I hate my Tutor episode 15 – 16

😒I hate my tutor😒

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

Chapter 15
(Strange things… 2)

I skipped dinner that night, I was feeling too sullen to talk to anyone. When Kelly knocked on the door of my room later in the night, I pretended to be asleep. I wasn’t ready to tell her what happened yet, I wasn’t ready to talk to anyone…
Why the duck had I expected to get him so easily? He had proved, right from the beginning, that he was not my regular type of guy.
Why, just why do I feel this way for him? What’s that dull ache in my heart?…


I woke up with a strong headache, I had cried myself to sleep yesterday. My eyes were puffy and red, my head felt like there was a tug of war going on between my nerves.
I took a quick shower and dressed up for school.
Mom and Kelly were having breakfast in the dining room. I kept my voice cheerful as I exchanged greetings with them.

“you’re not having breakfast? “mom asked me when I made to walk past .
“yeah, I’m not feeling hungry. “I hoped she wouldn’t notice the puffiness of my eyes and begin to ask question.
“you skipped dinner last night Cori, what’sup? You don’t look okay. “Kelly asked.
“I’m fine. “I was too tired to say anything else. I walked out of the house,to the car and I drove off to school.


“he kissed you? ” Debbie asked as quietly as she could, though I could make out the subtle hint of excitement in her voice.
“I just said that Deb.”I snapped in irritation. The omelette on my plate didn’t look appetizing to me, I just ate to fill my stomach .
“then why the long face? You regret kissing him or what? Or was he a terrible kisser? Was his breath awful? Did he… ”
“shut up Debbie. “Boon yi interrupted sternly. She turned to me with a sympathetic look.
“tell us what happened Cori. ”
I sighed loudly and finally pushed the plate of omelette away from me.
“I was throwing a tantrum, he…I tried to slap him, he held my hand. Then…he…he kissed me. I liked it. ” I licked my lips and peered into their face.

“go on. ”
“he pulled out from the kiss, I thought he was shy to make the first move or maybe he was being a gentleman. So I made a move to kiss him again. The dude clearly wanted me, I felt his boner. We were about to go intense, a call interrupted us. When he was done with the call, he changed suddenly, acting like I was a leper or something. I felt heartbroken. Like fuck! I love this guy, I’m feeling sick for loving him… ”
My voice broke as a sob threatened to wrack my entire body. I quickly composed myself, not wanting to attract attention to us.

“that guy is a jerk! “Debbie, as usual, was the first to lash out at him. “he had looked so nice when I saw him and I… ”
“we shouldn’t jump into conclusions yet. Maybe something made him behave like that. “Boon yi softly interrupted her.
Debbie hissed loudly.
“that’s not valid excuse, he’s still a jerk. ”
“you have to take it easy Cori, you shouldn’t feel too bad.”
“but I feel bad, I feel very bad. ”
Somehow, the concern of this two was making me more teary. I wanted to get away from them and be alone.

“Cori?” someone called. I looked up to know who it was.
“Tiffany? What are you doing here? “I asked, furiously dabbing at my eyes. I know it was fruitless, she had already seen the tears.
“why are you here? Wanna make fun of her? “Debbie launched.
“it’s okay Debbie, Tiffany and I are cool now.” I said quickly and quietly. A few people were already looking in our direction.

“oh. “Debbie cooed, but her eyes still harbored resentment for Tiffany

“you look beat Cori, what happened? ” Tiffany said into a chair, her face creased with worry.

“it’s nothing tiff. ”

“it has something to do with Dave right? The way he left yesterday was so suspicious and… ”

“How do you fit in to all this? “Boon yi asked, frowning suspiciously at her.

“I’m Dave’s sister. “Tiffany said with a bright smile.

“ooh.” they chorused together, shaking their head.

“I’m fine Tiffany, I really am. ”
The bell rang, indicating lunch was over. I felt relieved that the question and answer segment was over, for now.
Tiffany stared at me for a very long time. I soon found it creepy.

“I don’t believe you Cori. “She finally muttered, before heading for her next class.


“Did you and Dave get into a fight yesterday? “Kelly’s voice snapped my attention away from the book I was reading. I looked up quickly, she was standing there, by the door, her hands folded under her breast.

“No, no. Why? “I asked, sitting up in bed and closing my book.

“I know you guys did, you shouldn’t be hiding things from me Cori, I’m your friend. I’m here to help.” her voice was sad, I felt slightly guilty.

“I’m so sorry kel, I was so embarrassed about what happened yesterday. “I said in a sullen voice.
She walked into the room and closed the door softly, before climbing into my bed.

“What happened yesterday?”She asked. I took a deep breath, then exhaled loudly.

“We… He kissed me yesterday. Then afterwards he acted like he’s regretting it. ”

“Hmm… “she said, frowning slightly. I felt irritated. That’s the best thing you could think of saying?
“I’ll tell you what you will do Cori, you are going to talk to him. ”
I didn’t react to what she said, I just stared out sullenly.

“Did you hear me Cori? “she asked and prodded my arm gently. I nodded weakly.

“yeah. ”

“I’m serious Cori. Talk to him, I know he likes you… ”

‘He doesn’t. “my response was automatic. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“talk to him first Cori, just to satisfy your curiosity. ”
I sat up immediately I heard the sound of a bike driving into the compound. My hands clenched tightly as my heartbeat increased.

“He’s here. ”

“I know.” I wasn’t in the mood to snap at her.
“You might want to go wash your face, you look like a scarecrow. “Kelly said gently and left the room.
I sat for a while, trying to calm my nerves, before heading to the bathroom. Sure enough I looked like a scarecrow, my eyesbags were dark, stained with mascara. I washed my face, then cleaned it with a soft towel. I felt slightly better after that. I didn’t bother with my makeup, I wasn’t trying to impress him.
I soon found myself reaching out for the mascara bottle. I soon gave up trying to convince myself that I was not trying to impress him.
After making sure I looked presentable I left my room.


“Hey. “Dave said to me as soon as I came in. I masked my surprise very well.

“Hi. “I said coolly, avoiding his eyes

“are you alright?”He persisted. I made a loud hissing sound.

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“as if you care. “I muttered quietly under my breath, hoping he wouldn’t hear it. Well, he did hear it.

“I care. More than you think. ”

“I find that hard to believe. You acted like you were disgusted with me. You hate me that much huh?” My vision was blurred as tears clouded my eyes. I willed myself not to cry. Not in front of him anyways.
He took a few steps towards me until we were a few inches apart. I had to look into his face, he was much taller than me.

“I don’t find you disgusting Cori, you’re beautiful. “He reached out and took my hands in his.
“You are attractive and…and s*xy. “A little blush stole to my cheeks.

“so if you find me attractive, why are you pushing me away from you? “I gently slipped my hand away from his.
He exhaled loudly, his gaze dropping to my l-ips, as though he wanted to k-ss me.

“I don’t know…it just feels wrong… “He finally tucked his hands into his pockets and squared his shoulders in a professional manner.
I frowned to show my confusion.

“what do you mean it feels wrong?”

“You are very bright,and you’re quite… Erh… Young… “He avoided my eyes at the last part.

“Young?” I echoed, my confusion increasing now. “I’ll be eighteen next month.” I pursed my lips, and folded my arms under my br”ast, feeling slightly irritated that he had called me young.

“You see, that’s the problem here.”He said after a long heavy sigh.

“How’s my age now a problem? ”

“I’m much more older than you are. That’s the problem. ”

“how old are you? “I asked, my eyes already assessing his age. He couldn’t be more than twenty one..

“I’m twenty four. ”

“whoa! “I exclaimed in disbelief. He merely shook his head. “You’re pulling my legs?”
He shook his head more Vigorously, saying nothing. I knew he wasn’t lying.

“That’s…that’s quite old. “I finally muttered after a long stretch of silence.

“Yeah, I know. People say I look younger than my age. “He also mirrored my move and crossed his hand under his chest.

“But… Age…my age shouldn’t be a problem. We could… ”

“No Cori. I still think it’s wrong.”

“But I don’t mind….”I closed the gap between us and placed my hand on his forearm. He gently eased it off and began to pace around. I stared at him feeling helpless.

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“This isn’t about you, oh well… It’s mostly about you… But for f*ck sake! You’re the same age as my baby sister! I’m not supposed to be having this feelings for you! I’ve tried to make it go away but… ” He stopped in front of me, looking intently at me.
I couldn’t decipher his next move. Next thing I knew was that I was in his arms and he was k-ssing me with so much passion. I had no reservations left. He really liked me, I liked him too.
What’s all this bullshit he’s saying about age difference.
One of his hands had cupped my left br-ast, I wasn’t wearing a bra. My n-pples hardened immediately under his touch. I arched towards him, seeking relief from the pressure down my p*ssy.

“hmmmmm…. “I don’t know if I’m the one [email protected] or…
He pulls away suddenly, breathing heavily. His l-ips slightly swollen. I’m sure my face mirrors the look on his own face.

“Look I’m sorry, I… “He began apologetically.

“Shut up Dave! “I snapped in anger.

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