His Crazy Baddie

His crazy baddie episode 21 – 24

(Her lips and body)

Episode 21&22

Onella slide her hand under her skirt and everyone gasped.

“What the f*ck!! Starr Muttered shockingly.

Chelsea could feel her hand touching her pant…. She yank her hand off with all her might and she starggered back.

Onella smile and brought her finger close to her nose to smell.

” How was it?? Ameera, one of the class member asked as everyone stare curiously waiting for her answer.

Onella smile and face the students.

“My instinct was right, afterall. It coming from her hole” She said and clasp her hand.

Everyone bursted into laughter.

Chelsea ran out of the class and the laughter increased.

Peaches smile as she watched the whole scene with tears on her face.

Snow made to run after Chelsea but Onella block her.

“Chelsea dog, huh?? Not so fast” She clicked her tongue and Snow move back instantly.

“What should i do to you, huh? Choose a punishment for yourself” Onella said, her arms across her chest.

“Forgive me, i wont do it again” She said, fear obvious in her voice already.

“Should i check your hole too??

” Yesss”The whole class scream and before Onella could move closer to her… She ran out and everyone laugh.

Onella moved closer to Peaches and wiped her tears.

“Come on, dont be a wreakling… Onella wink and she nodded.

” Give it up to Onella Leonardo”Ameera shouted and everyone scream.


Ameera walked to them.

“Hey, am Ameera…. We can be friends, right?? Ameera said with a smile.

” Sure, sure… I like you”Onella replied and rub her hair.

“Oh, please am not a pet” Ameera chuckle and they laugh.

“So tell me, who the hell is Finn?? Onella face Peaches.

Just when she was about replying, Finn walked into the class.

” That’s him”Ameera said and Onella eyes widened.

She recognised him immediately.

“This guys….. Wow” Onella clapped her hand.

“We’re gonna deal with him real bad” Onella said.

“Sure, let’s do it”Ameera grinned, looking at him as he walked to his seat.

Just then, the biology teacher walked in and they settled down.

” Good morning guys”He said and took the marker.

“Good morning sir” They chorused.

“So before we proceed on today’s lesson, we’re going to be having a presentation on our last topic, i’ll grouping you guys into three…. Here’s the list” He said, raising the piece of paper up.

“Presentation again…. They all started mumbling.

” Silence…. I’ll paste it now, check your name after the class… “He said and walked to the side of the board with the paper.

” He should just pair the three of us together”Ameera pout.

“Dont do that around guys, they might just grab you and kiss you.. ” Onella said and they chuckle.


” So, that’s it….. And where’s Chelsea and Snow? He asked when he noticed their absence.

“Chelsea poo on her pant so she went to take care of herself” Ameera said and everyone laugh.

“Yes sir, she stink so badly, Onella confirm it” A student said and they laugh again.

“Am serious here” He shouted and they all kept quiet…

“So… Back to business….

Esmeralda walked into the class and everyone turned to her.

👥Is that not Princeton jacket?
👥of course, it is
👥when did they started talking
👥Dont know but i hate Esmeralda already.
👥my crush jacket.

Esmeralda walked to her seat ignoring their comments, she sat down and Bitna turned to her immediately.

“What’re you doing?? Bitna asked and she frown.

” What?? Esmeralda asked.

“Why are you wearing his jacket?? She asked and Esmeralda smile.

” He gave me”she smile proudly and Bitna scoff.

“Is that even making any sense?? She scoff and Esmeralda face her with a frown.

” I dont get.. “She said.

” Never mind”Bitna replied and turn from her.

The door opened and Mrs Mitchell walked in, she’s their chemistry teacher.

“Hey students, how was your break?? She smile, dropping her big textbook on the table.

” Fine… They replied and she nodded.

“We’re having a practical… I believe you all know who your partner is” She said, looking at everyone of them.

“Yes ma….

” So your topics is out…. Here’s the list…. The class captain should have it… Wait where is he?? She asked.

Princeton is their class captain.

Just as they were about replying, he walked in with Daniel.

👥when did they start talking
👥the last time i checked… Princeton doesnt talk to anybody.

“Where are you coming from?? Mrs Mitchel asked immediately.

” From the restroom ma”they both replied and she sigh.

“Next time, dont come late to my class… Here’s your practical topic.. ” She said and Princeton collected it.

They both walked to their seat.

“I’m paired with Princeton” Esmeralda gush at Bitna.

“Daniel she whispered back.

” Ohh…

“Back to today’s topic….


Chelsea sat on the floor crying her eyes out while Snow was beside her trying to calm her down.

” Chels, stop”Snow said but it only went louder.

“She humiliated me, i’m hurt” Chelsea cried, her palm on her face.

“You cant just keep crying like this… You’re burning Chels” Snow said and she stood up.

She wiped her tears.

“I know what to do… ” She suddenly said and started walking out.

“What?? Snow asked and followed her.

” Just watch…..


“School is fun” Onella scream as they got out of the compound.

“I know, right?? Ameera smile….

” I made friends, am glad”Onella gush and they chuckle.

“Me, am always alone” Ameera frown.

“Me too” Peaches said.

“Now we’re together, bestfriends forever huh?? Onella smile.

” Wait, we just met today”Ameera said and they laugh.

“I’ll just take a cab from here… Peaches said.

” Ohh… Am going to my mom shop.. Onella said..

“Home straight… Ameera said.

” Let’s exchange contact.. “Ameera said and they brought out their phones.

They exchanged contact and bade theirselves goodbye


Peaches entered the compound and her heartbeat increased. The fact that she is going inside problem again.

She stays with her wicked aunty and daughters who beat and bully her everytime… She lost her mother when she was ten so she stay with them.

Peaches entered the house and met Lucy Luna sitting and chatting.

They are her aunt daughter.

” See, who we have here…. Idiot”Luna grinned immediately she came in.

“Hi ” Peaches muttered and tried walking away but they block her.

“Is that how you talk to your mom huh?? No respect” Lucy said and pushed her…. She fell.

“Ugly duckling” Luna spat and kick her.

“Am s….. Peaches couldnt finish her statement before she felt a urge to puke.

She stood up and hold her mouth… She rushed into the bathroom and vomit……

” What is wrong with me??


(Her body and lips)

Episode 23&24

Onella walked into the restaurant in her uniform and all workers turned to her.

👥wait, Onella started school.
👥thought she was joking.
👥me too,but she looks good in uniform.

“Face your damn work” She suddenly snapped and they shut their.

She eye search her mom but couldn’t find her….

She turned to ask one of the workers but saw a guy in uniform…. Major high.

“Hey… ” Onella walked closer to him and he turned.

“You’re a student in major high?? Onella inquired staring at him.

” Yeah, and you too? He also asked, looking at her from head to toe.

“How come have not met you?? Princeton asked…

” Just joined today, the girl on scholarship”She wink and Princeton gasp.

“Wow…. I didnt know, you’re the genius” Princeton smile.

“Yeah, i see you’re new here” Onella said, referring to the restaurant.

“Yeah, two days ago…. Am a junior actually.. ” He said.

“Okay kiddo, i’ll see you later… ” She wink and succried off…. She sighted her mom already.

“Kiddo.. ” Princeton chuckle and continue working.

👥He’s just so cute…
The female workers gushed staring at him.

“Baby… ” Hanuel gush and hugged Onella.

“Hey mom…. You’re suffocating me” Onella rolled her eyes and she disengaged.

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“How was school?? Hanuel asked and Onella sigh.

” Cool…. I made great friends”Onella smile and took a pizza from a carton on the cabinet.

“Am glad…. I hope you listened in class” Hanuel said….

“Yes mom” She replied, her words not coming out clear because of the pizza in her mouth.

“I need to go home” Onella said and made to take another pizza but Hanuel held her hand.

“What’re you doing?? You wanna finish the whole thing.. It’s meant for a customer” Hanuel warned…

Onella pout and pretended to turn and leave… Hanuel also turned and made to leave.

Onella quickly turned and took two more…. Hanuel gasped.

“Onella… ” Hanuel called, with a “dont go with it” face.

“Bye mommy.. ” She stuck out her tongue and ran out…

Hanuel shook her head and walked away.

“Thanks for patronizing us” Princeton said to the customer as she took her phones and left.

Princeton sigh and made to turn but bumped into someone.

The girl almost fell but she was quick to held her by waist.

It was one of the workers…. She intentionally bumped into him to get his attention.

“He held my waist” She thought, her face all red already.
Princeton released her waist slowly and she smile..

“Are you alright?? Princeton asked and she blush heavily.

Princeton scoffed, when he saw her reaction.

” Blushing because i held you from falling, it’s not making any sense to me”Princeton said and turned to walk away but she held him.

“Am sorry… Let’s be friends, am Danika” She smile nervously.

Just as he was about replying he heard his name from behind.

“Princeton… ” Esmeralda called, looking at the hand Danika was holding.

“Meralda… ” He called surprising…

Esmeralda snatched Princeton hand from Danika’s and she glare.

“What do you think you’re doing? Danika snapped angrily.

” What do you think you’re doing? She mimick and flaunt her long her.

“He’s my boyfriend so you have no right to hold him… Bitch” Esmeralda snarl and Danika gasped.

Princeton looked at her surprisingly, he didnt make it obvious he was surprised tho bacause Danika was staring at him.

“Yes, she’s my girl so back off” Princeton said and Esmeralda smile inwardly…
She could feel butterflies flying in her tummy happily.

Danika ran off almost in tears

“Princeton, someone ordered something, here’s the address.. ” A male worker said and he collected the package and the address in the paper.

He turned to Esmeralda who was still standing.

“I gat to go doll” He wink and made to walk out.

“No, i’ll go with you. I’ll take you with my car” Esmeralda said and they both walked out.

“What was that for?? Back in there.. ” Princeton chuckle and Esmeralda knew what he meant already.

“I just… Uhh” She stuttered and bite her lips not knowing what to say.

“Jealous? Princeton smile and she flinch..

” No i….

“It’s alright…. You saved me from that witch, anyways” Princeton said and she nodded.

Princeton just stare at her cuteness… She look really nervous and cute right now.

“I’m paired with you in the chemistry practical” Esmeralda said, already driving out.

“Yeah…. We’ll meet in the library for practice tomorrow” He replied and she nodded.


Onella changed into her a big t shirt and a baggy jeans… She just took a shower making her hair wet floping to a part of her face… She look dangerously cute now.

“I’m paired with Starr and Snow for the presentation… We need to practice together” She muttered to herself and took her phone…

“I dont even have any of their number” She said and sigh tiredly…

“Wait a minute… I can just go to Starr office and talk to him about it… Yess” She thought and stood up…

She ran out of the house and mount on her bike… She used her helmet and hit the road….
Minutes later, she parked infront of the big company and got down from the bike.

She ran in and met the secretary, she stopped her immediately.

“Who’re you?? She asked immediately and Onella rolled her eyes.


” I wanna see Starr… Your boss”Onella said.

“Do you have an appointment with me? She asked and Onella sigh frustratingly.

” No i dont…. But he knows me”Onella said.

“Sorry, you cant see him now” She said and Onella barge the table angrily.

“Just call him and tell him i wanna see him” Onella snapped

“You cant order me around girl” She snapped back and Onella pushed her.

“Are you crazy?? She snapped and Onella smirk…

” Yes, that’s my middle name, glad you found out yourself “Onella smirk and a call came in through the telephone.

Onella took it immediately before the secretary could take it.

” Bring the files to my office”Starr voice said from the other end.

“Hey Starr, it’s Onella” Onella said immediately, the secretary made to snatched it from her but she moved back.

“Crazy… What’re you doing with the phone??? Starr puzzled surprisingly.

” Can i come in?? She asked ignoring his question..


Onella dropped the telephone and stuck her tongue at her.

” See yah… Onella smirk and walked in.

She entered the office and met Starr working on some files.

“Onella.. ” He called as she moved closer to him.

“Yeah, that’s my name… Next time you add crazy, okay?? She smirk and rubbed his hair…

” Dont start your craziness, am quite busy today”Starr said and Onella sat.

“You’re always busy… But you look bothered” Onella said, staring at his face.

“Yeah, expecting a contract soon, it worth billions of dollars if we won…. Just hoping we got it if not dad is gonna be mad at me” Starr said.

“You’ll win it, have believe in it” Onella said and he nodded.

“I hope so…. We’re paired together for the presentation” Starr said and walked to the coffee brewer.

“Yeah, that’s why i came” She replied.

“We’ll be doing the practice at my house tomorrow, how about that?? Starr asked and she nodded.

” Sure, i want a coffee too”she pout and stood up.

Starr got lost staring at her lips immediately.

Small and pink…. He felt like grabbing her closer and kissing the hell out of them.

He didnt even know when he started leaning in,his eyes on her lip.. Onella stood shocked by his action, his face was so close to hers already… She could feel his sweet breath fanning her face. Her heart started beating slowly against her chest.

Just as thier lips was about to meet, they heard a knock and they both flinch, getting back to their senses.

Onella moved back from him and Starr dipped his fingers into his hair….

“Come in… Starr said and Princeton walked in…. He came to deliver the pizza.

” Princeton…. Onella wave with a smile.

“Hey” He smile back and dropped the package on the table….

“Senior Starr” Princeton called and Starr smile at him

“Princeton.. He called and collected brought out some cash.

” Here… “He threw it at him and he caught it.

” You can take the remaining change”Starr said and he gasped.

“Thank you.. See you in school tomorrow” He said happily and left…

Onella just play with file with her trying to avoid his eyes… Starr started eating stealing glance at her.

“Why am i feeling so nervous?? We didnt even kiss” Onella thought.

She has never felt so nervous or shy before and it really surprising the hell out of her.

Everywhere was so silent, nobody said anything to each other..

“Want some? Starr said, streching a pizza towards her.

Onella looked up at him and she collected it immediately.

She was hungry like f*ck!!


” He’s expecting a contract from “DRACO’S ENTERPRISES”Miguel said to her Leilani.

” Really? Draco?? Leilani smirk and sip from her drink.

“Yeah, dad really want the contract, if he didnt get it… He’ll be so angry.

” Dont worry about that, i got that covered…. Pass me my phone”she said.

“Here mom” He said and gave to her.

She unlocked and went through her contact and clicked on Draco’s number.

He’s one of her concubine.

He picked at the forth ring.

“Hey Draco…..

***MAJOR HIGH>>7:45am***

“You checked your partners already” Ameera asked Onella.

“Yeah, Starr and Snow” She replied flipping through her textbook.

“Snow?? That bitch” Ameera gnash.

“Trust me, am gonna deal with her if she try trash” Onella smirk.

“Trust you…

Just then, Starr walked in with his friends and his eyes met with Onella…. They stare at each other for sometime before Onella looked away

👥Starr, my baby
👥he looks so cute
👥Finn lips tho

” What’s wrong with him?? Onella thought…

“Hey guys, am throwing a party at my house tomorrow after school, who’s in? Chelsea stood up and said.

Everyone scream immediately.

” Yaay….

“We’re going right?? Ameera asked.

” Yeah, to cause trouble tho”Onella smirk and they stuck their hand together.

Peaches came in afterward looking sick and pale… She walked to girls.

“What’s wrong?? You look pale” Onella stood up immediately.

“Are you alright?? Ameera asked worriedly.

” Come with me… “Peaches said and they both looked at each other.

They walked out of the class and went to the school garden.

” What?? They both asked curiously.

“I think am in trouble” Peaches mumbled, tears already welling up her eyes.

“Talk to us” Onella said, impatiently.

Peaches opened the textbook with her and brought out a PT strip.
She actually compliant to chemist about how she was feeling last night and she asked her to go for pregnancy test.

“PT strip?? Ameera said shockingly.

” Is it positive?? Peaches asked and Onella collected it gazing at the lines.

“Yeah, it’s positive” Onella said and she sunk on her knees. . ..

“Who owns it?? Ameera said but she just kept crying.

” Say something….

“I’m pregnant” She said and they both gasped.

“What? How? Ameera asked and bent beside her.

” Wait, who’s responsible? Onella asked and she just cried.

“Peaches, say something….

” Finn”she cried more and they gasp.

“You broke up already… F*ck?!! Onella cursed and ran her fingers through her hair….

” How did you do it?? Just how?? Ameera asked, her hand akimbo.

“Teen mommy someone said from behind and they all turned.

Chelsea and Snow, they actually followed them earliar..

” Miss preggy”Chelsea grinned and walked closer to them.

“What’re you doing here?? Onella snapped…

” How about we tell everyone about it?? Snow wink and Peaches stood up.

“Pease dont” She cried…

“You dont have an evidence, do you?? Ameera smirk….

” Of course we do, records everything you guys said… I’ll just post it on the school group”Chelsea smirk evily and flaunt her hair.

“Bring it now” Onella smirk and folded her arms.

“Noo, Onella


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