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Obscure episode 49

OBSCURE ๐Ÿš๏ธ ๐Ÿ—๏ธ
“But now I do know… Rosanne I like you…

Rosanne blinked at his Highness, before giving a slow curtsey… “Well… Thank you for that your Highness.”

“Now… I do have something positive I like.” The crown prince breathed.

“Just to be clear your Highness, I am certainly not a thing… It is crystal clearly different having some thing you like and having some one you like” Rosanne stated.

“I do not care. I have noticed I like you and that is all that matters.” The crown prince replied sternly.

Rosanne nodded and said nothing, but asked. “And may I ask why you sudden grow this likeness your Highness, pardon my question.”

The crown prince said nothing and stared down at the lantern beside Rosanne. He looked like he was trying to think at exactly why he likes Rosanne.
“I do not know why” he finally breathed out.
“Oh… Okay then.” Rosanne gave a nervous laugh. “You know your Highness, I understand your likeness towards me but besides me, you can get to like other things like flowers, the sky, you know other things…”

“Flowers disgust me and I hate the sky.” The crown prince spat.

Rosanne pursed her lips together and remained quiet.

After a dying silence from both the crown prince and Rosanne,
Rosanne finally decided to speak up.

“Your Highness.” she called. The crown prince turned to her, his stern face making her swallow hard.

“I didn’t want to tell you this until the day, but now I feel like I should because it would be wrong for me, even if I would be back.” Rosanne swallowed taking a step back…
“I do not like it when you take a step back, talk to me and show me you’re not afraid. You just clarified that I am not a monster to you, do not treat me like one and I shall never act like one to you.” The crown prince’s held anger and sadness.

“I apologize.” Rosanne said, taking a step forward.
“I will be going back to Orrander in two days, and it is an order from the queen.” Rosanne breathed out.

“What?” The crown prince yelled.

“Martha!! Get back here right now. You will not walk off your own mother.” Betty yelled at her daughter.
“Mother, I am sick of all these, just leave me alone goddammit!” Martha yelled, running out of the cottage, slamming the wooden door and running into the dark night.

Martha ran away from her father’s cottage as fast as her legs could carry her, her eyes spilling tears like they depended on it. Her cheeks were high and red as she cried and her hair roared with the night wind as she ran.
She finally crashed Into a tree and slowly sat on the grass that surrounded the tree.
Wiping her eyes and sniffing her nose away. Martha breathed out a sigh and let the last tear trickle down her cheek before wiping it off.

She suddenly heard footsteps behind her and turned around swiftly, only to see a male figure walking towards her, the night was dark, and only faded lantern lights hung on each cottage’s door lit the night, Martha couldn’t possibly tell who was coming towards her.

“Martha?… Is that you?” Collin voice called as he rook multiple steps towards the tree.
“Oh goodness, it is you Collin. And yes it is I Martha.” Martha sighed.

“Alright, my eyes and instincts are madly active, I could tell it was you from miles away” Collin smiled as he took a seat on the grass beside his friend.
“Why are you out here alone, on a cold night.” He asked.

“I could ask you the same question.” Martha sniffed.
“I came out for some fresh air and besides, my mother and father are having one of those quarrels, I do not want to get involved.” Garam shook his head, offering Martha the apple he was holding.

Martha willingly took it.
“Thank you” she breathed out with a low sniff.

“You’ve been crying… Is everything okay?” Collin asked.
“I wish it was… My mother is on about the marriage thing again and this time it was worse, I couldn’t stand it.”

“Why don’t you just agree with them and marry whoever, my parents simply did not marry for love, no one did. We just have to follow the path for us, just do so and you’ll get out of this headache.” Collin scoffed.
“No…”Martha shook her head, taking a big bite out of her apple. “There has to be love”.

“And what do you know about love.” Collin huffed shaking his head. “Listen your Mother and father wants the best for you, they want to fix you in a good house hold, basically we live in a material world, wealth conquers all.”

“Fix..” Martha scoffed in disgust. “fix me in a good house hold, that sounds worst than anything.”
Collin sighed, moving his dirty blond hair back. “And I promise you, love isn’t nothing, it’s a waste of time to be honest, just k-ss your husband and that’s it. You’re both in love.”

Martha smiled. “If you think that’s how love works then I’m sorry for you sir.”

“That’s what I believe, a little k-ss and that’s all.” Collin added, making a funny gesture by k-ssing his hand.

“What do you know about love and k-sses” Martha rolled her eyes. “You’ve probably never been in love before or rather k-ss”

“Well I’ll prove you wrong… Maybe I have never k-ssed before, but I have been in love and I won’t be saying more than that tonight.” Collin snickered.
Martha lets out a shrug. “Same with me. I have been in love, but I have never really shared a k-ss.”

“You see, you haven’t shared a k-ss with anyone and you don’t believe me when I say k-sses can make you fall in love” Collin sighed, rolling his eyes.
“That sounds absurd, how can a k-ss make you fall in love. You’re very dumb Collin.” Martha nudged him.

“Oww.” Collin laughed. “Then prove me wrong.”

“What do you mean?” Martha turned to him.
“What else do I mean?”. Collin retorted.
“Are you saying we should share a k-ss?” Martha raised a brow.

“Yes.” Collin nodded.

“Of course not, that would be gross and lascivious. And we will not fall in love.” Martha shook her head.
“How are you so sure. And please what do you mean by lascivious. I share a k-ss with my mother too”.
“That is between you and your mother.” Martha scoffed, taking a bigger bite from her apple.

“Okay then… We shouldn’t try it then.” Collin nodded.

Martha remained quiet before turning back to him. “Or should we?”

“I do not know, thinking about it, it would be weird.” Collin shrugged.

“I really do want to know how k-sses work…” Martha said. “Should we have a brief one?”
Collin shrugged. “Alright then.”

Collin and Martha leaned in closer to each other and with their lips colliding, they both shared the shortest but life and the most ecstatic k-ss ever.

“And what do you mean you’ll be leaving for Orrander in two days?” The crown prince barked at Rosanne.
“Well… To be honest. It is the day after tomorrow.” Rosanne barked.

The crown prince forced himself to remain calm as he realized he was starting to go crazy.
“I will be back. I will just be leaving for the Hayest festival your Highness.”

“And what is this festival?” the crown prince spat

“It a festival of celebration just like my father had said, many will gather to celebrate. It will be my very first in Orrander and I certainly cannot miss it your Highness. Please.” Rosanne sighed.

The crown prince remained quiet and stared at Rosanne in disbelief.

“it doesn’t matter if you miss it”.

“No your Highness, it comes once in a blue moon and this cannot be missed,” Rosanne shook her head.
“I cannot let you leave Sylph, you just arrived.” He growled.

Rosanne smiled. “Or perhaps your Highness. You should come to the Hayest festival yourself.”.

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