My Boss

My boss episode 5 & 6


Sub tittle: Ethan
By Author Jenny
Not edited /short
Chapter 5
“No No ,,,Please ,,,,arrrrrrrh” i yelled
I groaned lazily and stood up from the bed ,,when will all this nightmares end
I checked my time and it was 5:00am ,,at least i still have sometime left
I brought out my laptop and began working on them ,,even if am going to get fired at least let me make things easier for the next PA
I kept working till it was time to get ready for work
After all perparations sofia dropped me at work and i went in ,,i was really nervous
As usual the lobby was crowded and everybody kept moving from one place to another happily that means the boss is yet to come
I went to my office after greeting alot of people including cindy ,,i settled in and began working
It was 8:30 already and mr chris is not yet in the office
I kept looking at his door and hoping he will just walk it
I kept working till it was lunch time ,,my work today has been really awesome and i enjoyed every bit of it
Nobody to yell my name or insult me
“Hey girl” i heard cindy said
“cindy”i said smiling
“Isnt it weird that mr chris is not in work today “she said
“Well i love it,that man is worst than i thought”i replied and she began laughing
“well he never miss work no matter what except he travelled for business” cindy said
“i hope he never comes back “i muttered
“let go for lunch”cindy said grabbing my hands
We head downstairs and settled down at the cafeteria
Cindy ordered some food and we began eating when she waved someone
A black hair cute guy walked over to the table and sat opposite us
“Hey meet my new friend julia “cindy said
“And julia meet Ethan ” cindy added
“Nice to meet me julia”he said softly
“Nice to meet you too Ethan” i replied back with a smile
“julia is mr chris Pa”cindy said and ethan starred at me weirdly
“Really “he asked starring at me and i nodded
Soon we were done eating and head back to our various office
I did all the necessary and walked out of my office happily
I was about to hail a cab when a car pulled up before me
“Ethan “i called
“Do you mind if i give you a ride”he asked
“No i will just take a cab”i replied
“Please julia”he added
I walked arround the car and hopped in, i gave ethan the direction of my house and we kept chatting till i got home
I woke up the following day and prepared for work
I walked into the office and started working it was almost lunch time and mr chris is not yet here
Somehow his absence made me love my work so much
i walked passed my boss office and something kept drawing me
Since my boss is off i decided to check out his office
His office still feels intimidating even in his absence
I ran my hand through all his stuffs and his cologne fiilled my nostrils
“I wish to be a boss like this someday ”
I sat down on his twril chair and watched the city
I wish my office is like his
“Miss daniels do this ,miss daniels do that “i mimicked and laughed at the way i talked exactly like him
“Nice one miss daniels”i heard those cold and hard voice
Wait i didnt say that then who did?
I turned arround on the chair while my heart kept pounding rapidly
“Holy shit”
Chapter 6
I turned arround on the chair while my heart kept pounding rapidly
“Holy shit”
I kept biting my lips and playing with my fingers
This is the higest level of fear and nervousness
” Hahahahahahaha”i heard a loud laugh
“Ethan “i screamed angrily
“How could you do that”i half yelled while ethan kept laughing really hard
“Jeez i really sound like my cousin”ethan said in between his laugh while i starred at him angrily
“Wait what are you doing in the boss office and on his chair julia”ethan asked while i rolled my eyes and walked out of the office to the lobby
Jeez that was close what if it was truly mr chris? i would have been fired instantly
And ethan is mr chris cousin no wonder he sounds like mr chris
I dont know why but my heart was still beating fast ,,i had to take a full cup of water just to calm my nerves down
at least i have learnt a lesson today,never to repeat what i did
“Julia c’mon i was just trying to play with you”ethan said walking towards me
“What were you also looking for in his office” i asked
“Well i went to your office to take you out for lunch but you were not there ,so i thought you might be here since you are the P A”Ethan said stressing the “P A”
“Are yo that scared of chris”he asked and i nodded slightly
“Yeah his really intimidating and also heartless”ethan said
“How can you say such about your own cousin”i asked
“Because thats what he is “ethan replied
“Well i think thats harsh”i said and ethan starred at me sternly
“do you plike him”ethab asked
“what,,,no way how can you even asked such a question ,he is cute and all but not my kind of guy”i replied and ethan smiled
Big fat lie ,,my boss is definately my kind of guy ,,his apperance is worth smoking for ,,i have never really had a boyfriend in my life or be inlove before
“Woah thats amazing you are the first lady am hearing this from”ethan said bringing me out of my thoughts
i was done with lunch so i head back to my office and began working
Its been a week since i havent heard from my boss or seen him,what kind of boss is that? well am kinda happy because everything is going smoothly for me even if i had to do alot of work due to mr chris absence ,,,but i made sure i attend meeting settle deal and other stuff which made me proud of myself
It looked at my n@ked body through the mirror ,,my face look more fat than before and i have less marks on my face ,,i was happy am finally finding peace of mind and a good job ,,when i collect my first salary am going to look for an apartment to stay
I walked into the lobby and everybody was happy and moving freely
“OH NO GUYS HIS HERE AND HIS SUPER ANGRY” a guy who i get to know his name is Tim yelled ,Everybody began running to their various post including me
I took the elevator fast and head to my office ,i quickly sat down and pretended to working when he walked pass me
“Morning Sir”i greeted but he totally ignored me
I quickly ran downstairs and made his coffee
“Come in”he yelled and i flinched ,,i was able to put myself together and entre his office with trembeling hands
I didnt see him in his office when i entered maybe his in the bathroom ,,i quickly dropped the coffee when my eyes caught something “CCTV CAMERA ”
i heard noise from the bathroom so i quickly ran out of his office
ohh am doomed there is a cctv camera in his office
The landline rang and i picked it up
“Miss Daniels in my office immediately”with that it ended
To be continued

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