My Family Doctor

My Family Doctor – episode 6

My family Doctor
Episode 6

Dennis: what do you think you’re doing?
Sarah: what?
Dennis: you don’t have any right to touch my phone you know?
Sarah: am sorry, bye.(turns to live)
Dennis: come back here!
Sarah: and do what?
Dennis: are you going to tell your Mum?
Sarah: why would i?
Dennis: Good, cause they’ll blame you if you tell them.
Sarah: why would they blame me?
Dennis: I’ll tell them you asked me to have s€× with you.
Sarah: what?!
Dennis: yeah.
Sarah: why did you do it? did i do anything to you?
Dennis: am not in the mood to answer that kind of question.
Sarah: okay then.(she had wanted to leave again when a lady came in carrying her luggage, she dropped her bag and hugged Dennis and they k-ssed each other)
Dennis: this is my girlfriend Miranda.
Sarah: okay.
Miranda: who is she?
Dennis: i told you that am someone’s family doctor right?
Miranda: yeah you did.
Dennis: she’s their daughter and they live in the next district.
Miranda: nice meeting you.
Sarah: i hope you enjoy your stay.
Miranda: i will, thanks, what’s your name?
Sarah: Sarah.
Miranda: nice name.
Sarah: thanks bye.(she went outside and started crying)
Two weeks later, she tried her best to forget everything and move on, she made new friends in the district, one was Jake, their new neighbor, she was taking a walk with Jake one day when they saw Dennis with his girlfriend, she greeted them.
Sarah: good day doctor and aunt Miranda.
Miranda: it’s been two weeks since i saw you, where have you been?
Sarah: in our house.
Miranda: and you don’t visit us?
Sarah: do you want me to visit? or maybe come for a holiday in the house and stay for a while?
Miranda: you’re funny, but your house is just down there?
Sarah: it doesn’t matter.
Miranda: will your let you do that?
Sarah: there’s a lady in the house, so she will.
Miranda: okay then, I’ll be expecting you tomorrow.
Sarah: so fast?
Miranda: yeah.
Sarah: no problem then, bye!(she left with Jake and he asked her)
Jake: who are they?
Sarah: that’s our family doctor and his girlfriend.
Jake: i kinda like the Lady tho.
Sarah: hey she’s older than you.
Jake: am 24.
Sarah: and so?
Jake: i can date any girl i want, you’re the kid here.
Sarah: don’t call me that!
Jake: or what will happen?
Sarah: am serious.
Jake: okay ma.( starts leaving and she followed him)
Dennis got home few minutes later with Miranda and he asked her.
Dennis: why did you ask that girl to come here and stay with us?
Miranda: i just like her.
Dennis: and so what?
Miranda: what’s wrong with it?
Dennis: that girl isn’t who you think she is and she’s not staying in my house!
Miranda: then I’ll live?
Dennis: what?
Miranda: yeah i just need someone to stay with.
Dennis: but you go to work and i work too, she’ll be alone here.
Miranda: we’ll see her when we come back from work.
Dennis: she can just visit!
Miranda: no(walks out on him)
Dennis: no problem then, she’ll stay…….


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