Korey episode 12 & 13

💎He’s still my alpha and j am his Luna💎

like before re-ading💕

………………BONOUS CHAPTER…………………………..
chapter 12- jealousy or protective😕

“so you’re really a werewolf” Lucas said stuttered
“lu..lu…Lucas” she stuttered

Now he alre-ady found out…she has to kill him but she cant, she is alre-ady enjoying every single minute with him .

“I’m so sorry for not informing you earlier, I just didn’t knew the right time to, besides plea-se don’t see me as a monster that’d kill you…” she cried
“now you won’t trust me…..I don’t want to lose you Lucas not as I just met you… I….” she trailed off as he pu-ll-ed her in for a hvg.

She [email protected] as she suddenly felt his hands around her back softly.. if she should count this isn’t the first for today

“you don’t have to be human…I like how crazy you are no matter human or half animal” he stated as she sobs on his shoulder

If there’s anyone she trusts all of a sudden is Lucas..

“though our first encounter was one of a kind” he laughed as she laughed quietly and pu-ll-ed away

“I never knew I used a silver knife on you and I’m very sorry” he apologized

“no problem..” she replied as he helped her on her feet

“c’mon you should eat and take your bath..I’d drop you home” he said
“you shouldn’t bother, I can go from here” she replied
“miss…you don’t know where you are”
“and that reminds me…how do you know about werewolves..?” emmy asked suspiciously
“ohhhh..that…lemme say I re-ad a lot about werewolves and fantasy” he said as she nods
“oh..I see”
“yeah…really nice to meet one, I wonder how many others are out there?” he said and turned to her
“huh…?…its just me” she lied
“how would you know…what pack do you belong to?” he asked as she gulped down
“that…I’d answer another day” she said with a fake smile
“OK..no probs…” he replied as she took her last bite of her breakfast
“that’s the bathroom..I have uniS-x clothes you can wear” he said
“oh..oh..yeah thanks”

She was a bit nervous about Lucas acts now…
She was sure something is spooky….

“I’d..I’d..I’d use the bathroom now” she stuttered and went In with a sigh

Lucas stared at the bathroom door with no expression on his face…just some little more time
“too bad you think you’re the bad one Emmy” he said to himself
“you’re not a monster… at the right time the beast within me would be unleashed”

At home….

“where the fv¢k is emmy..?” Zane asked
“that’s true she went out all night…and isn’t back” Emilia said
“mmmm..! weird” Randolph said
“emmy isn’t home yet..I alre-ady tracked her down and looks like she is at brenny bar” Sid said as he turned his [email protected]©p to them
“but…for the past few hours it had been on that location” he added
“like how many hours…?” Zane asked
“18hours..” Sid said
“18!!!!!!” Zane exclaimed along with Randolph
“I’m going there” Zane said and picked up his bike keys
“Zane..chill” Emilia said
“no I can’t” he said and stormed out of the house

He alre-ady got on his bike and drove to the location in less than
15 minutes. He arrived and met her bike exactly outside.

He got off his bike and walked to hers…. “Emmy” he whispered to himself

Emmy was alre-ady done bathing and dressing in a Jersey t©p on a black shorts given to her and a bucket hat
“what would I need the hat for?”
“cmon its fashion” Lucas laughed as she chuckles and wore them.

“good to go huh?” he asked as she nodded in reply.
They both walked down the stairs to his garage and got into his car driving out…the drive to brenny bar was really fun all throu-gh. They laughed and talked a lot
“hey..just park here a lil bit ahead” she said
“okay…one of these days I’d have lunch with you..my treat” he said
“cool..I’d create time then” she smiled
“I think I’d skip afternoon schedules so we can have lunch together” he said as she smiled
“really!!” she exclaimed happily
“yeah..” he smiled as he parked the car.
They both walked down the car as emmy walked to his side

Zane was standing afar off and could sight a purple colored hair then looked away… wait a sec there’s only one person with that type ..he thought and turned back and could see Emmy laugh happily

With anger her walked to them and called
“Emmy!!” he exclaimed as she turned back to see him shocked
“Zane what you doing here?” she asked
“Zane?” Lucas asked with a smile
“no I should be the one asking you” he said
“and what’s the smile for…emmy really..didn’t you see my missed calls?” he asked
“oh..I didn’t check” she replied
“I don’t get you..” Zane said lowly
“uh…Lucas thanks for the drive..I’d continue from here” she said to him
“so you’re the Lucas huh?” Zane asked and charged towards him angrily
“Zane back off!” emmy said
“yeah..and you…? oh Zane” Lucas laughed
“this is nothing for you to laugh about what you doing with her?” Zane asked
“why…?” Lucas asked
“man…don’t fool around stay to yourself” Zane pointed angrily at him
“and what if I don’t?” Lucas asked
“you’d have yourself to blame” Zane said sternly as Lucas laughed
“Lucas!” emmy whispered
“what…!” he asked with a low laugh
“okay Lucas you can go from here” emmy said and placed her palms on his che-st slightly pushing him back which got Zane angry the more
Lucas sighed and moved along
“good ” she said and turned to face Zane
“so why are you here?” she asked and folded her arms
“I was really worried about you and they were all worried too” he said
“Zane…they??” she asked sure that they can’t
“c’mon I know my sis won’t, Dolph won’t, Jan won’t of course I’m late for work and…you meant you!” she said
“Emmy…” Zane lowly said
“I think we should head home now” he said and trued to hold her arm but she pu-ll-ed it back
“not yet…!” she sahkes her bead negatively and faced Lucas with this ‘you good?’ face
He un-derstood right away and smiled
“looks like your buddy does needs you home” he replied as she gro-an s inwardly
“Zane I’m not a kid I’m full grown up..22 years old for Christ sake!” she exclaimed
“Emmy…. why saying all these now?” he asked shocked
“or is it because of this….guy” he asked and looked at Lucas with irritated face
“hey..watch it” Lucas warned
“or you do what?” he asked and pushed Lucas by his che-st
“Zane st©p it!” emmy said and went to him
“huh….?….you better keep off her”Zane said sternly as he gr!pp£dLucas collars angrily
” who are you that I’d need to take orders from..my God? ” Lucas asked as Zane lifted his hands to punch him but emmy caught it and pushed him away standing before Lucas
“that’s enough Zane..go home” she said
“I can’t Lea…..” he trailed off
“I’m not a kid” she said alre-ady frustrated
“you heard her say go home” Lucas smiled intentionally to loss Zane off and he did.
“you bastard!” Zane cussed and ran towards him to punch him
“st©p it!” emmy exclaimed but it wasn’t what they expected
He punched Emmy instead of Lucas😬😬

💎He’s still my Alpha and I am his Luna💎


plea-se like before re-ading….
Chapter13- first lunch

“you bastard!!” Zane cusses and charged towards Lucas but mistakenly punched emmy as she tried to block him.

He [email protected] immediately at that impact.

“Emmy!” Lucas [email protected]

Emmy slowly turned to Zane glaring at him
“Em..Em..emmy” he stuttered
“I told you to leave didn’t I?” she asked
“Emmy I’m..”
“I told you to leave didn’t I!!!” she exclaimed angrily as Zane staggered back
“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to” he apologized
“these all wouldn’t have happened of you had listened to her” Lucas said intentionally trying to get Lucas angry
“what the fv¢k is wrong with you man..!” Zane asked angrily
“hey…!nothing nothing” Lucas laughed.
Zane made an attempt towards emmy then Lucas held her hands which st©pped Zane from moving further
“Emmy did you stay all night because of him?” he asked
” didn’t I said you should go home?” she asked
“until you answer my question” he replied
“Zane what do you take me for…..a 22 years old adult still followed around by you?” emmy asked fed up alre-ady
“emmy..” Zane [email protected] shocked
“I didn’t mean to hit you…”
“then why would you want to hit Lucas…did you know him??” she asked as she wiped the few blood stains from herl-ips
“you’re not supposed to be with him..you just met him you can’t trust him, he doesn’t know you… us!!!” Zane said alre-ady frustrated as she scoffed
“so I can trust you??” she asked as she shook her head
“emmy come with me” he pleaded
“what if I don’t want to?” she asked
“Emmy you can’t refuse…plea-se” he said
“its best you don’t f0rç£ her…look I don’t want to bu-tt in…you”
“will you shut up…this all happened cos of you” Zane growled
“me!!?” Lucas exclaimed
“if you guys would keep bickering…. I’m off” she said and tries walking away
“off to?” Lucas asked as she pointed at his car
“oh..!” he mouthed
“going with him?” Zane asked
“what does it looks like?” Lucas asked as Zane frowned

Lucas then got into the car along with Emmy as he sat in.
Zane then walked away out of annoyance.
“why did you do all that?” Lucas asked
“I didn’t want to be seen as the bad guy..but you made it seemed so” he said
“I don’t know ..” she said lowly
“Zane and I are just friends but I don’t feel comfortable these days with him, he acts like he’s my elder brother, dad, uncle, or even b©yfri£nd” she said
“probably he likes you” Lucas shrugged
“its normal for him to” she replies
“yeah..or something more” he added
“don’t even go there” she glared at him


Zane angrily stormed into the house all fed up, mad and all
“Zane did you find her” Emilia asked
“off course I did” he replied
“so why you so angry??” Sid asked
“emmy is meeting with someone” he replied
“oh you mean Lucas” Emilia smiled
“you even know him” Zane said more pissed off
“yeah…why that face?” Randolph asked
“He’s just getting on my nerves, can you believe she spent the night with him??” Zane asked as they all [email protected]
“no that can’t be” karissa said
“it is what it is Ris” Zane said and slumped on the couch as he ran his hand throu-gh his hair
“I accidentally punched Emmy” he said
“you what??” Emilia asked
“she tried to st©p me from punching Lucas but I hit her instead” he said lowly
“hope you didn’t gety sis injured!” Emilia asked as she charged towards him
“I..I..I didn’t” he stuttered
“Zane how could you??” Sid asked
“Jan is alre-ady off to work…thank goodness she isn’t Home” Sid added
“I really didn’t mean to” Zane apologized to Emilia
“now where is she??” Randolph asked
“she went with him” he said
“pheww!” they all sighed in unison
“what….phew??” he asked shocked by their response
“yeah…she’s safer with him” karissa replied
“you don’t know him one bit, how would you think so” Zane asked
“Zane…don’t you think you’re being too protective??” Emilia asked
“of course not, you guys don’t un-derstand anything” he said and angrily stood up storming away


Emmy was alre-ady home… no b©dy questioned her which she was glad about. She alre-ady texted Jan she wouldn’t make it today and was really sorry
Minutes [email protected] by as she thought of having lunch

“so that was all that happened?” Emilia asked after emmy explains all to her and karissa
“yup..” she replies
“Lucas is really a cool vuy don’t you think?” Ris asked
“yeah” Emilia laughed
“OK…let’s make lunch” karissa said as emmy got a text
“huh….?” she asked and checked her phone and saw ‘KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR’
She smiled immediately…. a text from Lucas.
“you free…let’s have lunch today, I’d come pick you up…text me the address”
“yipeeee!!!!” she scre-med
“going for lunch?” karissa asked happily as she nods
“imma dress you up baby!!” Emilia squealed