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In Love With My Little Sister episode 9 – finale


In Love With My Little Sister _ Final

®️Blessing D

Jason’s POV

After the discussion with mom and dad , I couldn’t wait for Amelia to come back so I went back to the beach to look for her.

I got there and she was with her friends, she saw me and throw her eyes away. Liza walked up to me surprised that I returned.

Why are you here? She questioned.

Can you tell Amelia to meet me at the back of the eatery? I requested ignoring her question.

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Are you sure about that?

Yea I’m sure Liza , thanks for everything anyways I won’t be needing your help anymore, I added and she starred at me surprised.

Are you sure you are alright?she asked again and I frowned.

Tell her to meet me now ,it’s urgent , I replied and left.

I went to the back of the eatery and waited. People weren’t hardly go there so I figured out it’s the best place to meet her.

I waited a few more minutes and saw her dragging her legs towards me with her hands at akimbo.

She got to where I was and didn’t look at me.

What do you want? She asked coldly but I kept mute course I suddenly started recalling something from the past.

Jason what do you want? Aren’t you supposed to be home? She asked again and I hugged her to her surprise.


I’m sorry,I apologized cutting her off from what she wanted to say.


For my recent behaviours , I’m so sorry, I apologized again hugging her tightly.

She disengaged after a while with a confused and and touched my fore head.

I think you’re running a fever, she said looking worried.

Really? I asked also touching my fore head.


Boom! I was just joking , she half yelled and started laughing.

I got you on that one, she added still laughing.

I smiled. So you have forgiven ? I asked and she nodded.

You no I can’t be angry at you for long, but next time tell me everything bothering okay? I don’t want to be left out, she said and I pulled her closer to me.

From now on Amelia, you won’t be left out in whatsoever I’m doing okay? I said and she nodded smiling.

And there is one more thing I want so badly from you , I added.

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And what’s that? She asked giggling.

A kiss, I replied and she frowned.

Come on J ,be more serious alright, she replied.

I’m serious, I replied and she pulled herself away from me.

Quite joking J, you no its not possible we are…

Not siblings, I replied before she could complete her statement.

Her eyes widened and she looked at me.

Seriously? How?

Before I tell you anything honey , I want a kiss first , I replied and pulled her to me again but she kept blinking her eyes.

Will you close it? I said jokingly and she smiled.

J…. She was about to say but I kissed her but the surprising thing is that she reciprocated almost immediately and it lasted for a while.

I explained everything to her after a while . she was sad because she’s not dad and mom’s real daughter but she was happy she had us as a family.

She broke up with Jack after a while and we traveled to Los Angeles together to avoid question from people.

Well I got to spend the rest of my life with Amelia not just as my sister but as something else I wanted.


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