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If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face episode 6


If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face
Mr. Ejiofor: why are you shouting, do you
want to bring down the roof? Just as he
was scolding Ryan, Mrs Ejiofor left what
she was doing to join in the father and
son conversation. Evelyn who has been
eavesdropping on their conversation
also came

to join them immediately she
saw the first wife sitting down.
Mrs Ejiofor: Ryan, why are you shouting?
Do you know where I heard your voice?
Ryan: Mama I am sorry just that Papa is
asking for the impossible right now.
Papa, do you know that Cameron and
Dylan responsibilities are on me? How
can you demand such an amount of
money from me? It is too much oooo.
‘You for kukuma come dey work with
me na so that the money go double’ he
Mrs. Ejiofor: how much is the money sef?
Ryan: Eighty thousand naira.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Haba Papa Addison, it is too
much an amount na. What you do want
to do with it? He is only one man
shouldering too many responsibilities as
it stands now. Even if …. She was
interrupted by Evelyn.
Evelyn: what is too much about the
money? Is he not working? Was he not
the one he spent his everything to send
to school? It is his responsibility to take
care of his family na.
Ryan: ‘hmm. Mrs. Evelyn. Please stay out
of this. This doesn’t concern you please. I
know that the reason my father is asking
for such an amount of money is because
of you. I warned you Papa didn’t i? I
warned you about adding burdens to
me but you wouldn’t listen. Now you
want to collect such a huge amount of
money because of your second wife. I
am sorry to say this but I do not have
enough money to spare at the moment’.
‘When people are thinking of how to
make money and ease themselves of
problems you are thinking of giving my
hard earn cash to her’ he pointed at
Mr. Ejiofor: ‘Remember she is your step
mother and I will not have you
disrespect her in my house’ he ordered.
‘When I borrowed money to send you to
school, didn’t you know it was also
difficult for me as at that time? Now that
I am asking you for money you want to
rub sand in my face eh Ryan’ he shouted.
Ryan: I am sorry Papa. I didn’t mean to
be rude. I will send you the money once
I get paid then.
Mr.Ejiofor: Good, that is what I want to
hear. He stood up and left the sitting
room where they were all sitting with
Evelyn trailing behind

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Mrs. Ejiofor: who has been watching the
whole scenario felt for her son. She
stood up and went to sit beside him.
Ryan! I know that things are difficult but
please take it easy on yourself okay.
Everything will be alright you hear?
Ryan: Mama, the burden is really
weighing me down. Papa is not even
helping matters. Why can’t he look for
any business for her so that she can
start earning her own money? Will he
keep s—–g me dry to satisfy her? I am
not the one married to her but it seems
like I took

over his responsibilities. If he
was Dangote or Atiku Abubakar, I won’t
object to his taking another wife
because I know he has the wealth that
will last him and his children a life time
but in this case, he is not.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Do not mind your father,
give whatever you can and plan your life
too. You are now a man, you should be
thinking of settling down soon.
Ryan: I will mama. But right now, is not
the time for me to think towards that
area. Let me sort out Dylan and Cameron
Mrs. Ejiofor: ‘Okay my child, take care of
yourself and call me when you get to
Onitsha’ she said as he stood up to go.
Ryan: Yes Mama. Take care and tell the
rest that I have gone ooo.
Aria got to Ryan’s house , met his
Brother Cameron sleeping on the bed.
The moment Cameron came to Ryan’s
house, Aria and Cameron became friends
since she was introduced to him as Ryan
girlfriend. Though Aria was a bit
uncomfortable having Cameron stay with
him at his small apartment because she
likes having her privacy with Ryan when
she is around but knew that it will only
be for a matter of time.
Aria: ‘This one you are at home today, no
outing? I thought you also work on
Saturday’ she asked as soon as she
stepped into the house and met
Cameron on the bed pressing his phone.
Cameron: ‘No Aunt Aria. I don’t work on
Saturdays’ he said as he looked up at
her. Welcome.
Aria: Where is your brother?
Cameron: He stepped out few hours
ago, he will soon be back.
Aria: Okay, let me call him. She brought
out her phone and dialed his number.
Ryan picked when

he saw it was Aria
calling. Hello Ryan, where are you? She
waited a few minutes before saying, I
am in your house waiting for you, hope
you won’t take long? Okay, I will wait
then. Okay, bye. She hung up the call.
Cameron: Is he coming?
Aria: Yes! He is on his way already, he
won’t be long.
Cameron: Okay.
Aria: Have you guys eaten? She asked,
sitting on the bed beside him.
Cameron: Yes we have. We ate the
leftover rice of yesterday.
Aria: okay. What is the plan for school?
Cameron: We are forging ahead with it.
When Jamb form is on sale, Brother Ryan
will give Dylan and I money to go
purchase it. If we are successful, we
should be in school by next year.
Aria: Don’t worry; you guys will make it
In Jesus Name. Hope you are reading
ooo. You came with your books abi?
Cameron: I did, i am reading.
Aria: ‘Let me go to the kitchen and see
what’s there’ she said as she stood to go
to the kitchen.
Few minutes Later Ryan entered the
Ryan: Aria, he called out to her.
Aria: ‘oh Ryan, you are back. Where did
you go to’? She asked as soon as she
stepped out of the kitchen.
Ryan: I went to do some hustling na.
Aria: Take it easy on yourself ooo. This
one you are hustling like there is no
tomorrow. Instead of you to rest and get
yourself together against Monday you
are busy looking for money up and
Ryan: ‘I need as much money as I can
get right now. I have a lot of things in
my head’ he said as he sat on the rug
close to the bed.
Aria: Cameron, can you please excuse us
for few minutes, there is something I
want to discuss with your brother.
Cameron: Alright. He stood up and left
the room they were all sharing.
Ryan: It must be serious ooo. This one
you boldly ask my brother to excuse us.
Aria: Yes it is. Ryan, whatever I want to
discuss with you is about us.
Question: What’s Aria about asking
Ryan? Should Ryan continue assisting his
father’s persistence?

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