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💏My Celebrity Crush💘
Epsisode one
(Brief introduction)
Tamara’s POV
Oh my goodness! I hope I don’t die soon of heart attack, this alarm will never cease from startling the hell outta me! I fumed inwardly. Stupid thing I

I should better start preparing for today’s activity.
I stepped into the bathroom, picked my yellow toothbrush and applied some toothpaste before brushing my teeth. I was done brushing after a while I hurriedly unclad myself and stepped under the shower to have my bath.

I rushed out of the bathroom and got to where my small bag is lying, I really don’t have much wears anymore but that’s my least problem for now in as much as in don’t go around [email protected], then people should feel free to say whatever they want.

I quickly I applied my body lotion even if i don’t have dresses, I should always glow in my own world right?. I put on my jean trouser and yellow hoodie. Yellow is one my favorite color.
Gosh! .. Not again! i almost scream loudly why do I always forget to wash this goddamn shoe. Well.. It’s not my fault though I resume by 8:00am and close at exactly 8:pm. Wow.. Talking about the time it’s almost my resumption time and I am still here talking to God knows.

In a blink, I used a rag to clean up the only shoe I gat and rushed out of my room hoping not to meet him in the living room.
I was glad I didn’t meet him I quickly motioned to the main door and stepped out.

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It’s another beautiful day.. Hmmm
I walked alongside with a young pretty girl in the pedestrian lane. Yes I walk down to my working place everyday since where I live to my working place is just a throw stone and..
Oops! Pardon my manners I haven’t introduced myself yet I love talking don’t mind me.

My name is Tamara but you can simply call me Mara. I am 21 years old. I am light skinned with a very long and silky black hair which I love most about myself cos I barely have time to take proper care of my hair. And yes.. You need to see my dark blue eyes it’s another reason I stopped regretting why I was brought to this earth. I so much love it! I was born and brought up here in Paris.

My childhood experience was not like that of other children and that’s because I had lost my mother since birth. According to what I heard, my mum gave up to ghost while giving birth to me.And belive me when I say It’s so painful my dad still blames me for it. He would always remind me that i brought nothing but bad luck into the Family. She should have just took me along with her, this life doesn’t worth living except for the fact that I am still hoping to meet my one and only Celebrity Crush RODNEY SHAW. He has been my only source of comfort and happiness right from teen. Rodney has been singing since when he was 4. But he started his acting career 5 years ago. He’s just too good.

I am so sure I’m not the only die hard fan of Rodney, but if we are to be rated I will definitely come first. His angelic voice melted my heart each time I listen to his songs, I always imagined myself sitting next to him whenever he appears on my tv screen.

Rodney Shaw is all i got, though i only get to meet him in my dreams and some of his pictures which i talk to whenever i am depressed but I am still glad I am fortunate to see him in my dreams some are even wishing to be in my shoe.

I don’t quite fancy cute guys or something, but I guess there’s something that got me connected to Rodney. For Crush sake! I’ve been crushing for this guy since I was 3 and I never for once met him. Pathetic right? My dad never permit me to attend any of his shows, I can remember vividly when he had a concert in the city, I tried my possible best to sneak out but unfortunately for me, I was caught and I was grounded for straight 2weeks.


ever since I give up and ride on with my loner life. I was still in my deep thought when a car suddenly halted in front of me and not just a car I mean a fascinating and breathtaking one. Oh my world… Obviously the car owner is stinkingly rich. I was still admiring the car when a guy in black suit suddenly alighted from the expensive car, he walked to the other side of the car and pull the side door revealing the only person that is capable of stealing my last breath,
“What?!” I shrieked

💏My Celebrity crush💘
Episode Two
(He’s a jerk)
Tamara’s POV
“What?” I shrieked
This can’t be true. I mean if this is one of my dreams then I should better wake up already. I batted my eyelashes rapidly to ensure i am not dreaming, But Hell no! I am not dreaming right now, the Almighty Rodney Shaw is standing few meters away from my working place.

Without thinking, I scurried to where he’s standing and jumped on him happily.
His guard tried pushing me away but I didn’t oblige.
What a dream come true! Who would have thought I would be embracing Rodney right now, inhaling his massive scent. I couldn’t help but smile sheepishly to myself. I was brought out of my thought when someone pushed me with force and before I knew it, I was on the bare floor.


That hurts” I groaned loudly. But he only gave me a hard long stare and I couldn’t even remove my gaze from his perfect spine. We stared at each other face for what seems like forever. He adjusted his suit and with that he walked away with his guard.
“What a jerk!” I muttered. The least he could have done is to say “Hi” I thought inwardly. I stood on my feet and clean myself before dragging myself into the workshop
“Hey!” Alicia my colleague greeted cheerfully.
“Hi” I returned the greeting with a light smile. Just hoping no one saw the incident that transpired between Rodney and I. But hold on, what the heck is he doing in this neighborhood. He’s not suppose be in this area walking freely without hiding his face or something.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I jerked up immediately.
Oh.. Alicia was still talking.
“Why did you zone out? ” she asked
“What are you thinking about?” She added

I just smiled and shook my head.
“It’s nothing Alicia” I replied
She rolled her big eyes on me and I laughed.
“You know you look funny when doing that right?” I told her but she only shrugged. I know she’s not satisfied with my reply, she’s the only person I confined in, she truly cares about me and I do appreciate that most times. But telling her I was embarrassed by the guy i love with all my heart is out of it. She wouldn’t even believe me. She might say it was one of my daydream.
I changed into staff wears and head out take orders.
Working was moving smoothly but I couldn’t stop thinking about my encounter with Rodney. I never imagined to meet him in such a way. Though, I normally heard he’s so arrogant but I didn’t believe it until today. But nevertheless, I still count myself lucky. Meeting him this morning is just so great! A smile crept on my face when I reminisced about the hug I gave him, maybe he wouldn’t have pushed me away had it been I didn’t jump on him but I couldn’t contain my happiness. I laughed out loud when I remembered how he pushed me away. So funny!


was so surprised when I realized that customers gaze are on me. “What’s up with them? ” oh.. the laugh? Is it that loud? I asked myself.

I bowed a little and they all continued with their businesses. I turned to leave feeling ashamed of myself. I was on my way to the staff quarter when I bumped into Alicia. Thank goodness the hot coffee didn’t pour on me.
“Gosh!”I groaned
“Sorry about that” Alicia said to me before leaving.
“Clumsy Mara” I muttered before leaving for where I was going.
I returned to my seat after giving the customers their orders and all of a sudden, everywhere became silent. Oops! What could be the problem? I sprang on my feet and step out to satisfy my curiosity.

And there he was, standing gloriously with his hands tucked in his pocket and looking more handsome than earlier. I saw this face this morning but it was not as handsome as this one I am staring at right now. So it was not an imagination after all. I really saw him this morning.

“But what is he doing here in this old fashioned coffee shop?” i asked no one in particular.
I was lost staring at him that I didn’t even notice Alicia presence. She was also drooling at the sight before her. Only a blind person won’t drool right now.
Gazes from all angle are centered on him but he seem less bothered as he just keep his straight face.
He suddenly made a move and started approaching us.

Please don’t tell me he’s here to arrest me for jumping on him this morning. Oh Mara.. You are doomed!

I gulped nervous.
I couldn’t move, my feet were just glue to the tiled floor.
My heart won’t just stop racing so fast.
Oh goodness.. What’s this?
We are just an inch away from each other.
His gaze on me was so intensed that I felt shiver.
He closed up the space between us without removing his gaze from my face.

“Get me a cup of coffee” He ordered with cold and authoritative voice.

Sha don’t embarrass yourself again😂

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