My ugly face episode 6







A month later, Catherina got her first salary and fulfilled the promise she made to Jackson by sending him to school within that month things were moving so beautiful and smoothly at the boutique the most happiest part of it all people were able to understand that Catherina was not a monster rather a human being like them so they stopped running away and being scared of her.

Madam Risa grown so fond of them,she took Catherina and Jackson like her own family,she is indeed a good hearted woman even when Catherina suggested to her for them to leave the house and rent their own apartment Madam Risa object to her decision she told them they are now family her house belong to them too, Catherina is so greatful to meet such a good woman like her.

📞 Dude where are you nah?
Dan asked Charles his childhood friend,he came back from LA(Los Angeles) he decided to give his friend a shock surprise.

📞 Am in the house! What happen?
Charles asked being so confused about his question.

📞 I have been calling you and you are not picking”
Dan sounded and lean on his car.

📞 Oh! it meant be when I was in the shower”
He answered.

📞 Charles my Mom has been knocking on the gate no response so they decided to call me and Inform you since they don’t have your contact”
He sounded with smiles.

📞 Oh my God! Am damn sorry nobody is at home let me hurry and get the gate”
He sounded and hanged up the call.

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He threw his phone on the bed and worn cloth immediately to get the gate.

Charles was opening the gate and apologizing at the same time.

“Am so sorry,I was at the shower when you are knocking on the gate and nobody was at home only me sorry for keeping you waiting outside here”
Charles apologized as Dan laughed silently.

Charles opened the gate and got the shock of his life,
“Blood of Jesus! Am I dreaming or what?
He shouted being so astonished,the shocked that was written all his face was so funny.

Dan bursted out laughing,
“No Dude! you are not dreaming this is me fresh and blood”
He sounded while laughing.

“Nope! I can’t believe this! You called me on phone and told me your Mom is outside waiting then you”
Charles sounded being so confused.

Dan laughed and said to him,
“That’s a surprise prank Charles”

“What type of surprise prank is this? I can’t believe this you told me that you will be coming ending of this month, what happen?
He asked being so surprised and confused too.

“Nothing happen! I can’t stand Mother’s wahala anymore come back home I want to see you,come back home Daniel that’s what she has been ringing on my ear like song lyrics”
He said as they laughed.

“Bro you shocked me ooo! By the way welcome back”
Charles sounded and gave him a hug.

Dan laughed and sounded,
“I know it go na shock you that’s why I decided to give you a surprise prank”

“Abeg Bro may you no try this type of surprise prank again ooo,did you know I nearly fainted thinking is your ghost I saw giving me a final good bye”
Charles sounded.

Dan laughed and laughed,
“Why you no faint nah?
He asked and laughed out.

Charles laughed and said,
“Bro on a serious note this surprise prank no balance at all I almost flick out”

“Okay I don hear,see Bro did you know any boutique that have classic designs clothes I can do shopping I didn’t bring much cloth?
He asked.

“Yeah i know! There’s this boutique down the road I know they will have your taste”
He said.

“Okay but have you shop there before?
He asked.

“No be person wan get money dey do shopping? Bro did you know the last time I change my wardrobe? last two years oo”
Charles sounded being so serious.

“You dey serious or na joke be this?
Daniel asked being confused.

“So since wan I dey tell you for phone say your boy no dey sharp again things no balance well for me you think say I dey joke?
He asked.

“Okay you know what we will discuss it later but as for now let go and the shopping”
He said as they went inside the car and drove out.

Charles and Dan got to Madam Risa’s boutique,at the moment they stepped in Catherina lost her speech,she couldn’t stop starring at Charles,her heart started beating so fast like a drum when he was approaching to her.

“Hey we want to buy some UK unique designers clothes”
Dan said to her but she was lost, her mind is no longer there with them,she couldn’t stop starring and admiring Charles with smiles.

Dan repeated himself again but her mind is still in the thought world.

Charles and Dan gave each other a confusingly look,
“What’s wrong with this girl? Why is she starring at you?
Dan asked being confused.

“Nope! She can’t be starring at me,you are the one she is starring at”
Charles sounded.

“But why the stares? We are the one that suppose to stare at her damn ugly face”
Dan sounded being so pissed off with the stares.

Dan gave a flick with his finger calling back her attention,
“Are you deaf or dumb? Why are starring at us like a fool?
Dan shouted.

“Am so so sorry Sirs! Please forgive my manners,Pls what did you want Sirs?
She apologized still glancing at Charles.

“We need Uk unique designers clothes”
Charles answered.

“Oh my gosh! his voice is so sweet!
She mumbled with smiles.

“What did you say?
Dan asked.

“Sir I said you are in the right place,go over there and make your choice”
She said with smiles pointing at the direction they will go.

They moved to the direction and started their shopping,
“You can change your wardrobe too,don’t be sacred the bill is on me”
Dan sounded with you.

“It will definitely be on you nah”
Charles sounded.

Catherina couldn’t stop starring and admiring Charles it was so obvious that she has fallen for him in a twinkle of an eye.

After they shopping they went to pay,
“What’s our bill?
Dan asked.

She cross checked the clothes they brought and gave them the bill,

“Sir did you want to pay in cash,transfer or pay with your account?
Catherina asked with smiles hoping for Charles to answer him to hear his sweet voice again.

“Please answer me I want to hear your voice again”
She mumbled with smiles.

“I will to do transfer”
Dan answered and she felt so sad.

She sounded sadly and brought machine,Dan inserted his card and payed.

The stares was became so unbearable for Charles he lost it and shouted at her,
“Hey Miss! Enough of this starring! What is all this? have you not seen a cute guy before? Don’t you know this ugly face is disgusting and making me to throw up? rubbish!

Catherina felt so sad and even wanted to cry but she held herself,she packed the clothes and gave them,they made their way out from the boutique.

“He is so harsh! he shouted at me harshly,what a rude guy? I thought he will be nice”
She sounded being so sad and sighted something.

“He even left his face towel here”
She picked up and sighed.

“Dude is so obvious that girl likes you”
Dan sounded as they got into the car.

“Which girl likes me?
He asked.

“The starring girl nah, can’t you see that the stares wasn’t ordinary? She likes that’s why she keep on staring at you”
Dan said.

“God Forbid! I rebuke it in Jesus Name!
He shouted.

Dan laughed out and asked,
“Why are rebuking it? Is she not a human being?

“Dude that girl is damn ugly I mean so so ugly like chimpanzee infact chimpanzee is beautiful to use as a comparison,can’t you see she got a monster face I wonder the type of planet she came from?
Charles shouted with this disgusting look on his face.

“Her face meant be so ugly but what I know is that she is your beautiful crush”
Dan teased him.

“I reject it and I will keep on rejecting it,that monster can never be my crush,what will I do with a monster face? even if she is the only girl remaining in this world is better I die single then having anything to do with that face”
He shouted as Dan bursted out laughing.

“Dude take it easy ooo! All these words for a girl”
He laughed out.

“Good afternoon Aunty Catherina!
Jackson greeted her with a hug.

“Afternoon Jackson! How was school today?
She asked.

“School was good,let me go and greet Madam Risa”
He said dropped his backpack and went to Madam Risa’s office.

Few minutes later he went back to Catherina,he noticed the look on her face and asked,
“Aunty Catherina are you okay?

She smiled and said to him,
“Yes am fine”

“I don’t think you are fine,don’t face looks otherwise so sad,did something happen?
He asked being so concerned.

“No Jackson! Nothing happen okay”

“I don’t believe that Aunty Catherina, something bad really happen,did somebody mistook you as a monster? please tell me nah you know I don’t like seeing this sadness on your face”
He said.

“I will tell you later just go and get yourself lunch let me attain to this costumer that’s coming”
She said and gave him some money to buy lunch.

He went out.

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At bedtime, Catherina couldn’t stop thinking about Charles they way she felt when she saw him and whenever she remembered the harsh words he said to her,she will sighed with a sad face.

“Aunty Catherina I thought we are family,we are meant to share things and not hiding things from each other then why are you hiding things from me?
Jackson asked at the moment he came out from the toilet.

“Am not hiding anything from you Jackson”
She said to him.

“If you are not hiding anything from me then why did you refused to tell me what got you so sad?
He asked and jumped on the bed.

She smiled and asked,
“Is that why you said that? Come here”

He went closed to her as she rest his head on her shoulder.

“Am not hiding anything from you okay”
She said caressing his hair.

“Okay but I still need to know why you are sad”

“Nothing that serious Jackson”
She said probably avoiding to tell him but Jackson was smart to understand what she was doing.

“Aunty Catherina I still want to know the unserious that gave you a sad mood,please tell me nah”
He said.

Catherina breathed and told him what happened at the boutique.

“Wow! Aunty Catherina did you mean to tell me that you fell in love with the guy at the moment you saw him?
He asked paying full attention to hear the love gist.

“I don’t know what I felt when I met him I don’t know if it’s love or admiring his cute face”
She said.

“Since the thought of him is still in your mind it meant that what you meant for him is love I know am too tender to be talking about love but my late brother that’s much older than me educated about love”
He said to her.

“Even if is love I felt for him the feelings is gone already because he shouted at me harshly,he is not a nice person”
She sounded.

“But Aunty Catherina you made him to shout at you, put yourself in his shoe how will you feel when someone stares at you making you to feel so uncomfortable?

“But that shouldn’t make him to insult me because of my look”

“Yeah he crossed the line he shouldn’t have insulted you but all the same we have to find out if what you are feeling for him is love”
He said.

“What I feel for him is nothing so let forget about it”
She said.

“Okay let see how it goes then,Good night”
He said and pecked her on the cheek and lie down.

Catherina lay down and couldn’t stop thinking about Charles with smiles until she slept off.