My arranged marriage episode 51 – 52




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


‘Gosh this is harder than I thought’ Jasper cursed within himself

“I love this view” Emmeth said

Jasper smiled as he leaned his towards hers

His breath brushed on her cheeks making Emmeth to shiver

“Am glad you like it” he whispered but before leaning away he kissed her cheeks

Emmeth shuddered as she turned her head slightly around to look at his face

Jasper Titled his head one side as both of them started kissing slowly

Jasper drived into the mansion

He turned towards Emmeth and found her already asleep

Jasper smiled as he quietly came down from the car in order not to wake her up

He walked towards the other side of the car and opened it quietly

He gently removed her seatbelt

He carried in a bridal style as he walked into the house

He ascended the stairs with her in his arms as he walked into her room

He gently placed her on the bed tucking her inside the duvet

He had already removed her sneakers

“Hm” emmeth moaned in her sleep as she smiled

Jasper leaned down as he carassed her cheeks

“Such a cute sleepy bunny” he said as his eyes diverted to her lips

He planted a soft kiss on it

“Just give me more time, i promise to make you mine soon” he kissed her forehead

“Good night bunny” he leaned back as he walked towards the door

He looked at her one time before he turned off the light leaving



Bella yawned as she opened her eyes

She rubbed her eyes as it seculated around the room she is

“Where am i?” She asked with a low voice as she gently sat up

“This isn’t my room where am i?” She asked again as she looked around again now in Alert

“Mm” Eric groaned in his sleep

Bella immediately turned towards her side been in an extreme alert knowing that someone was on the bed with her

“Who are you?” She asked with a widened eyes because Eric had his back against her so she didn’t see his face

Immediately her mind recollected what could have happened

She looked down herself immediately and found out that she was naked

She instantly pulled up the duvet to cover her chest

Eric frowned in his sleep as he turned the other side

Bella seeing the person’s face

Shock immediately overtook her

Her eyes balls was about to puke out its shell

“E…Eric?” She said with a shaking voice

“No…No it cant be” Bella said quietly shaking her head

She closed her eyes as anger immediately build up in her

“Eric!” She shouted with a loud tone as she hit him on the shoulder

“Hm” Eric frowned again as he quietly opened his eyes

He saw someone looking down on him but couldn’t see the person’s face well

After few seconds the person’s angry face became clear

Eric’s eyes widened immediately as he sat up immediately

“B…Bella” he called his eyes still widened

Bella’s eyes travelled from his confused face down to his shirtless chest

He was such a huge guy, it was as if he is living in the gym

His abs and everything was a sight to behold

Bella immediately moved her eyes as they went back to his face

“What are you doing on my bed and where am i?” Eric asked as he looked around

“I should be asking you that?” Bella said with an angry voice

Eric notices under him that he wasn’t wearing any thing under and even on his upper body

His eyes widened as it landed on bella

Then he notices that she too was wasn’t wearing anything regardless that she had the duvet covering her

His eyes once again travelled around the room and there he saw that their clothes were scattered everywhere

“W… what…just happened?” He asked not believing his eyes

He looked at bella who was looking at him as if she wanted to strangle him to dealth

His mind started wondering around on what happened

Just then what happened between him and bella started coming in pieces by pieces

“Eric am gonna dig… your…your” bella said but couldn’t finish her words because what transpired between both of them started coming to her mind as well

When all the pieces came together in their heads

Their eyes, mouth and mind were instantly wide open in shock, shame and embarrassment

They looked at themselves, immediately their eyes met, they looked away immediately

Bella bit her lips so hard

She felt ashamed of herself to have gave out herself cheaply to Eric

Yes they were both drunk but why couldn’t she control herself

She was even the one who was all over him last night

She felt so ashamed of herself

Why Eric of all people

Look at what taking alcohol has caused to her

She just wanted to disapear out of there

Eric himself was regretting why he gave in to sleep with her last night

He could have controlled himself

But rather he let alcohol to control him

“Am…am sorry” Eric said with a low voice

Bella wanted to cry there, she wanted to scream out loud

“There… there is nothing to be sorry about, we were both drunk so it was alcohol that happened between us last night not actually us” Bella said looking down

Eric turned his head towards her

“I know” he said

“Please let this be between us” bella finally looked at him

Eric immediately felt bad but he doesn’t know why

“Sure” Eric nods his head in agreement

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“Welcome back ma”

“Welcome back ma”

“Welcome back ma”

The workers greeted emmeth as she walked into her office

She quickly looked around the office

“How bad i have missed you” she said smiling as she walked to her seat sitting down, she inhaled deeply

Just then a knock came in

“Come in” she said looking at the door

The door opened as her dad came in

“Good morning dad” she greeted

“Good morning dear” her dad replied as he sat down

“How are you?” Her father asked

“Am fine dad” emmeth smiled

“Are you sure?,,, You shouldn’t have resumed work yet” her father said

“Am fine Dad, am already home sick” emmeth said

“I know but am scared because that ba*stard may be out very soon” her father said with a concerned look

“What!” Emmeth said with shock

“Yes,, they will soon release him”

“Why dad? he suppose to face the law”

“There is nothing like law when it comes to prominent people dear, his mother and father are close to the highest police authority so they will do everything to release him, moreover they will win because he didn’t kill nor rape you, they will come up with some cock and bull story in other to release their son” mr Jecob said

“This is unacceptable,,, are you saying that the Watson are more prominent than us?” Emmeth asked

“Yes dear, the Watson’s wife is a well known model, so she alone has many connectons” mr Jecob said


“Whats it babe” mr Watson asked his beautiful wife who was walking around the room looking so uneased

“Am doomed Watson” she said as she sat on the edge of bed her legs slightly shaking

“Whats it?” Mr Watson asked as he sat beside her

“Read this” she gave him her phone

“Everything is about to shatter, these bloggers are about to demolish me” mrs Watson said

“Calm down babe, we will fish them out,,, they cant possibly dig out anything honey, we destroyed everything back then remember, they won’t possibly find anything, they are just jobless people looking for whom to destroy” Mr Watson held his wife às she placed her head on his shoulder while he rubbed her back

“Am scared,,,am soon getting punished” mrs Watson

“You aren’t getting any punishment, look at me” Mr Watson said as he held her face

“You took the right part, you saved yourself from a harsh situation that was about to consume you, even before God and man you did what is the best” mr Watson said


“Shhh, arn’t you seeing him,,, he is doing very fine” mr Watson shushed her

“What if he doesn’t forgive me, what if he doesn’t understand” mrs Watson said as tears dropped down her eyes

“Am sure he will understand one day”


Jasper was in a conference meeting

He was looking so bored, He can’t wait for it to end

Just then his phone beeps indicating there was a message

He looked at it and smiled

Gosh what he wanted

✉️ Hey monkey ✉️ Emmeth messaged

✉️My red bunny, my elephant, how are you my angel ✉️ Jasper messaged

✉️Am fine and you?✉️ Emmeth messaged

✉️Am not fine, am missing you ✉️ Jasper messaged

✉️Me too, should i come over ✉️ emmeth messaged

Jasper seeing it, smiled showcasing his white set of teeth

The others in the meeting room looked at him with confusion on why he is smiling

They hardly see him Smile

“Mr Jasper whats your opinion on this?” Someone asked him but got no response from the man who was looking down still smiling

“Jasper” mr Cullens called him


Gosh am so tired, Am gonna miss Jasper

He will be coming back late tonight because he said he has alot of work in the office

Am already missing him

I pulled the front door open

Gosh why is everywhere dark

Is the electricity off or what?

And why is everywhere so quiet?

I took out my phone as i turned on the light on it

I moved towards the switch as i turned on the light

Just then a guiter and a piano started playing in the background

I turned around immediately

Just then i saw a guilterist and a pionist playing love music instrumental

Actually it was “MY LOVE” by west life

Whats going on here?, i thought as i looked around in confusion

There was a nice decoration everywhere and there was also rose flowers all over the floor

It was so beautiful

What is the occasion

I thought as i admired the whole decorations and the music

Just then i saw Jasper decending the stairs

Omg i thought he said he isn’t coming back home on time tonight

Did he just pranked me

But damn he was looking so hot

He wore a white suit, i watched him as he walked towards my direction

His eyes was not leaving mine

Wow this is so romantic

“What’s…” I wanted to talk but he put his finger on my lips

“You complete me Emmeth, i can’t live a day without you,,,so i made a decision to keep you by my side always” he said looking deep into my eyes

I was confused on what was going on

He raised his fingers and snapped it

Just then a beautiful banner was immediately showcased up at the stairs

Which had “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” written boldly on it

My eyes slightly widened as i looked at Jasper

He gently went on his knees as he brought a beautiful diamond ring

“Emmeth i know we never started on a right part, but the little time we have been together i found out you were my missing rib, I Never knew this day will ever come, i Never know there will be a woman whom my heart will ever beat for, i want to make you mine forever, i want you to be the mother to my unborn children, i want to be yours forever, i want to show you how much you mearnt to me, so Emmeth WILL YOU MARRY ME?, PLEASE SAY YES” Jasper said with the most tender look i have never seen before

Tears ran down my eyes

I never expected this day to come

The very day I got married to him

My dream of been proposed in a romantic way shattered

But here i am been proposed by the man i love so much even though we are already married

This felt as if i was dreaming

My heart swelled up in an uncontrollable emotions

I looked up then down to him

“YES I WILL MARRY YOU JASPER, I WIll BE YOURS FOREVER” i said smiling with tears in my eyes

Jaspers eyes widened in happiness as he got up sliding the ring into her beautiful finger

He cupped her face as he kissed her forehead

“Thank you so much for accepting me, I LOVE YOU EMMETH” he said as he hugged her so passionately while the romantic instrumental played on the background



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