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Written by Assurance webber

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Chapter 45 (Prom date)

UNEDITED… please ignore grammatical errors!


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The alarm that was placed on the drawer close to Asha’s b£d rang loudly as it vibrated.

Asha mumbled few words half asleep and covered the duvet on her body properly. She smiled in her sleep and the alarm rang loudly again which more disturbance to Asha’s sleep.

Immediately, Asha sprang up and pushed her hair backwards as she yawned, stretching at the same time.

Hey eyes roamed around the room and it stopped right in front of the clock. Asha eyes almost bulged out if it’s eye socket, when she saw the time. It was 6:15am and she Tara needs to leave for school before 7:30 am.

Asha quickly hopped off the b£d and rushed to Tara’s room.

She woke Tara up by sprinkling water on her small but beautiful face. Asha knows Tara was the one who loves sleeping a lot, and waking her up will be of no use if you don’t use water. She wonder who Tara took after.

She bath her and ironed her school uniform, since she was too tired to do it yesterday. Speaking of which, she hated what Josh did and she has made up her mind, that no matter what, she will be strict to him.

“Josh, that assh0le!” she said inaudibly in between her teeth.

Afterwards, she helped Tara in dressing up and she looked at the wall clock. It was already 7:00am, just what she wanted and she sighed.

Asha and Tara walked hand in hand as they made their way to the sitting room. Immediately they go there, Tara went straight to the dining table and pulled out a chair before sitting. Her facial expression was plain and Asha knew she was very hungry.

Asha glanced at the sleeping Josh and saw him snoring softly. She smiled when she saw his pink l-ips, but then, thinking about last night made her very angry and she frowned.

She kicked him so h-rd on his wa-ist and he gro-ned in pain, which caused Tara to look back, but she was too hungry to say anything.

“Asha what was that for?” he asked with a crumpled face.

She coffee hearing him call her name. He still had the guts to call her name?, He wasn’t scared of her anymore?

Immediately Tara heard Josh’s voice, she ran to the scene and hugged his wa-ist, as she couldn’t reach his anyone where else but his wa-istline.

Asha looked at her dumb founded. She was so confused staring at her little daughter. Wasn’t this the child that refused to smile or do anything because she is hungry? Now look at her, smiling widely at Josh and he also smiled back.

“Good morning uncle Josh.” Tara greeted with a h-uge smile on her face, she smiled in a way that showed only her upper beautiful sets of whitish tooth.

Asha looked at them both and cursed silently, They were really father and daughter and nobody could deny the fact, the resemblance alone shows it.

Afterwards, Tara walked over to where her mom stood as she pouted her l-ips. Asha raised a brow, indicating her to speak.

“Sm hungry mommy and I am getting late for school.” she whined and Asha eyes almost popped out of it’s eye socket.

She hasn’t prepared anything for Tara and she hasn’t prepared herself for school, let alone taken her bath.

She quickly walked to her kitchen and brought out a deep bowl. She rinsed it and p-oured the content of corn flakes Tara was able to finish.

The expression on Tara’s face was cute, she watched closely as her mom did everything. Asha mixed the cornflakes and placed it in front of Tara.

Asha quickly washed her hands and started heading towards her room, but she stopped on her track when she saw Josh staring at her.

“Won’t you leave already?, It has stopped raining and besides, don’t you have work to do?” she asked in a calm, yet strict voice.

Josh looked at her with a puzzled expression, the memories of last night played in his head and he smile.

He took a step forward, moving closer to her and she moved backwards. He kept moving closer and she also moved backwards till her back touched the wall.

He caged her in between by placing his hands on both sides of the wall. He leaned close to her, their l-ips almost touching.

Asha looked at Tara’s direction, trying to see if she’s still focused on her food. Asha breathed out in satisfaction when she saw Tara still eating. Josh held her chin and made her look at him.

“Are you angry about something?” he asked. It was his turn to play the game, after all he’s the one in charge. Asha scoffed at his question and averted her gaze somewhere else.

“Am not angry about anything. I am just being cautious, what will people say when they see a young man living with me?”

“But I am not living with you, I just…”

she cut him off with a raise of her f-nger.

“Just leave, I want you to leave before I get out.. please.” she said and pushed him slightly, trying to get out of his hold, then she walked to her room.

The class was almost empty, as most of the students have gone out to grab something for lunch.

Asha was seated on her desk as she looked outside the window. Her desk was close to the window, so it was easier for her to take a view outsiyoyunde.

Their classroom was at the 6th floor, so the view of people outside was small yuckI iyas the roamed around the street.

She was soley focused as her eyes were fixed on a set of people, they seem like a family. She smiled when she saw them riding a family bicycle, the father in front, then the mother and the two siblings. It was a pleasant sight and it reminded her of her family.

Thinking about her family gave her a deep feeling of pain, her dad was no more, the mother she had, didn’t want to lay her eyes on her and the sister she had…was now like a complete stranger to her.

She was all alone and the only person she has now is her daughter and maybe… Josh, even though she wasn’t sure…she enjoyed his company a lot and she couldn’t deny it.

” Life is really unpredictable.” she said with a sigh.

“But there’s nothing we can do, but just to keep living. We just need to forget about regrets and keep going…we only have one life and we just need to keep going.” Otto concluded and she smiled.

“When did you come?” she asked.

“Let’s say, I’ve been watching you…close to ten minutes.” he said and she hmmmed

“Are you ok?”

“Am fine, so tell me, who have you chos£n for your date to prom?” she asked and he itched the nape of his neck nervously.

“Well, I was thinking to ask you.” he answered and Asha gasped, unable to believe her ears.

“You must be joking.”

“I knew that’s what you are going to say. Not to worry though, I’ve already picked someone.” he whispered the last part.

“Who’s she?”

“It’s a secret Asha, you will know on prom night.” he said and she beamed widely showing her not so deep dimples.

“Alright, I will be waiting then.”


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