In Love With A Crazy Girl

In Love With A Crazy Girl episode 11 -13



They all ran to the beach, enjoying the cool and caressing breeze. Betty dived into the beach as Soon as she took notice of it.

“Aren’t you coming in?” She asked Angel.
“No I don’t swim”. She answered.
“Oh, ok come in I will teach you”. she said.
“Thanks, maybe some other time, ok?”
“Ok,” Betty mumbled and continued swimming inside.
The rest of her class mate came out smiling happily. Kyle and Stacy came out too, but they were quite not in a good mood. The other girls; Sofia Kathryn and Olivia joined angelic on the beach sand as she waited out for Betty.

“So, you don’t swim?” Sofia asked Angel.
“I don’t. I never liked it, not once not ever”.
“Hmm that’s cool”. She stood up.
“Aren’t you guys coming with me?” Sofia turned to the girls. The all stood up and followed her.
At the count of three they jumped into the beach. The rest followed until it was remaining only Angelica and Kyle.

Kyle squatted right beside her and stared into her eyes. She turned away from him and turned to another direction. He smirked and laughed really hard.
“Are you avoiding me?” He spoke into her ears.
She blinked her eyes lightly and bit her lips dryly.
He gave a look and stood up holding her shoulder.
“You don’t have to dear, remember pride goes before a fall” With that, he walked out.
She poked her lips and ran her hand dryly through her hair. She was really confused.
“What’s the problem Angel? Why are you down?” Betty asked as soon as she got out of the water. The rest followed suite until they were all out.
“Nothing”. Angel muttered dryly.
“If you say so. Why don’t we go inside?”.
“Alright”. She stood up and they all filed into the 🏢 building.

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After we had freshened up that same morning, we all moved into the sitting room. I sat on a couch and before I could call Betty to sit beside me, Kyle was already there, grinning.
I sighed very hard and and watched him stylishly as he gave me a smile.
“Am bored. This place is just so boring. why don’t we play a game?” Sofia suggested.
“Truth or Dare ?” Kathryn stood up.
Sofia stood up and gave a wide smile.
“What about spin the bottle?”.
Everyone one jumped up excitedly. They were all happy about the idea, but I was not.
“I don’t like that game, I think truth or dare is far more better.” I said feigning angry.
“If you are not in, please you can excuse us. I think that is more better”. Stacy said and eyed me. I stood up from the couch and eyed her back. As I began to walk back into the room, Betty held me back.
“Please Angel don’t go. I wouldn’t want you to miss out in this game. Don’t go please”. Betty begged and popped her lips.
“But I don’t like that. It’s not ideal”.
“Please… Ok don’t worry, the bottle won’t spin to you. I assure you that.” Betty pleaded.
I walked back to the gathering and squatted again.
“I will go first”. Jade said. He spinned the bottle and it spinned and faced Stacy.
“Thank God”. I thought I wasn’t going to get you. Am happy I sat here because someone else would have taken advantage of the situation. He walked towards her and squatted right before her to give her a kiss. The kiss lasted to more than a minute and I was really ashamed for Betty. After the kiss, they both stood up and promised to be back.
Before Betty left, she gave me an assuring smile.


will go next”. Sofia said. She spinned and it got to a boy, Kelly. Kelly smiled but she was angry because Kelly was not that kind of a romantic guy.

They had a light kiss and it ended right there.
“It’s my turn now”. Kyle said loudly. Everyone smiled and he threw up the bottle. He placed it on the floor and spinned it. Everyone waited out patiently. The bottle spinned and spinned until it got to Angel’s spot, then it stopped. Angel opened her eyes after few seconds of closing her eyes and to her greatest surprise, the bottle was right before her. She looked at Kyle and he smirked at her. She turned to Stacy and Stacy was looking at her dangerously. What was she gonna do? She looked at everyone and feign a fake smile then she stood up
“As you all know, it was not my intention to play this game so I withdraw’ Angel said and took a step back. Everyone one gave a loud wow, except for Stacy and Kyle.
“But that’s not the rule of the game. So you have to stay back” Kyle answered.
“Thanks, but am no longer interested” Angel traced her steps back and walked out of the gathering, Kyle stood up and followed her. Everyone smiled and the game continued.


follow me” Angel warned as she climbed up the stairs.
“And what if I do?” He smirked and climb too.
“You’re gonna regret it”. She picked up the broom stick. “Stay back or I will hit you with this” She pointed the stick at him.
He smiled faintly and took a step forward. “Stay back!” she warned and threw up the stick at him, he got hold of it quickly and stood before her. She sighed deeply and faked a smile.
“Now get this” He bent his face stylishly and placed a kiss on her lips. She stood there like an helpless 🐕 dog trying her possible best not to break the kiss. She was enjoying every part of it and she didn’t Know Kyle was very good at kissing . She waited patiently for some minutes before he finally broke the kiss.
He looked at her and pecked her on her four head
“I love you angel and I will always do. I had loved you right from the first day I saw you but I was afraid to say it out to you because of my pride”. He said and swallowed hard. “See you later”. Kyle walked out.
She continued looking at him as he walked out of sight. She then bit her lips and tasted it, it was like vanilla flavor missed with a banana extract, she really loved the taste of it.

Evening soon came as fast as expected. Everyone swaved out of the compound with the hope of getting a cool breeze near the beach. They all squatted on the beach sand closed to the beach as they enjoyed the cool breeze.
“Let’s play a game!’ Sofia suggested
“Must you make it obvious that you love games? Aren’t you tired?” Kathryn queried.
“Because am bored. Please…..” She begged
“Ok what’s the name of the game we will be playing?” Kyle asked.
“Hmm…… Let’s play seven minutes it heaven”. Sofia said.
“Na na na… I don’t like that game” Kathryn answered.
“So let’s begin” Kyle stood up. The other boys stood up face to face with the girls. “Since the rate of us are equal with the rate of the girls, let’s begin.” Kyle began.
Jade took Betty’s hand “Let’s go” Betty followed him.
Kyle took Angel’s hand. “Let’s go.
He took her to a more quieter place at the side of the beach and they sat there.
“So…so can you tell me more about yourself ?” He asked.
“There is nothing much to talk about. I stay with my dad, I don’t know my mom whether dead or alive. Am their only child”. So, what else do you expect me to talk about?”
“Ok, am a boy” Kyle said and they laughed. “Of course everyone knows that you are a boy” She said.
“Ok am the only son of my parents, though they are divorced, I stay with my mom and am a very calm and gentle boy”. He laughed.
“Who told you that you are calm? You are too rude and pompous”. She added.
“I know and that’s the attitude am trying my best to keep aside now “.
“I hope you do so”. She answered.
They smiled at each other.
“So about the other day, I….. I love you Angelica, I really do. But what I need now is your acceptance. I really love you”.
She gave a loud sigh and buried her head in her palms.
“If you know you truly love me, then Prove it” She said and looked into his eyes.
“Now this is it”. He kissed her all the way from her neck to her lips, with her m0aning with pleasure”. This is my prove to you.


“I love you too”. I said and kissed him back.
“Let’s go in now. It’s already late”. Kyle stood up and held my hand. We walked into the building hand in hand.

“Wake up girls!!” The principal said walking majestically into the girls room.
They all took turns in waking up one after the other. Angel yawned and stressed up her body on the bed. She had a wonderful dream of her and Kyle getting married. She was really happy about it.
“Good morning ma’am”. They all greeted the principal.
“Morning. Now you all should go have your bath now, we have a very important important meeting this morning” The principal said and walked out.
Angel jumped out of the bathroom, she had a quick light shower and came out feeling relived and happy. As she sat on her bed, she remembered the kiss she shared with Kyle the night before. She was really excited.
She dressed up wearing a jean short skirt and a white crop top. Angel stood up and walked to the Dinning area. She sat down on the dinning chair as she watched Kyle emerged from the room with a dirty messy hair. He walked to her and gave her a peck on her four head.
“Morning baby”. He said and leaned forward.
“Eeeeeew! You stink. Aren’t you gonna have your bath? “. She said in disgust.
“Not until you give me a kiss”. He answered and smiled at her.
“Then get ready to…..” Before she could speak, he gave her a rough kiss, bitting and sucking her lips as he did. She opened her eyes wide, confused. He suddenly stopped and turned around when he heard some steps.
“No. You don’t have to stop. Continue with whatever you were doing, scvmbag”. Stacy said as she came up on sight.
“”What was that for, Stacy?” Kyle asked giving her a warning look.
“Nevermind, as you can see am not in the mood for the two of you. You can continue if you wish”. She walked away.
“Don’t mind her Angel, I don’t think she is in her right senses, ok?”
“Ok you don’t have to worry am ok”.
“Am glad you are”. He hugged her.

“Please doctor, is there no other way the sickness can be preserved?”
“No Mr Hale, the preserving drugs I have been giving you is now useless due to the stage it had entered. So I advise you to go for the surgery, though it is a case of between life and death”. Mr Hale knelt down slowly and swallowed hard.
“Please doctor, I will pay you any amount of money you wish for but please can you help me with this?” He begged.
“I can’t do anything sir, remember it’s the ♋ cancer of the lung we are talking about here. I have tried all my possible best to help you with the few medicines I know but it seems all my efforts were useless, so I advise you to go for the surgery. You may be surprised that the sickness will heal in a matter of time.”
Mr Hale wiped up his tears and put on a straight face.
“Doctor I will go for the surgery”.
“Now you are talking. Let me get the instruments ready. We will move to the theater room few hours from now”. The doctor answered and turned to go.
“Wait doctor. Please take my phone, in case anything happens to me, please don’t fail to contact either the principal or Angel”. He pleaded and handed the phone to the doctor.
“You don’t have to be scared sir, you Will be alright. Have faith”. The doctor said and walked out.
He sighed deeply and cried more. What if he died in the middle of the surgery? Was he gonna survive it? He cried the more thinking of his daughter. Oh what a cruel world!!.

“Stop staring at me”. I warned Kyle as he sat faced me in the room. He laughed loud and sighed deeply.
“You are so beautiful, that’s why”. He lamented and brought his lips closer to mine.
“Thanks, but am not interested “. I said and slightly pushed his lips backward.
“Ok, if you say so”. We heard steps coming to the door and Kyle quickly jumped back. He quietly ran back to the door and as he was about to open it the door cracked open, revealing the face of the principal. She wore a worried look, immediately she saw Kyle, she turned to look at me and gave a ‘What is going on here’ look.
“Kyle what are you doing in the girl’s room?” She asked somehow confused.
Kyle smiled nicely and put on a straight face.
“I just came to say hello and nothing more”. He meant to leave.
“Hold it right there, Kyle. You Know I can’t believe you”. She turned to me. “Angel, did he do anything to you that you feel is not right?” She asked.
“No ma. He just came to say hello”.
“Ok, you can go”. Kyle walked off.
“Angel, see me in the dinning area right now!”

I followed her all the way from the room to the dinning area. She held my hand and looked into my eyes clearly.
“What’s the problem ma? Why are you somewhat scared?” I asked her
“Angel sorry to say this to you now. I got a call not quite long from a doctor telling me that your dad is in the hospital right now, about to be commenced a surgery on”.
“What!! my dad? Surgery ? How come? Please tell me this is a lie “. She pleaded,scared.
“This is not the time for crying. The doctor told me that you are urgently needed at the hospital’s premises right now” She said calmly.
“My dad! No! my dad. I must go now. I must be there now”. She said running from one end of the sitting room to the other. The principal held her gently and hugged her caressing her hair.
“Don’t cry darling. We will know what the problem is by the time we get there”.

🏨She jumped out of the car as soon as the car stopped in the hospital’s parking lot. Once she got to the office, the doctor directed her to the room her dad was resting on. She couldn’t even wait for the principal. She was in dire need to see her dad.

I jumped into the room the doctor directed me to. My father was there breathing and struggling hardly on the bed as he if was going to die. My heart struck me, I dived to him, beside the bed and sat down there. I quickly held his hand and he turned to me in utter stupefaction. He brushed the strips of hair that covered my eyes and held my hand.
“Dad!” I cried and looked into his eyes.
“Am sorry Angel, I don’t think I will be able to survive this. This surgery done on me seems not to be helping matters”.
“Don’t say that dad you are not gonna die and I assure you that”. I cleaned the strips of tears that fell off his eyes.
“It’s like you don’t seem to understand. I have lung cancer Angelic” I fell to the ground in utter bewilderment.
“You have cancer?” I managed to ask calmly. “How come I didn’t know about it. Dad how could you?”.
He cried the more and held my hand. “Am sorry Angel”. I fell again to the ground and continued looking at a spot, with no one in particular.
“Angel please here me out, I have a confession to make. I have to say it to you now or else it will going to be a scar on you all the rest of your life.” I jumped to him and he gave a nod.
“Sorry am about to say this to you in this situation. I apologise for all the stress I had made you past through.”
“Dad stop that already, just tell me what’s going on”. I begged.
“Angelica, am sorry to say this to you, you have another family else where”.
“What? Another family? How could you dad?’.
“Please here me out”he begged and continued. “While I was in the states, after I married your mom. She was unable to concieve after many months of our marriage. Your grandma was not helping matters, she taunted your mom over any slight mistake, calling her a barren. During all this comotion, I had a secretary called Theresa. She was all over me, despite the fact that I always turned her down. All the calamity struck when she came to visit me at home the day your mom was not around. Unknown to me that she had planned it with your grandma. They invaded some substance was put in my drink and after that, I didn’t know what I was doing again, it was then I had a s£xtual intercourse with Theresa.”
I looked at him in utter shock. “Dad, how could you?” I lamented.
“Some weeks after, Theresa came to me in my office that she was pregnant. I was shocked and I denied it. She was not happy with me when she left my office back then. And to make matters worse that day, Your mom came back to me to announce that she was pregnant. I was shocked to the bone marrow but I never expressed it.
Theresa finally gave birth some months later and i gave her a huge sum of money to start up her life all over. Before she left, she promised to torment me all my life and also promised to end my lineage. She also told me the name of her daughter was Stacy”. He said and I adjusted slightly.
“Yes Stacy. I know you know her and that’s because I have seen her one or two times in your school”.
My world came crashing down at my feet. Stacy? My worst enemy. I couldn’t believe my sister is Stacy.
Please can anyone tell me that all my father had said were all jokes?


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