Irreplaceable Love

Irreplaceable Love – episode 6

Irreplaceable Love
 (episode 6)

Roland’s k-ss came unexpectedly and Sharon immediately pushed me while he was still at it. She was extremely angry with him for touching her without her consent, and felt violated.

“How dare you!” She angrily said after pushing him, “Sharon please stop all this, let’s put the past behind us and get back together” Roland said. Sharon sighed and shook her head afterwards, “I can see you have a problem with hearing, because I clearly remember telling you that I have someone else in my life now” she said.

Roland was still finding it difficult to come in terms with the fact that Sharon was no longer his. He couldn’t believe that she could ever do without him, it still felt like a dream. “Sharon I’m so sorry for everything I put you through, it took me losing you to find out that I didn’t want to live my life without you. If there’s anything I can do to get a second chance with you, please spill it and I promise to stop at nothing till I fulfill it” Roland said.

It was quite unfortunate that Sharon wasn’t taking anything he said to heart. She was completely over Roland and there was nothing anyone could do about it. “There was a time I loved you with every bit of my being, I was always present whenever you needed me and was everything you wanted me to be. I gave you so much of me and received just a bit of you. I caught you flirting with other girls countlessly but still stayed with you, thinking that one day, just one day; you’ll come to your senses and love me back but it never came to pass, instead you tortured my feelings and made me look like a fool over and over again. Roland, I loved you but my heart belongs to someone else now and thanks to this person, I have fully understood what love truly means. I would appreciate it if you never show up here again because I don’t want you to jeopardise my relationsh¡p with Kelvin. I’m sorry but it’s best you leave now” Sharon said.

Roland’s heart dropped and his head started spinning, he was losing his mind and didn’t know when tears started dropping off his eyes. He bent his head and shook it, “Are you ok?” Sharon asked but he was quiet.

After about 2 minutes of keeping silent, Roland said “I’m still finding it hærd to believe that I have lost you, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying. I love you and still want you back” he said and walked away.

Immediately Roland left, Sharon took a deep breath and gave a sigh of relief. She felt for him but didn’t want to dwell on any thoughts that concerned him. “Kelvin is the only man I want to think about” she said and walked back to the dinning to eat her food.

As Roland drove home that night, he was devastated and filled with regrets, “how on earth did I let things get to this extent? I should have tried my best to get her back that day she caught me cheating, I shouldn’t have let her go so easily” he said to himself. He was restless all night and kept thinking of what his next course of action would be.

The next day, Roland hired someone to find out who Kelvin was, “I need you to get his house address and if possible, his office address if he has one” Roland instructed.

It wasn’t hærd for the investigator to get these vital information because Sharon usually visits Kelvin at his office and house almost every week. The investigator was able to get the information by secretly following her. After the information had been gotten, it was passed to Roland, who began to seek for ways to utilise it.

One fateful day while Kelvin was at his office, his secretary walked in to inform him that someone wanted to see him.

“Doesn’t this person have a name?” He asked and his secretary said “Sir, his name is Roland!”

End of episode 6

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