November 29, 2021

My celebrity crush episode 3 – 4


💏My Celebrity Crush💘
Episode three
(So clumsy)

Rodney’s Pov

I stepped out of the bathroom dripping w€t.
I strode to where the mirror is standing to check myself out.
I stood in front of the mirror taking in my perfect abs, my curly dark hair, that cute pink lips any lady would kill to have a taste. So perfect!
“Why are you so perfect?” I asked myself.
“It’s because you are exceptional” my subconscious mind replied.
“Thanks buddy” I told him and smiled.

I was done dressing and ready to leave my room when a knock came by.
“Who’s that?” I asked.
“It’s Marian sir” A maid replied.
“I came to tell you breakfast fast is ready” she added.
“Oh.. I will be there in a jiffy” I told her. And she left.

I gulped down the rest of my coffee and stepped out.
I was replying a message on my cellphone when the gatekeeper walked up to me.
“Mr Rodney, that woman is here to see you again” He said.
Which woman is he talking about? I was still wondering who the woman could be when her image suddenly appeared. I frowned hoping she’s not the woman he’s referring to.
“Where’s she?” I asked him.
“She’s outside the compound sir” He replied.
“Let’s go” I told him and I quickly walk ahead of him.

Anger laced through me when I saw her standing in front of my gate. She’s here again? This early? Isn’t she tired already?
“What are you doing here?” I grunt.
“Son…” She was saying but I cut in rudely.


you ever call me that again!” I shot at her fiercely.
“How many times do I have to tell you that you don’t have a son here huh!” I yelled.
She just stand there crying profusely but I care less. She wiped her tears and tried touching me but I stopped her with my hand.

“Rodney, I know you are very mad at me. And of course you have the right to be pissed at me but all I want from you is just a chance, I need you to hear me out son. It was not my fault, I wouldn’t just leave..” She was saying again but I interrupted her.

“Listen and listen very good woman, the next time I see you ten feet away from my house, I promise to have you lock up and I mean it”I threatened and walked back into the garage where my car has been opened by my PA.
“We are here sir” Henry announced jolting me out of my thought.
That woman has succeeded in ruining my day already, I don’t wanna ever see her again but she won’t listen. I groaned loudly with an eye roll.
I stepped out from the car and my eyes widened.
“What the heck?” I frowned.
“Why would Mr Houston hold a meeting in such an absurd area?” I asked my PA with disgust.


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was still looking around contemplating if I should use a facial mask so that my identity won’t be revealed when a clumsy girl jumped on me out of no where embracing me tightly.
I furrowed my eyebrows.
Is she out of her mind? I thought.
Henry was even trying to pull her away from me but she didn’t move.

Okay. I had enough already.

With all the strength in me, I pushed her and she landed her butt on the floor.
Is she crazy?
Why would she jump on me like that? I thought.

I stared down at her and she equally keep her gaze.
What a girl?
I adjusted my suit and walk away with Henry behind me.
I was welcome by all the board members of the company.
It’s so obvious Mr Houston is so honored by my presence.
But he should be grateful to Dad cos I won’t be here if he had not persuaded me to.


am so glad you could make is Mr Rodney” Mr Houston said for the umpteenth time walking me out of the company.
“You are welcome” I said with a smile.
“But hold on.. Why would you held a meeting in such an unpleasant area? “I asked.
“I am so sorry Mr Rodney, the meeting was not planed well initially and you know the company is also occupied so I suggested this hotel.” He replied.
“The vicinity might look local but the hotel isn’t bad right? ” he added
But I only shrugged I wouldn’t deny the fact that the hotel looks magnificent anyway.

I continued with my walk with Mr Houston beside me.
We got to where my car was been parked and Mr Houston won’t stop thanking me.
We shared an handshake and he turned back walking away.
I sighed deeply and was about entering my car when I glanced up and saw a familiar face from the transparent door of the coffee shop.
“I’ve seen this face before” I muttered
“Yea.. She’s the same girl that jumped on you this morning” Henry said.

Let’s have some fun!

I walked towards the glass door with Henry trailing behind me.

I pulled it open and yes.. She’s truly the clumsy girl.
She works here?
All eyes on me but it doesn’t matter, I am only here because of this lady.
She glanced up and our gaze locked.
I can tell she’s so scared right now.

I counted my steps to where she’s standing without removing my gaze. A blonde girl was also standing beside her, she was also staring like her life depends on it.

“Get me a cup of coffee” I finally ordered.

She quickly scurried off with her partner.

Within a sec she’s back with the cup of coffee.
And the game begins… I smiled inwardly
“Who asked you to bring my coffee?” I asked bluntly.
“ cup of coffee” she stuttered and I scoffed.

“I am not denying it, but I didn’t ordered it from you I was talking to your colleague not you” I said and I could see the disappointed look on her face but who cares I just wanna have some fun.

“But don’t worry since you are a die hard fan, I will just over look it” I told her and her face brighten a bit.

I sip a little from the coffee and I spat it immediately.

“You added salt to my coffee!” I half yelled and watch as everyone gasped.

“No.. no I didn’t do such I swear” she replied shakily

“You know I can sue you for this right, where’s your manager?” I demanded

“Please.. I am so sorry I will get you another cup of coffee right away but please don’t do this” she replied trying to fight back her tears and I almost laugh.

I almost laugh at her clumsiness attitude, she should just have a taste from the coffee and face me squarely for pulling her legs. So clumsy

“Alright, I won’t report you ” I told her before she flood the entire place with her tears.
“But don’t try this with me next time okay? ” I told her with a cold voice but she only nodded.

I stood on my feet and adjusted my suit before walking away I glance back and met her gaze and I couldn’t help but wink before I finally walked out of the coffee shop.
I heard the customers applaud and I smiled.

“What a day?! ” I said with a deep sigh.

🌹Tamara POV🌹

“Today is one of the best in my whole life” I screamed happily along the pedestrian way and people share me a short stare.


I couldn’t help but keep recalling that moment with Rodney Shaw. He’s so sweet.

At first, I was frightened by his presence.
I almost develop blood pressure when he said I added salt to his coffee.
Shit! I cried because of that? Funny!
I can’t believe I fell for his pranks.
Looking forward to meet him again-soonest.
I stepped into the dark living room and was trying to find my way to the room.

“Welcome home princess” I heard his baritone voice and I flinched.


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

💫Episode Four💫

(My monster Father)

❤ Tamara POV❤

“Welcome home Princess” I heard his baritone voice and I flinched.

He switched on the light and I can see his disgusting face with smirk plastered on it.

“Won’t you greet papa?” He asked still smirking but I only swallowed hard.

“Look, he glanced up at the wall clock- this is 9:00pm. I have warned you severally about you coming home late right” He said with a cold voice now and without being told, tonight won’t be good.

“Answer me!” He yelled and I flinched again.

“I..trekked..down home” I stuttered.

“Wow.. You’ve done well sweetheart” he said sarcastically.

“You trekked from your working place to your home with an hour? ” he asked walking closer to where I am standing.

“Father, I am sorry… ” but before I could complete my statement he landed a slap on my left cheek and I think I saw stars.

“You are always sorry, aren’t you tired of always being sorry?” He asked with scowl and i try hard to fight those tears that are threatening to summon in my eyes.

“You are just shameless! ” he said pulling my hands.

“Tell me, when last have you prepared dinner in this house? He asked with gritted teeth bringing his face closer to mine- he smells of liquor. I tried moving my face away from his-but he won’t l let me as he forcefully grab my hair and dragged me to my bedroom.

Good lord, not this night. I prayed.

“When last have you served your father in bed?” He asked in a low voice as he threw me on the bed.

And the tears finally dropped freely from my eyes now.

“Unclad yourself” he ordered.

“But father..” I tried saying in a pained voice but quickly shut my mouth when I saw the glare he gave me.

This is not right.

He jumped on me roughly and begin to pull my hoodie over my head. I tried begging him but he only turned deaf ears.

He had his way with me again forcefully.

When would this stop?
Am I brought to this earth to suffer?
Will I ever be freed from this monster father?
I asked myself.

He picked up his shirt, and without sparing me a glance he left my room.

God why?!!
Why me? I cried out.

Why do my father find happiness in hurting me?
Why is he bent on ruining my life?

So many questions I’ve been harboring for so long but I haven’t gotten any answer to none and it’s killing me.

I wipe my tears and sluggishly went into the bathroom to freshen up.
The morning sun shone to my face and I wondered why it’s shining already.

“Holy Jesus!” I exclaimed loudly as I glanced at the wall clock.

It’s 15mins past 8.

I raced into the bathroom and hurriedly did my business before stepping out.

“Father, I swear you will rot in hell” I fumed while applying my body lotion.

I adjusted my dress and brush down my hair in front of the dressing mirror.

I got to the living room and glance around.

Thank goodness he’s not here. I mumbled with an eye roll.

I headed towards the door with hasten steps.

“Where to?” I heard his voice.
I stopped walking immediately and turned to look at him.

“To work” i replied in a low voice.

“And where’s my breakfast?” He asked calmly.

“Father, I am late and you are the cause!” I screamed inwardly.

“Ummm..” I said thinking of what to say.

“Get my breakfast ready this minute!” He yelled after the short silence and i flinched.
I got to the kitchen and think of a quick meal to prepare-cursing my cruel father inwardly.

Sandwich and Coffee should do. I thought

I finished preparing after some minutes and place it on the glass dinning table.

I just pray i don’t earn a slap afterwards-with what i served.

“Good morning” I greeted Mrs Olivia-the manager.

“And what’s good about the morning?” She roared.

I am quiet expecting this.

“You are just coming to work at this hour, and you still have the gut to tell me good morning”she half yelled.

Why’s she getting work up about this, after all she knows I barely came late to work and that’s only when the real beast in my father surface.
I thought with a secret eye roll.

“I am sorry” I apologized with my head bow.

She shot me a glare and turned away.

It’s not your fault. I almost shout after her.

“Hey girlfriend” Alicia greeted ecstatically.

Ummm.. She’s always happy.

“Oh my goodness! What happened to you?” She asked with widened eyes.
“Why are your eyes swollen like this? She added before I could comprehend what she meant.

Oh.. My eyes are swollen, and I didn’t even notice before I left home.

“Hmmm.. Nothing” I answered tiredly and she frowned.

“You can’t possibly tell me nothing, Mara you look like you cried all night. So tell me what’s wrong.”
She said frantically and I smiled.

She’s just like my guardian.
She cares a lot about me but I can’t tell her all am going through. She knows I don’t have a mother but telling her my secrets is what I am afraid it might later leak out.

I don’t want to become a laughing stock.

“I am okay Alicia, don’t worry too much” I told her with a sly smile and she sighed.

She held my cheeks and looks into my eyes.

“You can tell me anything, I mean anything at all and I promise to always listen to you. Mara, please if you are facing one problem or the other share them with me, you shouldn’t be keeping things to yourself. I am always here for you.” She said tenderly and I nearly cry.

Who’s this lady that’s absent mindedly acting like my mother?

“Thank you Alicia, I will forever appreciate your kindness towards me” I said as a tear drop from my eyes.

“C’mon, princess don’t cry” she cooed as she use her palm to clean my face and I smiled.

“Girls!!” We heard Mrs Olivia shrieked and we both chuckled before returning to work.



Finally, the long day is over and I couldn’t be more glad.
I feel so tired and weak.

Alicia and I walk side by side as we keep talking about yesterday-how Rodney had came to our shop.

I laughed so hard when Alicia reminded of how I nearly pee in my pant. Funny!

“Hmmm.. Alicia” I called after the laughter had subside.

“I met Rodney earlier yesterday” I confessed and I couldn’t bring myself to look at her.

“I knew it!” She exclaimed.

“Someone like Rodney would never come in and charged towards you like that if there was nothing behind it”she continued.

“So tell me something” she squealed.

I heaved a short sigh and explained all that transpired between us that morning and she laughed so hard.

“What so funny?” I asked and nudged her playfully.

“Nothing.. I can’t just help it” she replied still laughing and I joined her as we laughed like children.


I gave her a parting hug and she pecked my both cheeks.


I continued with the journey to my way home after parting ways with Alicia.

I got to my bus stop after the short walk and something caught my attention from afar.

Hold on.. Is that not Rodney Shaw in the poster?

I scuttled to where the large poster is pasted and it’s really Rodney.

I gasped- still staring at his picture.

He is invited to a show in the city.

I just pray he comes cos most times he doesn’t make it to city shows.

And nothing can stop me from attending it.

Not even my father.

“Get Rodney, we are meeting again!” I squealed and turn to leave but oops…

I bumped into someone and his phone screen crashed on the floor. Geez!

He was still backing me.

Oh Mara..

The person turned to face me and flash me a dangerous look.

And suddenly, I want to pee.

“How dare you?!” He flared.

This is not good.

Who’s ready for the drama?
Me i am not ready o😂

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