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Memoirs of an ugly girl batch 13


Memoirs of an ugly girl

By HSR* 📝📝📝




6:20 PM

– *Diary entry –25*


Dear Diary,

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Angie stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind her.

‘Traitor,’ I mumbled under my breath.

A few minutes later, the doctor & Elijah walked into the room.

‘Can I leave already?’ I curiously asked

I just couldn’t wait to go home, well I know the atmosphere at home isn’t conducive for me but I think it’s better than being in this place, I hate clinics and the smell of medicine.

The Doctor smirked he walked over to my side and evaluated me.

‘You are free to go,’ he finally said

‘Yes.’ I expressed happily

‘You need some glucose tablets, make sure to rest up and eat some food daily,’ he tore off a prescription and handed it to me.

‘Thank you,’ I smiled cordially and accepted the note

The discharge paperwork took a few minutes.

Afterwards, Elijah and I made our way into the car park.

‘Why are you here though?’ I asked Elijah when we got to his car.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Why did you stay up to this time waiting for me?’

‘I want to take care of you.’

‘Why though?’

‘Well I know your grandmother isn’t home and no one would have come through for you so I am just trying to make sure you are okay.’

‘Oh you and Angie have been talking,’ I shook my head

‘Well she only told me all this because she is worried about you.’

‘Worry my foot,’ I clicked my tongue.

‘Are you done with the 1000 questions, can we go now?’


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He laughed before he escorted me to the other side of the car then he opened the door and helped me inside. Afterwards he went around to his side and climbed in.

He pulled away from the parking lot and into the main road.

‘So your girlfriend is okay with you doing this for me?’

‘My girlfriend?’ he asked sounding surprised

I clicked my tongue, ‘ mtchew.’ ‘Why do you sound shocked?’

‘Because I am.’


‘Which girlfriend are we talking about here?’


He burst out laughing, ‘You are such a dramatic young lady.’


‘What makes you think I am dating Sarah?’

‘She told me herself.’

‘Then both you and her are dramatic, birds of the same feathers.’

I rolled my eyes, ‘You can’t compare me to that slay queen.’

He shook his head, ‘Sarah is the last person I would ever date that girl is too loud for my liking.’

I was about to respond but he held his hand up stopping me from saying anything.

I took a deep breath and looked away staring out of the window.

After quietly driving for about twenty minutes, he pulled up in front of a restaurant.


‘You need to eat something.’

‘I will eat from home.’

He unbuckled his seat belt and stepped out I stepped out my side too.

‘Such a drama king,’ I mumbled under my breath as I followed him inside.

The restaurant was warm and beautiful, I liked the fact that it wasn’t too crowd like most places around. We got a table for two by the window and instantly got seated.

He picked up the menu and glanced at it quickly before giving it to me.

A waiter walked over to our table a minute later.

‘What can I get you?’ he asked

‘I would like a cheese burger please,’ Elijah said

The waiter looked at me.

‘I will have a bacon cheeseburger, extra onion and some fries.’

‘And drinks?’

‘A coke please,’ Elijah raised an eyebrow

‘A strawberry smoothie,’ I responded

‘Alright,’ said the waiter

‘The strawberry smoothie seems to be your favorite,’ he said

‘Why?’ I asked sounding uninterested

‘That’s what you always have at school.’

‘Stalker,’ I rolled my eyes

‘Drama queen.’

The waiter walked back with their drinks, she set a bottle of coke in front of Elijah and a smoothie in front of me.

‘Thank you,’ I smiled

I brought my smoothie to my mouth and took a sip indulging in the strawberry.

‘What?’ I asked feeling conscious under Elijah’s gaze


‘This is smoothie is bae.’

‘Okay,’ he smiled

I looked back at him and smiled imagining all the wild things I could do to him, this man right here makes me feels things I never thought I was capable of feeling.

‘Stop staring,’ he playfully hit me


When the food arrived we ate in silence for a few minutes.

‘What did you say happened to your phone?’ He asked after a while

‘Well it fell.’

He shook his head,’ You make a terrible liar.’


‘I would never harm you Zen neither would I use your secrets against you so open up.’

I took a bit from my Burger before responding.

‘Well my uncle broke my phone.’


‘I went back home late, that day we met at the mall.’

‘That’s bad, so your uncle is abusive?’

‘Well I wouldn’t say that.’


‘What have you heard?’

‘That doesn’t matter I want to hear stuff from you, the doctor said you are stressed and you haven’t been eating, that raised a lot of concern, I had to talk to Angie to get certain information.’

I opened my mouth to respond but he cut me short before I could even say anything.

‘And before you tell me how much of a traitor she is, let me tell you I forced this information out of her, Angie is your friend, she made a mistake yes but I think she deserves a second chance.’

‘You are her spokesperson now?’

‘You are too stubborn.’

‘So I have been told.’

‘Your uncle, is he abusive?’

‘Well my uncle and aunties are abusive but mostly emotionally.’

‘You are a beautiful woman Zendaya don’t let the voices of others stop you from seeing the beauty inside.’

‘Are you saying that because you feel pity for me?’



‘I am being honest with you.’


‘Give me a chance to be your friend, give me a chance to help you.’



‘Yes fine dear friend,’ I laughed

‘Don’t call me dear,’ he rolled his eyes

‘Alright dearest,’ I laughed

He frowned

‘Okay I have stopped.’


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He looked at me, a corner of his mouth quivered, he almost smiled.

I looked away and continued eating.

We remained silent for the next few minutes or so while we ate the rest of our food.


That’s all for now Diary, ama be back soonest with more Kisses Zendaya💙🖤💙🖤💙


9:30 PM

– *Diary entry –26*


Dear Diary,

Today has been one of the most wonderful days of my life, I know it started on a very bad note but the ending was amazing.

You know what I think me getting sick at school earlier today was not a coincidence. It was a blessing in disguise.

Right now I feel like the luckiest girl on earth, lord I can hardly contain my excitement.


‘I get you another one?’ He asks as I finish the last of my smoothie

‘No,’ I shake my head

We stay silent for a few minutes just enjoying each other’s presence though we keep sneaking glances at each other once in a while.

‘Desert?’ He asks finally breaking the silence

‘I wouldn’t mind some vanilla ice cream.’

‘There is a diner a few blocks from here that sells ice cream i hope they are not closed.’


He stands up, pays the bill and extends his hand out to me.

Wordlessly i place my hand in his, feeling the warmth of his fingers as they squeeze mine. A wave of happiness sweeps through me as we walk to his car.

We drive to the diner which is like five minutes away from the restaurant, they are about to close but luckily they allow us in as the last customers.

I wait at the table as he walks to the counter to get our ice cream. A few minutes later he manages to get us the ice cream & we walk back to his car.

His phone rings just as we settle down in his car, he pulls it out of his pocket and stares at it before turning it off and placing it back in his pocket.

‘Sarah?’ I ask

He looks at me, ‘No one important.’


‘Whatever,’ he mimics

‘That girl loves you a lot & she will do just about anything to have you.’

‘Oh please,’ he says sarcastically


‘Let’s just forget about Sarah, this night is about us.’


‘So tell me more about you, how many guys have you dated?’

I find his question funny so I laugh out loud.

He looks at me with his eyes wide open, ‘what?’

‘Nothing, don’t mind me.’

‘So how many guys have you been with?’

I sigh, ‘Zero.’

‘OMG, you must be kidding, how old are you again?’


’20 and you have never dated, like what planet do you live on?’

‘Mars dummy.’

‘So you are still a virgin?’

I shift uncomfortably in my seat

‘It’s just a question.

‘Leave me alone.’

‘No I wanna know,’ he laughs

‘Yes,’ I cover my face with my hand



‘I am impressed.’


‘So why haven’t you dated.’

‘Have you taken a good look at me though?’



‘You are a beautiful and attractive woman. There is more to you than meets the eye, any sane man would fancy to call you his.’



‘I see.’


‘Well I haven’t dated because no one has ever shown interest in dating me.’

‘You are joking.’


‘So you have never been attracted to someone of the opposite s£x? Wait are you sure you aren’t lesbian.’

‘Fool,’ I hit him

‘Just kidding.’


‘There was a time I really liked someone when I was in high school and he led me on, pretended he liked me, I later got to discover he had only gotten close to me because I was intelligent and could help him academically not that he liked me.’

‘Such a jerk.’

‘He told me I was too ugly for anyone to date & he said my brains wouldn’t take me anywhere with such a face, people would always use and dump me.’

‘And you believed him?’



‘I grew up in a place where I was always belittled I was told I would never amount to anything, I was just an ugly girl with big brains and society values beauty more than brains. I believed him because he wasn’t the first one to utter such words.’


‘What?’ I laugh, ‘Don’t worry you don’t have to say anything I am comfortable in my own skin, I know who I am and I am okay with this, I can’t fight this.’


I cut him short.

‘That’s why I am not even surprised that Angie sold me out like that, rejection is my middle name, I knew it was bound to happen one way or another. My own mother rejected me while I was just a child, I don’t expect anyone else to accept me,’ I pause ‘so I am sure you too will get bored of us being friends soon and I will be on my own.’

He lets out an exasperated sigh before he starts the car.

He drives silently in circles for a while, he seems angry so I keep my mouth shut least he snaps at me.

After a while the car comes to an abrupt stop.


He exhales roughly before stepping out of the car.

I am confused, I literary don’t know what’s happening so I stumble out of the car too.

He is walking back and forth.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Zendaya, you annoy me sometimes.’

‘Eh!’ I exclaim ‘and then?’

‘You need to give yourself some credit, it annoys me when you look down on yourself and it breaks my heart when you think no one will ever appreciate you.’


‘Don’t even try and justify yourself,’ he says

He turns to face me, it is dark yet I can still feel his gaze penetrating mine & it’s making me nervous. I suck in a sharp breath.

All of a sudden he grabs my wrist, pulling me closer to him, my breath catches in my throat and I turn my head slightly tilting my face upward.

My heart slams hard across my chest as I gaze into his eyes.


He cuts me off -crushing his lips to mine obviously trying to shut me up.

My whole body becomes numb, I feel like pushing him away but I don’t.

I open my mouth so I can taste him fully.

The kiss starts off slow and gentle each of us taking our time to savor the moment.

Surrendering everything I have I wrap my hands around his neck drawing him closer like they do in movies.

Finally, oh Lord I finally I am finally kissing Elijah, I have craved for this moment for such a long time.


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