His Heart Enchantment

His heart enchantment episode 23 – 24

(Love Me Slowly…)

THEME; The King’s Woman.

CHAPTER 23❃ 24

Gbemi Writes✍️

₰ In Danger ₰

Few Minutes Earlier

Ciara was about to inject the horse when she thought things through.

It sounded strange to her when Elvira approached her wanting her to do such thing and it seemed more than strange now, she thought as she threw the syringe on the floor.

“Am not going to do it” she muttered before leaving the stables and as soon as she walk out, someone approach the horse to pick up the syringe she threw away.

“What do you think about this spot Bethany?” Rex asked as he spread out the mat on the grassy floor so their date could begin.

It took him a lot of effort to find this private spot where he intends to seduce Bethany and make her his a while later.

Bethany who was speaking on the phone ended it and with a sullen look, she walk back to Rex.

“Some thing has happened, Rex” She began slowly.

“Don’t tell me that you want to change your mind about the date cause I won’t let you…”

“It’s not that, it’s about his Majesty” Bethany said cutting him off.

“What about my brother?” Rex asked all worried now.

“He fell off his horse and he’s in the hospital right now” Bethany replied.



Ciara stood outside the ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) waiting for the doctor to show up with news of Reagan when Willow showed up.

“We need to talk” Willow said and the nerve wreck Ciara nodded in reply.

“The king horse going hysteria isn’t natural but deliberate. Someone messed with his horse and you were the last person there ” Willow began.

“I didn’t do it, I was really going to do it but I threw the syringe away changing my mind” Ciara admitted.

“You threw what syringe away?”

“A syringe which contain sedative. It was meant to make the horse sleep but I couldn’t push through with it” Ciara said only for Willow to take hold of her arm, shaking her.

“How could you have agree to such thing! That syringe wasn’t filled with sedative but with a drug to make an animal go wild. Did you know that what you did is attempted murder?” Willow asked.

“That’s impossible, she told me that it’s sedative to make the horse sleep and to stop his Majesty from attending the hunt due to it being dangerous ” Ciara said.

“Who exactly told you that nonsense?” Willow said trying to hold back his anger.

“Elvira, she’s the one who gave me the injection and I swear, I didn’t inject the horse with it” she said looking truthful and desperate.

Just then Elvira arrived with three police officers in toll.

“Elvira you said that…” Ciara stopped when she saw the police.

” That’s the criminal, Arrest her” Elvira ordered which got the police men holding onto Ciara.

“Let go of me! Why am I being arrested?” Ciara asked.

“Simply because you are the one who tried to kill his Majesty!” Elvira replied.

“What! I didn’t do it, you know that I didn’t do it and all this is happening because you gave me the syringe!” Ciara yelled at her.

“What syringe? I don’t know what you are talking about” Elvira denied blatantly.

“Elvira! Are you trying to put the blame on me just to get out of it?” Ciara asked surprised by Elvira behaviour.

“Am not trying to get out of anything, am only getting justice for my brother. What are you still doing, take the criminal to jail” Elvira yelled as the two police officer began dragging Ciara away.

Willow tried to stop it but Elvira pulled him back.

“I suggest you don’t meddle in this since the order came from the Queen mother ” Elvira said.

“This is all your doing right?” Willow asked trying to hold back the anger he felt.

“I don’t know…why don’t you try to get some prove which I doubt will be hard to do since all evidence pointing to me is gone ” Elvira said giving him a smirk before sauntering off.

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Police Station

“Get In” the Officer ordered and slowly Ciara got into the cell.

“I doubt if anyone would want to represent you since all evidence points to you, you will be spending a lot of years in jail Miss” The officer said before walking off.

Ciara kick the bars in anger, hating herself for having trust Elvira. Everything made sense now, she thought as her mind drifted to Reagan, wondering how he is.

“Isn’t jail beautiful?” On hearing Elvira voice, Ciara move towards the bar.

“This is your plan right! You were never going to help me since all you wanted is to get Reagan out of the way”

“You did that with the food back then, you knew he was allergic but chose not to tell me and also you sent that maid with a poisoned tea and now this… For crying out loud, he is your brother!” Ciara yelled at her.

“A brother I never wanted. A brother who stole everything from me just by his existence. It’s only right that I try to get what belongs to me but since he is in the way, I just have to get rid of him and it was fun using gullible people like you” Elvira said this for her ears alone.

“You won’t get away with this. I know I am innocent and surely…”

“Don’t make me laugh little one. You are not innocent in all of this, if only you had refuse my help none of this will be happening. You might not have inject the horse but you almost did which makes you an accomplice”

“Am not!”

“You wanted him out of your life just as much I wanted him out of mine. You just didn’t have enough courage to take him out which made me butt in. I knew you were going to be a sissy and that’s why I had someone tailing you, thank Goodness he injected the horse before the festival began” Elivira said as she bubbled with excitement.

“You are a devil Elvira. How can you be happy when your brother is in a crucial state?”

“That’s because have wanted him gone for a long time and that is happening now and thanks to you, am not being suspected”

“You are sick! You won’t get away with this, you surely won’t escape this!” Ciara yelled at her.

“I already did. Now have got to go and finish what I started, I can’t afford to let Reagan live” Elvira informed.

“Don’t you dare touch Reagan, don’t you dare hurt him Elvira! ” Ciara yelled as Elvira walked off, whistling in happiness.

“This is all my fault ” Ciara let out as the tears she’s been holding back began to pour.

As soon as Laura got to Rico’s room, she barge in without knocking.

“Why are you here” Rico who was about to leave for the hospital asked.

“I need your help” Laura said.

“You shouldn’t be asking for my help after what your cousin did to my brother, he’s in a crucial state because of …”

“Ciara didn’t do it” She said.

“How the hell are you so sure about that?” Rico asked.

“It’s the truth. Have known Ciara ever since we are little, she might threaten to do something but she won’t be able to pull it through when the time comes, she wouldn’t even hurt a fly” Laura said looking desperate and Rico noticed it which made his anger calm a bit.

“What do you want me to do?” Rico asked.

“Help me find the culprit, am convinced that whoever did this in this palace and we’ve got to find….” Laura didn’t get to finish her sentence when the door open revealing two guards who held onto Laura.

“Let go of me!” Laura yelled trying to fight them but one of the men hit her on the neck making her lose conciousness.

“Why the hell did you do that? Let her go!” Rico yelled wanting to interfere but the other guard stood in his path.

“This is an order from the queen mother. She’s family to the culprit and we’ve been told to take her to jail. So you can’t interfere your highness” The guard said to Rico.

Rico stood helpless as he watch them take Laura away and not wanting it to end that way, he left the room heading for the hospital.

Police station~ Night Time

Laura woke up due to Ciara who kept calling out to her name.

“Thank God you are okay” Ciara said as she gave her a hug.

“Where are we?” Laura asked.

“In jail. When they brought you in unconcious, I thought some thing terrible had happen” Ciara said with tears in her eyes.

“This is unfair, you didn’t do it and yet they….” Laura paused when two police officer walk into their cell.

“Time to leave” one said as he pulled Ciara up roughly.

“Where are you taking us?” Laura asked trying to fight them off but ended up getting hit on the stomach.

“Leave her alone!” Ciara yelled as she held onto the groaning Laura.

“If you don’t want to get more beaten, then let’s leave” the police officer said and slowly the two of them walk out of the cell.

Ciara found their action odd since it’s night time. Where exactly are they taking them to…she thought.

Laura could hardly speak due to the pain of being hit on her stomach.

The police car turn into an alley and they were told to get off.

“Why are we here?” Ciara demanded.

“To be killed, what else?” The first officer replied.

“Why are we being killed? We did nothing wrong!” Ciara yelled.

“You did nothing wrong as you’ve put it but someone wants you two gone, most especially you” the second officer replied pointing the gun on Ciara’s head.

“Please, don’t kill us” Laura said only for a gun to be pointed on her head too.

“Sorry pretty ladies but we’ve been ordered to get rid of you and that’s what we are going to do” The second officer replied and then….he pulled the trigger.

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️

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