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My Fairytale batch 12


My Fairytale

Episode 22 🦄🍭🗼..

“You know.. recently.. I feel like she’s with us.. I know this sounds crazy but.. Everytime I see Mia.. I always remember Jane.. and it feels like I’ve known her all my life” he said looking into my eyes.. “yeah.. me too, I thought I was the only one who felt that way..” I replied.. “do you maybe think.. that Mia is Jane?”.. he asked with a raised brow.. making him look more handsome.. “what.. that’s not possible.. Jane is dead and we all know that.. although they didn’t find her body.. I mean the police searched everywhere.. they posted her pictures on billboards, television and even announced it on the radio.. for five good years.. if she was alive, we would have found her a long time ago” I said and turned to face the city lights.. I sighed and continued.. “for years I watched aunt Eleanor cry every day and night.. calling the police Everytime, asking if they’ve found her little girl.. “her princess”.. like she always called her.. I watched her walk into Jane’s room and hold or touch every clothes, toys and other stuffs, crying silently” I stopped and Cleaned my eyes.. I hate it when I remember these things.. I remember seeing the big smile on dad’s face when he saw aunt Ellie crying.. and after 10 years, he somehow managed to get uncle Micheal to make me his heir and betroth me to my best friend ‘sky’ since aunt Ellie couldn’t concieve.. oh I hate those memories… I cleaned my eyes and more tears poured out.. I felt his hands on mine.. I turned to look at his face and tears trickled down from his eyes.. “it’s okay Mildred.. it’s all in the past now” he whispered pulling me into a hug.. “I miss her so much, Syd.. why did she leave us like that, why did she have to die so young?.. I was happy to have a big sister.. I wanted us to grow up together, go places together.. and do a lot of crazy things.. but fate just ruined everything for us”.. I said and broke down completely.. “it’s okay.. Mildred, it’s okay.. everything is gonna be fine” he whispered. .. slowly brushing my hair backwards..

*After a while*…

“So.. you really want to shoot with Adrian?” He asked.. “yes of course.. he’s the second best male model in the world, shooting a commercial with him.. will place me in a very high position” I reply.. “mmh, whatever” he said and rolled his eyes.. the door opened and we both turned to see Lia Walk in with a tray containing a big bowl of cookies, a pack of apple juice and three glasses.. she smiled and walked into balcony.. she placed the tray on the small table.. which had four chairs.. “come on.. Mildred, come and eat” she said holding my hand.. “no.. Lia, I’m not hungry..” “yes you are.. you haven’t eaten since..Syd please tell her” she said looking at Syd.. “Mildred please eat something” he said looking at me with his cute eyes .. “okay, fine.. you win” we sat down on the chairs and Lia poured the juice in the glasses.. “so Lia, are you ready for your shoot?” Syd asked.. “well.. to be honest, I already feel so nervous” she replied..I laughed and looked at her.. “it’s okay to feel nervous Lia, I felt the same way on my first shoot.. but, when the cameras started clicking, I felt the tension leave my system.. so darling it’s gonna be okay.. besides you have to do your best.. I want you to get as much contracts as possible after this shoot.. music videos, movies, B.A’s, commercials, and I also want you to shoot commercials with the best male models.. like the Simon, Liam, Adrian and Danny Hoffman..” “wait.. Danny Hoffman? As in celine’s fiance.. the guy who was the main character in the African Arthur’s book?.. uhm Star Queen?” She asked with eyes wide open.. “yep” Syd replied.. “oh.. my goodness.. he’s real?” “Yes .. he is, Lia.. do your best and you’ll get the chance to have a shoot with him” I said picking another cookie.. “wow .. I can’t wait to see him” she said and I smiled.. “uhm, where’s Nicole?”.. “oh.. she’s with Simon.. in his room”

Episode 23🦄🍭🗼…

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“Okay.. ladies, I have to go to my room now.. I’m exhausted”.. “okay Syd.. goodnight” I said.. “goodnight” Mildred added.. “goodnight cuties” he replied and kissed my cheek .. he turned and did the same with Mildred.. “do dream about me” I yelled as he opened the room door.. “okay darling” he yelled back and closed the door.., I turned to look at Mildred.. she looks so moody.. “hey.. are you okay” I asked closing the pack of juice.. “uhm.. yeah,” she said and smiled lightly.. “is it about the spaghetti?” I asked again.. “uhm, no.. ” she replied and tied her robe again.. “okay.. but if it is… You don’t have to feel bad.. I understand, and you know what?” I asked holding her hand.. “what?” “I’ll teach you how to cook.. you’ve helped me alot.. so this will be a little way of saying thank you”. “Are you serious?” She asked cheerfully.. “yep” “oohh Lia, you’re the best .. thank you so much”.. “I should be the one saying thank you.. Mildred”….

We talked about random stuffs for a while.. and finally slept off…



*Next morning.. 8: 46am*..

I opened my eyes and looked around.. my head feels so heavy.. and I feel so thirsty.. I looked at the clock.. *8:46*?.. seriously, did I sleep that long.. I looked around the room.. no sign of Mildred.. I knocked on the bathroom door “Mildred, Mildred are you in there” no response.. I looked around for a while and walked downstairs.. voices were coming from the kitchen.. I walked in and everyone was there except for Nicole.. “oh.. good morning Ami” .. “morning Simon” I walked to the fridge and picked a bottle of cold water.. “I thought you were gonna sleep till noon” Syd said smiling.. “I wish I did..” I said and finished the whole can of water.. “wow.. someone woke up really thirsty, are you okay Lia?..” “yes I am.. sky”..”Lia.. you should mind the quantity of water you take in” Mildred stated.. stirring her coffee.. “yes mom”.. I replied and they started laughing.. “okay.. quick question?” I said sitting on the chair with my legs crossed.. “what?” Syd asked.. “why are you guys here.. I mean aren’t you guys going to work?”.. “today is Sunday Mia.. who goes to work on Sunday?”.. “oh.. I thought it was Friday” I said and scratched my hair.. “well it is for the both of us” Mildred said giving me a cup of coffee.. “what.. I thought you said we were through with the training?” “Yes. .we are.. but we have to go to the fashion house today, for the amendments and the rest.. besides I need to introduce you to Aunt Eleanor..”.. “oh.. okay”.. I sipped the coffee and immediately spit it out.. “Mildred.. this isn’t coffee” I half yelled.. “yes.. I know” ” then what is it?”.. Sky asked looking at her.. “it is a tea, that would help her burn fat”…”let me see” he said and tried to take the cup from my hand.. and I moved back swiftly.. “you can’t taste it Sky.. please don’t taste it” “give me the cup Lia” “Sky.. please, don’t drink it . I am trying to save you” I said and ran to the other side of the kitchen.. “come on Ami.. just give the niggar what he wants” Simon said smiling mischievously.. “no I can’t” I said and ran to the other side.. “come on Mia.. he’s a man.. give it to him”.. “okay fine.. take it.. I tried my best ” I said and gave him the cup.. he poured all the liquid into his mouth and his facial expression changed instantly.. Simon was already laughing hard .. while Mildred held her stomach laughing.. I tried my best to hold myself.. I watched as Skyler ran to the sink and poured everything out. . after which he rinsed his mouth.. he turned to Mildred and glared at her.. “Mildred, that is the most bitter substance I have ever tasted” he said.. “tell me about it, it’s very bitter” I added.. “well you better get used to it, because that’s what you’ll be drinking every morning” “what!.. Mildred that’s not fair”.. I said and pouted my lips.. Syd smiled and picked his coffee.. “being a model isn’t easy.. sweet heart” Simon continued. And I rolled my eyes at him.. “so where’s miss world?” “She went home early this morning.. she said she’ll see you guys at the fashion house” “okay.. so who’s coming with us?”.. Mildred asked.. “me.. I wanna see Eleanor.. it’s been long I saw her” sky said.. “yes.. me too” Simon added.. Mildred looked at Syd.. with a “what about you” kind of look … “I am already there Mildred” he said and she smiled.. “that’s great.. anyways I’m gonna get some groceries after the meeting with Eleanor… and you boys are coming with me” I said and winked at them..


To be continued ..

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