Hiss obsession episode 1


(The royal second wife👸

Genre: Supernatural and Romance

Tag: Dark romance, death, betrayal, revenge, hatred.

Episode One

North Korean

Twinkle POV
“Make sure they don’t call me before you get there,” My boss said as I was about to take off.

“Pray there’s no traffic on the way,” I said and rode off in the van.

Are you surprised I am riding a van despite being a lady? Is not a big deal so don’t start pitying me, I don’t need it because it is called hustle.

I got to hustle to save my sick mum. She has been in a sick bed for a year now.

I do different kinds of jobs, except for stealing and prostitution, they aren’t my thing.

“Hey! Drive carefully and stopped speeding” I small car driver beside me shouted.

Like seriously, am I running? “Man, go and tell that to my boss. He said I should get there on time” I shouted without stopping.

I smirk as I increase the speed. Don’t think I will get injured or have an accident. I am very good at this. I even deserve the best driver award.

Let’s deal, I am a Twinkle. “Twinkle Twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are, up above the world so high Like a diamond in the sky” I sang while I increase my driving speed waiting for the road to be clear.

I turned on the radio. And to my greatest surprise, there are talking about where there are still people with supernatural powers. I keep on wondering if such a thing exists.

I heard about witches many times but I have never had an encounter with them. Just for one’s, we should just meet.

I mean eyes to eyes. If they think they are powerful let’s deal.

“Common keep quiet” I changed it to music and start to shake my head dancing to the music.

I feel like the car is not running as before. It could not be fuel, right? Because I remembered I filled the full tank yesterday.

“Did it just stop? oh noooo,” I shouted.

What could have happened to this van? I get down angrily and went to open the bonnet.

Oh my goodness I think the battery is dead. Shit? You are a witch! I shouted as I hit the angrily. How will I charge the battery now?

“Do you now believe there is supernatural power?” My subconscious mind asked.

What the fuck! I should just wave down a car, maybe they can charge it for me.

I wave to a car but he didn’t stop. The idiot did I looks like a beggar to him? A beautiful girl like me, or is it because I am not girly for his type.

Huh! He’s such a fool. Will he give me money for free if I dress like a girl?

“HEY!” I waved at another car. But she didn’t wait. Imagine how can a lady snub her fellow lady? is that not so bad?. I don’t blame her because I am more beautiful than her, she may be jealous. I hissed and opened the van door.

I sit inside the Van. No problem, I will just wait here till a miracle happened. I am sure they will understand in the hotel that it was not my fault. I tried but the van didn’t.

I pick my hand into my pocket and surprisingly I still have chocolate.

WOW! I will just use this to keep myself busy. Oh, should I play music? I bring out my earphone.

Don’t think I spend lavishly to have gotten an earphone due to my current life.

No, it was a gift I got five years ago. It seems so long. Lol, yes it is. Is not like is working though, but I can’t just throw it away like that.

I didn’t because anytime I tried to avoid someone, I will just put it on. Everything you said is yours because no matter what I won’t answer you.

I saw a car coming. Oh my please let this person stop. That was my prayer.

I waved down and the car stopped.

Oh, I am a champion. I ran closer to the car. And the person whined down his car window.

“Excuse me, sir, I need your help,” I said with a chuckle. He adjusted his sunglass.

Wonder shall never end. Different kinds of people with their sicknesses.

“What can I do for you?” He asked and cleared his throat.

Is he deaf? Didn’t I say I needed his help?

“Why are you frowning at me,?” He asked, and I feign a smile.

“I need your help, can you please help me with my car battery. The battery is dead” I explained smiling.

“Oh really” He replied and get down. He seems to be such a great guy.

“Where’s the car,” He asked, looking around. He doesn’t mean it? Can’t he see the van, or is he blind? Then how did he see me?

“That’s it” I pointed to the van. He sighed, looked at me then at the van.

“Do you mean this is the car? “He asked and adjust his spectacular?

“Yes is it, the battery died”I replied.

“Huh huh, now I get. You ride in this Van?” He asked with a chuckle.

Why is he overreacting? How much is his foolish car? I think it might be worth 10 million dollars. Omo (Oh boy), he must be fucking rich.

“Yes, this is what I deal with,” I said with a smile. He look at me and went back into his car.

“Sir what are you doing?”I asked.

“What does it looks like?”He asked.

“But the battery, you haven’t charged it for me”I put my neck into his car through the window.

“I don’t do charging”He snapped.

Bullshit! How dare he not do charging.

“Oh really, but can you give me a ride,” I, asked, and pouted.

“Okay, I will do that. You can come in” He said and I smiled.

“Sir, your booth. Come and open it” I said smiling.

“, Did you want to sit inside the booth,” He asked. Is he mad? How can he expect me to sit in the car?

“No, I need to move the stock in the van into the boot, you can just drop me at the hotel then you can continue with your journey,” I said and he gave me a deadly look.

His he being serious? Did I ask for anything much?

Since he can’t charge the battery then what’s wrong if he helps me with the stocks?

“Okay, no problem. Go and pack it I will open it from here”He smirks.

” WOW! you are nice” I smile and run to the van. There are almost 100cartoon here. I will have to move everything. Can’t he even help someone?

I carried two cartoons, one in my right hand and the other in my left hand. I was about to get to the car when he took off.

“Hey! Do you forget me?”I shouted.

I should have run after him. But I can’t with these stocks, if not that. I will have to deal with him for making me joyous over nothing. We shall see.

Authoress POV

South Korea

A very big palace which was beautifully made. It was well decorated with flowers. Only the compound covers two hundred hectares which can occupy millions of people, and the mansion was situated in the very middle.

The living room was beautifully decorated royally. The king’s throne was made of gold that keeps blinking.

A guard came inside with a bow.

“My queen, the people want to have words with the king in the royal court”He delivered the message and left immediately.

Queen Dylan stood up and headed towards the Court. Her maids follow her behind. On getting to the courtroom. she fumes seeing his sister-in-law, the King’s only sister already speaking with the people.

“People of great south Korea. I am very sorry that you can’t see the king as he’s too sick and can’t attend to you. You can pass your message across to me. And everything will be resolved”Princess Avalon said as she sat with her legs crossed on each other. Queen Dylan fumes and goes back angrily.

Princess Avalon saw this and smirked. After the meeting, she headed to the palace.

As she was about to enter the living room Queen Dylan stopped her.

She chuckled and adjust herself well with her maid standing behind her.

“What was that for”She asked walking up to her.

“And who are you to stop me,” Princess Avalon asked in reply to her questions.


“Could you add some respect? Call me Princess Avalon. Next time don’t dare do such a thing. And don’t try reporting me to the king. We will have serious issues” Princess Avalon wanted to walk away but she stood by the way.

“I am his wife, and I have the right to that. So stop getting in my way”She barked.

“Are you done barking? when you have something great to discuss. You can show up in my room, Mrs wife”Princess Avalon laughed and was about to walk away.

“You are getting on my nerves” She wailed.

“Do your worst!”She tries leaving without giving a damn. Queen Dylan appears right Infront of her with her power.

“If you truly want a fight, follow me to my room”Princess Avalon disappeared. And the maid goes towards her room.


North Korean

“How could you be so incompetent to have to make s big hotel like this run out of a very important things” The CEO of the hotel yelled at his manager.

“I am sorry sir, I never knew we are on low stocks because I was busy with other things in the hotel. Please sir I am sure the person that is supposed to deliver the stocks will be here soon”The manager pleaded with a bow.

“You know I don’t like shouting, but you always want to make me a mad man.

And if they aren’t here anytime soon, you should terminate the business and ask other serious companies who are ready to work to do the job. I don’t deal with unserious people” The CEO said trying to make it cool.

“Okay sir, I will do as you said. I will give a call to their manager” She said with a bow.

“Better for you, meet me in my office so we can go through the sales book, “He said walking towards his office.

“I am here, your stock delivery is finally here”Twinkle shouted as she entered the hotel with two cartons of drinks in both hands.

“Are you stock delivery man?” The manager asked.

Twinkle POV
“Are you stock delivery man?”A lady of nearly my age group asked.

What sort of questions? Is she referring to me as a man? Do I look like one?

Anyways! Who am I looking at? I ache my brow to be sure if am not mistaken.

“You, so you are coming here and you can’t even help me” I shouted on seeing the crazy being that pretended to be nice but was such a freak!

“So you are the delivery girl?”He asked with a smirk.

“How dare you call me a delivery girl” I barked putting down the stocks.

“Young lady behave yourself and stop insulting my boss. Don’t you have manners? How can you rubbish the owner of this hotel “The lady snapped?

She doesn’t mean that owner of a thing, right? Does he own this place? “No problem, I won’t shout, but you will come and get the stocks in our office when you are ready,” I said and took the stocks back to the van.

They all ran to meet me outside.

“Are you going to take this back?”The lady asked.

“Yes,” I nodded my head in reply.

“Why will you do that?”He asked.

Y? Because it has many angles. I put on my earphone.


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