The Lonely Heart

The lonely heart episode 11

STORY_BY Halicia Rose😍

🌺#Chris’s #POV🌺

I sign and try to stand up and I feels few hands gripping me down on the bed and I quickly open my eyes
“Where am I?”I asks and look around

I look up to see a woman,a man and a beautiful lady crying beside the bed am on and I looks at them bewildered

I turn to face them still laying on the bed
“Please where am I and who’re you people?”I asks them
They burst out crying and sniffs
“What happen to you, son?”the woman asks me crying terribly
“Son!”I exclaim
“We looks everywhere for you in Sheridan City,kid brother”the lady said
“Only to see you in Shelley City”the man said rubbing my shoulder

I just look at them and wonder what in the world is happening here
“Can someone please enlighten me on what’s happening here for God sake?”I said angrily and stand up forcing myself

They looks at me and sign deeply
“You’ll be okay,soon”another man said walking in and give me an injection on my hand
“What that?”I said trying to move away
“I hope that will help,senator!”he said

He bow for them and moves away from me and I looks at them both until my eyes start feeling heavy and I dozes off

Few hours later🕕
I wake up and see that I’m now alone so I remove the drip from my hands and walk out of the door
“Welcome young master!”the guards and the maids said rushing to my side quickly and I move away
“I’m not young master but Chris!”I said looking at them

They all look at me and gasps
“Are you okay,sir?”Jack,the head of the gurds ask me
“Don’t use sir for me!”I said looking away
“So like you, kid brother!”the young lady from before said coming to my side

I looks at her and for the first time sees a resemblance between me and her
“Sorry dears but seems young master loses his memory so he’ll come around soon!”she said and pulls me away

I look back at them and sees sad expression in their faces
“Am I dreaming?”I said
“Nope!”she answer me and pull me to a room upstairs

The room was decorated with red and orange and it looks so dashing and I gasp as I look at the wall seeing my handsome and sexy pictures on the wall

O walk to the pictures bewildering
“Is this me?”I asks her
“Yes brother, you’re the last born of senator&Mrs Williams and I’m the first born and daughter while the guy you rescue today is the second born!”she said handing me am album full of pictures of us and the so called parents of mine📕

I flip through the page and sees so many pictures there:me with my parents,with my sis but none of me with the so called brother of mine so I face her
“Why not any with brother?”I asks her

She looks away and sign
“I wish you remember everything brother and please when you do,first tell me cos I’m gonna bring the person that did this to you down”she said angrily

I looks at her and tears drop from her eyes and she face me
“You don’t know how much I pray,wishes and want to see you brother but the evil doer have the gut to make you lose your memory and take you far away from home to Shelley City”she said

I looks at her ns sign
“So I’m the last born of the family?”I asks her and she nods yes to me
“Yes you’re!”she said

I looks down and tears fall from my eyes
“Can I ask you something, sis?”I asks her
She smiles so brightly and face me then hold my hands
“You don’t know how I miss the way you call me sis so go ahead and ask anything?”she said smiling
“Am I a bad person?”I asks her
“Why asking such?”she said snarly

Tears drop from my eyes and she cleans it pulling me to herself
“If I’m not bad then why will someone do such for me?”I asks her
She raises my head up and sniffs
“If you won’t say I’m exaggerating brother, you’re the best person in the whole world,nice and caring to your last breath”she said looking at me

I smiles happily hearing that
“Are you sure?”I asks again
“Just wish you remember everything then you’ll know that you’re the best among the rest!”she said

I look up and smiles
“Okay if you say so,sis”I said

She hugs me so tight and pets me
“I’m so glad I’m a detective so don’t worry,I’ll bring the culprit to book”she said so angrily
“Wow,let’s me salute you sis!”I said

I move back and salute her while she smiles so happily and bright
“I miss you brother!”she said
“Believe this too,I kinda miss you too!”I said and she jumps up happily

She pulls me to the chair and we sit down then she speaks up
“Tell me about your adventure”she said looking me straight in the eyes

I tell her everything and she laugh so loud when I told her about the mad man
“So you’re no longer Chris but son of man?”she asks giggling
“That’s my new name and I kinda like it”I said and she brust out laughing

When I reach Tracy side of the story,she looks at me with light dancing in her eyes and she squat in front of me
“You know seeing the way you’re talking about her makes me know and understand that you truly loves her so don’t worry,the missing days is just few for I’ll find a way for her to come here and even on a special day so don’t worry and it be easy since she’s a celebrity,I mean a top singer at that so keep clam,brother”she said smiling
“I believe my sis!”I said and we laugh

We were still discussing when the door to my room open and mom and dad walks in looking at us happily
“Hi son”they chorus

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I looks at them and summon up the courage as I walk to them and hugs them so tight and they hugs me too
“Sorry dad and mom for keeping you waiting all this while!”I said crying
“Don’t worry son,just be well!”mom said
“And please do remember everything so that all the evil doer after you will be hunt down”dad said rubbing my shoulder

It seems he likes rubbing it huh

Sis hugs us too and we smiles
“I’m so happy our family is completing again!”sis said
“Oh yes,how brother?”I ask them
“He’s doing good and definitely coming home tomorrow!”dad reply me
“Just wish no more incessant fighting between you two!”mom said

I looks at her and keep quiet
“So are you not gonna tell us your adventure in Shelley City?”mom asks me
“Oh yes,I wanna know how you survived the four and half years?”dad asks

I looks at them and signs
“My detective sister will tell you!”I said

They looks at me then at her
“So you bring your detective work home too?”mom asks facing her
She smiles and looks away
“I won’t tell you anything then”she said

Mom and dad quickly moves to her side and cuddles her together
“Hey that’s my only daughter!”mom says
“Or my baby girl”dad says

She faces him sharply
“I’m not a baby,dad”she said
I looks at them and smiles
“You’re a baby sis since you’re the only girl and even,why will you be the first born huh?”I said looking away

She hiss at me
“Oh my,I think the memory is coming back slowly huh,my life teaser”she said chuckling

I looks at them and smiles
“Gonna get fresh air and when I’m doing that,please get all my information from her”I said and tiptoe out
“Hey”she said at me

I laugh and walks out to the garden
“What a happy family I’ve and the evil doer deprives me of it!”I said inhaling

I.move to far end of the garden and sign looking up to the sky
“Where are you Tracy cos I miss you much?”I thought sadly

I should have obey the mad man and confess my feeling soonest instead of being far away from her now
“I hope you’ll wait fro me cos I get a fierce and long battle in front of me,My Tracy!”I said as tears drop from my eyes

I look across the gate and the TV turn on with the interview of Tracy and her group comes on
“She’s always beautiful and please continue singing your song out to someone out there which is me and before you know it,I be back soon!”I said

I fixed my gaze on the TV and smiles with happy tears dropping every second from my eyes endlessly

🌺#Tessy’s #POV🌺

We are in the sitting room watching our interview at the Stalling TV station and always wonder about Tracy
“There’s something fishy huh!”I said looking at the guys
“So fishy!”Dave said

Others just fixed their gaze on the TV
“Can someone pinch me?”Tonia said
“Me too cos it feel like I’m dreaming”Teni said looking at the TV

Drake hand us a cup of juice🍹🍷 and sit down silently
“She’s rocking much!”Daniel said

Drake turn to face us immediately
“And where the hell is she?”he asks us
We just look at him and shrug

We are still watching and discussing when we hear a car horn outside as we hurry outside the house

She is there coming out of the car
“Hi guys!”she said waving at us

We rush to her side and hug her at once
“Hey,easy guys!”she said chuckling

We pull her to the sitting room and sit down looking at her all over
“Are you okay?”Dave asks her
“Why?”she said smiling
“Cos it looks you never eat!”I said
“And even,it seems you are crying since”Teni said

She looks at us all and smiles brightly
“Thanks for caring and I’m so okay”she said standing up

We all stands up too looking her
“What should I prepare for you, guys?”she asks facing us

We all look at her and smiles
“We’ll cook for you since you just arrived”I said smiling
“Don’t answer her please”Dave said hissing
“Last time they cook,my kidney switch place!”Drake said
“Even my heart stop pumping blood”Daniel said chuckling

We looks at the guys and hiss
“It true dear,even my ear stop functioning”I said
“I lose 3kg fat”Teni said
“I regret eating that day!”Tonia said

We all keep ranting and she brush out laughing so hard and we joins too
“That’s hilarious guys!”she said cleaning her eyes
“Its not funny if you do eat in it that day”I said chuckling

She smiles
“Okay so should I prepare jollof for you?”she asks us
“Yes yes yes!”we all chorus
“Okay stay put here watching the TV and let me cook”she said and moves to the kitchen to prepare food

Soon,we start inhaling the deep sweet aroma from the kitchen and we can’t take it any longer
“Please is it done?”I asks calling to her in the kitchen
“Please do quick”Teni said

Soon,we’re sitting round the table eating happily
“Thanks for the delicious food,dear!”I said bowing to her and she chuckles
“Oh my God”Dave said eating like someone who has been starve for years
“Been long I eat homemade food🍣”Daniel said
“Or even so delicious like this”Tonia said putting a lot inside her mouth
“You’re such a glutton”Teni said

We laugh hearing her

Soon we all sit at the TV watching a Korean movie title ‘Boys over Flower’
“This is just like our group”I said
“Yes dear,we’ve T4!”Tracy said
“But D3!”Daniel said pouting sadly

We all chuckles hearing him
“Find another guy then”I said
“And a cute one!”Teni said
“He’ll be dating Tracy too!”Tonia said

She faces us and smiles sadly
“I’m not single but taken dear!”she said
“By who?”Dave asks

I looks at him and feel something going on with him cos he sound so jealous and frustrated with his eyes so red already

“Yes dears!”She said again and faces us
“Oh who’s the lucky guy?”we ask together

She looks at us and blushes
“You’ll know him soon”she said smiling
“Oh can’t wait”I said smiling

I looks at Dave and sees him biting his lower lips with blood coming out and we make eye contact but he quickly looks away and face the TV

We are still discussing when the phone rings in her pocket
📱”Hello boss!”she said
We all move to her side and place our ear on the phone speaker
“Hi dear and hope you’re home now?”boss asks her
“Yes I’m and with the guys here”she said
“Oh good, I’m sorry to say this but we’ve a stage performance early as possible tomorrow”he said
“What”we all exclaims
“Its not my fault but your silly manager cos I’ve told him like three days or more and tell him to inform you but he didn’t”he said sniffing
“That’s damn manager of ours”I said gritting my teeth together
“So be ready cos the show starts by 10am in the morning”he said
“10am!”we all exclaim again
“Yes 10am so good night dears”he said and hang up📲

We all face each other and rub our head
“What a nice one!”Tracy said
“What a crazy manager”I said angrily
“How could he forget such important thing?”Tonia said

We all looks at each other and gasp
“What about clothes and shoes?”I said facing them

We all hurry inside our room and rush out again immediately
“I get no perfect dress!”I said tearing up
“My cloth is so old”Teni said
“What are you saying cos we still go shopping not long ago?”Tracy said
“But new designers is out!”Tonia said

The guys just looks at us and shakes their head then come to us
“Don’t worry,designers ladies”Dave said
“We’ve order for online clothes and its on the way”Daniel said
“What a world huh”Drake said hissing

We jump up happily and move round and round them in a circle
“Oh yes!”we said smiling

We moves to Tracy side and pulls her to us in the circle
“Let’s go singing tomorrow and be rocking”We girls said smiling
“It gonna be mind blowing”the guys said

We looks at each other and smiles brightly wishing that tomorrow will come so quick so we can go rocking at Shelley stadium tomorrow… Yippie💃💃💃💃


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