My Alpha Mate

My alpha mate episode 13 – 14

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✨✨✨✨CHAPTER 13✨✨✨✨


“Seems like someone’s mama has bad temper issues, but congrats you’re the first person to teach Anna a lesson” she smiled.

I smiled back as we walked to the field.
I looked around and caught my mom standing beside Alpha Ezra.

Sera and I sat at an oval looking at the students and teachers set up the training grounds. Nausea filled me knowing I was about to do a 2hours training when suddenly my mom walked to me.

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” Get that perky ass of yours girl its time to train.” my mom shouted at me.
I just obeyed her.
Anna had been tended by the physician and she looked at me smirking .
I didn’t budge I just smiled at her and raised my middle f-nger at her .

Her face turned red of anger,I didn’t have time to work on by looking at her.since the training had began .

My mom walked towards Anna,while the Alpha walked towards my direction.

“I see you got something better like your mother but tomorrow you have to face my punishment you get it” ,he looked at me deep in my eyes.

I was scared he didn’t talk like the way he talked to me in his office.
“Yes Alpha ”

“let’s spur together” Ezra said.
“okay” I said not looking at him.
“When you talk to me, look at me ,you get it.” he said growling at me.

“Y..y…yes Alpha” I said raising my head to look at him.
“Now let’s see what you got” he said smiling.

why is he being mean to me ,is it because I hit Anna but she deserved it.I thought.

“What are you thinking” he asked.
“Nothing Alpha,”

we took some time to spur together but from the corner of my eyes I could see my mother had been looking at our direction.

“You’re not bad ,take some rest” he said and sat beside me.
Beta Mateo came also and sat beside him there face looked blank is like they were using a mind link to communicate.

Ezra stood wanting to go and all of a sudden Anna came and took his hand
“Ezra, why don’t you come and show me your moves.” she said looking at me.Mind your manners Anna, he is your Alpha ,don’t call him by his name”I said smirking at her.
“Yeah,she’s right mind your manners” Beta Mateo also commented.

“fine,Alpha Ezra please” she said looking at him with puppy eyes.


I hate this bitch, I can’t deny I liked her before but now I have found my mate, I don’t have to be with her.

she is one of my s-x dolls but she’s getting more clingy with me ,and I already hate it.


✨✨Chapter13 continuation✨✨

No,Anna I have some work to do” I said getting my hand from her and went to my office .I really need some time alone.
*follow me to my office* I mind linked Mateo.
he was my right hand man my childhood friend.
he understands me better than anyone.

*ok Alpha*
I walked into my office and p-oured myself a glass of whiskey to calm my mind down.
I have many duties to do and very soon there would be a war from My mate’s old pack.
so I have to protect my pack.

I want to mark Klara but I need some advice from Mateo.
“Ezra you called me What’s up” he said ad he p-oured a glass of whiskey and sat on the coach sipping it.

“I want to mark her” I said.
“No,no no” Mateo rushed his words.
“You can’t do that man,at least wait till she turns eighteen and she will find out for herself that you’re his mate.”he added

I thought for sometime Mateo was right I can’t force her.
“you’re right” I said looking at him and smiled.
“What are friends for?” he said.
“cheers to us ” we did a toast and drunk the Whiskey in one go.

“Ezra,don’t you think ,there is something fishy with the Ricardo family and they are probably hiding something from us” Mateo said

“yeah, tomorrow I will be detentioning her ,I will try to ask her”I said.
“Have,you found your mate yet ” I asked him and he looked at me surprised by my sudden question.
.”No, am still a bachelor” he said and we both burst out laughing.


✨✨✨✨CHAPTER 14✨✨✨✨



Ezra left me sitting on the bench as his beta also followed him behind.
Anna was standing there looking at me as if she is gonna eat me alive anytime.

“Bitch, you made me the school heiress be embarrassed by you and now since you set foot in this school the Alpha doesn’t have time with me ,stay away from him or else I will….” she trailed off and I cut her short.

“You will what Anna the Heiress ,” I said as I stood up from the bench and crossed my arms on my chest.
“Don’t you dare cut me off when am talking bitch.”she fumed in anger.
“You know what. I don’t deal with some d-cky~headed sluts like you so spare my time ” I said to her and walked away.

” You bitch …” she said running to my direction.
“Hey,Anna get back to training before I kick that flat ass of yours.” I heard my mom’s voice.

“Coach ,this silly bitch here is threatening me” Anna said as she smirked at me.
“Woahhh, what did you say Anna”my mom asked again.
“This bit….” before she could complete her statement a slap landed on her face making her spit blood.Students who were around us stopped training and looked at the drama that was unfolding in front of them.

“Coach, why did you slap me” she asked as she was crying.
“You wanna know why ,imp.I might be your coach but I don’t tolerate nuisance when it comes to my DAUGHTER.” she growled.
I already knew she was angry.

“What…she’s y..ou..r daughter ?” Anna asked ad shock was written all over her face.
” I never repeat myself,so get up and continue training.”
“And you ,what are you looking at ,get back to training” my mom turned to the students watching us.

“And you ,also ” she said pointing at me.
The training went well and it was time,to go home.
I bid Sera goodbye and boarded a taxi I didn’t want to go home in the same car with my mom.

I got home and rushed to my room I took a cold shower to relieve my nerves ,I changed into some simple shorts with a baggy shirt .I slumped myself on the b£d thinking about how my day went.

I decided to stand at the balcony and have some fresh air,like last time somebody was watching me.I looked around but I spotted somebody under a tree with a black cloak ,all of a sudden he vanished.

I rubb£d my eyes looking at the same place but I couldn’t see anybody maybe am exaggerating Stomach grumbled reminding me I hadn’t eaten anything for hours now.

I went downstairs and found mom was busy cooking while dad was reading a magazine.
“Hi dad,” I greeted him
“Hey,Klara I missed you my baby girl,come and give Me a hug”

I went and hugged him “I missed you too dad”
I took a seat beside him.
“How was your first day at school?”
“It was totally fine”
“Do you like the school?”
“ofcourse I do I love it”I said
“Don’t get in trouble ,stay on the safe side and avoid nons£nse”my dad said.
“I will papa” I said as I hugged him I could feel eyes on me ,I turned around to see my mom glaring at me.

” why that look mom,”I asked.
“When are you planning to tell your dad that you broke someone’s nose today,as it was your first day at school”
“mom”I said
“Don’t call me that” she cut me off.
“Darling,what’s the problem?” dad asked as he put the magazine he was reading on the dinning table.

“Your daughter had a fight at school” she replief without beating inside a bush.
“Really” my dad asked as surprise was written all over his face.
“is it true Klara,”he turned towards me.

“Yeah ,I did”I answered looking forward to be scolded.
“Hope you hit her really well ” my dad said throwing some punches into the air..
“How did you know its a she” I asked.
“I know it has to be a girl, tell me did you give a good broken nose” he asked again.
” Yes,I did but she healed”I said truthfully.
” anyway at least you did something great today.” he said smiling at me..
“Thanks dad “I beamed am happy he is not mad at me.

“So,You’re supporting your daughter into beating students”my mom asked looking at us with anger.
“No,am just proud of her”

“Also tell her to stop being close to Alpha Ezra”
“Baby girl ,you heard your mom all else he will realize your secret”my dad said with a serious tone.
“I get you”I said and my stomach grumbled again.

“Mel,hurry the food our daughter is gonna die of hunger ” he said as my mom ‘s face darkened.
“if you continue like that,your face will get wrinkles and I will not hesitate to dump you for another beauty” my dad said to my mom who had her mouth wide in shock .
.she threw a spoon at my dad’s direction and he dodged it.
My dad and I were laughing at my mom’s reddened face.

“I was kidding wiffey, you know me well I can’t do that ”
“prove it” my mom said as she started faking tears as she knew my dad hate seeing her in tears.

“Mel, don’t do that ,you know it hurts me to see you in tears” my dad said as he got up from his chair and went to mom ,hugged her and cleaned her tears.

“I love you Mel.”
” I love you too”.

“Awwwn…. so romantic ,youre making me jealous and am a kid still” I complained as they laughed.
My parents looked really sweet together I wish I find a caring mate like my dad.

“Honey, Klara will is being detentioned tomorrow.”
“What” my dad asked shock written all over his face.


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