back. Christian’s issue got everyone surprised.

Mrs Smith couldn’t help but cry every single day. After the last incident , he no longer talk or laugh he looks like a paralyze soul.

” Hey Lissa ” Giselle greeted.

I sighed and sat down , work was just pissing me off.

” What’s up with you ?”

” I’m fine , I’m just stressed out.”

” Really ?”

” Yeah , where’s Jordan ?” I asked looking around.

” She must be in her room sleeping.” Giselle replied.

” Ooh , alright. Hope she’s fine ?”

” Yeah I thank God.”

” When is she resuming ?”

” Jordan can’t work now. She’s still sick.” Giselle said.

” Is there something you wanna talk about pertaining to Jordan’s..”

” Look Melissa it’s not what you think..”

” I know , I’m just curious. If you keep hiding things you’ll end up hurting yourself. What’s up with Jordan ?”

” Nothing is wrong with her , she’s still suffering from her parents horrible death. You know that feeling , especially when you were really young it’s hærd to deal with.” Giselle said and I nodded.

” Something happened to Christian two nights ago..”

” What’s that ?”

” His friend found him in,side the woods not too far from his house , he was brought home but I don’t know how he turned dumb.” I said.

” Seriously I don’t get it .”

” Yeah I’m still in shock , I saw him myself. I accompanied his mom to check on him it was a horrible sight to behold.” I narrated.

” For real ?”

” Yeah , he almost died yesterday. Right now his mom brought a psychologist , maybe she can tell what’s wrong with the boy and how to find a solution..”

” Oh my God , that’s bad news.”

” Yeah , I truly like Christian , good people don’t deserve something bad. His brother might be an a****le but Christian that boy is so different.”

” Heard he likes Jordan.” I said and giggles.

” Does that make any sense ?” Giselle asked.

” Yeah , they are in love. I can tell Jordan likes him too. I just wish nothing happens to him. He has a long way to go.” I said removing my shoes.

” You have any food here ? I’m starving..” I said standing up.

” Just check the kitchen.”

” Alright..” I replied and left.



I was worried about what Melissa told me , I can’t believe Christian has to partake from Jordan’s misfortune. Whatever thing that was wrong with Jordan is affecting Christian.

I looked upstairs and saw Jordan, she frowned and hurriedly left. I guess she heard our conversation.

I got up and went to her room, she was pacing around with her finger in her lower l-ips.

” Is is true ?” Jordan asked.

” I don’t know , I’ll confirm later.”

” Lemme come with you .” Jordan said.

Her eyes were crowded with tears.

” Sure if it will make you happy. When I’m ready I’ll let you know.” I said and she smiled.

” Just take care of yourself , I believe he’ll be fine.” I said and she nodded.

” Yeah I’m just scared , I can’t believe he’s hurting him too. ” Jordan said and weep.

” It’s okay, nothing will happen to him.” I console.

” I pray so.”

I smiled and walked out.




I just hope it’s not what I’m thinking , Christian can’t suffer for my sake. He did nothing . I sit on my bed and lamented , I was hurting badly and I was scared to let Giselle in.

I picked a knife from my bed side and cut my left hand wrist , I cried and dropped the knife on the floor. I hold my wrist tight and made sure it didn’t bleed more. That’s the best way of consoling myself.

” You can’t save him.” He said from behind.

I sighed and refused to answer.

” I’ll take his life and that of his mother including his brother.” His ghostly voice disappeared and I cried more.

” Why me ?” I thought.

I remembered that night , the night I lost my mom. I was having doubts , I knew I was going to end up like her.

About few hours later , someone knocked my door , I got up to open and it was Giselle.

” Go get dressed , Melissa is gone.”

I nodded and closed my door.

I rushed to bathe and I came downstairs , Giselle was already prepared.

” Are you nervous ?”

” No I’m not. I’m only worried.” I replied and sighed deeply.

” You’ll be fine.”

Giselle led the match and I followed from behind. We entered her car and we drove off. We arrived at Christian’s and knocked , a boy came out. He looks like Christian’s weird friend Jones.

” Hi Jones.” Giselle greeted.

” Hey Giselle, please come in.” He ushered and we walk in.

I felt cold run through my spine as I held myself together.

” It seems Mrs Smith is not around ?” Giselle asked looking around.

” No , she went out.”

” What’s up with Christian ?”

” No improvement. He’s in his room if you want to check on him.” Jones said leading a walk.

We followed and he opened the door of Christian’s room. He was sitting up with his back resting on his wall. His eyes were white and his body look cursed. He looks forsaken.

I felt my tears ran through my cheek and down to my chin. He was suffering.

” We should leave them together alone.” Giselle said to Jones.

” Really ?”

” Yes , love birds . Come on let’s leave.” Giselle said holding his hands and they walk out.

I cleaned my eyes and closed his door , he barely notice a person is around. Why would she think of bringing a psychologist. Mrs Smith is really awkward.

I sit close to him and touched his cheek , I cried softly and hold his hands.

” I’m sorry..” I whispered.

” I brought you this , I’m really sorry. I wanted the best for you that’s the reason I tried to push you away , but you refused because you love me. He’ll never leave us alone.” I said still holding his hands.

I touched his face and sniff. He was so innocent. I gently placed a k-ss on his l-ips and continued for minutes. I stopped and cried again. He was just stiff and stagnant. He is not talking and he’s not saying a word . I got up and rushed out.

It hurts to see the ones you love die because of you. Giselle was talking with Jones when I ran in and went outside in haste.

They followed and i was outside crying.

” Alright , we should be leaving..” Giselle said to Jones and he nodded.

” Be careful.”

” Send my regards to Mrs Smith.” Giselle said and entered the car and left.

” What happened ?” She asked on our way driving home.

” Nothing , I felt pity on him. He’s so sick.” I said.

” Yeah , I know he’ll be fine. Love bonds and heals.” Giselle said.

” Really ?”

” Yeah , I’m sure he’ll be fine soonest.” Giselle said and continued driving.

I sighed and thought about him , I have done more than enough.



I went to check on Christian after Giselle and her sister left. Jones was still sitting still.

” Will he ever be okay ?” I asked myself and proceed to leave when I heard a cough.

I turned around and saw Christian coughing blood.

” For real ?”

I assisted him and took him to the bathroom.

” What happened to me ?” He asked.

” You can talk ?”

” What do you mean by I can talk ? Jones I’m not dumb.” He said coughing.

” Wait , your skin . You’re heal.”

” What ?”

” I need to call your mom.” I said and rushed out.

” Jones , that boy is crazy.”


I was still baffled by Jones attitude. The only thing I remembered is myself chasing after Jordan and got crowded by swamp of flies.

” Weird.” I said walking out of the bathroom.

I went back to my room and saw my mom with Jones. They were a bit weird , staring at me really weird.

” Christian, you’re okay ?” My mom asked.

” Yes ”

” Come here boy.” Mom said and hugged me.

” Mom what happened ?” I asked baffled.

” You were sick , you couldn’t talk and your body was covered by strange boils. I just can’t explain. What were you doing in the woods ?” Mom asked.

” I took a walk.” I lied.

” Really ? I thought I’ve lost you. I’ll prepare your favourite right away.” Mom said and hurried out.

” Like seriously ? What’s all this drama ?”

” You heard your mom , you were damn sick , you couldn’t talk , you look like a moron.”

” Shut up.” I said a bit paranoid.

” For real . Jordan visited , she was here with Giselle and we left her in your room with you. About few minutes later , she ran out crying. I guess she gave you a true love k-ss.” Jones said and chuckled mockingly.

” Who could believe s*** like that do exist ?” Jones chuckled again and sat down.

Yeah I do remember the k-ss aspect , but where on Earth will I start to believe that I was dumb.

Two days after I visited Jordan. She was alone that day I guess. She refused to let me , we stood outside and she wasn’t smiling at all.

” Look I’m sorry..”

” Why ?” She asked.

” I still love you.. we can work this out together.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

” Christian you’re your mom’s favorite. Look I don’t want anything to happen to you , you’ll get hurt more often if you don’t let me go. Christian please stay away from me.” She cried.

” I can’t stay away from you. I want to help.”

” And end up loosing your life ? You’re going insane.”

” I know and it’s because of you. I don’t mind giving you everything. I can’t just leave you because I was attacked.”

” And worse is coming to you if you don’t leave her alone.” She said in a man’s voice.

She grabbed my neck and threw me away , that was a man’s strength.

” Stay away from me.” Jordan cried and closed the door.

To be continued

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