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Joshua the security officer episode 3


Episode 3
” You are welcome gentleman but I don’t know you anywhere and I’m not expecting anyone this evening too. Can you please tell me who you are because you actually got me when am I was almost leaving to catch up with a friend?” Dr Shilla said displaying a surprised look.
” Ooh thanks madam….. Am called Mr. Lubwama Bob, I am an engineer by profession, I work in the oil industry in Hoima.
Your friend, Andrew gave me your number to call you so we can meet at Auto Spa Munyonyo but I insisted for your direction from him such that I can pick you up. Special people like you deserve special treatment” the young man disclosed.
At this time, Shilla’s happiness couldn’t be calculated, she was more than thrilled.
The guy was her dream man.
Shilla thought God had answered her long time prayers through Andrew on of her great friends.
” Excuse me Bob, just a moment ” Shilla said.
As she went back to her dressing room to complete her make up.
She made final touches of make up on herself and joined Bob in the sitting room.
The young man stared at Shilla, Shook his head and smiled.
Shilla was such an extremely beautiful Doctor, to the extent Bob couldn’t hide his observations.
” Bob! What is that am trying to read on your face? I hop you won’t start flattering” Shilla said.
“you are such a very pretty lady. I don’t time to hide facts anymore, i must confess this” Bob said with a smile allover his face.
“oh really Bob? Little did i know that , thank you for appreciating me” Shilla said with a voltage raising accent.
” Wow what a beautiful dress, Slyvia Owori must be your designer, Are you ready now Shilla? We will have a great time tonight. You will never forget” the young man said leaving Doctor Shilla in ecstasy.
“Yes I’m very ready. I just can’t wait any longer” Shilla said.
Doctor Shilla and Engineer Bob, moved along like they had known each other for ages.
Bob moved closer to Shilla and held her left hand with his right hand as they walked side by side and exited the sitting room.
Patrick the gateman smiled, shook his head and said…” Again my boss is in things” as he laughed off hahaaa.
Shilla had two beautiful expensive cars in her parking.
” Wow Bob…don’t tell me you are already driving my dream car? ” Shilla stopped, and asked while looking in side Bob’s eye’s as she pointed at him.
Shilla joined Bob’s BMW X5 car.
” Bye bye my Boss, nice time enjoy yourself ” Patrick the gateman waved.
” Patrick come closer, as Bob lowered down the screen, make sure you take good care of the place, I will be back a little late” Doctor Shilla said.
” Also make sure you release Richy da puppy…OK?” Shilla added.
” Yes madam… I will… Thank you” Patrick the gateman replied.
” Take this money and buy what to eat” Shilla said as she gave the gateman a note of 20k.
” Thank you Madam and also Sir ..Thank you” The gateman said as he bow down.
” I think you have a humble gateman? ” Bob asked as they drove out of the compound.
” Enjoy responsibly…and be careful life is short” the gateman still said to himself as he closed the gate.
The young man drove to Auto Spa Munyonyo.
Because it was a weekend, the restaurant was a bit crowded.
Bob located a cool corner in the restaurant and sat down with the young lady.
While they were trying to know each other better, Richard who was a cool waiter attended to them
Bob ordered for wine while Shilla ordered for ice cream as appetizer.
“the name is Bob, as you know already. I am a born of Kampala, I don’t have a village, but my great parents lived in Masaka, I am an engineer in the oil industry. I have 3 mansions, two 4*4 cars and two Benz cars. I hardly buy Benz cars because they look small for my status, I admire big rides” the young man Bob boasted.
“Wow! I see. Well, I am also Shilla Apolot. A beautiful soul raised in Teso City…ooh I mean Soroti, A doctor by profession. Not just a doctor but a paediatrician that has children at heart. I love my profession” Shilla disclosed and they both chuckled.
Shilla felt she was on top of the world because Bob was very gentle and soft spoken. He was handsome, rich and on top of it all, he was an engineer. In her mind, she would do anything to have him for herself forever.
Richard the waiter brought their order. The waiter served Shilla with the ice cream and opened the wine for Bob.
He filled the wine glass for the young man before leaving the table.
Bob walloped down the content of the wine glass.
He poured himself another glass.
This time around, he made sure the glass was filled to the top. Bob swallowed it down his throat again.
Shilla stared on in disbelief. She started wondering and imagining, Shilla thought it was a movie or a dream.
“Bob…wait, what is the alcohol content of the wine you are taking?” Shilla asked a bit as she got scared at the pace at which Bob was drinking.
“Ooh Shilla…this is just 20% Alc. I actually take 56% and above wine when I’m with my buddies. You have no cause for alarm” Bob disclosed
Before Shilla could blink, Bob had finished the bottle of wine.
Bob called Richard the waiter to bring him another bottle though he was already getting drunk,
Shilla felt disturbed and very embarrassed and frightened at the same time.
Shilla was frightened for her life because Bob had to drive her home and looking at how he was drinking, Shilla was not sure she would get to the house safe.
Embarrassed because, there she was in the middle of a crowdy restaurant with a drunkard.
” So this is the kind of person am going to date? Hell noooo! Am a doctor, most people around know me, How can i date a drunkard of this kind?” Shilla wondered to herself.
” Andrew I think the grave you are digging for me is too large” Shilla Said to herself as she tried to Call her friend Andrew who didn’t pick her call.
Shilla being a doctor knew how harmful over consumption of alcohol was to the human system aside the physical aspect where he can crash with his car.
Shilla got angry with herself for not checking well who the young man Bob was before following him to the place. Shilla stood up and said…..
” Bob or whatever you call yourself! To hell with you. I don’t want to see you in my house again. If you step foot at my door step, I will pour toilet mixed with urine on you! Drunkard, useless idiot, you have proved you can’t date a woman of my class…..go to hell ” Shilla angrily blurted out with everyone watching her though they pretended to be minding their own business.
” Madamu Shiillah wiliyu maremiiiii? Eng Bob said as Shilla was now moving away.
” I wantiyuuu to be my wumani, weya are youuu going? ” Bob added.
Bob was so drunk that he didn’t know what was even going on. People murmured in displeasure due to Shilla’s words. Most of them were shocked.
Shilla walked out of Auto Spa to the roadside. She took a FRIENDSHIP TAXI.
She entered ” Lets go ” Shilla saif without telling the taxi where she was going.
The driver asked her where she was going but she ordered him to drive.
Shilla called Andrew on phone for the second time now, to inform him what happened.
Andrew picked up his friend Shilla and friend felt sorry for her.
Andrew gave Shilla his location and asked her to come over so they could have fun and chat together.
Shilla told the taxi driver to take her to Freedom City mall.
The driver drove straight to Freedom City mall without further questions.
Shilla gave him One hundred thousand shillings as she got out.
” Balance madam ” the driver said since he was supposed to take only Thirty thousand.
The driver thanked her and asked if he should wait for her. He realised her pay was good.
“Don’t worry. I will keep long here. You can leave” Shilla said to the driver.
Shilla knowing where to locate Andrew, left the car park and entered the mall. She boiled with anger…
Shilla called Andrew again to ask him for his exact location.
Shilla was directed to Barcelos restaurant in the mall.
At the restaurant, Shilla located Andrew and four of his friends, two ladies and two other gentlemen at a table having a hearty and great time together.
“So you guys threw me at a drunkard and here you are having fun right” Shilla said with a terrible eye contact.
“Oooh Shilla come on.. how would i know he is a drunkard? He is actually a gentleman so it’s difficult to detect his bad manners” Andrew tried to defend herself
“Wait, wait, wait, Andrew what nonsense are you talking about? You said Bob is your long time friend” Shilla angrily asked.
” I now know the kid of friends i have” Shilla added.
” Madam Should we run for our dear lives?” Dorah, one of the ladies said in an amusing way which made the other friend lady of hers to laugh off.
” Please Shilla calm down and take a seat…. Waiter! Come” Andrew called the Waiter.
A waiter came and attended to Shilla whose mind was too far.
Shilla ordered for grilled chicken and chips with a Nourisher.
The two ladies Shilla met with Andrew were Dorah and Norah.
Among the three ladies, it was Shilla that was the eldest and unmarried.
Norah was married to a some business tycoon. And Dorah was married to Elena a very renowned professional and successful Accountant and writer.
They were all married to men with good professions and would do anything to get Shilla a man with a good profession too.
“Andrew and Shilla, which of you is going to answer Dorah’s question?” Norah inquired.
“can you imagine girls. Andrew called to inform me about this engineer who wants to have a date with me. I was all happy because I thought my dreams have finally come to pass”…
“wow, you mean Andrew hook you up with an engineer and you misused the chance or what?” Norah interrupted Shilla.
“Norah…come on, slow down. Let Shilla finished what she has to say” Dorah said.
“…as I was saying, I thought this guy was my dream come true but when we went out this evening, the gentleman disgraced me terribly”
“Ooh dear..Huh? What the hell did the dude do to you?” Dorah was too curious
“Dorah! I thought you silenced someone? Just keep silence and let’s listen to Shilla” Norah added her voice.
“before we could even enter in a serious chat that took as there, the Bob idiot had already consumed Two bottles of wine. I mean alcoholic wine. He became drunk shortly, so boozed that I am very sure he doesn’t know where he is now. I am grateful to God for making him reveal his character” Shilla said as tears roll down.
” Its OK sweet heart, don’t cry…. But this is so interesting. So how will he drive home…..hahahaaa gentlemen of today!… but also Shilla You were very heartless. You should have driven him home” Dorah said jokingly and they all laughed.
The other gentlemen were meaning their own business, the never wanted to join a lady’s talk.
“Shilla, don’t think I intentionally gave you to the wrong guy. I was only trying to get you the best of man. You can’t just date anyone, you know it, and so as to get a right man probably you have to meet wrong people first…. Sorry anyway” Andrew said to Shilla.
“oh come on Andrew. What is there to apologize. I am ready for another match. Make sure he is not a drunkard next time. I am a busy person. It’s only you guys that can help me get a good guy. I am in for the challenge” Shilla said.
” Hahahaaa ……( part of text missing)
…………..to be continued.

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