My Dream High School

My dream high school episode 22

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💠💠My Dream High School💠💠
🔥🔥Chapter 22🔥🔥

💦Noel’s POV💦

After mak!ng a ch!nese food order and f!nish!ng it up at th£ d!nn!ng, I went [email protected]¢k to my room and had a teeth brush and a shower which I ₱v||ed !nto a blue pajamas after.
I picked my phone from th£ b£d and walked ©vt of my room and straight to my ₱|@y room.
No pa!nt!ngs yet, only if I could br!ng Sophia over for us to do that togeth£r.
I sat on th£ piano stool and turned on th£ piano, ₱|@yed some keys and started a song.
!nto th£ soft s1©w song, my phone rang.
I left th£ keyboard to pick th£ call.
pick!ng up my phone, it was ‘Mom’
I recalled $h£ haven’t s£nt me th£ fvll story ab©vt [email protected] Kenson and what th£y had togeth£r. Neith£r have I told h£r ab©vt h¡s brief biography that I read on google.
“h£llo son.” Mom said immediately I picked up h£r call.
“Mom” I said.
“How are you do!ng? I’m so worried ab©vt you son. ” $h£ said.
“I’m okay. I should be m©r£ concerned ab©vt you mom.” I said.
“Your dad is still hold!ng firm to th£ divorce even though i’ve expla!ned everyth!ng to h¡m. I love your dad so much Noel but h£ really wants th¡s divorce. I’m s¢ar£d, I can’t do anyth!ng anym©r£.” $h£ said.
“What did you expla!n to h¡m.” I asked.
“I emailed th£m to you before call!ng.” $h£ said.
“Alright, I’ll ch£ck th£m.” I said.
“How do liv!ng alone feel?” $h£ asked.
“Get bored at times, but freedom is sure.” I said.
“You should get a same street friend you know, and tell Sam to always come @r0vnd.” Mom said.
“I have o– Never m!nd mom.” I couldn’t tell h£r ab©vt Sophia. Not after I promised Sophia not to let anyone know.
Tell!ng mom would be break!ng my promise to Sophia.
“What is that son?” Mom asked.
“It’s noth!ng mom. I was actually ₱|@y!ng keys wh£n you called.” I said with a smile.
“Oh I miss watch!ng you do that.” $h£ said.
“I miss you mom.” I said.
Seconds later, th£ call dropped and I c|¡¢ked on my Email and opened th£ files and pictures attachment s£nt by mom.
Th£ picture are [email protected] Kenson’s.
I read th£ files gently.

Before I met George, [email protected] Kenson was my lover. I fell !nlove with h¡m dur!ng th£ times my fath£r’s illness was be!ng treated by h¡m.
h£ was [email protected] and was perfect !n h¡s work.
My dad liked h¡m and wanted h¡m for me.
I fell !nlove with h¡m and forced myself on h¡m with©vt know!ng that h£ feels noth!ng for me.
h£ made me believe h£ loves me and used me and before I found ©vt ab©vt h¡s fake feel!ngs, I had already gotten pregnant for h¡m which th£ baby was you Noel.
h£ told me h£ wants no baby yet and that awful night h£ told me that was th£ day I met George Bernste!n.
I was at th£ bar, fill!ng myself with lots of alcohol and too drunk to stand, wh£n I felt a man seat opposite me…
I couldn’t talk, I j√$t kept dr!nk!ng and my sight kept gett!ng m©r£ blur.
Th£ next day, I woke up !n a soft b£d, [email protected]£d.
George slept with me !n my state of drunkness, with thoughts that I’m a prostitute gett!ng my self drunk cos no customer came by.
I cried and yelled at h¡m that I’m not.
I lied to h¡m that I was angered by my dad, but I never mentioned to h¡m ab©vt [email protected]
Luckily for me, George fell !n love with me few days later and wh£n I saw h£ is s!ncerely !n love with me, I made h¡m believe h£’s th£ one responsible for my pregnancy.
We got married weeks later and three years after, I found ©vt [email protected] and George are enemies.
I avoided meet!ng [email protected] by any way or form but I knew h£ had found ©vt I got married to George already.
h£ met me many times and threatened to end George life if I don’t give you to h¡m but I couldn’t do that and I also couldn’t tell George ab©vt it.
Ab©vt h¡m not be!ng your real fath£r but [email protected]
I was so afraid that George would hate me and hate you.
I didn’t want to loose h¡m. I loved h¡m so much.
Years later, [email protected] tried kill!ng George but h£ failed and got arrested, h£ was questioned but somehow, I made h¡m not to reveal th£ reasons why h£ wanted George dead.
I secretly paid off th£ lawyers and [email protected] was released.
Th£n months later, we h£ard that h£ had been sh°t dead.
But now, your dad knows everyth!ng.
And h£ th!nks I was beh!nd [email protected]’s death but I’m not.
I have no idea how [email protected] was murdered.
I have no idea.

I breath£d !n and th£n ©vt wh£n I was
done read!ng th¡s.
I j√$t read ©vt th£ truth ab©vt me and s!ncerely, I can’t blame mom neith£r can I blame dad.
[email protected] must have been such an a$$h0l£.
Such people doesn’t deserve to live..
I hate h¡m for refus!ng and deny!ng me.
For not be!ng happy that I was formed.
A cute creature !n mom’s stomach£ th£n.
What an a$$h0l£.
“I’m so happy h£ had to die. h£ doesn’t deserve a life. Mom loved h¡m but h£ never saw that. How dare h¡m come years later to ask for me. Whoever killed h¡m did a clean job.” I said.
I don’t blame mom. $h£ wanted th£ best for me.
$h£ was s¢ar£d to loose ‘dad’
Yes h£’s my dad and I would never stop call!ng h¡m ‘dad.
$h£ was afraid that tell!ng h¡m ab©vt my real fath£r would make h¡m hate h£r, leave h£r, divorce h£r and hate me.
I don’t blame dad eith£r, h£’s j√$t act!ng ©vt of anger.
I th!nk I should talk to h¡m.

💦Olivia’s POV💦

“h£llo Tristan.” I said !nto th£ phone.
I have to let h¡m know that I might not be !n school tomorrow.
“Wow, it’s late Olivia. I was already sleep!ng.” h¡s sleepy voice came !n.
“Yes, I want to let you know that I might not be !n school tomorrow. So could you please learn all th£ th!ngs Mr Grant and Ms Cal!n is go!ng to teach tomorrow. I hate those two subjects you know.” I said.
Geometry and h¡story.
“Why? are you ill, what is th£ matter Olivia?” h£ asked worriedly.
“I’m f!ne Tristan. Remember th£ cleaner job?” I said.
“Yes I do.” h£ answered.
“I th!nk I’m go!ng for it.” I said, gr!nn!ng.
“Olivia.. seriously you can’do that. You are be!ng desperate.” h£ said.
“I’m not. Tristan it’s an opportunity for me. I can’t miss it.” I said.
“Olivia be ¢ar£ful.” h£ said.
“Yeah.” I smiled.
“What did your parents say?” h£ asked.
“Dad is afraid for me but mom wants me to do th¡s.” I said.
“Well Goodluck Olivia. Be¢ar£ful. I wouldn’t want anyth!ng bad happen!ng to you. I lo… I ¢ar£ ab©vt you.” h£ said.
I smiled.
But th£re was someth!ng h£ wanted to say before ‘I ¢ar£ ab©vt you’
what could that be?
Well, I shrugged it off and exhaled.
“Yeah I will. Take ¢ar£ bye. I have to sleep..Goodnight.” I said all quickly.
“Goodnight Olivia.” Tristan said and I dropped th£ call.
I was !n th£ bathroom all th¡s while.
I walked ©vt and turned off th£ light. Th£n went over to th£ b£d, [email protected] d©wΠ and put on th£ b£dside lamp.
“Uhhh..” I breath£d.
Am I sure ab©vt th¡s?
Yes ofcourse I am.
“No one would know it’s you. You look totally different.” I recall th£ words mom said after I tried th£ disguise makeup.
“Except th£ h£ight.” Gboy had said with a giggle.
Dad said noth!ng.
“My name would still be Olivia but I’ll change th£ surname to..” I had thought for awhile.
“Kenson. Olivia Kenson.” I had said with a smile.
“Wow.. that sounds like a rich name.” Mom had said with a gr!n.
“You should change your First name as well.” Dad had f!nally spoke.
I shook my h£ad.
“No.” I said.
“Practice.” Gboy said with a giggle.
“Practice what?” I threw at h¡m.
“Action!” h£ said and I laugh£d, gett!ng what h£ meant.
I should demostrate all I’m go!ng to do tomorrow !n MacHills High !n my disguise step and manner.
I know Ella can’t h£ar all th¡s cos $h£’s upstairs while we are d©wΠstairs !n dad and mom’s room.
I wallked over to th£ door and from th£re, I did a new walk over to th£m.
“Go do it aga!n.” Mom had said and I walked [email protected]¢k to th£ door !n th£ same step and came [email protected]¢k !n th£ same walk!ng step.
“So good.” Mom had said with an a$$ur!ng smile.

Dad promised to give me money to go buy a dress and new shoes !n th£ morn!ng.
I’m so happy cos I’m f!nally go!ng to enter !nto MacHills, not !n th£ car trunk and [email protected]¢kseat of th£ car anym©r£ but with my feet, stepp!ng firmly or maybe nervously on th£ marbled floor of my dream high school, !nto th£ school build!ng and over to th£ office of th£ sanitary Director for an !nterview, even though I’m gonna be totally disguised as ‘Olivia Kenson’ and not as my real ‘Olivia Greene’
It’s totally a chance for me.
A chance I can’t miss.. To see my dream high school, work !n my dream high school s!nce I have no opportunity to school th£re but I have an opportunity to work th£re.
And meet Sophia, Sam and amaz!ngly, my pr!nce charm!ng.
I smiled broadly as I imag!ned myself clean!ng through th£ hallway, th£n I’do sl¡p and [email protected]|| only to [email protected]|| !nto th£ strong arms of my Pr!nce charm!ng. Noel.
Well, Olivia go to sleep………..


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