In Between Two Deep Sea

In between two deep sea episode 3


Chapter Three
From Amah’s Heart writing class

On my return to Delta State, I ran straight to my aunty’s place seeking solace. Aunt Linda is a divorcee and the only close family I have here in Delta State after my parent’s demise.

I knocked and waited for a response

” Yes, who is at the door?” She asked from inside the house

” It is me aunty! ” I responded

” Juilet, is that you? ”

” Yes aunty, it is me! ” I affirmed and almost immediately, the door opened..

Aunty Linda hugged me happily before leaving the door way for me to come into her apartment

” Welcome Juilet.. so finally you remembered me today?”

” haba aunty! you know I do visit occasionally nau”

” I know madam! Just trying to pull these your small legs! ” She said and we both sat down laughing, that’s aunty Linda’s nature, always trying to light up the moment.

Her next question shocked me

” Are you okay Juilet?” She asked and I was taken aback since I initially thought that I had hidden my problem facially but I guess I was so wrong.

I heave before giving her a reply

” No aunty.. I’m not fine at all!”

” I’m in between two sea and I’m scared of what each outcome holds for me”

” you’re speaking in parables Juilet.. what is the problem?” She probe further and I opened up to her all about Uche’s Mom sinful request

” Woaw! So those things truly exist? Jesus Christ!” She exclaimed and then continued

” Juilet you need to put an end to such a relationship, I mean you can’t possibly get yourself involved in such a distasteful family!”

” But aunty I love Uche!”

” Love in a vital institution such as marriage isn’t everything Juilet, your inlaws matters too..”

” .. in my opinion if your to be in-law is about being a thorn in your flesh when you are not even yet married to her son, then I think you should have a rethink and forget love Juilet!”

” No aunty I just can’t! I believe I can win Uche over, all I need to do is to record my next conversation with his mom and then..”

She cut me of from continuing my statement

” And then what? Uche will believe you, hate or cut ties with his mom, marry you and then what next?? Would you be truly happy knowing that you are the architect of all that happened?? would you be able to continue till the end when the fact still remains that she’s Uche’s Mom???” She heaved before she continued

“…look Juilet, from experience it’s not advisable to wage war against your to be in-laws especially before the marriage begins, trust me when I say that it doesn’t usually end well! Moreso how sure are you that the woman would just lay low after you separate her from her son?”

” So you are advising me to let Uche go because his Mom is doing what is against the word of God!”

” Juilet I will advise you to let him and his family go.. let God decide their matter so you won’t fall into the sea you are standing in between”

” Aunty I know your marriage with uncle did not work out but that doesn’t mean that you should advise me to break my engagement off please!” I said before I could stop myself

I realized what I said and I quickly apologized

“…I’m so sorry aunty! I know I shouldn’t have said that, it just that..”

” It’s fine Juilet, I will leave you to your choice and it’s repercussions! You can either accept the woman’s offer and marry her son peacefully therefore sin against God… or you go ahead; record your conversations with her, show it to Uche, watch mother and son drift apart and God knows what next. The choice is yours” she concluded, shrugged and relaxed back on the sofa

I nodded and stood up, ready to go

” I understand aunty, I will sort myself out.. anyways thank you for your advice aunty, I appreciate” I said and walked out of my aunt’s house.

I wasn’t angry with her, I just felt that she was too rash by suggesting that I break things off with Uche without a fight.

Getting home, I freshen up, got dressed and went to Uche’s place. I needed to talk to him before I break down completely.


” Babe what is going on?” Uche asked me as I led on his chest in his sitting room in Delta State

” How do you mean?” I replied

” You’ve been withdrawn and acting weird since your return from Mom’s place, are you okay? ”

” I’m fine.. I’m just scared! ” I said as I lifted my head from his chest and looked directly at his face, I continued

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“.. I’m scared of loosing you! scared of being someone else! babe I’m scared of your Mom being a stumbling block to our union!”

” what are you saying babe?”

” Uche do you know that your mother is into lesbian!sm..?”

” What!”

” Yes babe and she even tried making advances at me when I went to visit her.. she also said that she will terminâte my relationship with you if I don’t accept her”

” Juilet are you out of your mind? My mom, a l3sbian? Are you mâd or something?”

” I’m serious babe.. I don’t mind recording our conversation next time if that would make you believe what I am saying..”

” I don’t and will never believe what you say! Yes my mom is somewhat too caring but to engage in such a s!nful act, h3ll No! Wait! Are you trying to put asunder between my mom and I? I see my mom was right afterall”

” No babe! Of course not!” I said almost crying, I can’t believe this is Uche speaking right now. Does it mean he doesn’t trust my words? Or that maybe he loves his mom more than me?

” you know what? We are done and over!.. and mind you! when I mean we are over, it means we are done and dusted with this relationship!”

” Baby what are you saying? you are joking right? You certainly can’t do this to us because of your mom!” I asked emotionally

” I mean it Juilet! my deal breaker is that I don’t like people disrespecting my mom whether in words or actions because that woman is my hero!”

” your deal breaker? Oh God!” I said realizing the mistake we made by not having a discussion about our deal breakers before even venturing deep into the relationship.

I was meant to understand that deal breaker are those sensitive things that can make a person walk out on a relationship or marriage without looking back, notwithstanding how long they have spent together. Those sensitive things includes things that your partner can and cannot take. It actually differs with different people.
I wish I have asked him about it earlier before the relationship kicks off.

Not now that I am so insanely in love with him and invested so much emotions in the relationship before finding out.

” better don’t let me come back and still see you here!” Uche concluded and walked out on me leaving me in despair.



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