His Favourite Addiction

His favourite addiction episode 19 – 20


(💖 Melting His Heart🖤)


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#Chapter 19👑

Kristen opened her eyes sleepily,,her eyes scanned through the whole room and she gasped loudly. She couldn’t believe she was still in the room,

She immediately got out of the bed and rushed toward the door,she almost opened when a voice stopped her.

” Trying to escape?”

She gasped and turned back,Nicholas was right there with his arms wrapped together,he was dressed up ready for work,he looked so hot,,,she waved the thoughts off.

” Am sorry sir,,good morning” She bowed and tucked her rough hair behind her ear

” Why are you running out?” Nicholas asked

” That’s,,,because I need to get Jenna ready,,today is the meeting” She said and bite her lips

” Okay,,,you can go ” He said

She bowed slowly and opened the door gently

” Wait,,” Nicholas called her back and she stopped

” Sir??”

” Tell me if you need anything,,okay?” He said and Kristen couldn’t reply. What is happening? She wondered and nodded gently before going out of the room.

She Checked Jenna in her room and she was still asleep,she sighed and decided to take her bath first before taking care of Jenna.
( Days Later 🌅 )

Kristen sighed staring at the phone ringing but she ignored it,,Iris have been disturbing her with her silly calls and she knew she definitely want some money.

” I don’t have anything to give you Iris ” She groaned when the call came on again.

It’s weekend and everywhere seems boring to Kristen,Jenna has left to have a two days sleep over with her friend,now she’s all alone.

She was thinking of asking Nicholas to let her go stay with her friend for the weekend since Jenna is not home,,but he’s not even home.

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Even weekends too,always busy. ” She muttered sadly with a pout and went out of her room.

She went downstairs,at least she can still have some talk with Richard.

” Miss Kristen” Richard called immediately he saw her

She glared at him and he slapped himself

” I mean Kristen ” He said and She laughed

Are you busy??” Kristen asked

” You want me to do something for you??” Richard asked

” I feel so bored,,let’s talk ” Kristen said and sat down

” Talk about what?” Richard asked

” I don’t know,,start something” Kristen said

” Am not a girl you know” Richard smiled

” What do you mean?”

” I know girls love talking a lot, they love gossip too. ” Richard replied

” So you think every girls does that??” Kristen asked

” Maybe not all,,but am sure 80% of girls gossips ” Richard replied

” Maybe you’re right,but among the 20%,am one. I am not asking us to gossip right now you know” Kristen said and they both laughed

I know,just saying.”

” Can I join you two?” A guard said with a smile and sat down

” Thought you guys doesn’t smile ” Kristen said

” That’s crazy,,”

” But i love those frowns you know,,like this” Kristen said and tried frowning her face

” It doesn’t suit you Miss Kristen,,keep on smiling” The guard said and she laughed

” Even while frowning,all I could see was a smile. ” Richard said

” Am Scott,even though you don’t care ”

” Oh sorry I didn’t ask ,,nice meeting you Scott ” Kristen said

” Nice meeting you too ”

” Never seen you sitting here,,,I guess you’re here because Jenna is gone” Scott said

” I miss her,,a lot” Kristen smiled

” You miss her?” Scott asked with a surprised face

” Of course,why?”

” I thought you should be happy,that kid is a problem on her own ” Scott said

” Maybe I love her and her problems” Kristen smiled

” You should be her mom,,you’re the only one she ever get along with. I almost couldn’t believe my ears when she told me good morning yesterday,,,I was shocked” Richard said

” You mean Jenna greeted you ?” Scott asked

” Of course,I was also shocked” Richard replied

” Wow,,,”

They were still engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t know when Nicholas got home,,he met them talking and laughing at the same time.

The two guys got up immediately they saw him,,

” Welcome boss ” They greeted

Kristen stood up too

” Welcome sir ” she greeted

Nicholas didn’t reply,he walked in.

” Gosh,,when will he ever change?” Scott groaned

” I need to go now ,it was nice talking to you Miss Kristen” Scott said

” Kristen,please” Kristen groaned and went in.


she can ask him now,but his mood was not good. He didn’t even reply when they greeted him,why is he so angry??

She took her lips in thinking of how best to ask for permission,,

‘ He paid for the whole month already’ her mind said and she groaned

She was still thinking about everything when a maid stopped in front of her

” Miss Kristen,,Mr Nicholas want to talk to you ” She said

” Really??”

“Yeah,he’s waiting” she smiled and walked away

” is he mad at me?” She asked herself as she climb the stairs,
She knocked on his door but got no response,,she bite her lips and breathe in and out. She closed her eyes and opened the door slowly and then opened her eyes,,

She was surprised to see Nicholas pacing round the room,

‘ What’s wrong?’ She wondered and closed the door to get his attention,Nicholas stopped and turned his face on her,she immediately focus her gaze on the floor

” Am sorry,,A maid said you wanted to talk to me ” She said

” Yes,,I want to talk to you ” Nicholas replied and she looked up

” Okay,,about what?” She asked silently

” Why did you have to leave the whole house and go out to talk to those guys? Why?” he asked

” I,,,,,you didn’t tell me I can’t talk to them. I was bored because Jenna wasn’t home,,so,,”

” Don’t do that again,,,don’t stay with them. And that smiles of yours,don’t smile when you’re with them”

” Huh?” Kristen asked to be sure of what she heard

” You heard me right,,don’t stay with them and don’t smile at them,,” Nicholas said.

” So what should I do then?? You want me to stop talking to them,and frown my face whenever they see me,but why?,” Kristen asked and he run his run through his hair

‘ Am I even making any sense?’ He thought inwardly

‘ You’re making no sense at all Nicholas’ His mind replied and he sighed

” Am,,am sorry. ” He said and moved away from her,he sat on a couch

” Why do you want me to stay away from them? Am going to do that if you tell me the reason” Kristen said

” Come closer ” he said

She walked to him almost dragging her legs,,

Nicholas pulled her hand and made her sit on his lap,she gasped and turned her face to him.

” Sir,,,,” She muttered and tried getting up but he didn’t let her go

” Do you want me to answer your question??” He whispered into her ear which caused Shiver all over her body

She immediately shook her head

” No,,I will obey you. Can you release me now? Please” She said nervously and he left her with a smile

She stood up,he also got up. She turned her gaze on the floor as usual

” Am I that handsome that you can’t even look at my face for a minute? Or am I ugly?” Nicholas asked

She shook her head

” Then why are you nervous??” He asked

” Am not nervous” she replied

” Look up ” he said in a commanding tone and she looked up at him.

” See? Am not gonna bite you” Nicholas said

She bite her lips and Nicholas groaned

” Don’t do that” He said

” Huh?”

” You can go,,” He said

She immediately bowed and left the room almost in a rush which made Nicholas chuckle and shook his head.
Kristen fell on the bed and breathe out heavily,only God knows how long she have been keeping it in.

” What is he doing to me right now? Why is my heart beating so fast?” She asked and placed her hand on her chest

She keep on thinking about everything,,when he made her sit on his laps,the feelings was out of the world. She would have messed up if she didn’t get up quickly,his cologne was heavenly.

” Okay Kristen,you’re going crazy already.” she sighed
[ Next Day ⭐] ( Saturday )

Kristen was getting dressed in her room when a call came on her phone,she checked and was surprised to see Richard.

Why is he calling her? She picked the call

📞 Kristen

📞 Yeah

📞 A girl is here,,looking for you. She claims to be your sister

📞 My sister? My sister doesn’t even know where I live

📞 I knew It,she’s not in any way like you,gosh. Okay I will just send her away

📞 Wait,,what’s her name?

📞 She said she’s Iris

📞 What??!!!

(💖 Melting His Heart🖤)


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#Chapter 20💜

Kristen dropped her phone immediately and ran out of her room,what the hell is Iris doing here? Nicholas is even home,and how did she find out about where she lives? This is crazy,,

She got downstairs and met Her struggling with Richard to get in,,,

” That’s enough Richard,I will take care of this” Kristen said

” She’s your sister?” Richard asked and she nodded

” Unbelievable” Richard said and moved away from them

” What do you want Iris ” Kristen asked

” Came here since you decided to ignore my calls,,anyway nice house,can we go in and get me water at least?” Iris asked

” Are you crazy? How did you know about this place ?”

” am Iris you know?? Let’s go in ” Iris said walking toward the entrance but Kristen pulled her back

” There’s no place for you here ,,my boss is home . just tell me what you want ” Kristen snapped

” Fine,,anyway just wanted to inform you that I passed my exam” Iris said

” Congrats,,I will talk to you okay? You can go now ” Kristen said.

” You think this is the only reason why am here?” Iris scoffed

” what else?”

” So,,I was given an opportunity to study in Silver Valley because of my great performance,it’s not free though,I can’t let this opportunity go like that,that’s my dream school. ” Iris said

” Smokers like you are not allowed there,I have no money,so I can’t help ” Kristen rolled her eyes

” I’ve stopped,,seriously. ” Iris said

” Do you know how many times you told me you’ve stopped? You always lie when you want to take things,,I don’t even care if you stop again. I don’t have any money. I spent my payment on your exams,what else do you want from me?? Go to that father of yours and ask him for money ” Kristen said angrily

” So you’re not going to give me what am asking for??” Iris asked

” I don’t have any money with me,that’s it ”

” Are you kidding me? You stay in a large mansion like this and you don’t have money? Gosh your beauty is such a waste ” Iris shook her head

” get out of here Iris,,”

” You said your boss is home right? Am gonna ask him for help ” Iris said going in again

” Are you crazy? Ask who for help? I can’t even ask him for help and you are saying you want to ask him for help” .

” we are different,,” Iris snapped

” What’s going on here??” Nicholas asked behind them and they both turned to him.

” It’s nothing sir,she’s about to leave. Right Iris?” Kristen said with a smile

” am not leaving,you’re the one chasing me out. Am here to ask for help” iris replied

Kristen bite her lips

” Who are you?” Nicholas asked

” Am her Sister,,Iris ” She replied

” So why are you chasing your sister away from here?” Nicholas asked and Kristen looked up

She almost spoke up but Iris cut her off

” I actually came here to ask for her help,but she told me she have no money. I will just leave and get the money somewhere else ” Iris said gently

” Come in ” Nicholas said and Kristen gasped

” Thank you sir ” Iris said and winked at Kristen before going after Nicholas

Kristen sighed and then followed,,
” You said you’re Kristen’s sister?” Nicholas asked,,Iris nodded and sipped from the soft drinks in her hand

Kristen folded her hand somewhere far from them watching and listening to everything hoping Iris won’t mess up.

” High school student?”

” Guess am gonna be a drop out soon ” Iris replied and Kristen shook her head

” What? Why will you drop out?” Nivholas asked looking concerned

” My sister didn’t tell you? She couldn’t even attend a good school,because We are poor,really poor, Iris said

” Iris!” Kristen yelled from where she was and Iris rolled her eyes

Nicholas turned to Kristen and then back to Iris,,

” She want me to keep quiet” Iris said.

” I can help you” Nicholas said and Iris got up almost immediately

” You Will?? Wow!!” Iris shouted happily

” Sir,,you really don’t have to do that,,,,,” Kristen spoke up

” She’s not you Kristen,and she can’t drop out of school,” Nicholas snapped and she bite her lips

” I’m going to send your sister to you,,okay?? I promise” Nicholas Faced Iris

” Thank you sir,,I love you ” Iris said happily and Nicholas chuckled

Kristen scoffed and shook her head

” I am leaving,,mom will yell if I get home late. Not like I care though,,bye!! Iris said and ran out.

Nicholas turned to Kristen and she looked down,,

” Don’t you think we should talk? Now?” He asked and without waiting for her response,he went upstairs.

Kristen let out a loud sigh before going after him,,
[ Nicholas’s Room ]

Kristen closed the door behind her as she entered,Nicholas was facing the other side and she couldn’t help but to admire his well built body,,why haven’t she noticed? Because he’s always in suit,,but today he’s putting on a casual wear.

She cleared her throat and he faced her,they both stared at each other for some minutes without saying a word until Nicholas broke the silence.

” Why didn’t you tell me things were hard for you guys?” He asked

” You didn’t ask ” She muttered

” Will you tell me about your family?” Nicholas asked and she nodded

” Have a seat ” Nicholas said and she sat down

” Am listening” Nicholas said and she started

” A family of five,,Mom,dad,Me,Iris,and our elder brother”

” Wow,you have a brother ?” Nicholas askes

” Yeah,,but it’s been 10 years since he ran from home. I was 12 then and he was 16. He ran away to only God knows ” Kristen said

” What about your dad?”

” Father?” Kristen scoffed before she continued

” He’s the most useless father in the whole world,,he doesn’t even care if we live,feed,or not. All he knows is gambling,drinking and smoking with friends. I am not surprised Iris took over too ” Kristen said

” Iris? She,,smokes?” Nicholas asked in surprise

” She doesn’t smoke cigarettes,,she smokes weeds ,,,she’s really crazy more than you think. She was only pretending to be nice earlier,,she always cause troubles all around,,I asked you to give me my monthly payment because she broke someone’s head with a bottle ” Kristen stopped

” wow,,,,”

” You know,,,maybe I would have ended up like her if I didn’t leave that house. I even had to do some jobs so I can go to school,,it wasn’t really something easy. ” Kristen said in tears

” Your,,,mom ”

” I don’t blame her,,,,,she really tried not like father who doesn’t act like one. Making things worst by beating mom up each time she complains,,,Father spends everything he gains in drinking and smoking,,,,,”

” That’s enough,,” Nicholas said and she nodded still tearing up

Nicholas felt so hurt seeing her tears,,he got up and moved closer to her and pulled her up,he wiped her tears with his thumb and then hugged her.

” Now I wish I didn’t ask,,can you please stop crying??” He asked rubbing her back

She finally stopped after few minutes,,

” Am sorry” She said and sniffed

” for what?” Nicholas asked

” I hate crying in front of someone,,,” She replied

” Am I just someone?? ” Nicholas asked

” Oh,,,I mean,,,,,,,am sorry” She bite her lips and sighed

” Must you say sorry for everything??” Nicholas chuckled and tucked her scattered hair behind her ears

” Don’t cry again,,your face is ugly right now. Smiling suits you more ” He said and she smiled

” Thanks,,,” Kristen said

” Bring your sister here,,,” Nicholas groaned

” What?? ”

” Let her come stay here,,,she need some hard hands. She’s too young and you need to act fast before she get more addicted to stuffs like that,I mean,,she’s a girl,,,,,”

” No,,,” Kristen shook her head

” Iris can’t stay here,,,you don’t know her. She’s crazy,,,you can help her get to school,,but staying here is not something you should let her do,,I know what am saying” Kristen disagreed

” I understand,,but she’s your sister. ” He said and Kristen sighed

” Fine,,,I will do that. But won’t hesitate to take her back if she try to cause any trouble here,I don’t trust that girl a bit even though she’s my sister ” Kristen said.

Nicholas chuckled

” Move closer” He said and she did

He held her cheeks and then placed a kiss on her lips.


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