Making his cold heart soft episode 28

πŸ’«(The Princess πŸ‘Έ In Disguise)πŸ‘€
Written ✍️ by Oluwatosin Ayomi β€οΈπŸ’Ž

πŸ’’Chapter 28πŸ’’


When a problem that seems difficult has been taken away solemnly, everything returns to being good. It’s a relief that no one has ever prayed to miss.

A week already passed since the news about Annabel with Damien has broadcasted.

After having a rethink and appropriate thinking on it before deciding, Damien explained his relationship with Annabel to the media in a better and more understanding way.

Not like he cares about their thoughts over everything; it’s their concern anyway.

His concern was only to block some unwanted invites which have been thrown at him since the news, from different companies, who proffered a lady to model with for him as an agreement immediately after the breakout.

Things might have been worse but Caleb’s insistence can also be added to the reason why Damien intervened in the issues, and those questions that he gave answers to.

No more doubts about his relationship with Annabel as he already made it clear that they are siblings.

Maybe this happening is the fastest way to announce Annabel to everyone who doesn’t know that he has a sister.

Her revelation to everyone might also help him to locate her… locating Crystal.

Everyone feels fulfilled to know that she isn’t anything special as a lover like they thought she would be.

Many of Damien’s female fans that has wept their eyes out in sorrow bounced back to their feet to resume crushing on him after the public addressing. Who knows, it might be an opportunity for them to be his.


Andromeda was on a date with Brian when the news came into her hearing… Immediately, she grabbed her phone, dialed her beloved sister’s number, and hurriedly shared the news which she counted as being good to Vera.


While everyone was rejoicing, Vera was filled with different thoughts. Ever since Annabel got back to the house, there has been no single chance for her to try and execute her aim.

The only period Annabel isn’t with Damien and she gets to be with him, is when Annabel happens to sleep or Damien forced her to have some rest. Annabel is exceptionally clingy!

It has become a duty to serve both Annabel and Damien. The worst news was Damien making it compulsory for her to care for Annabel, more than he that employed her.

Giving it a thought, was Damien not supposed to be afraid of his sister being closer to a male worker?

Never has he complained about Annabel preferring to stick around Vera. Maybe the only being he doesn’t want closer to his life are just women.

However, Vera doesn’t care about what he chooses to do.

She’s a lady after all, and no harm or sort of evil will befall Annabel through her. She’s just the same gender as her but in disguise.

“Maybe it is hungry. Please add enough grain for it to feed on, while I run my fingers through her,” Annabel told to her, then she knitted down on her knees to caress the feathers of her bird.

Silent Vera squeezed her face together hi in irritation, strolling past Annabel to the store where the grains are kept.

Annabel’s discussion about getting a pet the other day didn’t and at where they ended it.

She persuaded Damien into listening to her. After Damien showed his hatred towards pets especially a puppy that Annabel planned on nursing, she had no choice but to do something about her choice.

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“Okay! I won’t keep a pet, you can get me a bird instead,” she blurted out after having a rethink.

Caleb eyed her awkwardly before taking his eyes away, as he thought of what Damien would say next. He can’t say no, to Annabel. Never!

“Keeping of birds in my mansion? That’s silly,” he scoffed in distaste. He looked at Caleb for an assistant to change Annabel’s mind, but his gaze was all in vain, Caleb didn’t bother intervening in their businesses.

“It will remain in a cage, I will visit it alone. Nope! I will always visit with Disguise and the bird won’t be allowed to leave the cage, I promise,” she ranted in excess.

Damien rubbed his head slowly as he was speechless, also contemplating whether to consider Annabel’s want or not.

“What sort of bird do you want to keep?” Caleb who refused to speak since they started the conversation asked.

“Something fun. A funny bird,” she replied happily and went to sit beside Caleb.

Caleb knowing why she came to meet him giggled softly, then he resumed his attention back to the laptop. He has alot of work to do.

Seems like Annabel’s brain is working according to how she was, before going into a coma. She’s too childish to be an adult yet.

Everywhere was quiet and it irritates Annabel, seeing her brother and her spider man ignoring her.

“Why are you both quiet? I want a bird!” She yelled to make her presence known to the both of them again.

“I asked you the kind of bird you want to keep, but your reply already showed me how childish you are acting presently. What sort of bird is funny? All are birds and doesn’t crack jokes,” Caleb defended himself casually while Damien just watched the two of them.

“Parrot is funny, so I want a parrot,” she replied offensively.

Again, Caleb ended up bursting into laughter, he laughed crazily hard that Damien couldn’t resist himself from laughing either, he later joined Caleb in laughter and they both ended up irritating Annabel.

That laughing self Damien, is a rare part of him, that doesn’t visit him often.

When she saw them both making fun of her, she excused herself timidly and went up to her room.

After she left, Damien looked at Caleb in demand of a solution but the folk shrugged his shoulder like he never knew a thing.

“Scott,” Damien called, had few words with him when he came, and in the next day, a cage which was spacious enough for the bird was made, he got a parrot with an enticing and beautiful feathers for his lovely sister who almost lost her voice into screaming when she was taken to meet her parrot for the first time.

When Vera just heard about the arrival of a parrot with them in the mansion, she was so irritated that her mouth failed not to laugh at Annabel’s childish happiness because of a bird.

The irritation that she felt as expected after knowing about the bird increased when Annabel announced that they will both look over the bird together.

What she has always hated all her life catches up with her, and here she is presently, fetching grains for the birf to eat.

Who keeps an annoying bird-like parrot, who talks and gossips about like a human.

“It has grown fatter,” Annabel rejoiced while admiring her bird.

Vera held herself together so as not to laugh but later ended up laughing profusely.

What has grown fat? A parrot which has only spent three days in here and it’s looking the same.

“You had to laugh at what I said? I was right, it has increased in size,” Annabel defended her point playfully.

If Vera has a choice, she wouldn’t have disliked Annabel at any stage of her life.

She feels guilty each time she remembers the bad wills and houghts she once had against Annabel.

Where as, Annabel is a sweet young soul that never looked down on any or acts dangerous as she thought.

Everything about Annabel makes Vera like her the most in the mansion aside from Damien.

The two siblings both shared her heart and kept themselves in it. Such is faith!

“It doesn’t seem like that to me, Annabel,” Vera declined in a kidding manner.

She has had enough correction from Annabel that the air of referring to her as ‘Ms. Annabel’ has vanished.

The first time she called Annabel by her name like this in Damien’s presence, he didn’t say a word. Even without speaking, his reasons for not responding surprised Vera.

“So what makes her big in my eyes? It wasn’t like this yesterday,” she whined like a child.

Standing up properly and shifting away from the parrot that refused to pick from its grain.

Vera bounced her head back childishly, while contemplating on what to say but the next event caught her unaware when Annabel stated.

“You have female facial expressions, so as your reaction sometimes.” Annabel pointed out harmlessly but it caused Vera’s heart some harm, because it raced faster than usual.

“You are the first male I am seeing looking that way.” She started speaking.

“My brother has the best features of a man. Hot, handsome, and charming!”

“Caleb is a coward but with a feature of silly male who is cute and sweet.” Annabel expressed in excess as she allowed Vera to lock the cage, then they both walk back in to the mansion as the cage was situated behind the mansion, because Damien doesn’t want it in his sight.

“They both are males, and nothing about them is feminine. But I get surprised each time I observe your feminine acts and male acts. How could only you have gotten those features? It makes you adorable,” she paused her words to spare Vera who was blinking her eyes non-stop in fright a glance.

No matter how much effort she has put into burying the female version in her, something always brings it up without her realizing it.

Many of the people at the mansion have taken note of those her actions like a female at times, and she’s worriedly sick only by the thought of them knowing the truth.

Annabel is a female, she should have known earlier that observing her female features wouldn’t take a lot of time or days. After all, she’s a lady like her.

“Annabel, it might be because I was used to being around my sister. I’ve gotten this remark severally, and it makes me kind of uncomfortable,” she encouraged herself to say.

“It’s not a bad thing. I like it. It makes me feel like I am discussing with a fellow lady like me. I just observed it and decided to tell you. It’s unique,” she explained cheerfully.

‘Well, I am a lady like you,’ Vera’s mind thought after Annabel finished speaking.


“I’m bored and tired of staying inside here all day,” Annabel complained when they finally got into her room.

“I thought you would be happy seeing your bird around you, and I’ve tried keeping your company,”

” know. Well, I’m back into my room, and I’m already bored.” She lamented.

“What should we do then? Master Damien will be back soon and I have prepared his meal,” Vera replied from where she stood beside the bed.

“Something fun and interesting. Ain’t we friends? I will tell you something interesting to listen to,” Annabel beamed and dragged her to sit with her on the bed.

‘Okay! That was weird!’ Vera wondered.

To Be Continued…

This closeness between Vera and Annabel 😏
Does Annabel not know that Vera is a manπŸ˜’