My life in Royal Hill high School

My life in Royal Hill high School – episode 7

My life in Royal Hill High School
Written by Humble Smith
Episode 7
Jeremy’s POV continues
I peered into her eyes waiting for her answer anxiously,
I don’t know what made me to ask this from her, I don’t know why I wants her to be my friend, I can’t even say what difference I found in her,
She is beautiful but not as beautiful as Lisa,
Just a glance at her, I had found myself unconsciously falling for her,
“I need an answer from you, please say something” I urged breathing heavily,
“Why do you want me to be your friend, I learnt you detest Nigerian, you hates them with passion, what then are you insinuating.. I’m a Nigerian, a poor one, I’m a hawker hated by almost everyone in this school, I’m not classic or rich, what then do you see in me that made you want a friendsh¡p with me.. I don’t think I can accept that” she said calmly with her head bowed slightly,
“I’m also as confused as you are, I don’t know why I wants you to be my friend..I.. don’t just know” I said with a sigh and slumped on the bench then buried my head on my palm,
What is really wrong with me??
I can’t ascertain!!
“Jeremy” I heard her call my name and felt my heart miss beat, the way she called the name made it look sweet, her voice was so calm and soothing,
“Anne” I called back turning my gaze to her,
“Please can you do something for me” she said taking a seat beside me,
“What is it?” I asked curiously,
“I’m a poor girl..I’m a hawker, I am in this school by scholarsh¡p, I am here to read and acquire knowledge, the last thing I would want is to get into trouble that would terminate my stay in this school, this very school had always been my dream school, I am ready to do anything to always stay here.. there is no doubt you are cute, you are the most cutest guy I’ve ever seen, I would really love to be your friend but I can’t, I’m nit ready to enter any sort of relationsh¡p not when you are the center of attraction, now Jeremy, I want you to please kill every feeling you have for me, I don’t suit you, I’m not your type, I’m not your taste, please just let me be, find a way to hate me..” she said and turned to leave but I caught her hand and drew her backwardly making her fall freely on my body, I hugged her tightly to my self feeling the warmth in my heart,
“Jeremy” she called and I broke the hug making her find the chance of running off,

 Anne’s POV
What is this?
What is even wrong?
What is the problem? Why does he wants to put me into trouble?
The last thing I would ever do is to ever accept him when I vividly know the consequences,
I walked over to the class feeling perturbed, I can’t think straight anymore, I feel pained,
Deep in,side my heart, I know quite well that I love that guy, I love him so much but I can’t be with him, I can’t just put myself into trouble by accepting him,
On entering the class, i found some few students in different groups discussing among themselves, I wish I’m like them, I wish I can seat with them and join their discussion, but I can’t, they all hates me,
As I sat on my seat and made to bend my head on my desk, two girls walked up to me,
“How can I help you girls” I said with a little smile which quickly faded as I saw how mean their face,
“You’re Anne the hawker right?” One of them with a long dark hair sneered
“My name is Anne only please” I said calmly getting a little bit pissed up,
“Your name is but your life depends on that rotten fruits you sells at the gate of this school” she blurted loudly and everyone in the class burst into laughter leaving me embarrassed,
“I wonder how many men you slept with to be able to attend this school” the other girl said and another laughter erupted,
“She is even smelling” a guy ch¡pped in
“Her sandals is even like a boat..haaah” another guy said and everyone laughed again,
I felt so much embarrassed and ashamed of myself, everyone in the class are all throwing hurtful words at me without thinking of my feelings,
I felt tears warming up in my eyes, I felt like crying, the way they were all abusing me is so painful that I wish the ground would just open and swallow me,
“Can you all just let me be!!!!” I yelled out tears
“Ohh no, you’re too poor to be with us, you don’t have a place here” a guy with a punk hair shouted and everyone shouted back in approval,
“Her place is in the market not here!!” Another voice retorted
“Please leave us, your colongne is digusting”
“She looks like a old woman!”
Omg, this is just too much for me, I can’t bear it,
No no no, I bend down my head on my locker and broke down in tears,
Just as I layed my head there, I felt a slippery substance spurt all over me, it was a raw egg, I looked up in tears and saw Lisa laughing at me with the other students,
“Why did you pour that” I mumbled with a heart eyes,
“Ohh no, I thought you are a waste bin, you know your scent is very much irritating” she said to me and everyone laughed out loud,
“What is my wrong? What did I do to you, why doing all this to me, why!!” I said in tears,
“You don’t know your wrong? Okay let me tell started wronging me that very moment you sat with my boyfriend Jeremy, why should it be you, why did he allowed only you to sit with him, why did you agreed sitting with him, why?? You know how poor and wretched you are and still yet you went ahead and sat with him, you could have let him know your stand, you could have let him know that you are nothing but a poor hawker” Lisa said with a smirk,
“What if I tell you that he all ready knew, yeah he knew I was a hawker, he knows I’m poor, even before I came to this school, he had seen me hawking..stop all this maltreatment, if you wants me to leave this seat, I would, I will leave it for peace to reign please” I muffled and stood up heartbrokened,
I carried my bag in tears and made to walk away but just then someone held my hand,
I turned and found the person to be Jeremy,
He held my hand passionately with his eyes peering into mine,
“You are not going anywhere.. you will always be beside me, no one, I mean no one will send you away beside me” he said and hugged me,
Ohhhhh God!! what just happened.


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