In between two deep sea episode 4


Chapter Four

From GranAmah’s Heart writing class

” Baby wake up! ..Love please wake up!” I heard in my subconscious accompanied with the feeling of a hand tapping me

Gradually I opened my eyes, and that’s when I realized that I doze off on the sofa while laying on Uche’s chest, which only means that everything earlier was a dream, yet it felt so real to me.

I inhaled deeply feeling somewhat relieved

” My love are you okay?” Uche asked as he stared at me awaiting answers

” Yes babe.. I’m fine, just had a bad nap dream that’s all!” I answered as I lifted my head from his chest

” And the dream was bad enough to make you cry in your sleep? What exactly was the dream about?” Uche asked and that’s when I realized that my cheeks are indeed wet from tears.

” mmmh.. babe In the dream we broke up and I felt really bad I had to cry in the dream, I didn’t know it could reflect in reality!” I answered still emotional about the dream

” Broke up? Why?” Uche asked apprehensively

” I don’t know… We had a minor misunderstanding and then you broke up with me!”

” What was the misunderstanding about???” He probed further

” I can’t recall, I can only recall the breaking up part because it hurt me badly!” I lied, after what I saw in the dream I didn’t think it was wise to be so open-minded. I have decided to just do things differently to avoid ‘had I known’.

” It’s just a dream my love, don’t worry okay!” Uche said and gently laid my head back on his chest. I laid there for some seconds still reminiscing on the dream then I asked him..

” Babe.. what is your deal breaker? Like what you can never take no matter the circumstance?”

” My love I can’t take it when me, you or my mom is lied about or disrespected whether in actions or words, especially my mom.. I love her so much for everything she sacrificed in grooming me into the young successful man I am today.. that’s why I am so happy you two are getting along very well”

” Mmmh!” I replied already short of words, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that exposing his mother to him is a loss battle.

I was snapped out of my state of unpleasant thoughts by Uche’s questions

” Are you okay? Why did you ask me the question?”

” Nothing babe.. I just felt like we never really talked on that” I replied him, trying to avoid the subject of discussion

” That’s true! So what’s yours?” Uche queried

” Cheating! I hate cheating a whole lot and you know that already babe” I responded straightforwardly

” Yes baby I do.. don’t worry okay! I’ll never think of cheating on you my love” Uche assured me

I stared lovingly at him and I knew right there and then that I was going to do anything at all for us and our future together.


I rang the doorbell with my heartbeat accelerating fiercely

I was in front of Uche Mom’s house after thoroughly thinking about everything and making a decision between the two sea

I was scared of falling but at the same time, I knew I had to make a choice sooner or later

The door was opened and I stood face to face with Mrs Ngozi, Uche’s mother

She smilingly invited me in and offered me a sofa to sit on, with a glass of wine to drink

She sat opposite me with her own glass of wine before starting a discussion..

” Juilet dear, how are you doing?”

” I’m fine Mom! How about you?”

” I’m fine, I just missed you and my son!”

” We missed you too” I responded although I knew it was the exact opposite

” Okay dear, so why did you visit???”

” Mom I came to apologise about earlier, I’m so sorry for the way I left the last time I visited!” I responded apologetically

” What are you saying Juilet dear?? Is everything okay with you???” She gently asked to my surprise

” Mom.. I meant the day I visited and you tried touching me but I rejected your offer. I came to apologise because I’m truly really sorry mom..”

” I still do not understand what you are saying Juilet dear, are you sure you are okay?” She asked.

I looked at her, very much confused at what game she was playing at. She continued..

” … With the gibberish you’ve been saying, it seems you are lately stressed Juilet dear.. Maybe I should come and check your temperature!” Mom said, stood up and walked closer to me on the sofa I sat on

I was still confused when she carried my handbag which is beside me, took out my phone and requested that I opened it for her to check something

She went through my phone and after she was done, she ransacked my handbag and further shocked me by asking me to stand up..

When I did, she touched me in various places obviously searching for something which I didn’t know until she spoke up..

” I need to be sure that you didn’t come with a recorder or anything at all to implicate me, because I know you young girls can be so cunning and funny at times!”

” Mom! Like seriously?” I asked unable to believe my ears, I never knew this woman was this smart, so that’s why she acted so innocent and clueless of what I was talking about earlier.

Well thank God for the wisdom I applied in getting a recording wristwatch which was very expensive but my peace of mind and happiness cost more.
I will do anything it takes to protect my sanity and expose this woman to her son.
Uche will not believe me without prove.
I have decided to go to any length to back up my words.
I know I’m a sinner and I recognize them all and trying to make amend but I won’t add another deliberate sinful act into my unrightful deed.
I have a good upbringing, my parents raised me better, even in their grãvé I won’t bring disappointment and shame to them.

I heaved and re-sat down before telling her

“.. mom I came with none of such intentions, I really came to apologise for what happened the other day!”

“.. Mom! I’m sorry for how I left your house and I am willing to make amends by accepting your offer” I continued from where I had left off, I watched as Mom sat down beside me wide-eyed

” For real! Waow! why did you suddenly change your mind???” She queried

” Mom I love Uche, your son and I will do anything for us and our future together even if it means commiting a sin against God and man” I answered truthfully

” Awww.. okay my angel, don’t worry, I promise you that your marriage to my son would be as smooth as you are..” ..she said as she began touching me romantically, sincerely I felt disgü3ted but I knew that I already made the choice so I need to bear it anyhow it is

” Thank you Mom, but you will have to promise me that after marriage, immediately after the birth of our first child, this will stop!”

” No problem Juilet dear. So should we go over to the bedroom or would you rather we do it right here on the sofa? it will still be fun you know!” She said seductively and ki3sëd me directly on my lips.

Oh my God! I felt like vomiting at that moment.
It was way too disgùsting that my fellow woman will do that but I will try and endure it for the moment and for the sake of this record.

I managed to reply her
” No Mom! I will rather we go to the bedroom, it’s much more comfortable there please..”

” Okay.. your wishes is my command my angel, I know with time we will try other new places. Why not stand up, Lets go to my room Juilet dear. You may even prefer me to Uche because I will take you to the moon and back.
she said romantically as; she held my hands, helped me up from the sofa and walked with me into her bedroom, her hands never leaving my bûtt and brëæsts.

As we were about to enter that was when my phone alarm began to ring out.

I set the alarm as I got closer to her gate when I was coming and I have been hoping it will ring before we even gets into the bedroom but just as she was trying to take take off my top it finally beeped.

I took out my phone but Mom said I should leave the call
She thought it was a call.
I told her after taking this one call I will switch off the phone.
I turned off the alarm and put the phone to my ear as I pretend to be on call

I suddenly exclaimed out loud as I turned to her

“Oh Jesus Christ, my aunty who took care of me after my parents dismiss just had an accident. Oh God…” I cried out as I began to adjust my cloths and running around the room as if I was confused.

“Juliet dear, calm down..relax, it may not be all that serious..”

“Mom, that’s how my parents went, if anything happens to my aunty, I don’t know big I will ever be myself. She is all I got as a family. I need to go…oh God, have mercy oo, have mercy on me, don’t allow anything to happen to my aunty. Don’t let her die like my parents did. God please.. please..”
I cried out continuesly, pacing up and down.
I landed myself on the floor, roll to one end of the wall, stood up again.
I made sure that I was convincing enough

“Nothing will happen to her my dear, just calm down..”

“I need to go ma, I’m sorry…I will see you later, let me rush and go. I pray is nothing serious like you said. Please, I will be right back definitely..”
I started running out of the room, she followed.

“Please call me when you get there and if you need a shoulder to cry on, remember that I’m right here and will be waiting for you my love..”

I was thanking her while running out.
Immediately I was out of the gate I gasped out.

I decided to check my wristwatch recorder but to my surprise it was not on my hand anymore.
“Jesus..!. I screamed loudly.
I stood there not knowing if to move back or forth.