In Love With A Crazy Girl

In Love With A Crazy Girl episode 14 – 16



“Stacy? My sister?” He nodded his head. I fell to the ground again.
“Angel please, when I die, return back to the States. You have an aunt there, she is in charge of my properties. I have a big company there and your aunt promised to hold on to the company for me before you come on age. Please I beg you, once she comes please follow her. Don’t oppose because I can see many dangers coming your way”. He answered calmly and sighed.
It was then I remembered, the answer I was dreaming all my life to ask my dad when I have the opportunity to do it.

“Ok but dad, What about my mom is she dead or alive?” He turned to me sharply and the colour of his face changed.
“Your mom?” He managed to say. “Your mom?”
It was then I knew something was intense. He crashed on the bed and began struggling. I held his arm and he crosted on the bed. He stopped breathing after he had put on a straight face. I dived out of the door to the doctor’s office. After I had explained what was going on, he followed me to the room. After the checking and all those odd stuffs, he was finally covered up by a white cloth. I looked clear
ly, scared and confused at the doctor and he gave a nod. In that Same confused state, I jumped to the ground and began crying.
“Angel, you have to console yourself because crying wouldn’t solve anything for you. Your dad is already dead and nothing can bring him back so I advise you to Clean your eyes and be a good girl”. The doctor consoled her.
It was as if she couldn’t breathe again. She tried holding her self up and at that same time, she fell to the ground. She remained still in that position as she watched the doctors and nurses running up to save her. She fainted and another swarming darkness invaded her.

Angel couldn’t believe that after two years of her father’s death, she was already on her way to the States. Her dad’s death had been a great threat to her and she had never found herself smiling ever since then. Her dad’s burial had been done a year before, though it was only the principal and Betty were the only members presented from her school.
The rest were her dad’s neighbors, colleagues and a few of her father’s relatives. Kyle didn’t come to pay her a visit ever since she left the camp, though Betty had told her that he travelled out of the country with her dad when he came. She couldn’t believe that the principal was so kind to the extent of flying her abroad to finish her education, though that took only a year and some months.
She cried the more. The only thing that bothered was the reason why her father never told her about her mom. His death still echoed in her mind every time she remembered him.

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That morning, she packed and arranged her bags at the sitting room. She hired a taxi which came to take her to the airport that morning. She never said about her traveling to anyone else, not even to her best friend: Betty.
When she got to the airport, she had to wait for some time because her time for the flight was not yet due.
She buried her head in her hand when she found out that someone was coming towards her. She was not in the mood for talking.
“Hello young lady”. A male voice said as he surged his way towards her.
She recognized the voice quickly but didn’t know where she had heard that kind of voice. She raised up her head and he smiled at her…..
“You don’t recognize me?” The same male voice said.
She looked into his eyes trying to muster where she had seen him before but nothing came to her mind.
“Sorry I don’t know you” She threw in. He sat near her on the seat and she slightly adjusted.
“I Know you don’t know me and I don’t know you either but I Know that with time… we will get to know each other better.” He said and smiled..
She hissed loudly and stood up holding her bags.. “When you’re done talking, you’ll let me know”. Angel answered.
“Nevermind, my name is Archie”. But she never listened, she just walked away dragging her languages along with her forcefully. He stood up.
It just happened that Archie was going to the same destination with her, so he didn’t let her have a peace of mind throughout her stay in the aeroplane. She never liked his company. He was a disturbing fellow with bugging lips, who couldn’t stay for minutes without talking.

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Her joy knew no bounds when it was announced that their seat belt should be worned due to the purpose that the flight was landing. It was then the so called Archie remembered to shut his mouth, though he still continued asking for her number when they alighted.

She sat on a seat waiting for her aunt to come pick her up but it seems she wasn’t coming. She later called angel and begged that she wouldn’t be able to come, but sent the address through SMS.

I looked at the talk active fellow and he was still there looking at me. Or was he mad? No!! Someone like this can’t be mad. He was well composed.
“You can come with me to my car. I will drop you anywhere you wish is your destination”. He said after a long silence that lasted within us.
After much persuasion and thinking, I decided to follow him. He never seized to talk about anything he saw on the way to entertain me but unknown to him, I was bored and tired of him.
I alighted from his car few meters to my aunt’s house to avoid him coming back again.
“Please can you tell me your name, just a hint please”.
“Andrew”. I mumbled out with anger.
“Common that’s a guys name”. He said calmly.
“Sorry I mean, Angel”.
“Nice name, an angel like you also bearing the name Angel.
I faked a smile and watched as he drove down the way before moving to my aunt’s house.

When I got to the house, I used the bell ring. I waited out patiently before I saw two faces staring at me nicely with happiness well written on their faces.
“We will be right there sis”. They said and turned off the screen.
I waited out patiently for them, before they came out, smiling at me.
“Sis, mom told us you will be coming today so we have been waiting for you all morning” They said as they hugged me, they help me carry the languages inside.

I was so happy to see my sweet sixteen’s nieces.
They were so entertaining and excited to the extent of telling me about all the trending news in town, though they expected me to tell them mine in return.

They even suggested I help them plan their upcoming birthday. I was so happy being around them.
My dear Aunt came later in the evening, she hugged me kindly and was really happy to see me. She said she missed me because I was only small when I left. I never knew I had a kind aunty, because I thought all aunts were wicked due to many stories I have read about wicked aunts.
I had been so happy before my aunt came the next morning, dragging some paper files with her.
“But aunt, isn’t it too early?” I asked somehow feeling bad
“Nothing is ever too early dear”. She said calmly and sat on the bed.
“But aunty am only twenty ” I pleaded.
“Going to twenty one”. She added and winked.”See, you are starting work next two weeks so I advise you to put all your efforts in this. I wouldn’t want you to become lazy like my daughters. They were pampered by their dad”. She said and sighed.
“This is the only promise I made to your dad and if I don’t fulfill it, I don’t think I will be happy all the rest of my life. I really miss my brother”. A tear fell off her eyes.
“Don’t worry Aunt, I will try to put all my efforts to make my dad happy”. She smiled at me and I smiled back.


I was so happy being in the company of my aunt and her two daughters until one day, when tragedy struck, wiping away all the three precious people who ever valued me.
That day, they were coming back from a party they attended of one of my aunt’s friend. they were almost reaching the house when they were all wiped off by a fast moving trailer. The incidence was very critical one and they died in the spot. When the ambulance came, they were already dead and was finding it difficult to breath again.

Angel never knew what happened as she waited out for them at past midnight. She took up her phone and dialled her aunt’s number but it wasn’t reaching. As she sat up to watch the evening news, it was then she discovered that they all died. She cried and lamented. The only three precious people she had were all gone, what was she still alive for?

She suggested she ended her life and lineage there. What was her mission to life for, to watch her love ones die? She hit herself of the ground and cried to a stupor. If not that she had made a promise to her father, she would have ended her life there. Oh! What a cruel life.

Two weeks later, she watched as her Aunt and cousins were buried down to the earth surface.

I refused to cry as I put on a straight face because I couldn’t allow the calamities of life put me down. The burial was done and everyone went home except for me, I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of what wrong I had done making all these calamities befall me. I had to do something good about it.

Three days after everything had been done, I visited the lawyer. All what I heard from him gave me a stab at the back that I will forever remain all the rest of my life. I still remembered everything he said and how he said all.

“Angel I can’t do anything about it. Before your dad died, he gave me a stern warning that his will will be given to his sister and no one else, I never remembered him telling me about any of his daughter.” He spoke calmly. “So now, you will have to wait for two more years, when no one reports for the will, then it can be assigned to you. Excuse me”. He stood up and meant to leave.

“Two more years? Please sir can anything not be done about this?” She pleaded.
“Am sorry angel it’s the law and I can’t violate it. Thanks, see you later”. He walked out and she fell on the floor.

“How can life be so unfair to me?” She lamented. First it was her dad’s death, secondly her aunt’s and cousin’s death and now another commotion .How could she survive all these calamities befalling her??? She had to be strong for her self. She picked up her bag and walked out.

She had to go home and think of the next step to take. Her life was chartered and will always remain chartered even if hope comes.
She had to do something to strive hard and that’s was if she had self esteem and capability.

After three weeks of staying at home and doing nothing, she Soon secured a job as a waitress in a big restaurant in the outskirts of the states.

The restaurant was one of the best there and it was owned by one of the high ranked men in the area, though she heard the restaurant would be inherited by his son.

She liked the owner of the company because he was a good man and he had a good sense of humor. She had seen a face that resembled Mr Val, but couldn’t place where she had seen a kind of face.

He took her as his daughter when he had heard the story of her life and how her dad died. He never seized to make angel laugh through his funny jokes and comedies.

That morning the alarmed roared on my bed side, signalling me that it was 6 o’clock. I hit it with my thumb and slept back peacefully. I continued rolling to and fro on my bed before I rembered all I had planned out for that day.

I quickly sat up my bed fidgeting. How could I forget a thing of that nature. Today was a day we would be welcoming the new ceo, Mr Val’s son.
I jumped up from the bed into my bathroom. I had to dress up quickly, else I will be late. I hurriedly rapped my self in a blue gown👗and a brown shoe 👡 I had to make sure I get to work before seven. I didn’t know why I had to get this late.

I got to work few minutes past eight and I thanked God that it wasn’t yet 9 o’clock which was the dead line.

“Why are you arriving?” Steph, my colleague asked when I barged into her serving a customer.
“I slept late last night and I guess that’s why”. I told her. She nodded and turned to me.
“The secretary requested I called you and thank God you came at the right time, if not?”. She continued

“So, what about Mr Val’s son, is he now in the company?” I asked waiting for an answer from Steph.
“Yeah he came this morning. He is so cool and young. I didn’t Know he was going to become this mature, afterall the last time I saw him was years ago”.
“That’s good to know. I will be off now”. I walked away to our dressing room. I hurriedly changed into my uniform and walked out to the secretary’s office.

“Good morning ma”. I said to her and bowed.”
“Thank God you came at the right time, I was about sending for you”. She said calmly.
“Here I am ma. Why were you looking for me?”. I asked. Her telephone rang and she quickly picked it up from the table.
She answered the call as hurriedly as she can and turned to me…..

“The New CEO requested for a coffee right now. Please get that for him”She said and winked.
“Ok ma’am” I turned to go.
“He said he likes it hot”. She added and I walked off.

At least, this was the right opportunity for me to meet with the son of a man that had been like a father to me.
I quickly mixed up the whole coffee content and made for the office, though I was quite late. I climbed up the stairs and continued mixing it not minding where I was going to. I had to make the coffee good if that was the only favor I could repay to Mr Val.

It was then I barged into someone, walking fast before me. Within the twinkle of an eye, the whole coffee emptied on the person’s white long sleeves. I looked up to see not only a Angry face.
A loud slap sent me spurring on the wall.

“How can you be so careless to the extent of emptying a hot coffee on your CEO’s sleeve. What the hell is wrong with you?” He took the tray containing some remnants of the coffee and empty it on my head. I gave a squitshing sound and cried silently.

“See? can you see how it feels to be poured a hot coffee on? He slapped me hard again and drew up my hair.
“People like you are not meant to be on this company. I guess I will have to fire you”. He said and made to leave but I quickly held his trousers.

“Kyle am Sorry please can you forgive me?” I cried. It was then I figured out that I had mentioned Kyle and the person standing before me was actually Kyle.

He turned almost immediately giving me a angry and confused look. “And you even have the audacity to mention my name. A CEO!!?” Another slap went across my face again like a bomb. I fell to the ground and the tray on my hand fell and broke.

He gave me a serious look and winked wickedly. “Now get out of my sight”.
I continued looking at him, stupified. The only difference I could see in him was that his hair was dyed.
“I said get out of my sight this minute!” He barked and I stood up shaking. I excused my self and walked out.


I walked away angrily and a little bit confused. I thought over the situation all over again. I didn’t quite know why he couldn’t recognize me, or was he crazy?. I stubbled down the hallway fidgeting. It was as if something came over him and he was insane.

I continued walking angrily until I came face to face with Steph.
“What’s the problem Angel? What’s with that face?” She asked winking.
I sighed hardly and mumbled some words under my breath.
“It’s a long story Steph and I’d rather not share it with any body” I said coldly to her.
“Don’t worry come with me. I must hear it”. She held my hand and dragged me to a table. It was just morning and no one has started coming, so we had our time.
“So tell me, what’s the problem?”

I narrated everything to her and she listened with rapt attention.
“I see, you don’t have to worry. It’s not his fault because I heard he lost his memory while in new York. It was a very bad accidental occurrence”. She added.

Oh! That was why. Why didn’t I figured that out. I bit my lips and thought for a while. So Kyle was’nt able to recognize me after all we had done together at the camp. I struggled out with the tears that was almost falling of my eyes, I had to be strong.

Steph tapped me on my shoulder lightly and excused herself. I stood up and walked to my post.

I sat on the soft cosy chair gradually. I was lost in thought and I didn’t quite figure out why. I swingled the chair in circles as I thought about it. I knew very well that I was not that friendly with women but I was a flirt.

I could do anything that can make a woman w€t in just two seconds. I bit my lips and thought about the situation. I knew well that the girl knew me from somewhere with the look she wore and besides, it was as if I knew her. I had a fast beating heart that I’ve never felt for any woman when I come close to them. No! I had to put an end to this!! I picked up the telephone and called the secretary.
” I request to see the girl you sent down minutes ago”. I said and listened to her voice.
“Ok sir. She’ll be right there in a jiffy sir”. she spoke shakkily into the speaker.

I dropped the telephone after that and waited for the angel I slapped.

She came down few seconds later and unlike before, she was putting on a bold and straight face. She walked into the office after I had signalled her to come in.

I walked into his office and stood faced him, with him sitting on the chair. He never changed right from the moment I saw him last. He was just a little broad and he dyed his hair.

I looked into his eyes and he gave a angry questioning look at me.

He stood up from his chair and walked towards me stylishly.
He kept looking at me as he came closer, as if he was gonna kill me. As he came closer I traced my steps backward. He continued coming until I stopped on the wall. He stood before me and put his two hands above my head, stopping me from running away.

He kept looking at me as if he was trying to remember something before I got fed up.
“What the hell do you want from me?”I barked angrily and he looked at him non stop.
“Do you Know me?” He asked with a bit of anger mixed with confusion.
I kept looking at him until when I felt it was time to answer him.
“No!” I barked out angry.
He bit his lips which made him look more s£xier than ever.
“Then how come you mentioned my name back then?” he asked and stared into my eyes.
“You are the CEO of this company and I don’t see any reasons not to know your name” I mumbled under my breath.
“I see”. He winked and then, he suddenly turned wild.

He brought his lips closer to mine until our nose was almost reaching out to each other. He bent his neck down and kissed my neck all the way from my neck to my [email protected] area. He was sniffing as he went.

I suddenly became w€t. Unknown butterflies started wumbling down my stomach. I felt this was not right as I struggled out to get out from his grips but it seems he was too broad for me.

“If you don’t tell me the truth right now, I will continue. Or do you want me to continue?” He asked as I shoke my head negatively.

“Stop it”. I pleaded but he continued.
“Tell me the truth then I will let you go. For the very last Time, do you know me?” he asked and I shoke my head.
“Alright then. I will continue” He bit my earlobe and he was about emptying his hand on my [email protected] when I pushed him off.
“I will talk”. I answered and sighed…..


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