New Girl On Block

New Girl On Block – episode 3

New girl on block
Episode 3

Emma pov
I left the guy there I just couldn’t bear to see his face after wat he did I really hated him I set out to meet my parents I found them talking to a man my dad’s age I went there I greeted d man and he answered me he turned to my dad and asked him pls is dis your daughter u told me about my dad replied yes he said she looks beautiful I wish to have her as my daughter in law we all laughed he he n my parents were talking wen a woman about my mom’s age came to him and saying honey so dis is where u have been have been looking for u I guess she was his wife n I was right he introduced her to my parents as his wife I greeted her she looked at me then complimented me of my beauty I wonder y people always do dat was I dat beautiful seriously dont blame me I just see myself as an average looking girl but to others am wrong they talked with my parents for a while and left from their conversation I got to no dat we were going to have dinner in their house late after they left we left and went home I went ti take my bath and changed to something else something simple but very classy I got down and saw d my parrnts were already ready so we left

Elias pov
I opened d door to see my gateman he told me that some people weee looking for my dad I knew it was d expected visitors so I told him to let them in he left to open d gate for them while I left to call my dad n mom I met them in their bedroom I told them about d arrival of their visitors they dashed out outside to welcome them I quickly to meet them my dad open d door for the visitor and then they stepped out first a man of my dad’s age n then a woman of my mom’s age n then she entered

Emma pov
After coming back from church I quickly prepared since through d conversation my dad and his friend had I came to no dat that they invited us for dinner n my dad agreed that we were going I quickly freshed up did a little make up of just lip gloss I looked at myself in the mirror I was okay I dashed out to my parents they were waiting for me I thought we were going to take out care but we didn’t we walked with our legs so I knew for a fact that d house was close on our way to d house I got to no from my dad that his friend had a son of my age n also a daughter but she was elder than me I was eager to meet them I wanted new friends ever since we had relocated he I didn’t have a single friend I prayed silently for my dad friends children to like me so dat we coukd become friends at least I would have some friends d idea alone was perfect no untill we got to d house I walked In after my mom to see a surprise the boy bitcb who forceful k-ssed me I was so angry I wanted to go house but I had to behave my self for.for my parents
Elias pov I looked at her her eyed cleared showcase one feeling anger I was wandering wat she was doing here n then it hit me she was d suppose daughter of my dad’s friend damb I was in trouble cos I new dat if she caused a scene d blame would be all on me I prayed silently for it not to happen I greeted her parents introduced myself they also introduced their daughter whose name is emma nice name I told her she just faked a smile I went to call my parents they were happy to hear d couples arrival we all set out to d dinning table everyone expect emma and I I kept stealing glances at her so did she I was so lost In my thoughts daf I didn’t realise

Elias pov
During dinner I kept looking restless and quiet I looked at her she wad sitting face to face with me along d dinning table I was afraid cos I knew d if she was to tell me parents wat I did it could affect our parents relationship n my dad will be very angry at me cos I see from d way he talked about her dad he truely respected him d dinning table was so lively with different old stories been told by her dad n mine about their childhood together some of the stories were funny but I couldn’t concentrate I was so scared dinning was over n they were about to leave my dad walked them outside he asked them about their car n they said they walked my dad quickly offered them a ride but they said there house was just two blocks away they left I quickly went to my room the moment I locked my door I sighed I never knew I was holding my breath I had my bath n slept off I woke up d nxt morning feeling better I quickly got dressed ate breakfast and drove off to my school richmond high a sch was d rich
Emma pov
We got home after our dinning with the smith they were all nice except their stupid ohh sorry their son he is a jerk and I will hate him forever since we had already eaten I said gud night to my parent then went to my room I took my bath n slept off I woke up by d sound of my alarm I quickly rushed up got ready for my new sch I was nervous I had breakfast n left with my car

Emma pov
Here I was at the front of my new school without any friends at dat moment I missed my former sch and my friends I was wandering how to get to the principal office I went to the receptionist she gave me a map of the sch n I left
Ten minutes later
I kept trying to find d principals office but I still couldn’t I kept walking allover the sch I was tired so I decided to ask a student I saw a beautiful girl walking sorry catwalking down the hall way I politely greeted her gud morning she didn’t ans at first but I ignored it I asked her if she could show me d principal office she took me there and left I showed my appreciation I asked her for her name and she told me it was bella wat a nice name I told her I also told her my name before she left I went into d principals office to find a middle aged woman I quickly greeted her and she replied I introduced my self to her I showed her my form and she call d secretary to showed me my class teacher who would take me to my class I went into an office I found a young woman sitted typing on her laptop I gave her a note d principal gave me I introduced my self and from there I got to know that her name was miss success she shut down her laptop and took me to my class I entered the class every body was talking but d moment we entered they stopped I was looking through d call wen I foumd

Elias pov
Monday morning I was with my two best friends we were talking about what happened to each other n the weekend my two friends name are david and steve I told them about what happened between me and emma how I forced a k-ss on her how I got slapped how I tried to apologise in my church wen I sat her even about how I almost pissed myself wen she n her family came for dinner I just concluded telling them everything they didn’t say anything they just kept smiling I wondered what was going in their heads few minutes later our class teacher miss success entered the class we greeted her and she responded she told us to sit down and then she said today we have a newstudentes pls come in miss emma I thought it was d emma I knew d one who slapped me n I was right she walked in looking do beautiful at d moment I realised that I had never actually checked her out she had the body of a model her hips and everything were just perfect the teacher told her introduce urself to the class she said my name is emma Watson I am seventeen years old and I am from california but newly moved here
Thr teacher told her to find a sit they was an empty sit in a front she used her eyes to find a sit her eyes finally dropped on the sit she looked up of the sit and her eyes met with mine
I called her name emma hi remember me and she said ohh how can I forget u I met u on sunday my dad and urs had dinner at ur place and she walked to her sit sat down and bowed her heads our class teacher told record of students in sch and left few minutes later our physics teacher came in

To be continued

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