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No More Room For Love – Episode 47

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No m©r£ Room For Love Episode 47
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Nectar tossed up and d©wΠ beside Kate. h£ kept ch£ck!ng h¡s phone and delet!ng th£ calls h£ missed from Pearl !n th£ past few hours before th£y went to b£d though h£ couldn’t sleep.

‘Why won’t $h£ j√$t stop call!ng, for Christ’s sake, I was th£re j√$t last night and it’s three !n th£ morn!ng?’

Pearl had a habit of call!ng Nectar at dawn. h£ was ab©vt to turn off h¡s phone wh£n it rang aga!n. h£ h¡ssed, raised h¡mself off th£ b£d and ru$h£d to th£ washroom !n order not to wake up Kate.

‘Pearl, what is it aga!n, you keep flood!ng my phone with calls.’ j√$t th£n h£ h£ard th£ next news which threw h¡m off balance.

h£ could barely say anyth!ng to Sly who j√$t called with Pearls phone.

Nectar took anoth£r look at h¡s wife who was f*st asleep wh£n h£ ru$h£d ©vt of th£ washroom. h£ walked closer, klzzed h£r foreh£ad and quickly ru$h£d ©vt after h£ located h¡s car keys on th£ table d©wΠstairs.

Nectar drove on th£ top speed for th£ first time. h£ kept ask!ng h¡mself if Pearl matter to h¡m that much.

‘Why i’m I so concerned ab©vt h£r now wh£n $h£ practically ru!ned my marriage twice. I know it’s not even love but I j√$t don’t need anoth£r blood on my [email protected]’ Nectar a$$ured h¡mself loudly while skipp!ng off th£ road a few times.

After a long drive, h¡s m!nd has so much regrets and questions that h£ couldn’t j√$t ignore.

‘Kate forgive me because th¡s is an emergency and a life is !nvolved so i can’t sit and watch h£r die. I hope you understand my action th¡s even!ng.’ h£ murmured to h¡mself while ₱v||!ng up at h¡s hospital premises wh£re Pearl has been ru$h£d to after $h£ had no luck !n reach!ng Nectar.

h£ forgot h£ was only !n h¡s pajamas; h£ didn’t ¢ar£ if all eyes were on h¡m.

‘Glover, come !n h£re.’ Sly ₱v||ed h¡m to h¡s office.

‘Easy with th£ ₱ush.’ Nectar told h¡m.

‘What th£ h£ll is go!ng on Glover? Who is $h£? And why are you !n your pajamas?’ Sly asked all at once with a raised tone.

‘Sly not now! How is $h£?’ Nectar asked with a worried face.

‘Stable for now but we need to watch h£r for a while.’

‘Thank you, my friend.’ Nectar sigh£d.

‘So now let’s talk who is $h£?’

‘It’s not important right now.’

‘I have th£ right to know why a strange lady would be hav!ng my number !n th£ first place claim!ng you asked h£r to contact me for antenatal.’

‘Sly, $h£’s stable and that’s all i need to focus on now.’

Doctor Sly exam!ned Nectar and knew what h£ was hid!ng.

‘Glover, are you responsible for h£r pregnancy?’ Sly asked look!ng !nto h¡s eyes for answers once m©r£.

Nectar’s eyes were red and h¡s face was pale.

‘I th!nk you have already answered me but for your !nformation, $h£ lost it. And who th£ h£ll keep us!ng poison @r0vnd you.’

‘Are you say!ng $h£ lost my baby with th£ same poison I suffered from?’ Nectar’s m!nd was s£nt [email protected]¢k to h¡s accident.

‘That’s exactly what I said and th£re is someth!ng else. You need to expla!n that to h£r yourself.’ Sly said [email protected]!ng h¡m what seems like Pearl’s folder.

h£ fidgeted for a while before grabb!ng th£ folder. ‘I don’t know what i would have done with©vt you Sly.’

‘I’m go!ng [email protected]¢k to b£d but th£ night nurses would be h£re to take ¢ar£ of h£r so you can go home and dress properly.’ Sly said tapp!ng h¡m on th£ shoulder.

‘Sly, thank you so much! I want to be th£ one to tell my wife so i hope you can keep th¡s b£tweeΠ us for some time.’

‘Sure Glover!’ h£ replied.

‘And I would like to stick @r0vnd so can I use your phone to call home? I left my home after I spoke with you.’ Nectar said grabb!ng a seat opposite th£ sad look!ng Doctor.

‘Th£ same h£re, I ru$h£d ©vt wh£n I h£ard h£r weak voice ask!ng for h£lp.’ Sly narrated.

‘Okay, do you have any extra attire.’ h£ asked.

‘Yeah, ch£ck th£ clock room but i will be go!ng now. Let me know if anyth!ng comes up.’ Sly said and walked ©vt.

Nectar laid h¡s h£ad on th£ table and couldn’t h£lp but soiled th£ table with h¡s tears.


‘Wilson, are you okay! You have been !n th£ same position s!nce last night.’

Cath£r!ne asked wh£n th£y woke up that morn!ng.

‘Cath£r!ne, you don’t get it do you.’

‘Is th¡s ab©vt Jane?’

‘That woman may not have given me life but $h£ was th£re for th£ greater part of my life. Why th£n would $h£ treat me th¡s way?’

‘You always knew your moth£r has always been paranoid. Now $h£ got what was com!ng to h£r.’ Cath£r!ne said hold!ng h¡s h£ad !n h£r palm.

‘I can’t h£lp but worry if $h£’s far!ng well !n jail.’

‘Let your last days be joyful, at least now I have accepted you want to die but don’t pa$$ away carry!ng your moth£r’s burdens.

‘Thank you, Cath£r!ne, I’m glad you have accepted Stacy, mean!ng Claudia was wrong ab©vt you.’

‘I’m sure your mom fed h£r with lies ab©vt me because your wife always liked me, but Wilson can we not th!nk ab©vt that right now. Let’s enjoy th¡s moment while it last.’ Cath£r!ne said w!nk!ng.


‘Matts have you seen your broth£r @r0vnd. h£ wasn’t beside me wh£n I woke up.’ Kate said munch!ng on h£r omelet.

‘Why do you worry ab©vt h¡m, h£ is a fvll-grown man Katie? Stop worry!ng ab©vt h¡m and h£ might j√$t realize h¡s mistakes but for me, I’m done with sav!ng h¡s a$$ all th£ time.’ Matts said dropp!ng h£r cutlery.

‘Matts, it seems you also can’t see what I feel. You are bl!nd j√$t like your broth£r.’ Kate said ₱|@y!ng with h£r cutlery as well.

‘Katie, I know you love my broth£r !n your own small way but th£ way you sound now it seems you have [email protected]||en f!nally.’

Kate paused for a while and smiled weakly.

‘You have no idea Matts and h£ j√$t toys with it but that’s all gone now with!n a split second. Right now, I don’t even know what I feel.’ Kate said smil!ng aga!n.

‘Katie your phone, is r!ng!ng.’ Matts drew h£r attention to h£r phone beside h£r.

$h£ ch£cked th£ caller id and didn’t recognize it so quickly answered it. Kate listened for a while and s¢ar£d Matt’s.

‘What th£ h£ll?’ $h£ yelled.

‘Gosh, take it easy.’ Matt’s couldn’t even ask what th£ problem was because $h£ was m©r£ concerned ab©vt h£r h£alth s!nce th£ last time $h£ met with Stacy.

‘Can you imag!ne th¡s nons£nse?’

‘No, i can’t imag!ne so now what is it Katie.’

‘A collect call from jail.’ Kate revealed while hold!ng th£ phone off h£r ears.

‘You want to receive it or I should!’ Matts asked worried.

‘No that’s f!ne! It’s probably my Grams.’ Kate said and accepted th£ call. ‘Grams, I know it’s you so what do you want th¡s time.’ Kate asked Jane over th£ phone.

‘You th!nk you are smart.’ Jane blurted ©vt from th£ oth£r side of th£ phone which was now on speaker.

‘Grams, why did you treat me that way because you could have asked for anyth!ng and I would gladly give you but you chose to break me completely and I hope you rot !n jail.’

‘Do you know why I even called you?’

Matts was wav!ng h£r [email protected] for Kate to hang up but $h£ wouldn’t h£ar any of it.

‘No, i guess you want ©vt of that filthy place.’

Jane laugh£d loudly. ‘Your stupid and rude attitudes have gotten your husband impregnate anoth£r woman.’

Kate j√$t dropped to th£ floor before Matts could even get hold of h£r.

Matt’s tried to get hold of h£r on th£ floor but $h£ was unconscious. $h£ h£ard what Jane said and tried to wr*₱ h£r h£ad @r0vnd it before gett!ng h£lp to put Kate !n h£r car.

As th£y drove off, $h£ tried to make a few calls and kept look!ng [email protected]¢k as Kate

‘Katie!’ Matts kept yell!ng whiles driv!ng Kate to th£ hospital. ‘Hold on Katie, we are almost th£re.’ h£ kept encourag!ng h£r friend.

Wh£n th£y got !n, $h£ quickly ru$h£d ©vt of th£ car. Matt’s spotted h¡s broth£r pac!ng @r0vnd with a worried face wh£n h£ entered to !nform th£ nurses $h£ had brought a patient !n labor.

$h£ walked to th£ nurses and told th£m ab©vt Kate and th£y ru$h£d ©vt. Matt’s walked to h£r broth£r with a confused face on because $h£ called h¡m on th£ir way to th£ hospital and h£ didn’t answer.

‘Nectar, what are you do!ng h£re?’ Matt’s asked h¡s broth£r

‘I work h£re Matilda.’ h£ answered annoy!ngly.

‘If you ¢ar£ to know, your wife is !n labor.’

‘What? Wh£re’s $h£?’ h¡s h£art literally jumped !nto h¡s stomach.

‘How could you even th!nk of impregnat!ng anoth£r woman wh£n all your wife did was love you secretly. I bet you wouldn’t even know that, but that’s all over now.’

Nectar’s world fell apart wh£n h£ found ©vt Kate already knew ab©vt Pearl’s pregnancy.

j√$t th£n Kate was wh£eled !n and Nectar left angry Matts to h£rself, follow!ng h¡s wife.


After long hours of tests and medications, Kate rega!ned consciousness while Nectar was advised to stay ©vt of h£r way.

h£ saw Sly com!ng ©vt of Kate’s room and jumped to h¡s feet to meet h¡m.

‘Sylvester is $h£ go!ng to make it?’ Nectar h£ld Syl’s white coat up to h¡s neck almost chok!ng h¡m.

‘Sa!nt.’ Matts called from afar. ‘Let h¡m go because you did th¡s to yourself and make sure noth!ng happens to Katie or th¡s time I would make sure you pay for a crime you obviously didn’t commit !ntentionally.’

Nectar f!nally came to h¡s s£nses. ‘Tell me Doctor to Doctor, how is $h£?’ Nectar asked Sly who was look!ng at h¡m with guilt and pity.

‘Bad, h£r pressure is very high.’ Sly said quickly to avoid answer!ng questions h£ wasn’t prepared for.

‘How many of that did you give h£r?’ Nectar asked po!nt!ng to th£ medic!ne !n Doctor Syl’s [email protected]

‘Doctor Sly, $h£ is awake.’ Th£ nurse who h£lped earlier wh£n Pearl woke up and Nectar had completely ignored h£r ru$h£d towards th£m [email protected]!ng.

Nectar ru$h£d !n and froze at th£ door. Matts, walked pa$$ h¡m, glanced at h¡m weirdly and h¡ssed. ‘I thought you were rush!ng !n earlier, what is hold!ng you up th£re.’

$h£ paused and looked at h¡s broth£r who obviously had a regrettable face on. $h£ walked away to Kate dismiss!ng th£ thought of h¡s broth£r end!ng up with Kate ever aga!n.

‘Matt’s, call my mom please.’ Kate managed to say amidst tears and fa!ntly.

‘Kate save your breath because I already did on our way h£re but stop talk!ng for now.’

‘No, I have to do th¡s Matt’s. Sorry I didn’t tell you ab©vt my diagnosis because i thought I had m©r£ time.’ Kate could barely talk with©vt h£r h£art rac!ng like Usa!n bolt.

‘Katie, I already knew but why do you even have to keep that from me.’

‘I don’t know Matt’s.’

‘For your husband I understand, but not me Katie so don’t ever do that to me aga!n.’

Matt’s said silently while Kate looked on. ‘But how? Did Sly tell you ab©vt it because i would kill that Doctor before I die.’ $h£ tried to say with strength but $h£ could only choke on h£r words.

‘Easy Katie! We don’t have to do th¡s now so keep your strength because you might need it for a new Kidney.’

‘Matt’s you know it’s rare and besides Sly said th£re’s j√$t thirty-three percent chance of me surviv!ng that transplant with th£se babies.’

‘What are you imply!ng Katie?’

‘I chose my babies and I’m okay with that because i don’t have anyth!ng to live for any way.’

‘Don’t talk that way because you have a lot to live for.’

‘I lost my husband because of my own mistakes, th£n I thought I had made up for my mistakes j√$t to wake up to th¡s news and h£ can’t even show h¡s face h£re, so I deal with that h¡s ch£at!ng a$$.’

‘Relax Katie.’

‘Make sure Pearl pays for th¡s if I don’t make it Matt’s.’

Matt’s kept ignor!ng h£r lament!ng over Nectar.

‘Who said you are go!ng anywh£re? Don’t let Stacy’s struggle for th£ past two weeks to be !n va!n.’

‘Stacy?’ Kate asked curiously.

‘$h£ went through h£ll to save you a kidney so th£ best you can do is stay alive and take that girl for a vacation.’

‘What are you talk!ng ab©vt and wh£re is that girl because i haven’t seen h£r !n a while. Is $h£ okay Matt’s?’ Kate asked rath£r worried.

‘$h£’s f!ne Kate! Why did you th!nk I took h£r case, know!ng very well $h£ has hurt you a lot.’ Matt’s asked Kate who seems to be sleep!ng off.

‘I guess you fell !n love with h£r.’ Kate tried to smile forgett!ng that wouldn’t reduce h£r pa!ns.

‘Stacy contacted me ab©vt a report $h£ found while clean!ng your office. Don’t get angry with Sly, I had to force it ©vt of h¡m.

‘I’m listen!ng Matt’s.’

‘Luckily Stacy was a match and $h£ was free from what you and your dad !nh£rited.’

‘Matt’s what did you do?’ Kate asked try!ng to wake up.

‘Stacy offered h£r kidney with©vt any pressure. Katie believe me.’

$h£ frowned for a while. ‘But that still doesn’t ₱ush me to seventy percent chance of survival Matt’s.

‘Katie let’s talk ab©vt it wh£n you make it and besides your husband has been stand!ng at th£ door s!nce I came !n.’

Which husband Matt’s?’

‘My broth£r.’ $h£ replied h£r.

‘Was th¡s even marriage?’

‘Depends on how you want to def!ne it.’

‘Well do me a favor and ask h¡m ©vt because i don’t want to see h¡s face @r0vnd h£re.’ Kate said and closed h£r eyes.

Nectar who was still at th£ door eavesdropp!ng was lost as to what Kate was blabb!ng ab©vt.

h£ turned to Sly who was ab©vt to go !n through th£ door. ‘What diagnosis Sly?’ h£ asked furiously.

‘I’m sorry, but $h£ is my patient and I owe h£r th£ doctor to patient secrecy.’

‘And $h£ is my wife Sly?’

‘I know $h£ is your wife so stop yell!ng on me.’

‘Now what is it Sly?’ Nectar asked giv!ng h¡m th£ face that suggest h£ had to start talk!ng. Sly was ab©vt to talk wh£n Wilson and Cath£r!ne came rush!ng !n while th£y still stood at th£ door.

‘Baby, I’m sorry, I wasn’t th£re for you. I’m h£re now. Daddy is h£re too.’ Cath£r!ne said ₱v||!ng a chair beside Kate’s b£d while look!ng [email protected]¢k to Wilson’s direction.

‘Save th£ children.’ $h£ opened h£r eyes upon h£ar!ng h£r moth£r’s voice and cried ©vt. ‘Mom th¡s is th£ cons£nt form.’ $h£ said rais!ng up th£ form.

‘What? No way? Please don’t do th¡s to me Kate.’ Cath£r!ne said fight!ng to hold on to h£r tears.

j√$t at that moment Doctor Sly !nterrupted from afar while h£ walked closer shutt!ng th£ door after Nectar who h£ advised to stay ©vtside for th£ family to sort ©vt th£mselves.

‘We are sav!ng you both.’ Sly responded!

‘You can try but wh£n it comes to it, save my kids.’ Kate pleaded !nnocently.

‘Can you stop talk!ng that way?’ h£r mom cautioned.

‘Matts, see make sure h£ does exactly that.’

‘Katie you are not go!ng anywh£re now and I’m not a doctor so you can’t give me that task.’

Kate feigned a smile and Matts could see life s√¢k!ng h£r away.

‘Mom, promise me you will take ¢ar£ of th£m like your own.’

‘Don’t say that because you are com!ng [email protected]¢k with your kids.

‘I don’t th!nk I want to mom.’

‘Your husband would need you too.’ Cath£r!ne said and got a frown from both Matt’s and Kate. ‘Why do you both look like I j√$t said someth!ng wrong. ‘

‘Noth!ng mom.’ Matt’s !nterjected.

‘And wh£re is Nectar?’ Cath£r!ne looked @r0vnd with©vt luck. ‘Someone tell me what is go!ng on h£re Matts.’

‘Everyth!ng is f!ne mom.’ Kate responded with pa!n registered on h£r face.

‘Matt’s! Sly! Kate!’ $h£ mentioned and waited for a response. ‘You all don’t want to talk.’ Cath£r!ne exclaimed and watch£d from one corner of th£ room to anoth£r.

‘Mom, can we focus now!’ Kate spoke up fa!ntly clos!ng h£r eyes.

‘Anyth!ng for you at th¡s moment.’ Cath£r!ne a$$ured h£r.

‘Wh£re is Dad?’ $h£ asked.

‘I’m h£re!’ Wilson walked to Kate’s b£d, stammer!ng someth!ng.

For th£ first time Kate seem to have seen h£r Dad with a different expression on h¡s face.

‘Do me a favor. I know you are th£ h£artless one among th£m all so save my kids, wh£n it comes to it.’

‘Kate, you……’ h£ was cut off before h£ could try to wriggle h¡mself from that though situation.

‘Make that decision aga!n, as you made twenty-seven and half years ago and promise me you will.’

Wilson nodded, took Cath£r!ne’s right [email protected] !nto h¡s, sqv££sed for a second and walked ©vt and Doctor Sly followed.

‘Matts, I’m s¢ar£d, I don’t want to die.’ $h£ tried to say j√$t th£n th£ monitors started giv!ng ©vt th£ir loud beeps, and nurses rush!ng !n.

Everyone ru$h£d ©vt sadly on th£ nurse’s request.

Matt’s saw Nectar from a far distance hitt!ng h¡s leg aga!nst a b£d stand!ng !n th£ hospital hall way th£n h£ f!nally sat on th£ floor of th£ hospital while Katie was wh£eled away breathless.

Cath£r!ne who couldn’t f!nd Wilson earlier sighted Nectar sitt!ng by h¡mself on th£ floor while Matt’s stood at a corner sadly.

Nectar got startled by Cath£r!ne’s tap. ‘Mommy I’m sorry! I’ve ru!ned yet anoth£r woman.’

‘Nectar what did you do exactly s!nce no one was ready to tell me anyth!ng earlier.’ Nectar who overh£ard Matt’s tell Sly, Jane had called Kate ab©vt Pearl’s pregnancy thought of hid!ng that fact from Cath£r!ne.

‘Please forgive me.’

‘Nectar, I believe you need h£lp but if you don’t talk to me, how am I go!ng to h£lp you.’ h£ sigh£d h£avily and h¡s face fell to th£ ground.

‘Mom I ch£ated on h£r and th£ worse of it all is th£ woman got pregnant. $h£’s also ly!ng with©vt a womb !n th£ next two wards after $h£ got poisoned which I believed was th£ [email protected] work of Jane.’

‘Okay, what else?’

‘Jane had to b**t me to it even from jail wh£n I had plans of tell!ng h£r j√$t after $h£ delivers safely.’

Surpris!ngly, Cath£r!ne wasn’t angry. ‘Is th¡s woman, Pearl th£ detective Kate mentioned th£ last time.’

Nectar raised up h¡s h£ad and stared at h¡s moth£r !n law. ‘Don’t worry, I’m old but smart. I knew someth!ng was wrong wh£n I asked who $h£ was and th£ girls were act!ng weird.’

‘I’m sorry mom.’

‘Nectar, I won’t judge you but whatever reason you had to do what you did should be enough to eith£r hold on to h£r or let Kate go.’

‘I don’t know if $h£’ll take me [email protected]¢k.’ h£ muttered.

‘Well I’m not go!ng to tell you to fight for h£r eith£r but th£ question is will it happen aga!n, if you can answer that question th£n I th!nk you have made a decision.

‘I still love h£r so much mommy.’

‘Love isn’t th£ only way to h£r h£art. Kate is stubborn, rude and ¢ar£less sometimes but if th£se attitudes put you off and you can’t h£lp but take your manhood ©vt of your matrimonial home, th£n I th!nk you don’t deserve h£r.’

‘I tried to do well by h£r but I don’t know what happened.’

‘If you can’t understand why $h£ behaves how $h£ does th£n you met h£r at h£r worse time because my daughter wasn’t th¡s way, it took men like you to break h£r completely. I’m not judg!ng h£r attitudes or whatever wrong $h£ might have done to earn your betrayal but you should know you have messed up and am highly disappo!nted !n you.’

‘Please h£lp me.’ h£ murmured s1©wly with tears.

‘And that poor woman you j√$t ru!ned h£r chance of ever gett!ng a child of h£r own, get your a$$ d©wΠ th£re and apologize, it won’t solve h£r problem but $h£ deserves respect from you.’

Nectar couldn’t stop th£ tears from flow!ng.

‘Glover!’ Sly called from afar. h£ stood up !nstantly and Cath£r!ne followed.

‘What happened?’ Nectar asked at once.

‘Put yourself togeth£r, because you know you are th£ only one who has done th¡s procedure !n th¡s hospital and that is your wife so you obviously can’t go !n th£re but you could guide us through.’ Sly said.

‘Wait, is it th£ procedure I did on your neph£ws wife last year?’ h£ asked confused.

Doctor Sly, nodded. ‘A little advanced but we would try our best.’

‘How did it come to th¡s, Sly? You could have told me Kate was suffer!ng from someth!ng like that so I know how to [email protected] it.’

‘Glover it’s h£reditary, obviously wasn’t detected early enough to cure it but unlike h£r Dad $h£ got a kidney from Stacy !n time.’

‘Th£n what’s th£ hold up aga!n.

‘Because of th£ tw!ns h£r chances are not encourag!ng.’

Cath£r!ne yelled from beh!nd. ‘How is Stacy?’

‘Mrs. Santa, $h£ is strong enough to have survived.’

Next time, you don’t risk someone else’s life at th£ expense of anoth£r.’

‘I’m sorry.’ Sly apologized.

‘Good so talk to me wh£n it comes to my children. Do you understand me Sylvester?’ Cath£r!ne warned furiously.

h£ nodded and Nectar !nterrupted.

‘Sylvester, look at me. I can’t lose anoth£r wife on th£ th£atre table.’

‘I know Glover and you can’t come !n else you would lose your job.’

‘Alright Sly.’

‘Maybe you can j√$t come !n and support on th£ corridor of th£ th£ater.’ Sly replied aga!n.

‘What’s th£ po!nt watch!ng from j√$t so close wh£n I can’t get !n?’

‘I’m sorry, you know th£ rules.’ Sly chipped !n.

‘It’s okay, I would watch !n th£ auditorium, at least that’s better than th£ corridor.’ Cath£r!ne could see th£ fear !n Nectars eyes wh£n h£ said h£ would watch !n th£ auditorium.

‘Th£n we would be count!ng on you not to give us so much pressure but your expertise.’ Anoth£r Doctor said while pa$$!ng by hurriedly.

Nectar sigh£d wip!ng h¡s eyes with th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s [email protected]

Nectar and Cath£r!ne walked away to th£ small room which looked like th£ auditorium th£ two doctors talked ab©vt earlier.

Nectar saw Sly com!ng ©vt after ab©vt fifteen m!nutes while Kate was ly!ng h£lplessly on th£ table.

h£ ru$h£d to meet h¡m while Cath£r!ne followed.

‘Sylvester, what is go!ng on and why is $h£ not under anesth£sia yet?’ Nectar suddenly asked Sly who came ©vt of th£ th£ater sweat!ng.

To be cont!nued

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