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Dark knight episode 3


πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ DARK KNIGHT πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

( Destined To Meet )

By Noel Innocent

Chapter Three:


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Kicking some sticks out of the way I couldn’t stop thinking about Mr silver, he did reject me and told me I was unattractive. Maybe that’s the only reason am on my way to a lingerie shop right now

After arriving home late last night my parents almost slaughtered me, they didn’t buy the fact I was kidnapped, which I was and the news about the principal missing did go public

I promise Mr silver to keep shut and that is what I will do, after buying the sΒ£xiest panties in the word I will go in search of him

Crossing the streets I wave at an old woman my mum kept as a friend before staring at my phone, five miss calls from may ” don’t yell ” I said the moment I called her back

” you left me in the halls confused” she yell even when I told her not to ” are you nuts, I was scared something bad happened to you ”

” I just went out to receive some fresh air may ”

” and miss a whole day of lecture ” may voice sounded suspicious ” that isn’t you Zoe, what happened to my nerdy friend that loves reading ”

” she finally found something interesting in her life may ” I sign starring at the shop ” I finally got someone to impress and force to be mine. Something other than reading all day”

” Zoe…what happened ”

” talk to you later may, have to buy some lingerie ” hanging up I step inside the shop, allowing my eyes to wander around all the panties in the store

Mr silver should be here to help me select

Shaking that though off my head my gaze fall on a silver lingerie, lifting it up my mouth form in an o shape. It isn’t covering anything

Just like putting a robe on, that only makes you feel weird and uncomfortable, the waist band is a bit thin then a red flower drawn at the front before a thin line continued down to the other end, this kind of panties doesn’t cover your arse cheeks

How will I show Mr silver these, he is the first man that has ever seen my panties anyway, turning the tags I drop the panties after starring at the cost and walk out of the shop but then I stopped, exhale turn back, close my eyes and bought them for fifty dollars

He better like this or he is dead

Taking a u turn I head to may house, I think am getting over myself here, I forgot the way back to Mr silver house and am trying to make him accept me, he made it clear that I don’t attract him and I still waste fifty dollars on lingerie

Knocking on may door I tap my feet for a while before her mother open the door for me ” may your friend is here!! ” Alice gaze met mine ” how are you Zoe ” stepping aside I walk into the house

” fine Mrs Alice”may run downstairs grab my hands and upstairs we went ” may what happened ” she look around before pushing me inside her room and shutting the door ” may??” I was losing Patience

” look Zoe, the lord has decided to bless us ” she beam sitting on the bed and I did the same ” I found two invitation to a ball tonight ”

” where did you find them??” I asked and smiled

” when I was walking home last night ”

and you didn’t think to tell me over the phone ” I furrow my brows and she frown

” I would have if you didn’t hang up ” her voice increase ” what’s up with you and lingerie anyway ”

I shook my head ” nothing ” I have to think of something to distract her ” so are we going to this ball??”

” you bet we are and its a mask ball, no body will figure that we are two nineteen years old invading their privacy ” she chuckle and I smile ” this is something interesting to do right ”

” I think so and before you speak further I have decided to forget about Mr silver, is just a silly crush ”

” told ya ” may rise to her feet and stretch ” I have two long dresses, are you ready for your ball ”

Chucking I pull out my phone ” right after I inform my parents ”


Starring at myself in the mirror I smile, the long red dress hug my body like a second skin,a design of love was place at the top of my [email protected] giving out my cleavage to whoever gaze fall on it, turning around I stare at my bare back at stopped at my waist line

Mays dress was exactly the same only that hers is blue

” you girls take care okay ” Mrs Alice said smiling widely and we nod

” stay out of boys way ” Mr john glare at may and I chuckle, stepping into her car we wave them good bye and head straight to the address in the invitation ” may, am getting cold feet ”

” me too ” she remove her parrot mask and exhale but I only frown then stare at her mask ” why do I have to be with a mouse mask, is not attractive at all ” I grumble and may chuckle

your dress is pretty anyway ” she wink and put on the mask again ” show time Zoe ” we step out of the car, I look at the building couldn’t help my mouth from forming an o shape, we walked on the red carpet leading to the opening, the whole building made with glass, pure glass

” this is some rich man party ” I whisper to may and she nod her head

” look at those bouncers, aren’t they yummy ” may lick her lips and I roll my eyes, I was talking about the building and her eyes are on boys

” your invitation miss ” handing over our invitation we walk into the party and I couldn’t believe what am seeing, the whole place is spectacular, different colours of light emitted from different directions

The guests dressed in what we call expensive making what me and may wore look like garbage ” I think we should turn back may ” a waiter pass by and I pick up a glass of champagne

” what we need to do is explore Zoe….nobody knows our face, let meet at this spot by 12″ nodding I watch may disappear in the crowds

She has always been an extrovert but this is too much for me, moving to the bar section I pull out a chair and sit down, taking another sip of the champagne I look around the place

Group of men got my attention, all with different colours of hair, brown, dark brown, blue which is strange and blond. I blink my eyes and stare at the blond, I know that colour anywhere

Why do I keep meeting that bastard

This time he is dress in a suit, silver suit matching his eyes colour, his left hand shoved in his pocket while he place his right hand at a woman back and keep chatting with the blue haired man

My gaze move to their masks, they all wore lion masks expect Mr silver who decided to put on a skull as his mask, the woman by his side put on a cat mask and her brown hair rolled neatly into a bum with beautiful pin around them

Why am I noticing this people anyway, I should be enjoying my time not gazing on people who don’t even know me, Mr silver suddenly turn around and our gaze met, I couldn’t see his face and I know he isn’t seeing mine but his lips curve into a smile before looking away


was that suppose to mean?

” miss, would you like a dance ” following the voice I turn to my left and watch the man standing there, smiling at me, his hands at his back, his face isn’t covered, I stare at his grey coloured eyes, everybody here seems to have different colours of hair and eyes

Maybe may will run away thinking they are wizards and witches, his hair is black tho and I can’t say he isn’t hot just not to Mr silver level

” miss” he wave his hands bringing me back to life, I smile then clear my throat but before I could answer I felt something cold behind me ” little mouse, fancy meeting you here ” he whisper to my ears sending cold shivers down my spine

” Mr hell I have no idea she belongs to you ” the man face mix with fear ” excuse me ” he fasten his steps away and I gather enough courage before I stand to my feet and turn around

” do I know you ” I said. he chuckle, the laugh deep with mischief and never reaching his eyes, clearing his throat he smile at me and I could feel butterflies in my tummy by just that smile

” using a mouse as a mask isn’t really working is it ” he removed my mask and grin widely at that, probably praising himself for being correct

” I had no idea you were gonna be here Mr silver ” I hiss ” I don’t like being rejected twice you see ” fighting the urge of taking his mask away I watch him do it, as if reading my mind and I couldn’t tear my gaze from his perfect face anymore

He looked like some kind of god that came to earth to grace us with his perfection ” will you like a dance little mouse ”

” if you insist ” leading the way to the dance floor he place his hands on my back, touching my skin and sending electric waves down my body. Why do he affect me like this

Standing I place my right hand in his and my left on his shoulder while his left move to my waist and draw me closer ” are you trying to seduce me little mouse ” he whisper to ears, my body literally pressed against his

” only proving that I can be attractive ” he swirl me around then back in his arms, stepping on his toe I bit my lower lip before meeting his gaze ” sorry ” I muttered and he only smiled ” I have never dance before ”

” then I did save that man back then ” grabbing my hands he pull me out of the dance floor back to the bar, letting go of my hands he return my mask ” I have to go now little mouse ” before he could walk away I grip his suit and he turn around furrowing his brows

” ca…ca..can I…I…come ” I stammer, his brows still remain inched high and he run his hands through his hair then sign

” this is business little mouse” holding my chin he smiled before whispering ” for once I wasn’t tired of starring at you in this dress…..you intrigue me little mouse” he pulled back but someone voice interrupt the moment

” is this your new pet Mr hell ” the guy with brown hair said stepping closer and kissing my hands

But before Mr silver could answer I did the talking ” am his new pet but he doesn’t like calling me that ” I said and watch silver face changed expression to something else, still couldn’t get what that means

” am glad that Mr hell decided to explore other option apart from…. ”

” enough Zach” this time his voice fill with pure coldness and anger” you of all people should know I dont keep ugly people as pet ”

“Of course, if you will excuse me ” Zach said before walking into the crowds, I have no idea about what they were discussing but one think am sure of is that if I become Mr silver pet I will get to see him often

” I want to be your pet ” this got his attention and he stare at me confused ” please ”

” you have no idea what a pet do little mouse ”

” I will learn” holding his suit my hands tighten around it ” I want to be with you and I remember you saying you want to keep me as a pet ”

His gaze move from mine to the man with blue hair, their gaze meet and silence fell, feels like they are talking to each other and the next second, each of them with the lion mask hold a woman by their side before stepping into a strange door ” silver” I pull his suit and I get his attention again

” you want to be my pet right ” nodding my head he help me fix my mask and he did the same ” follow me little mouse, don’t speak and call me master the moment we step in that door” he place his hands at my back and lead me into the same room

What did I just put my self into


Zoe is now officially Ares pet

What happens to pet keep by their masters

Find out in the next chapter

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