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Chapter_ thirty one.

” Can we start all over…from scratch?” He asked and her eyes w¡dened in shock.

She was contemplating on what to say, though he’s the father of her daughter doesn’t mean she loves him. She doesn’t love him and now he wants to start from scratch? Even though they both starts from scratch, it would take her lots of time to adjust.

” Am sorry, but I don’t think we should start from scratch or be together at all.” She said after few minutes of thinking.

Josh was speechless, he didn’t know what to say anymore, he l-ips were quivering and he was confused. She seems like a hærd but to crack but he didn’t care, his mission is to win her heart and he’s going to win it by all cost.

” By don’t you think…”

” I have nothing to think about, please you may take your leave now. I have work to do.” Asha replied cutting him off and he sighed before standing up.

” Fine, I’ll leave but I will come back soon.” He said and she rolled her eyes.

” There’s no need for you to come back…so don’t show your face to me again.”

” No, I will come back and I will make sure we stay stay together…you just need some space and that’s what am going to give you. Bye and have a nice day ahead.” He said before walking out of the restaurant.

Asha couldn’t believe what he just said before leaving. She placed her hands on his chest as she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.

‘ what kind of a guy is he?’ she thought and after a while she shook her head side to side before starting her cleaning.

Tasha signed hastily on each doc-ment like her life dependend on it. She was actually at the company and she had to finish signing the doc-ments from their business partners. She got so many requests from different business partners to use her for their next advert.

She hasn’t been to the company for over two weeks now. She has been busy preparing for her wedding with Josh and now she regretted the fact that she didn’t even show up at work even if it’s two days.

” Pass me the next four Celine.” She said to her personal assistant and she passed it to her. She kept glancing at her wrist watch after every fifteen minutes. She has really worked out already and she needed recharge.

” Why didn’t you sign it huh? Why are you making do this myself!” Tasha half yelled as she was done signing the file she was holding. She couldn’t take it anymore as she felt all her body go weak.

” Am sorry ma’am, but the file stated that only your signature was allowed.” Her personal assistant said with her head bowed. Tasha has always been the fierce one and she didn’t want to step on her toe yet, otherwise she would lose her Job.

” Well, you could have brought it to my house. Next file celine”

” That was the last one you signed ma’am.” Celine replied and Tasha beamed widely.

” Thanks goodness it’s finished, I’ve been signing those files for two hours. You may take your leave.” Tasha said and she quickly dashed out with those files.

Tasha looked at her fingers that have gone red because of the signing and that was when her eyes met the ring on her finger.

She smiled as she car-ssed the ring on her middle finger and her thoughts flew to Josh. Immediately she carried her phone from her handbag placing a call across to Josh. After ringing for a while, his voice came up.

📲 Hello Asha

📲 Who’s Asha? It’s me Tasha.

📲 Nevermind it was a slip of the tongue…how are you?

📲 Am fine baby, what’s up with you?

📲 Nothing much…am just having a migraine.

📲 Oh my! Is it that serious? Should I come over?

📲 No, don’t bother yourself…I just need a nap and I will be fine.

📲 Alright, get some rest…I will call you later. I love you.

📲 Ok, thank you…bye!

Immediately he hung on the call, she held her chest and smiled but after a while she frowned.

” I hope he’s fine.” She muttered in a panic voice.

Few days later….

” That class was boring as f**k!” Asha complained making Otto laugh. They were on their way to the school’s cafeteria after having the last class which was math class.

” Well, I agree with you…I also don’t like math.”

” 80% of people doesn’t like math because it’s frustrated.” Asha said as they both found a table so they can eat.

On the other side of the cafeteria was Prudent and Allison as they are in silence. Allison was getting bored already, the Prudent she knows what the quiet type.

” Hey if you don’t want to eat, quit murdering the poor meat.” Allison said to Prudent who was stabbing the meat with her fork. She wanted to take the meat from Prudent’s plate when Prudent slapped her hand away.

” I will eat it…you have yours, eat yours.”

” But you’ve got the sweetest part…let me just have a taste of it please.” Allison said gulping hærd as she stared at the meat. Prudent was about to say something when she heard a loud laughter.

She looked at the direction it was coming from and she suddenly felt happy. She hasn’t seen her sister for few days even though they attended the same school, now she was happy seeing her.

” Oh, it’s that badass girl that slapped the BBC girls and she was the same person that carried to the infirmary right? When she carried you, I thought you were both sisters because it seemed like she really cared about you…but then it occurred to me that you and Leo are the only children of your parents…funny huh?” Allison asked but prudent didn’t reply. It seems that her attention was all on Asha.

She kept staring at Asha and when their gaze met, Asha just smiled at her before she averted her gaze back Leo.

” Prudent are you even listening to me?” Allison snapped and she blinked her eyes rapidly before she stood up. She carried her tray of food and was about walking to Asha’s table when Allison held her hand.

” Where are you going?” She asked.

” I want to go eat with Asha, anything wrong with that?”

” You want to go eat with that badass? Why?” Allison asked and she rolled her eyes.

” If you want to join me, you are free…so now, stop asking me stupid questions.” She replied and started taking long strides towards their table.

She got to their table and Asha smiled but Leo was dumbstruck…he couldn’t blink. The almighty Prudent was going to eat with them.

” Am just here to eat in peace and I want to say thank you… thanks for saving my life the other day Asha.” She said as she bit her bottom l-ips. It seems she still hasn’t gotten used to apologising to people.

” It’s ok, I just did what someone else could have done.” Asha replied and immediately Allison also walked to there table as she joined them.

Her eyes almost bulging out, when she saw Otto. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and Otto noticed but didn’t utter a word.

” Where have you been? You are so cute.” She said as she kept staring at him.

” Am Otto and I’ve been in this school, maybe we haven’t met that’s why.”

” Wow! Even your name sounds cool…how about you and I become partners for the prom…what do you think?” Allison asked as she was keenly staring at him. She was eagerly waiting for his answer.

” I will think about it.” He simply replied and she frowned a bit but later replaced it with a smile.

They all started to eat in silence when Prudent carried the yoke from her plate and passed it to Asha. She has always known Asha to like egg yolks, especially when they were little, Asha would steal her egg yolk without her knowing.

Asha looked at Prudent with a smile and she also carried her egg white and passed it to Prudent. Allison and Otto shared a stare but didn’t say a word while Prudent just smiled.


Josh na werey…him dey call Tasha…Asha😹

Awwwn Prudent dey miss her sis 🥺

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