Mine the mafia possession episode 20

Episode 20


I’m still working into turning her hate into love and I don’t want anything to ruin it. I entered Our room, I paced in frustration. My fist clenched at my sides, I suppressed the urge to break something. Ripping of my shirt and p-nts, I entered the bathroom. I turned on the shower as the
cold water hit my skin watching away the blood.

I closed my eyes and all I could see was
my little temptress. I needed her so badly. I was told by my granddad that love makes you weak in this mafia life, ruthless world. Totally different from my dad’s believe but after he died. I was trained by my grandpa before I could fully takeover the mafia family.

Now I understand what my dad meant
when he said love doesn’t just bring weakness but also strength.

Mani was my weakness and strength. My way out of the darkness without her I would be thrown back into that darkness again. I didn’t know how long I was in the cold shower, I turned off the shower and stepped out of the bathroom with a towel stripped around my wa-ist. I walk into the walk-in closet filled with both my things and Mani’s. I pulled out a white T-shirt and black trousers before putting them on and sprayed a little bit of my cologne.I walked out of the room to look for the only person that makes my dark heart beat. My little temptress.

It’s beena month since we came back from Paris and two months since I was taken by Sin. I have gotten accustomed to the house with Zoe, Samantha. With Luca, Sin and all his men, while except for Jason. They were not has scary as I thought they would be.

True, they are different when they were
dealing with an enemy or their business. But when they are at home, they became different. Things with Sin and I have been different since we came back from Paris, he pampers me all the time and slowly the
mask of a ruthless leader he wore slips
away when we are together,my mind drifted back to something that happens two week ago and I laughed. I had accidentally called Sin by his name in the mist of his men, they all had the same reaction as Samantha and they stared at Sin expecting him to do something but he surprised then even more when he smiled and pulled me close to him, k-ssing me in front of his men.

Everyday with Sin revealed a new side of him, that he was capable of empathy, kindness and integrity. We both have joked and laughed like two normal human beings and what ever I had requested from he made sure he saw to carry it out,but was it enough to forget about everything and give up my family and freedom.

The dark and malicious part of him still
existed, strong and dominant, even when he tries so hard to hide that part. I still saw it flicking beneath his gaze, eating away the kindness I now know he was capable of.

Sin never conducts his business in front
of me but most times he comes home late at night when he thinks i’m asleep with a bruised knuckle and blood stain shirt.

I spend most my time with Zoe, whether
helping in the kitchen or spending quality time just the two of us. I honestly consider her as a my friend. I was enjoying my time here with her.

“Hey Mani” Zoey called. I looked at her
as she continue to do the dishes. “lets have a girls night”

” Girls night.”

“Yep, it’s Friday night and I don’t really have anywhere to go tonight. So what do
you say?.”

“Sure, no problem. How about a sleep
over, it’s been ages since I last had a sleep over” I asked excitedly.

So what movie are we watching”

“I’m not sure, why don’t we decided when we stroll through Netflix” I suggested, to which she gladly accepted.

“I will look for some movies then we can decide on which is better.”

“Great, why don’t you get to it while I finish up for you.”

“Are you sure?.”

“Yeah, now go. I will come meet you in
your room after a shower.”

“Thanks, I will ask Luca to get us some
late night snacks” she said before storming outside of the kitchen.

I continued washing the remaining plate when suddenly I felt someone eyes on
me. I was familiar with those gaze, I turned around and found a pair of dark orbs staring at me intensely. I smiled at him to which he reciprocated. His back rested against the wall, his white shirt
were rolled up displaying his beautiful tattoos.

He looked so intimidating and charming
at the same time.

“Why are you doing the dishes, were is
Zoey” he asked.

“She went back to her room, she wants
to look for a movie for us. We are having a sleepover and I volunteer to do the dishes, i continue to tidy up the kitchen, I felt a movement as Sin moved closer to me, his chest hits my back and his lower part hits my wa-ist. His hands touched my shoulder and he turned me around.

“I haven’t seen you all day, I missed your beautiful eyes.” I blushed at his words and he let out a smile. We stared at each other and I found myself unable to look away from his gaze. There was a spark between us and it was quite strong.

Sin rested his forehead on mine and my
breathing stopped, he always manage to take my breath away with his presence like he s-cks them completely leaving me breathless all the time.

“I should really finish up and meet Zoey, I don’t want to keep her waiting “I whispered out in one breath.

“You have really gotten accustomed to

“She is my friend and the only one that
keeps me company when you aren’t around apart from Samantha.”

“I am happy to know you are making friends” he smiled not in a weird and twisted kind of way. He was pleased.

“Yeah, me too” A smile beamed on my
face unknowingly.

And we went silent again. His nose was
mere a inch from mine. But our lips wvas dangerously close. If one of us move
our lips would be connected.

“There you are Sin” someone said, walking into the kitchen. With Sin’s bigger body, he had hidden me from whoever was standing behind him. Until he wrapped his hands around me and took a step back. I could see Luca standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

His eyes were still on Sin but it was a matter of time before he saw me and just
like I thought, his eyes met mine. Luca’s
lips raised up in a teasing smile before
he started making k-ssing faces at us. I
couldn’t look at him and immediately stormed out of the kitchen.

I went back to our room and showered
before going to Zoey’s room.

“That was good” Zoey commented. We
were in our second movie, after we watched Half Brother, we watched Lovestruck Musical

“I enjoyed myself ” I said.

“Me too, let do this again some other time” she turned to look at me.

“That’s a great idea” I beamed at her. Zoey turned the TV off and went to turn
on the light. I grabbed a blanket and covered myself and Zoey soon followed, she laid beside me “I love magical love

I raised an eyebrow at her cheesy words
and let out a laugh.

“Hey…. Don’t make fun of me” she whined as I continue laughing ” Have you ever been in love before ” she asked so suddenly.

“Umm… I thought I was, back when I was in highschool.”

“Really, what about Sin”

“Sin and …. “I trailed off not knowing
what to say. “I won’t say I’m in love with
him, I’m just not sure”

“I understand, so what happened in high school, who was the sc-mbag” I smiled a bit at her word.

“Well, he was my best friend before he
became my boyfriend. I thought we loved each other but I was wrong” I said. “I caught him with my cousin in my house on the day of my parents funeral.”

“What a douchebag” Zoey said angrily, and I all but agree with her. Jason was nothing but a complete sc-mbag and he
still is till this day.

“Yeah, I agree with you on that. What about you”

It took awhile before she answered. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked. I was about
to tell her she didn’t need to answer when she spoke. ” I’m in love with someone.”

“You are, who is it?”

“I’m in love with Alexander, Sin’s younger brother” what she said caught me off
guard. I haven’t seen any of Sin’s family
so I didn’t know much about them. “He
is everything I wished for, my knight in shining armor.”

He must have really done something amazing to make Zoey so madly in love
with him.

“I love him but I don’t know if the feeling is mutual. I broke things off with Alexander and he hates me for betraying him.”

“What…, why would you end things with
him” I asked baffled.

“Their Grandad, Mr Violante is a strict
man and thinks am not worthy of his son. He threatened me with Alexander’s life, what was I suppose to do.” Zoey turned to me with a sad smile. “He was my everything Mani.” I couldn’t take it anymore, her confession broke my heart. I
hated Sin grandad for breaking the two
apart and blamed Alexander for not fighting harder for her.

“It was a good thing Sin let me come with him to New York .I couldn’t bear seeing Alexander in the arms of different women,” a single tears dropped from her

I pulled her close, wiping the tears away and tried to console her. After an hour, she finally fell asleep. I stood up from the bed, fixing the blanket around her body properly before walking of to my room.

Sin was sleeping on the bed, he looked
incredibly handsome.i took my time watching him. He looked so valuable in his sleep. I walked up the bed and laid myself on the mattress, my back facing him. I felt his hands sneaked around my wa-ist, pulling my body close to his as we both drifted off to sleep.

The day was going great, right now I’m
in Sin’s office reading a rom-nce novel
while Sin works. We have been here for
quite some time now and hardly really
said anything to each as we focused on
the task ahead.

I was already tired of reading and wanted to do something else, lifting my head
up, I looked at Sin and found him still focused on some doc-ments in front of
him. I was bored and hungry.

I let out a yawn trying to gain his attention and I failed miserably. Not wanting to accept defeat, I decided to try again and let out a loud yawn.

“What seems to be problem Amore.” I
grinned when he finally spoke, happy to finally get his attention.

“I’m bored” I whined dramatically

Sin rolled his eyes before he answered. “I thought you were reading a book.” I sighed loud trying to make a point ” I was but now I’m bored.”

“So what do you want to do.”

I jumped with joy and walked toward Sin “Can I go outside, I haven’t been outside for a month. Please please… He tilt his head like he was giving it some thought before he spoke again.

“No, it’s dangerous.” please Nikolai, I promise I won’t do anything stupid and you could come with me.

“No” he said again, refusing to give in.

“It could just be I ride and we don’t have
to come out. Please Nikolai.”

Love in tokyo πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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