Making his cold heart soft episode 19

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 19πŸ’’


“You still can’t do that to him, he’s your brother after all,” Caleb stated.
“My brother who doesn’t have any respect for our mother,” she mumbled incoherently.

“You don’t understand him yet, and you weren’t here to witness his frustrations in these past few years,” Caleb let out.
“Thank You, I’m okay now,” she replied instead and smiled faintly after wiping her palm with a tissue to avoid it smelling of wurst.
“You’re welcome. Thank Damien too, the Butler is his employee,” he rebuked.

“I will thank the Butler by myself when I see him for making something good as this,” she swept the conversation off.
“Should I tell you about a few things you didn’t know?” Caleb inquired.

“Is it about Damien? What is it?” She nonchalantly asked.
“About Crystal most especially,” Caleb answered.
Annabel on hearing that turned her head swiftly to spare him a glance. Crystal?

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“What’s with her? Has Damien seen her after the incident?” She asked in a heavy tone.
“Death. She would have died if he does,” Caleb replied softly.
“So, that witch ran away after doing those!” She muttered in anger.
“She’s in the country, but we don’t know her where about,” Caleb informed.

“How could you have known that? You’re spying on her?” She asked in doubt.
“There’s a man at the company who acts suspiciously, Damien and I feel that he knows Crystal’s whereabouts,” he explained
“How has Damien been taking things easy?” She raised a question.
“Does he take things easy? Damien has changed away from that,” he replied reluctantly.
He wasn’t sure if having this discussion with Annabel is necessary but, if he doesn’t do this now, Damien will keep on giving her a bad impression about himself.
After all, the main reason why he changed himself was because of what happened to Annabel.
Annabel needs to see the reasons why she’s expected to forgive Damien because he wasn’t entirely at fault.

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“I guess. He told me about not tolerating woman’s presence in his life anymore,” she mentioned.
“That was fast, he doesn’t tolerate them and presently, Damien is cold-hearted,” Caleb replied.
“Is he a monster now? What is Damien like?” She questioned.
“Would you have been happy to know what he is? He’s good, he usually losses everything when he hears about womankind,” he told.
Annabel after hearing what he said went numb.

Deep down in her heart, she knows that the truth about everything is really difficult to bear.
Knowing that all happened in the past, she was among whom to be blamed aside from Crystal.
Although Crystal is the real culprit in Damien’s eyes, truth is that even she isn’t any better if Damien finds out what made everything happens someday.

Damien would probably kill or disown her. What a hard life! She shouldn’t have listened to Henry.
“What are you thinking?” Caleb shook her hand.
“Nothing, I’m just feeling bad for sending Damien away,” she answered in a heavy voice.
“I didn’t tell you those to make you feel guilty. Damien has his dilemma too,” Caleb consoled.

“Thank You,” she mumbled with a smile.
“Anything little lizard. So, can Damien come around now?” Caleb asked then brought out his phone.
“I will feel guilty to see him. Let him come tomorrow,” she answered back.

“Okay then, at least you want him to come… He will be happy hearing that.” Caleb giggled.
“Do you want another set of hotdog sausage tomorrow?” He asked.
“Yes, I won’t mind… And…” She suddenly stopped speaking.
“And?” He niggled his head at her.
“Will Damien agree to bring the Butler who made this with him? I want to meet him,” she requested.
“I don’t know… I can’t say, but I will tell him.” Caleb informed.
“That’s why you are my spiderman,” She whined then pinched his cheeks playfully.

“You don’t look unwell to me, I think you should be discharged now,” Caleb joked after what she did.
“I can’t wait to leave. Those ain’t pizza and shawarma,” she glared at the drip where it was arranged on the cabinet, by the side of her bed.
“I can’t raise you if you fall,” Caleb chuckled.
“You are such a bad spiderman!” She made a silly face.
“Oh, God! That makes you look ugly,” Caleb laughed.
“At least, I’m finer than your girlfriend,” she blurted out in irritation.
“Never say that lizard, I don’t have a girlfriend,” Caleb replied.
“So, if I return home, I will be living amid a bunch of bachelors, I want to cry for my loss!” Annabel lamented childishly.
“You are twenty-year-old, but you act like a child!” Caleb made fun of.

“What are you expecting? I spent five years of my life in a coma, I didn’t grow the senses I was supposed to because of that,” she answered and they both laughed at her craziness.

“Now you are back into being a parrot! Thought you are weak to speak?” Caleb tormented.
“I won’t let you take advantage of me,” she snapped.
“Advantage of you? With?” He furrowed his brows in confusion.
“Not only do you know how to make fun of me, but I can also do it better.” She answered sharply.
“Gosh! Your face looks like a bamboo presently,” Caleb whined.
“I hate you!!” She tried yelling.

“Your room is opposite his room, stop bothering me!” Scott snapped.
Vera looked lost at the hearing of that, why will her room be opposite his room?
Scott dangerously looked at her, and before he would say another word, she started heading down the stairs with the tray In her hands.

As she isn’t with Scott anymore, she got herself time to think while walking…
What is happening? Why would Damien allow that?
She was too engrossed in her thinking that she failed to see who was coming behind her. She failed to maintain her way of walking and accidentally, bumped into him.

A gasp escaped her mouth when she realized what she has done and the need to protect the tray from falling was too short.
Luckily, he helped her by snatching the tray away from her immediately, before she could stagger and maybe break it.
“Master. I’m sorry,” she apologized in fright.
“You should have watched out? You would have injured yourself,” he said to her.
He didn’t give the tray back to her before saying. “Where are you going to? You shouldn’t lose yourself in thinking while walking,”

“I’m- I’m going to give Master. Damien the sausage, he asked me to bring it,” she answered in fright.
“Second day and you want to frustrate Damien already? Be careful with yourself,” Caleb stated.
He handed over the tray to her, smiled weirdly then walked away on his own.

Vera stood there while imagining what just happened. Did Caleb just talk to her freely like that? He didn’t shout at her?

“No wonder she likes it, it isn’t bad with the taste. The first one he made was terrible,” Damien shared with Caleb.

“We had a long chat together. I’m happy that she’s recovering,” Caleb answered.
“Thank you, Caleb.” Damien blurted out before he added another portion of the hotdog sausage to his mouth.
“Stop being petty. Did you visit the office today?” He asked.
“No, I don’t have anything to do there,” he declined.
“A lot! You would have done a lot,” Caleb murmured.
“Didn’t you go there before visiting Annabel? What am I to do again?” He tiredly asked.
“Whatever. I’m tired, I need to get some rest. I feel tommorow will be a long day.” Caleb announced.
“Why would Annabel ask for the Butler to come?” Damien asked a minute after.
“She wants to meet who’s preparing the tasty hotdog sausage for her,” he replied then he crawled up to the bed.
“Are you coming with me?” He asked after he was done speaking.
“Never! I can’t feed on another horrific word from Annabel,” he declined immediately.
Damien chuckled at his reaction… “I will go with the Butler then, what’s his name again?”
“Disguise, very easy to know,” Caleb answered in a heavy tone.
“I need to think of how to punish him for going against my order,” Damien discussed.
“At least because he tried to be better today, spare him,” Caleb mumbled in a sleepy voice.

Andromeda walked tiredly into her room.
“You can leave,” she told to the maids that accompanied her.
She locked the door behind them, and changed into a night wear before jumping childishly on her bed.
She’s missing Vera a lot! She feels guilty for not talking to Vera about what happened during the dinner party.
Vera might get the wrong idea about it and that will go far in an argument between them.
It’s better she didn’t tell her, although she also felt reluctant to tell her.

Vera is trying to get over Damien, that’s one of the reasons why she left the country.
Telling her such about Damien will bring up a reason to upset her.
She doesn’t want that for Vera, and for the main time, she won’t tell her about it till it’s the right time.
“Vera is calling!” She blurted when her phone vibrated on the table where she dropped it.
The broad smile on her face slightly faded away when it turned out that the caller isn’t Vera, but Bryant.
She wants to hear from him badly but, Vera is the one who occupied her thinking tonight. She wants to speak with her instead.
“Hey, Bryant!” She picked up the call.

To Be Continued…

What is Annabel hiding?

Caleb is so sweetπŸ’―

Will Damien spare Vera from punishment?

What secret is Andromeda hiding?

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