Mara - The Lesbian 2

Mara The L£sb!an2 – episode 1

Season TWO

Episode one


This episode is not long

(Mara, aunty, chocolate girl, gate man and uncle jonah)
Lets start now

Aunty POV.
  It was Sunday morning when my aunt was ready to church.
 She was in her bedroom combing the hair while settled on the chair facing to the dressing mirror.
“So just been mad for some months and i look like this..” She said to herself as she noticed a scar on her neck.
 She stood up, went to the wardrobe, pulled the sunglasses, bowed down towards the bed, pulled the shoes, wore them and she sneaked out.
As she was emerging out of the door, she remembered that she didn’t spray perfume so she went back to the bedroom rushly.
 As she bent the wa-ist to grab the bottle of perfume, the television rang.
“Oh gosh…” She rushed to the television.
She grabbed the phone,
“Hello….” She said immediately she accepted the call.
There came the similar voice,
“Oh long time…..” The caller sounded familiar.
Aunty removed the phone from the ear, took a deep breath and went on saying,
“Who are you..!” She sounded rude.
The caller smiled and my aunt managed to hear some knives scrapping.
“you thought it is over…..Real men don’t give up so easily” the caller now sounded little bit rude.
My aunt upon hearing this, sweat starting coming out of the skin.
“Please what do you want from me?” Aunt asked in annoying voice.
“This time around, am coming as a changed man…. I will not hurt you nor mara…” The caller said between deep breaths.
My aunt sat on the bed,
“Please don’t hurt my mara….leave her alone JONAH please”
“I said am a changed person”
“I know but i don’t trust you”
“You’re heartless”
“No…haha… When i come back, i will open the church too”
“You will open what?”
“Ok…so where are you jonah?”
“Am in,side your heart”
“Stop joking…i miss you”
“Mmmm strange…”
“See jonah” my aunt stood up, “you may hurt my feelings but i still love you”
“I love you too….am sorry for hurting you”
“So where are you jonah?”
“Am home”
“Which home?”
“My home baby”
“” My aunt peeped out of the window to see if am there, “how did you survived jonah?”
“It is long story…i will tell you when we meet”
“Ok i will see you when i return from the church”
“Okay umwaaaaa baby..take care”
“Mwaaaaa too baby”
And the line ended.
My aunt placed back the television to its position and sprayed perfume allover her.
“God thank you for bringing back my jonah” Aunty said as she entered the car.

30 minutes of driving, she reached the church and she arrived late that the man of God was about to finish the preaching.
 As she was walking on the aisle, everyone was looking at her.
“My daughter come forward” the man of God told my aunt as she was looking where to sit.
 Surely, she found the space in front bench.
“Mmmmmmm my daughter i can smell death…..something danger is about to kill you…. I want to see you after service” the man of God told my aunt.
“See who…..!!” My aunt thought.

8 minutes past, the service was over and to the man of God surprise, He didn’t find my aunt.

Jonah was busy admiring beautiful girls passing by his house.
“Gosh i must take one girl for my king..” Said jonah as he saw the beautiful lady coming.
“Hello sister” Jonah stopped the lady.
The lady turned to jonah.
“Am jonah” he stretched the arm to handshake the lady.
The lady accepted the handshake.
“Am madam……” Before the lady finished the sentence, jonah already made her fall in-love with him.
“Lets go to my house” said jonah while touching the wa-ist.
“Okay” the lady agreed.
“I can’t wait to touch these big balls shaking behind..” Jonah thought.


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