The wolf among us episode 41 – finale




Episode 41


✍created and written by. Madu Shadrach

“So class who am I indicating that he is

★SomeWhere Dark★

Bats we’re flying around this place and there are so many strange sounds going on.

Not too dark but it looks so cloudy and in some cases some one can be seen in there.

It looks like a a den and it is of course a den and it was so silent.

And just in Anna and Joel stepped into this place.

Their eyes was dark but can sight very far as they were looking around this place fearlessly.

“Wait!?” Anna ordered Joel and he stopped.

Anna bent down and looks at the ground as there was a footstep on the ground there.

“What’s that…?” Joel asked.

“Shhhhh….?” Anna said to him and used her finger to cross her mouth meaning that there should be no noise.

And just in something sounded!

And Anna dragged Joel down as the wood that was sent to them slightly passed Joel’s head and pinned at the wall.

While Anna stand up immediately with her two hands raised up.

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“Natalie… we have come to make peace”

“And as well help you get your revenge, we came to make you an offer” She said with her hand raised up.

Just in the beast flew out of nowhere and landed on the ground.

While the wings on his back was still waving on his back.

“We have come to make you an offer to become one of us” Anna said to him.

While he turns his back and started walking away but he suddenly stopped but was still turning his back on them.

“Why should I join you?” Natalie asked.

“Because we will give you half of the city if you help us over cone this war?” Anna said to him.

“To hell with the city, I don’t need them!” Natalie said with a deep voice.

He started flying as his legs was slowly leaving the ground and he is going higher.

Till he was now in the mid air.

“I don’t need this city because I must make sure that I will have it burnt to ashes!” Natalie said with a deep voice.

“Yeah we know and that is why we have come for you to help us accomplish that”

“And while we overthrown this city we will still give you some parts to own in the city” Anna explained.

While Natalie fly closer to her and slowly flies down on her face.

★New Day★

Aaron was now donned his normal cloth and he was with a cup of tea in his hand.

He was looking so neat and fresh again and was currently living with Emma.

“Aaron now that your good to go, please go look for her and make sure you bring her back okay?” Emma said when she stepped out of her room.

And then sat besides him as she was as well holding a glass of tea.

“Thank you so much for all the things you have done for me, am grateful for that” Aaron said to her.

And she nods to his word as she takes a little sip from her own cup.

“Are you okay!?” Emma asked when she noticed that Aaron have stopped drinking his tea.

“I think I can hear so many people screaming” Aaron said.

While Emma looks at him with her mouth widely opened.

While Aaron quickly dropped the cup and ran outside.

Which Emma dropped hers and ran after him.

“What the…” Emma said when she came out from the house just to notice the movement of different beast roaming about in the city.

And just in, this special one that looks so deadly with his tail like that of a lion saw them.

And started reaping after them.

Which Emma screamed and ran inside while Aaron stand bold and just as the beast was reaching out.

Aaron dashed him a punch on his neck and grabbed his tail and swirl him around, then throw him away.

And then Aaron roared so loud as he transforms to his wolf form.

His eyes become more reddish this time around.

His palms was red and as well a burning fire in a red color was on his leg also.

Just a little move from him, he dashed out like a flash light.

Withing a minute he cleared all the beast roaming around Emma’s house.

Emma was shown as she slowly opens her door to look outside.

But she couldn’t find Aaron again the only thing she saw was the death of so many beasts in her compound.

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Dizzy was shown in the lonely house as he was the first person to step out from the house.

“Sarz the time has come which we need to fight!” Dizzy said.

And Sarz and Juan stepped out of the house too.

“But Juan can’t fight, you should go while I stay here and protect her” Sarz said.

And Dizzy came to think of it and Sarz was right, Juan can’t stay here alone since she is powerless.

He agreed and then transforms into werewolf and left their presence without even knowing the evil plan Sarz has at the back of his mind.

★The Gardner’s Highschool★

Anna and Joel and the Natalie was shown as they were all driving to the school.

The school was of course the home for all the beasts.

Although the school was already messed up as there are different type of beast roaming about.

In fact everywhere in the city was filled with beasts.

The soldiers of this city are trying their best fighting the beasts, giving it all the best they can do.

Dizzy is just landing when Anna, Joel and Natalie shows up.

And there are so many battles going on, the werewolves and the rogues at war.

Which Dizzy grabbed one of the rogues and slice off his throat and then looked at his back to see this guys coming.

“Wow… Wow…Here comes the man of the guy…” Joel said referred to Dizzy when they reached out.

“So…. Where is your colleague?” Joel asked Dizzy while Dizzy looked at him closely.

Because he doesn’t really know Joel but he can recognize Anna.

So he faced them in full.

“Anna, tell me you are the one behind all this!?” Dizzy asked.

“Exactly why we have come to kill you!” Anna yelled at him as she brings out her dagger.

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And just in a dragon roared at the sky, and the dragon was Minsk.

“I will handle him” Natalie said to Anna as he flies up immediately and started giving a fight to the dragon.

While Dizzy and Anna started fighting and with the hand added by Joel

They were able to beat him down and then Anna bring out her dagger.

“You killed my men and thought you would go free? You lied!” Anna said as she raised her dagger and was just about to stab him.

And a red light flashed and held her danger as it was sparking.

She looked at her dagger very well just to discover that it was a hand.

And to her greatest surprised it was Aaron.

“Oh my… I….” She was still trying to say something but Aaron shut her up with just a single punch on her head.

And she fell down laying like a lifeless body on the ground as Aaron looks at Joel.

“I… I thought we killed you!?” Joel said but without saying anything Aaron grabbed him on the neck till he died.

Natalie was still battling with the dragon when a red light stunned brightly on his back and he saw him self struggling on the ground as he is being grabbed by Aaron.

Aaron wanted to kill him but suddenly held back because he felt something about the guy.

Aaron studied this guy past and noticed that he has a painful past.

“Listen to me Thorgan David, you are not what you think, your name is Thorgan David!”

“You are the only son of your parents, remember who you are” Aaron whispered to Natalie’s ear and he started screaming as his wings started going back to his body.

And just in he returned to human and Aaron kept him on the ground p.

And then the dragon flew away noticing that it was the presence of Aaron.

Just in more beasts started coming out of nowhere.

While Aaron jams his palms together as he closes his eyes.

The red light started sparking out of his body, his whole body became like a burning fire.

Then he opened his eyes as everywhere sparks and was covered with smoke.

They can’t sight anyone till the smoke went off, it was just like as if Aaron reversed the time.

There was no beast again.

The city become freed from the beasts and then Aaron looks around he saw Anna as she slowly turns to a black smoke and float away.

Aaron walked to Dizzy and bring his hand forward and help him get back to his feet.

“Thank you Aaron” Dizzy said as Aaron nods.

“She is gone to meet the supernatural gods” Dizzy said as she looks at Anna’s position.

“Yes, and we are not afraid” Aaron replied as he takes a breathe and then looks at Thorgan and looked at Dizzy again.

“So where is Juan!?” Aaron asked.

“I will take you…”

“No, take care of him for now” Aaron interrupted and point at Thorgan who was seating so frustrated on the ground.

“Don’t worry I will find her” Aaron replied and left their presence.

While Dizzy looks at Thorgan and removed his shirt and used it to cover him up.

“Hey, you gonna be okay” Dizzy said to Thorgan

“No stay away from me!” Juan was screaming as she is being grabbed by Sarz.

And Sarz was trying to rape her as he tried to pull off her shirt.

“Stay away from her!” a voice sounded and Juan recognized the voice clearly.

She quickly turned and saw that it was Aaron, she was so shocked that she couldn’t move.

“Aaron!?” She called on his name as Sarz was totally lost in shock.

While Aaron gently stepped in.

“Surprise!?” Aaron said as Sarz wanted to utter a word and Aaron rushed him and grabbed him on his neck.

“Why did you kill her?” Aaron asked.

“Kill who?!” Sarz asked with a cracking voice as he is losing conscious.

“Alice! Why did you killed her, all this couldn’t have happened if not for you!” Aaron shouted at Sarz while Juan looks at Sarz with her mouth widely opened down.

She shed tears looking at Sarz till he died in the bare hands of Aaron.

And Aaron throw him aside and then looks up to Juan.

“How is this possible?” Juan said to Aaron with a low voice as she rushes him and hugs him.

“Is this really you?” Juan asked.

“All thanks to Emma, she was able to use the medicine and restore me back…” Aaron replied.

As Juan gives out an emotional smile as she grabs his head and gives him a deep kiss.

“Aaron I missed you, promise you never gonna leave my side ever again….?” Juan requested with her eyes filled with tears of joy.

……The End…..

Hope you enjoyed it?