Korey episode 14 & 15

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react before re-ading…..😘

chapter 14- weird (ii)

“imma dress you up baby!” Emilia squealed as Zane shook his head feeling disgusted

The girls made their way to the room as karissa ran to Emmy’s closet.
“the perfect go-wn…..” she said lowly like a whisper
“I don’t think this is necessary” Emmy laughed
“c’mon… first lunch with your crush!!” karissa replied and sorted out what fits emmy best

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“gotcha!” she exclaimed as she handed a go-wn to her
“hmmm…I must say” emmy said
“nice choice!” she added

in less than 10 minutes she was done.
“makeup??” karissa asked
“nope..I’m not going on a [email protected]£ girl” Emmy replied
“oh!” she mouthed

“uhhhh…sorry looks like we’re forgetting something” karissa said
“oh..what’s that!” Emilia asked
“we can’t text him our address….” karissa said lowly
“oh..I almost forgot that” Emilia said

‘yeah…I haven’t told them about the full story, I can’t…. I don’t know what their reaction might be like’ Emmy thought within herself

“probably we can just head out to another building and tell him to come pick you up there” karissa suggested
“yeah…sounds cool” Emilia said
“OK then” Emmy replied and thought for a while

She was all re-ady..head to toes but wasn’t feeling OK
“emmy is there something you are not saying??” karissa asked
“what…? no” she replied and faked a smile

“OK…so let’s go” Emilia said

They both walked out the room and headed downstairs.
“going someone?” Sid asked with a smile
“yeah…someone is going for lunch” karissa replied
“take it easy” Randolph laughed

Emmy then sp©tted Zane on another side in the living room then walked to him
“hey!” she said
“emmy??” he called as he kept his phone down looking at her
“you good..?” she asked

Off course what happened earlier was something…….****
“uh yeah I am” he replied
“OK..then, I’m going for lunch, won’t take time” she saidD but he kept mute
“I just wanted you to know so you won’t come looking for me” she added as he nods slowly
“I get it!” he replied but it was all fake
“you can go, spend all your time out there!” he added faking he didn’t care
“great…!” she nodded and turned to walk away but Zane called her st©pping her.

“Emmy!” he called as she turned back to him

“I’m really really….” he trailed off
“you don’t need to keep apologizing…. I’m a kid…I get it” she said and walked away

“oops” karissa mouthed as she walked out of the house with Emilia and Emmy

“I alre-ady texted him the address… saints road” karissa said
“OK..thanks” Emmy replied
“I’d just head there then” she added
“yea…I’ll drop you off” Emilia said as she drove her car out
“really….you guys don’t know what we ‘gon talk about” Emmy laughed as she went to sit at the back then karissa at the [email protected]£nger seat

At B.J

Jan was all seated at her office, Sid informed her alre-ady about Emmy’s movement for the day.
she smiled at the thought of Emmy [email protected]!ngsomeone
“how sweet” she said happily then her mind drifted back to what happened yesterday
“if anything is happening to me…I just hope I’d be able to fight it” she said to herself then felt a cold breeze around her like someone odd just entered her office…. she looked left and right and didn’t find any.

She then turned back to her Noyes in her deskband flin-ched back at what she saw on her notes

“HEY!!!!” written in all dark smooky black.

“OK were here” Emilia said as her car [email protected]£ to a halt.
“uh…” emmy stretched as she saw a familiar car parked before her
“oh…!” she mouthed
“what is he here alre-ady?” Emilia asked happily
“there!” emmy replied pointing at his car opposite the roadside
“awww…guess we’ll leave you here then” karissa sake
“thanks a lot” emmy appreciated and walked down the car.

Lucas sighted her and walked out of his car going towards her
“hey!” she greeted
“you made it” he smiled as she giggles softly
“OK…shall we?” he asked as he stretched His hands towards her for her to gr-ab she smiled and did

The car [email protected]£ to a halt at a very fancy restaurant… the most expensive in that city.
“really…? Jenkins??” she [email protected]
“uh..huh” Lucas smiled as they both alighted from the car
He stared at emmy for sometime and saw her smile but the smile on his face wiped off
He was wondering how she’d react after he says what’s on his mind
“cmon let’s go in” emmy said as he smiled and walked in

They made their way to their tables and ordered for their meals
“I’d prefer desert” emmy said
“really…. aren’t you hungry?” Lucas asked
“no..it’s okay” emmy replied
“and you sir?” the waiter asked
“uh…same, and add red wine to it” he replied
“So what’s for today?” emmy asked
“mmmm…lemme think, how are things going at home?” Lucas asked as the waiter served their meals
“I must say bad….” emmy replied
“let’s not talk about that, how are you?” she asked
“good…I guess, busy with work lately” Lucas replied
“I can see, really surprised you called me for lunch” emmy said as Lucas chuckled
“really..I can create the time though” he laughed
“so you’re really a doctor?” emmy asked
“yeah…” he replied with a wi-nk as she smiled
“you?” he asked TTC
“huh…me?” she asked

what would she say… KOREY never let them complete their high school, what would she say to him
“uh…I’d prefer not to say” she replied
“really?” Lucas laughed
“mmm let’s eat” Emmy said to change the t©pic

After half of their meal
“emmy” Lucas called
“mm…?” she replied as she looked up to face him
“what do you think Zane thinks of me now?” he asked as her face [email protected]£ expressionless
“what do you mean?”
“I don’t want to be seen as the bad guy here, I just want to meet your family peaceful and accepted” he explained
“oh…Zane’s just pissed off, don’t worry he’d relax. Besides they alre-ady know about you but Zane is the only one not plea-sed” emmy explained
“so tell me about your family” she said as Lucas mood changed
“I’d.. I’d rather not say” he replied as slowly sipped from his wine
“why..?” emmy asked confusedly
“you don’t need to know” he replied without looking at her
“oh…that’s weird” she replied and continued eating
“emmy” he interrupted her
“I..I..really don’t know how to say it but I’d be busy and might not have some time for you” he said
“meaning?” she asked
“its okay..I’m actually supposed to be at work now” she replied

“emmy!” she heard a faint voice say in her head with a slight side headache
“ouch!” she gro-an ed as she palmed her head
“you okay?” Lucas asked
“Emmy!” this time the voice [email protected]£ a little bit loud as she gro-an s in pain
💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎


chapter 15- meeting with the priestess

“arrgh!” emmy gro-an ed as Lucas ran to her
“what’s the problem?” he asked as he lifted her chin
“ah…ah” she winced in pain
“headaches..?” he asked as he slowly t©uçhed her temple

She felt all cold at his t©uçh like she was thrown into a pool of cold water. She froze for a while

“how do you feel now?” he asked
“great…” she lowly replied as he adjusted back
“how often do you feel it” he asked as he sat back on his seat
“uhmm…just now” she replied
“oh…had any health issues?” he asked
“what..?! I’m all fine” she replied with a slight laugh as he sighed
“okay then…I guess were done here” he asked as she nods lowly
“yeah…” she stressed her words

They both walked out of the restaurant after Lucas paid the bills.
“so…I guess I’m to head to work now?” she asked
“I guess so…me too” he smiled as she chuckles
“thanks a lot for today” she said
“no problem, its just lunch” he said
“and..uhm, plea-se extend my apologies to Zane okay..?” he said
“sure…!” emmy replied
“Alright then..I’d get a taxi so you can get going” emmy said
“I’d watch go first” Lucas said as she laughed
“I’m not a kid” she laughed as she turned to st©p a taxi. The cabman [email protected]£ to a halt parking his car as Emmy opened the back door and turned to look at Lucas
“bye” she said as she waved at him
“byeee” he smiled waving back at her
Just as she got into the cab he felt Avery cold breeze around, like with a strong energy having bad vibes
“what’s that!” he thought within himself and looked round
The people of the streets were just walking like nothing bad is going on but Lucas didn’t felt okay.

The cab then drove away as Lucas watched it left then sighed.
He crossed to the other side of the road and went into his car as he gr!pp£dthe stirring wheel

“That was the same energy he felt about years ago” he thought within himself and tried to remember why and when
He turned the keys in the ignition and revived the engine as he drove to his hospital.

about 35 minutes later….emmy [email protected]£ down from the cab and headed in immediately going to see Janice.
“welcome miss emmy” a receptionist greeted as she smiled back in return
she then got into the elevator heading to the 6th floor. Minutes later the elevator door dinged open as she walked out.
She got to Jan’s office and knocked but didn’t get a reply she knocked again and again but same. This time she walked in and [email protected] at what she saw


Lucas pu-ll-ed his car to a halt and went into the Hospital
“Doctor Lucas!” his personal @ssistant called and went to him handling sanitizer and gloves to him
“Thanks Nancy” he replied as he made use of them.
“how did your day go?” she asked as they walked to his office together
“really good…” he smiled as she st©pped for a while thinking
“what’s ma-king him smile, did something special happen today?” she thought within herself and asked
“really… mind to share with me?” she asked as they made a left turn but he remained mute
“Doctor Lucas…!”she called as he turned to look at her
” nope!” he said popping the ‘p’
“oh..I see ” she replied with a slow nod
She made a step further as he turned st©pping her
“I’d want to be alone!” he faked a smile
“oh…sure Mister” she said and turned away to Leave

Lucas headed back to his office and sat on his seat taking a de-ep breath.

he dialed his telephone to confirm his schedule
“Doctor Lucas” a female voice spoke up
“yeah..plea-se I’d like you to check my schedules for today” he said
“uhh…a minute Sir” she said
“OK…uhm a patient has been scheduled for a [email protected] tumour surgery by 2:25pm” she said
“great..I have 25mins more” he replied
“yes sir, take your time to rest sir” she said
“yeah thanks” he replied and ended the call

Sid was home with the others
“ahh..sure she had a good time” Emilia smiled
“emmy right?” karissa asked with a smile
“yep!” Emilia replied as Randolph chuckled
“yeah…I want to go see the priestess who’s coming with me?” Sid asked as he stood up
“me!” karissa replied
“me too” Emilia added
“uh…I’d stay home instead, you know she’s a mood killer” Randolph replied as Emilia shook her head
“alright then let’s go girls” Sid said as they made their way out of the house

Sid alre-ady made reports to the priestess about Jan lately
“like I said to KOREY, there’s only one weapon” she said
“you don’t get my point, I’m not talking about weapon here” Sid said
“I bet he didn’t told you guys…Jan is the only weapon to defeat your rival” she said
“our rival our rival…that’s what you keep saying” karissa replied
“he’s out there waiting for the time to strike” the priestess said
“yeah yeah we’re all re-ady for him” Emilia replied as the priestess took a de-ep breath and spoke up
“keep an eye on Emmy from now on….anything can happen” she said
“no..no…no don’t go there” Emilia laughed as karissa looked up at the priestess shocked
“Emmy again!’ Emilia asked
” we haven’t settled our Luna yet and now emmy ” karissa asked wi-de eyed
“plea-se when are these so-called rival gonna strike” Sid said alre-ady tired
“wait. soonest” she replied
“I really didn’t want to agree with Dolph but you’re a mood killer” Emilia spat out angrily
“you shouldn’t be mad at me….in doing my work” the priestess said
“you can talk to korey of you want to know more” the priestess said as they stood up to leave
“tell korey to be his [email protected] as a husband and as an Alpha” the priestess said as they st©pped to look at her with a puzzled face
“I….get it” Sid said and slowly nods his head
“Twilight pack won’t achieve anything without team work, there’d be up’s and down’s soon….some might fight against themselves but its all the work of your one and only rival” the priestess said lowly
“uhm excuse me!” karissa said
“what about those voices Jan hears?” she asked
“Jan would find out then korey does the work” she replied
“And one more thing…someone so special and powerful would join your pack soon”


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