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Hot Neighbors Episode 24 – finale

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h°t neighbors

Episode Twenty Four?
Last episode…. ??

? Carly ?

I opened my eyes s1©wly and saw h¡m sitt!ng beside me and hold!ng my [email protected]

I smiled weakly, glad that h£ was solidly beh!nd me.

“Carly…. You are up. Thank you for wak!ng up.” Simon said to me, look!ng d©wΠ lov!ngly at me.

“$h£ stabb£d me…” I started but h£ placed h¡s !ndex f!ng£r on my l¡ps.

“Everyth!ng is over now. $h£’s been taken away by th£ police and no one will ever disturb you aga!n. It’s a promise ” Simon said with a smile.

I smiled [email protected]¢k and tried to sit up but only ended up [email protected]!ng ©vt !n pa!n.

“Th£ stitch£s are still very t!ght. j√$t stay calm. I’m h£re for you, baby. ” h£ said and I nodded, breath!ng !n and feel!ng thank that I’m still alive.

“You are strong woman Carly. I thought I would lose you. ” Simon said aga!n and I could h£ar th£ tremor !n h¡s voice.

“I’m sorry I made you worry.”

“No… It was my fault. I was ¢ar£less. I should have arrested Ria too so $h£ wouldn’t do anyth!ng stupid. I’m sorry for endanger!ng your life ” Simon said and I smiled aga!n.

Th£ door opened and h¡s parents came !n.

Mrs Drake brought me lots of provisions and th£y stayed for sometime before th£y f!nally left.

*. Two months later… ??

“If I were you… I had go for th¡s strapless gown! Gosh… It’s a killer!! ” Tiara [email protected] aga!n as we both looked !nto th£ fashion magaz!ne for wedd!ng planner.

“I don’t like my arms be!ng exposed. You know I don’t wear off shoulders. ” I replied, fl¡pp!ng through th£ pages.

” Wow… Let’s go for th¡s!”, I said as I sighted a pure white gown with puffy [email protected]

Tiara rolled h£r eyes. “come on, girl! Th¡s is gonna be a great wedd!ng. Gosh…. You are gett!ng married to Drake’s only son!, You’ve got to look h°t! Dummy… Th¡s type of wedd!ng gowns were used !n th£ late 19s.

Ch£ck th¡s ©vt… It’s a wow . ” Tiara and I kept ague!ng over wedd!ng dresses and at th£ end of th£ day, we ended up choos!ng a strapless gown.

It was almost midday wh£n th£ wedd!ng planner, miss Alexa came over.

Tiara did almost all th£ talk!ng while I j√$t watch£d.

At some po!nt, miss Alexa got confused on who was even gett!ng married, really.

Simon came [email protected]¢k home !n th£ even!ng wh£n Tiara and I were mak!ng d!nner !n th£ kitch£n.

“Wow… What’s cook!ng?”, h£ asked stepp!ng b£tweeΠ us.

” You will get to know wh£n we are through.” Tiara replied and we laugh£d.

While h£ went up to fre$h£n up, Tiara and I set th£ d!nn!ng.

$h£ ate little of th£ food before I saw h£r off to th£ door.

“So, what are we gonna do tommorow?” Tiara asked.

“We are gonna discuss with miss Alexa.” I replied with a smile.

I !nhaled deeply and Tiara laugh£d.” What? ”

“Look at you….. You look so anxious. It’s still two weeks to your wedd!ng but you look as though it’s tommorow. ” Tiara laugh£d aga!n and I smiled.

“You got me, Tiara. I’m anxious really and at th£ same time, I can’t wait.” I said and we both laugh£d.

All of a sudden, I felt my stomach grow!ng upset and ru$h£d [email protected]¢k !nto th£ house to throw up.

“Are you okay?” Tiara asked, com!ng beh!nd me.

“I don’t know. I’ve been feel!ng somehow lately but I don’t know what’s really wrong. ” I replied, wash!ng off my face.

” You should visit th£ hospital tommorow.” Tiara replied and I nodded.

M!nutes later, after Tiara left, I was seated at th£ d!nn!ng with Simon watch!ng h¡m enjoy h¡s meal.

“Hmm. Wonderful.”. h£ commented after d!nner.

I smiled and cleared th£ table.

We both retired to b£d and stayed awake, chatt!ng.

“I can’t wait to get married to you Simon. I’m j√$t too anxious to wait. ” I said dreamily.

h£ ₱v||ed me closer to h¡mself and tucked my loose strands beh!nd my ear before look!ng !nto my eyes.

“Same h£re. Never knew I would meet someone who’s gonna steal my h£art away like th¡s.

I love with every bone !n me ” Simon said and I blu$h£d.

My stomach grumbled aga!n and I ru$h£d aga!n !nto th£ restroom to throw up.

Tiredly I returned to b£d.

“h£y..are you alright?” Simon asked softly.

“I don’t know. I’ve been like th¡s all day.”, I replied and h£ cuddled me to sleep.

” Let’s see th£ doctor tommorow.”Simon said and I nodded.

* Two days later….??

So,I’m gonna be hav!ng a baby soon!” I s¢r**med excitedly as we h£aded [email protected]¢k home from th£ hospital.

Th£ doctor confirmed me to be two months pregnant.

We got home and had a big celebration.

“You j√$t made me a man dear. I will forever ch£rish and be th£re for you my love.” Simon said and I blu$h£d un¢©Πtr0|lably.

” You are such a sweet talker!” I laugh£d.

“Well, you made me a sweet talker. Carly…you don’t know what you’ve done for me. You literally rewrite my stars.

I had a different vision for my life but you changed it and gave me anoth£r great vision. You are th£ woman made for me.”h£ said, seriously look!ng !nto my eyes.

Tears welled up !n my eyes as I stared [email protected]¢k at h¡m.

h£ bru$h£d th£ tears away with h¡s !ndex f!ng£r, smil!ng. “Yes baby and thanks for stay!ng alive despite all that you we t through.” Simon said aga!n and I hugged h¡m t!ghtly.

“Can’t we j√$t get married tommorow? Everyth!ng is set!” I cried.

Simon laugh£d and I jo!ned.

” I can’t wait. Two weeks is a long way to go!” I [email protected]

” Okay …. consider us married already. Imag!ne it ” Simon said and I sigh£d.

“That’s unimag!nable.” I replied.

“Wait a m!nute,we had a six months contract,yeah?” Simon asked and I frowned.

” Uh….I guess.” I mumbled.

“Hmm. Th£n I wonder what we are still do!ng togeth£r.” Simon said sarcastically and I hit h¡s arm.

” Don’t be naughty. Th¡s is no longer a contract. Th¡s is real.” I replied with a smile.

” I know. You know….it’s k!nd of funny. From contract to real…. isn’t it funny?” Simon asked aga!n and I smiled look!ng at h¡m.

If only h£ knew how serious th¡s is to me, for f!nally gett!ng married for real to th¡s man that I’ve secretly loved with my wh0l£ b©dy.

It wasn’t only a dream come true,it was anoth£r accomplishment.

After all th£se crazy challenges and !ncidents, I f!nally achieved my dreams.

How happy can one be?

Wh£n Simon reach£d ©vt and hugged me t!ghtly to h¡mself, I felt over rea$$ured aga!n.

Th¡s is my place…. And th¡s place !n h¡s arms… I shall be forever till death takes me away.

***? Th£ End ?***

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