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Created and written by Madu Shedrack

★At The Club★

Luna and Jannie were shown to be sitting together, while they were discussing.

“So are we clear now?” Jannie said to Luna.

“Clear on what? we are not clear because I don’t know what’s your plan”

“You said I should visit your home with this card right?” Luna replied as she was staring at a card in her hands.

“Yeah, can you visit please I would really need your presence if you are interested in this” Jannie said to Luna.

“Actually, I don’t understand that, but I will show up…”

“So that I can get the full explanation of what you are trying to explain,” Luna said.

“Okay… please I will be expecting you very much,” Jannie said to Luna.

“Sure, I will be there, it is a promise, I assure you that I will come”

“So please you need to get going before my partner comes around”

“I don’t want him to see you sitting with me,” Luna said and then Sandra stand up from her sitting position.

“Please make sure I see you” Jannie reminded her one more time and walks away.

And just as soon as she walks away Nixon ran into the club.

He went back to his seat and sits gently while Luna was staring at him.

Because he doesn’t look okay to her again, not only to her.

He truly doesn’t look okay at all, he appears like something was seriously bothering him.

“Babe…? are you okay?” Luna asked Nixon while Nixon nods.

“Am fine” Nixon replied with a cool voice, trying to pretend like nothing was happening.

But besides Luna can still understand it all that he is not okay.

“You don’t look okay to me, talk to me are you alright?” Luna said to Nixon.

“Come on baby, what are you saying, even if anything is worrying me…”

“You supposed to know that you are the only person I would explain to first…”

“Before taking it to another person… so stop bothering yourself”

“Am very fine alright?” Nixon replied with a faked smile.

“Okay since you said so” Luna replied as she takes a sip of drink from her cup.

“So… who is the lady?” Nixon asked.

While Luna reacted like she has no idea of what he is talking about.

“Which lady?” Luna asked.

“I mean the girl that was sitting with you, the girl that left here some minutes ago” Nixon replied.

“Oh you mean she… sorry I forgot to tell you about her…”

“She is my friend, she just saw me and decided to greet me” Luna replied.

“Oh your friend…? wow, but why then does she has to leave immediately?”

“I mean she didn’t even spend up to a minute with you?” Nixon asked.

While Luna doesn’t know what to say, but not knowing what to say is not an option for a liar like her.

She always knows what and how to get herself out of a trapped condition with lies.

“Umm she, yeah she… she came with friends too”

“You know she can’t abandon her friends to come and stay with me”

“And I can’t abandon you also to go and stay with anyone, never,” Luna said as Nixon smiles.

“Okay sweetheart, I think it is time we need to go home,” Nixon said to Luna as he gets up immediately.

“Go home? no! you can’t be serious! I have not yet enjoyed my time here” Luna said to him.

“I know but can we leave that for another day please?” Nixon pleaded.

“No… another day’s own is meant for that day not today”

“So… please allow me to enjoy today” Luna replied while Nixon was just staring at her.

“Alright… can you go please, let me have time and join with that my…”

“Friend over there to complete today’s chilling” Luna replied.

While Nixon stared at the location she pointed and it was shown to be the girl that recently walked out of here which is Jannie.

Well, it was also a beautiful opportunity for Nixon to run home alone.

He never even wanted her to follow him back home.

In other for him to go and settle the case that is waiting for him at home.

And it is also important for him to make sure that Luna did not witness it.

So it is just a free opportunity for him to run back to home.

And get everything arranged before she comes back home to meet it.

Therefore without Nixon wasting or dragging time with Luna, he agreed.

“Alright, always stay safe, and am expecting you to come back home very quick,” Nixon said as Luna smiles.

And then he k×ssed her and was about to walk away when Luna stopped him.

“Are you leaving…?” Luna asked.

“Yeah…?” Nixon answered.

“Why…? leaving me empty handed without giving me some little…”

“Cash, you know, why would you leave me like that?” Luna said to Nixon.

“Luna what about all the money in you, I mean all the money I left for you,” Nixon asked.

“But that has already turned to my personal money” Luna answered.

“And so…?” Nixon asked.

“Come on Nixon, you giving me some money doesn’t mean that I don’t have”

“But it simply means that you are taking good care of me”

“Please darling, you know you are riding home with your car”

“Get me some money to get a taxi when I will be coming,” Luna said while Nixon stares at her for some seconds.

And put his hand in,side his pocket and bring out some dollar notes and hand it over to Luna.

“Oh thank you, sweetheart?” Luna was saying but Nixon has already left her present.

“Oh no… he is angry, I bet he would take care of himself”

“And finally he will calm down later” Luna adds the money to her wallet.

Which is her hand pouch where other enough amounts of money were still located in.

“Oh it is time to meet with these girls one on one so that they would explaining”

“The whole unimaginable story,” Luna said as she picks up her hand pouch.

And then stylishly and classically started walking to Jannie and her friends.

★At The Hospital★

The hospital appears to be the same hospital that Diana visited when she was a victim of a casualty.

The building is always broad in view, the whole building was decorated with white.

Not quite long a car drove into the compound and that was Delis’s car.

It moves directly to the car park and parked and then the door opened.

And Rehab was the first person that cane of the car and she started running forward to her mother’s ward.

She did not even wait for Delis, she just ran forward.

Although Delis also run after her immediately, and both of them are the ones running to her mother’s ward.


When she got in,side the hospital building, she was trying to locate her mum’s ward.

Not knowing that she is already in her ward.

So she meets the hurried nurse.

That just came out of the door, she was passing by.

“Sis please I need your help, am looking for Mrs. Walters”

“She is at ward 102,” Rehab asked.

“This is the ward…” the nurse was still explaining and then Rehab tried to run into the room.

But the nurse blocked her “No no no, you are not allowed to get in”

“Please you will stay here and wait for us okay?” the nurse said as she hurriedly walk away.

Besides she looks like someone who was in a hurry.

While she was walking out Delis was stepping in while Rehab run to him and put her head down on his shoulder.

“I don’t know what’s going on, is my mum still okay?” Rehab was whispering to Delis.

“Just calm down everything is going to be alright”

“But what did the nurse say to you?” Delis asked.

“The nurse did not say anything to me, she said that we should stay here and wait for them” Rehab answered.

“Is that why you are crying? come on calm down please”

“Have a sit please, nothing is going to happen to your mum?” Delis said to her.

And then gently drags her to the position he sat her down.

While they were sitting in that place the same nurse passed them again.

And entered back into her mother’s world with some hospital equipment.

While Rehab’s heart was beating heavily as she looks directly into Delis’s eyes.

While she was waving her head “Everything is not okay”

“What’s really going on with my mother,” She said as she was shading tears.

While Delis cuddle her and draw her closer to himself.

“Just calm down okay, you don’t have to kill your self”

“When you are yet to know what is going on, calm down please”

“At least let us hear the news first,” Delis said to her as he breathes in and out.

★Minutes Later★

A nurse stepped out of the ward and walk straight to Delis and Rehab.

And immediately they saw the nurse they stood up while waiting to hear a positive news from the nurse.

Or even though it is negative but it shouldn’t be too negative.

So they were all staring at the nurse as the nurse breathes in and out before saying her news.

“Well… your mother is fine now….” The nurse was still saying but Rehab interrupted with over happiness.

“Yes!” Rehab shouted with joyfulness heart while Delis was just smiling at her.

“Am not done talking ” The nurse said to Rehab and then Rehab calms down a little bit.

She was just yet to understand where the nurse was heading to.

She did not know that the nurse is about to uncover the other side of it.

“So… what really happened to her mother that made her to be brought to the hospital?”

“Can we see her now please?” Delis said to the nurse.

“That’s exactly why I said that you should let me talk”

“Am not yet done talking” the Nurse replied.

“Okay continue please,” Rehab said to the nurse.

“Your mum has kidney issues, so she is in a little safe condition now”

“And that’s for a limited time, you can see her so anything else you want to know”

“Go and talk with the Dr at his office,” the nurse said to them while Rehab was in her worst condition ever.

As she was just staring at the nurse as she stood still.

It was all like a story to her, she doesn’t even know what to reply or say.

She was left in tears

…..To Be Continue…

Do you feel sorry for Rehab or you are yet to?

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