Journey to nomansland

Journey to nomansland episode 1

Journey to nomansland
This story is rated 18,
Coolcontains strong language and se.x.
Episode 1
Me: Hello
Temi: Hi
Me:Pls, wouldn’t mind knowing more about you
Temi:”You are mad”
Me:……surprised “Mad Ke?” What’s the meaning of that?
Temi:You must be very crazy for asking me that kind of question
Temi: “Did I beg you to add me? If you want to know me, my profile details is not enough for you
Me:still surprise………………….O ga oooooo
That was how it all started between Me and Temi, during my search on facebook one day, after clicking on people you may know Icon, her profile came up and request was sent then she also accepted me like two days later…………..
We have been friend for over a year but have never for once chat her up even though she’s always online sometimes neither have I ever commented on any of her beautiful pictures she uploaded on facebook…..This was our first conversation and the reception I got was just too harsh for me.
After she went offline, so many thoughts came in to my mind, should I just delete this girl once and for all, why will she talk to me that way?or lemme just leave her on my friend list for just friendsh¡p sake…we don’t know what the future hold.
I followed the angel in me that instructed me not to delete her and moreover there’s no time for deleting her…..”abeg make I leave her jare”… mind said. Over the following weeks she will be online but I will do as if I didn’t even notice she was there, moreover I no want problem 4 mysef jare…….I don’t know what pushed me again one evening like that again
Me:Whats up beautiful angel
Temi: E b like say u don dey craze ba! Wu be your angel
Me: Ahan, take am easy now babygirl
Temi:wetyn dey do dis one now…how u take add me sef?
Me:Then delete me if u don’t want to talk to me now……Y u dey behave like person wey dem pour hot water for hin body
Temi:U dey craze
Me:Same 2u, abeg delete me if you are not comfortable talking to me….IDIOT
She went offline immediate and I was like, what kind of character is this babe?i couldn’t delete her as I was enchanted with her attributes….The angel in me tell me that “Snakie, don’t worry u might be able to get to the promise land and achieve something”……………………..BUT HOW CAN I ACHIEVE THIS?THIS BABE IS NOT EVEN GIVING ME ANY CHANCE AT ALL………………………………………….I SHALL NOT REST
Over the next two months, every blessed day the first thing I did was to drop a private message for her on facebook, this include prayer and rom-ntic message and my message wouldn’t end without me dropping my bb pin and phone number.
Barely two month of this my new found routine that I received a bbm request on my phone..i accepted and to my surprise, it was Temi, I saw her DP and realized she was the one but never make the mistake of beeping her up first……I started counting, it was a day, two days, 3 days, a week, two weeks, nothing from me but I never stop sending her message on facebook….she buzz me up one day
Temi: Ping….Ping….Ping
Temi:You accepted my friend request but never beep me up for once, wat kind of person are u?
Me:When am not mad or crazy
Me:Abi now……
Temi:Don’t mind me, I was going through a lot of things that period
Me:hmmmm……I hear u but can u share?
Temi:Notyn 2 worry about jare…
To cut the long story short, Over the next two weeks, I get to know a lot about temi, she was a student in one of the university in Ogun state studying business administration…..arguably there was nothing I don’t know about her……like play like play things started brewing between us and my flirting always received a mix response that I cant handle her and I should forget about what I have on my mind. I tried to convince her to come to lagos but all my effort always enter deaf ears.
I was trying to convince her during one of the days to come to Lagos but she still decline saying only if I can come to her school, that’s the only way we could see.
Asked if there is a place for me to stay if I decide to stay through the weekend and she said I shouldn’t worry about that as there will be adequate arrangement. Her room mate might not be around over the weekend so, there will be a space. We agreed to see the following weekend and she gave me proper description of her place.
Fast forward to Friday of the following week, I called while I was leaving lag that I was already on my way (guess I have all my necessary instruments in my bag)… She was also expectant….i got to Ogun state around 4pm in the evening, following the direction was so easy as I called her the moment I got to the junction…………..FOR THE FIRST TIME, PICTURES DOESN’T LIE
She was just exactly the same thing on her facebook, no difference at all….she came in the company of one other beautiful lady which she introduced to me as her room mate…..we got to the house, it was a room self contain…..moderate house for a student with every necessary things in,side the room and they also have I better pass my neighbor…..From what I saw, the live above the normal average student.
They prepared food for me and it was gist all through…Sandra was a bit more friendly, jovial and playful unlike Temi and it was as if she was the one I came for cos of the synergy that grew between us instantly….
I was resting on the bed around 6pm, Sandra said she will be going out soon and needs to take her bath, asked when she will be coming back and she said the following day….i was seriously happy in,side me cos have been thinking whats going to happen before as I might not be free between them…..she went to the bathroom but by the time she came back, Temi was in the kitchen doing some clean up…….It was a surprise when she came out cleaning her body with her short towel that was not covering all her body, even though she backed me but I could see her bottom clearly, didn’t know if it was intentional or not as she raise the towel up once in a while revealing her bare bottom…..she picked up her black p-nt, put it on right there and same way with her black b-ra…..she removed the towel from her body while searching for the cloth to wear… the time she turn back, she realized I was looking at her without even blinking an eye (NA TODAY)…I say for my mind………she finally brought out a short gown and put it on, she was on her make up when Temi walk back in,side the room……..she finally left us like 15mins later as Temi saw her off……………………..

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