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The master addiction 26

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 26

✍️authoress gabby pov✍️

#Th£ next day

Th£ loud s¢r**m woke Maya up from h£r slumber. $h£ stirred, feel!ng so disoriented.

$h£ yawned stretch!ng ©vt both [email protected], $h£ felt so weak and really wanted to sleep aga!n

$h£ stirred aga!n and !n a second $h£ was already sleep!ng aga!n

Th£ loud s¢r**m jolted Msya m©r£ awake. $h£ opened h£r eyes, feel!ng very disoriented.

Gett!ng up from th£ b£d, $h£ rubb£d h£r knuckles to h£r eyes, try!ng to clear h£r blurry eyes and understand wh£re $h£ is and what is happen!ng @r0vnd h£r.

It took a why before $h£ recalled what happened yesterday

Yeah $h£ remembered go!ng to th£ bar…. Meet!ng a h£avenly dude and th£n gett!ng h£rself drunk

$h£ remembered meet!ng Mabel immediately $h£ came home,

“Oh, h£avens!” $h£ covered h£r m©vth with trembl!ng [email protected], h£r m©vth wide !n shock.

“Mabel! ” $h£ s¢r**med runn!ng ©vt of th£ room

“hope $h£ didn’t burn…… Oh God!… h£lp me “$h£ muttered as $h£ kept runn!ng

$h£ didn’t even know how $h£ ended up !n h£r room

“Arrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” $h£ h£ard a loud s¢r**m and obviously it was Mabel voice

h£r h£art jumped ©vt as $h£ hurried to h£r room, s!nce th£ s¢r**ms were com!ng from th£re, $h£ ₱u$h£d th£ door opened and [email protected]

$h£ stared at th£ scene !n front of h£r blankly, for a few seconds. As if h¡s h£ad hasn’t been able to process what $h£ was see!ng.

Wh£n it did, h£r face closed up like a book.

“By th£ Gods! What have I done !?” $h£ [email protected], look!ng as shocked as ever.

$h£ kept watch!ng th£ scene !n front of h£r so !ntensely…like h£ expects th£ illusion to disappear if h£ watch£s it too much.

$h£ felt h£r h£art break to pieces

“Easy I’m !n pa!ns!!” Mabel growled. Th£ door opened and a maid walked !n

“What happened “$h£ asked th£ maids as th£y walked pa$$ed h£r

“Ma’am Mabel was found !n th£ furnace last night….. It’s a good th!ng th£ guard security it came on time……Ma’am Mabel would have burnt to death”Th£ maids said and a deadly monotone s£nt a chill d©wΠ h£r sp!ne.

“I wondered how $h£ got !n…… Th£ keys were throwed !nto th£ furnace……luckily th£ guard had a spare key…. It was a tragic scene “A maid added

$h£ stared at Mabel aga!n. Th£ doctor was dress!ng th£ burn on h£r face….Th£y were lots of dark spots on h£r face

h£r face right now was unrecognizable and $h£ was look!ng k!nd of ugly

h£r b©dy was fvll of bruises and damn!…… Th¡s was total mess

“I’m gonna kill you all…….. make it m©r£ easier “$h£ snorted and [email protected]

Right now you don’t even need a soothsayer to tell you $h£ was experienc!ng pa!ns and $h£ was sure hav!ng one of h£r worst moments.

“what have I done” Maya mumbled aga!n

Yeah $h£ hates Mabel but never wi$h£d h£r death

“we are done Ma’am Mabel “Th£ doctor said

“You fool!!…. Get me th£ mirror “Mabel yelled with gritted teeth

A maid rough£d to h£r dress!ng table and brought ©vt a mirror

$h£ ran h£lter scattered [email protected]¢k to wh£re $h£ laid

$h£ scoffed and took th£ mirror

“No! “$h£ s¢r**med
$h£ ran h£r [email protected] over th£ rough side of h£r ch£ek, feel!ng th£ rough sk!n.

A side of h£r face were bandaged

“You fool…. Do someth!ng and rem©v£d th£ burn and dark spots “$h£ yelled with gritted teeth

“Th¡s is th£ best….. we.. could… d… do……you j√$t have to wait for months for it to h£al gradually “Th£ doctor stuttered and h£r eyes widened

“months!!!….. are you crazy!! ” $h£ yelled

“how will th£ moth£r of th£ h£ir walked ©vt with h£r face bandaged….. “$h£ yelled mak!ng everyone !n th£ room fl!nch£d ©vt !nclud!ng Maya

$h£ burst !nto tears immediately. Oh! How $h£ hate th¡s. How will $h£ loved be!ng adored??

Th£ door opened immediately and Th£ master with h¡s best friend walked !n

Th£ Master turned towards maya, a savage expression on h¡s face .

“You!! ” h£ thundered rush!ng to h£r like a hungry Lion K!ng

h£ got to h£r and grabb£d h£r neck caus!ng h£r to choke

h£r face turned blue and pale completely

“Are you crazy Nick…. You’re gonna kill h£r! ” Louis said rush!ng to h¡m and ₱v||ed h¡m away from h£r

Maya cough£d ©vt hold!ng h£r neck

“You gonna kill me because of h£r?? ” Maya asked unbelievable

“Screw you all and eat your damn bastard h£ir” $h£ growled and quickly ran ©vt

Master Nicholas balled h¡s fist and throw a punch on Louis which h£ dodged

“fv¢k!!! Stop !nterrupt!ng me wh£n I deals with my offenders”h£ yelled and swiveled h¡s h£ad before turn!ng to Mabel who was sobb!ng so [email protected]
Mrs Emmett ₱0ured a dr!nk on th£ woman’s hair

“so you have a visitor always visit!ng you h£re… Huh”$h£ said calmly walk!ng round h£r

“if I may asked who’s h¡m?? ” $h£ asked and giggled

“fv¢k!ng speak wh£n you are with me……₱|@y dumb with anyone else but not with me”Mrs Emmet snapped ©vt hold!ng h£r ch£eks

“Who’s h¡m “$h£ yelled

“I don’t know h¡m!! ” $h£ blurted ©vt and [email protected]

“My spy’s are watch!ng you h£re…… Don’t even th!nk of escap!ng or your children will pay”$h£ retorted and let go of h£r ch£ek

“have I made myself clear “$h£ thundered

“Yes”Th£ lady replied as tears dropped ©vt of h£r eyes


10 Months Later

Mabel squeaked like a baby as $h£ jumped ©vt of b£d

$h£ was sure Kyle would be gett!ng dressed by th£ maids…

Well…. Don’t be surprised who’s Kyle .

That’s th£ name of th£ little baby boy which $h£ born a month ago and h£’s gonna be !ntroduced to th£ people today

Yeah…. Alot happened th¡s pa$$ed 10 months

Carry!ng a baby for good n!ne months was tir!ng but $h£ had th£ best moments as long as th£ master was with h£r

Everyth!ng worked !nto plans but th£ happiest of it all was h£r beautiful face be!ng [email protected]¢k and th£ bruises gone

“damn Maya! ” $h£ muttered

$h£ needs to h£ad somewh£re before th£ preparations kicked on

$h£ ru$h£d !nto th£ bathroom and had a warm bath

“Woaw..! ” Miley said immediately $h£ saw Mabel walk!ng ©vt of th£ bathroom

“Miley… my darl!ng “$h£ shuddered !n sweetness as h£r cat jumped !nto h£r arms

“Can’t believe everyth!ng worked ©vt perfectly “$h£ said strok!ng h£r car hair

“moaw!! ” h£ wh¡skered !n agreement

$h£ dropped Miley and loos£ned th£ grip of th£ towel from h£r ch£st and let it [email protected]|| d©wΠ

Th£ cold breeze blew h£r [email protected]£d b©dy and $h£ giggled

$h£ picked up a black gown and smirked

“Th¡s will do for th£ h£ir moth£r”$h£ wh¡spered before putt!ng it on
Mabel let ©vt a soft [email protected] as $h£ saw th£ wh0l£ mansion

j√$t for a h£ir, master made th£ mansion looked h£avenly

“wow…. Today’s gonna be th£ best day of my life”$h£ giggles

$h£ walked majestically ©vt of th£ mansion and got !nto h£r car and drove it ©vt h£rself

NATHAN penthouse**

Mabel got [email protected]¢k to Nathan pent house and met h¡m star!ng ©vt of th£ transparent gla$$, h¡s [email protected]¢k on h£r

“I’m h£re Nathan ” $h£ said and h£ faced h£r

“do you know what day is it?” h£ asked, com!ng closer

” Yeah! I Th£ day were th£ h£ir will be !ntroduced to th£ people….. Gosh! Can’t believe master had planned a h£avenly party already ” $h£ replied and Nathan giggles

h£ picked up th£ gla$$ of coffee and took a sub

“Today is th£ day h£ will be dethroned…… ” h£ muttered and Mabel frowned

“what do you mean?? ” $h£ asked

“h£ doesn’t have a h£ir and th£ one year given to h¡m is over” h£ smirked

“h£ has a h£ir already…. Don’t forget I have given birth “Mabel blurted ©vt

“And don’t you forget th£ h£ir !n question is my son! ” h£ [email protected]¢ked ©vt

“Th£ fool is plann!ng a preparation for me….. Unknow!ngly ” h£ smirked

“Don’t tell me you are gonna do th¡s….. You told me you were gonna allow h¡m fath£r h¡m…. Why th£ change of m!nd ” $h£ asked

“it was all a lie….. I know you wouldnt keep th£ baby, that’s why I came up with th£ plan of gett!ng you pregnant and forced th£ pregnancy on h¡m…. Is all a set up “h£ said and laugh£d ©vt

“but don’t worry….. Once I become th£ master…. I will take you as my wife and we will raised our h£ir togeth£r….. You still gonna be th£ queen ” h£ giggled

“shut up! I don’t wanna marry you. Can’t believe you used me” $h£ said !n shak!ng voice

” damn you!! you’ll regret th¡s!, You’ll regret th¡s a lot and I’m gonna kill you myself!, ” $h£ yelled

Nathan drank from h¡s cup of coffee and gulped it d©wΠ before smash!ng th£ cup on th£ wall mak!ng Mabel fl!nch£d ©vt

“don’t you try any funny or I’m gonna have you luck up…… Till my plans are fulfilled ” h£ yelled caus!ng h£r to shrieked !n fright

h£ ₱v||ed h£r closer and touch£d h£r face

“I love you my lady…… I will make you feel m©r£ like a queen….. Don’t ru!n plans for us” h£ said strok!ng h£r hair


“Tell me Alicia…. I’m I that cursed…. ” Andy said dr!nk!ng h¡mself to stupor

“you’re not “Alicia replied

“Th£n why can’t I f!nd h£r…..ten months I traveled round th£ neighbor!ng town but damn! I couldnt have a trace of h£r….. Why I’m I fvll of bad lucks” h£ muttered dr!nk!ng directly from th£ bottle

h¡s hair was !n complete mess

“stop curs!ng yourself!!”Alicia retorted

“I have grown up with h£r right from th£ orphanage home….. I have always take ¢ar£ of h£r… I have loved h£r”h£ said and paused

h£ smiled and th£n cont!nued

“why can’t I be with h£r…… Why can’t nature br!ng us togeth£r “h£ cried [email protected]

Alicia m©v£d to h¡m and h£ld h¡s face while us!ng h£r f!ng£rs to wipe away th£ tears

“Even [email protected]¢k !n th£ orphanage home, $h£ sees me as a broth£r….. $h£ never loves me and that’s what hurt th£ most….. See!ng someone you love not feel!ng th£ same….. While I’m I cursed…. Why can’t I be loved….. Is that why nature is tak!ng h£r away from me “h£ kept sobb!ng

“Stop say!ng that….. I love you…. I really does “Alicia blurted ©vt

h£ raised h¡s face and stared at h£r. Alicia nodded and ₱v||ed h¡s face closer to h£rs

h£er l¡ps slammed hungrily on h¡s own, $h£ h£ld unto h¡s face and klzzed h¡m possessively,

It only took a second for h¡m to recover from th£ shock, h£ klzzed h£r [email protected]¢k j√$t as [email protected] as $h£’s do!ng

Everywh£re was fvll with different faces already..

Even if some of th£ people were s¢ar£d to attend th£ party, th£y still came

Like…. Do any of th£m had a choice??

Miss!ng th£ party is like a death s£ntence and no human will want to die

“So proud of you Nick…. You f!nally got a h£ir”h¡s moth£r said beside h¡m

Beside h¡m too was Mabel who kept gulp!ng d©wΠ feel!ng so uneasy

“Go br!ng !n th£ h£ir! ” h¡s moth£r retorted to th£ maids

“stop!!” Nathan sh©vted com!ng ©vt of th£ crowd
Mabel h£art kept b**t!ng as $h£ kept gulp!ng d©wΠ

“Th£ child is not h¡s” h£ s¢r**med to everyone’s h£ar!ng !nclud!ng th£ elders and th£y [email protected]

“Th£ child is m!ne…. h£’s my blood…. h£re is th£ test result….. You can also call your doctor to confirmed it…… I’m sorry broth£r… You are gonna be dethroned th¡s very day” Nathan said and smirked

“Th¡s can’t be happen!ng ” Mrs Connor, Nicholas moth£r wh¡spered

Nicholas fath£r smirked from wh£re h£ stood. Mrs Emmet was star!ng at everyth!ng with©vt any expression

Th£ elders waved th£ir h£ad !n disappo!ntment

“Can’t believe h¡s broth£r over throned h¡m” some wh¡spered

“Your master is a dummy…. “Nathan laugh£d like a maniac

Everyone stared at th£ master face, th£ expression on h¡s face was unreadable

Mabel felt so uneasy as $h£ kept rubb!ng h£r temples

“slide th£ door and let my little queen and my h£ir walked !n” Th£ master f!nally spoke !n a voice that all could h£ar

Everyone frowned and turned th£ir h£ad !nto th£ wild door

Th£ door slide opened by th£ guards and everyone [email protected]

Th£re stood h¡s last wife…… $h£ was gorgeously dressed and a baby wr*₱ped !n l!nen cloth£ was !n h£r arm

Th£y watch£d as $h£ took steady steps. It was m©r£ than a b!0w to th£m

“oh! my! gosh!! ” Most of th£m wh¡spered

Octavia had a wild smile walk!ng to Master. $h£ got to h¡m and stood on h£r toe and place a penny klzz on h¡s l¡p

h£ blu$h£d and p!nch£d h£r nose fondly

“our h£ir”$h£ wh¡spered

“what th£ fv¢k!! ” Mabel m©vth dropped open

From wh£re Maya stood, $h£ w!nks at granny and Chloe from th£ crowd

A strong wave ₱u$h£d Mrs Emmet as $h£ staggered


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