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One And Only Kiss – Episode 10


One And Only Kiss – Episode 10

© Oyebamiji Samuel
Story Continues


One and Only Kiss


Theme: Where is Mary?


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“Mum, dad, I can speak, please let Mary stay , don’t let her go” Mary thought in her heart

She wished that Owen would say that, but he rather walked towards where his Father sat, Owen sat beside his father

Owen’s mother realized that Mary was lost in thought

“Mary!” Owen’s mother called

She arched her brow and set her gaze at Owen

Owen maintained his gaze towards the TV, he does not seem to care about Mary

“Mary, let’s start going” Seven said

“Why don’t you let her stay with us” Star said

Seven looked at Mary and saw that Mary indeed wanted to stay

Owen looked at her mum and communicated to her in sign language

“Why did you want her to stay?” Owen asked in sign language

Mary’s father could not understand what Owen meant but Mary understood

Mary’s heart pricked at what Owen said

“He really doesn’t want me here” Mary thought and set her gaze sternly on Owen

Star’s mother ignored Owen’s question and faked a smile as she faced Seven

“What is Owen saying” Seven asked Star

“He meant that I should plead with you to please allow Mary to stay” Star lied

Mary’s father arched his brow and stood akimbo

“Mary! What did you think, did you really want to stay?” Seven asked

Mary nodded

Seven sighed and hugged Mary

“Alright, I’ll be gone, if u need to see me anytime, come home” Seven said

“Alright dad” Mary said and smiled

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“I had casted a spell on Owen” Bella said facing Lennox

“That’s my daughter” Lennox said and smiled

“I followed him home, but the spell is gonna expire soon, he will soon see me for who I really am” she said

“At least before then, you should have kissed him” Lennox said

Bella nodded

“Now, since you have casted a spell that will keep making him like you on him, I think you should lure him to a private place and make him kiss you” Lennox said

“Dad, the words he said last before I casted a spell on him scared me, he said if he kiss and he did not speak , he is gonna hurt me ” Bella said

“He is just a dumb boy, he can not speak, he will not be able to do anything, it’s just an empty threat, just kiss him without fear, remember we are doing this to protect our temple” Lennox said

“Yea dad” Bella replied



Mary lay in her room, she covered herself in a duvet and forced herself to sleep but she couldn’t

She raised herself up from the bed and threw her legs to the ground , she rubbed her face with her hand and stood up

The door opened slightly and she looked towards the entrance

She saw Owen, she was surprised

“What did Owen come to do in my room?” She thought

“Maybe he came to play with me” She thought happily and smiled

Owen moved closer to her and sat on a small chair at the very center of the room

Mary maintained her gaze at Owen

“Owen!” She called

Owen stared around the room

“Did you like the room?” Owen asked in sign language

Mary nodded wondering why he is asking the question

“Mary, why did you decide to stay ?” Owen asked in sign language

Mary shook her head thinking of a perfect answer to give

Owen stood up and moved closer to Mary

“One thing I know is that if you are the right lady , we would have kissed that day, I mean nothing would have distracted us, I think Zeus is trying to protect me from you yet you kept drawing yourself closer to me” Owen said in sign language

Mary stood still, she was hurt by Owen’s words

“I promise not to disturb you” Mary said

“How? We are living in the same house , I know you would” Owen said in sign language

“I won’t” Mary said

“I do not want your promise , I want you to leave this house” Owen said

Mary looked at Owen in surprise

Owen nodded and smirked

“You… Did ..not like…me” Owen said sullenly

Owen giggled

“How can I like you, I hate you, I do not want to see you around me” Owen said in sign language

Mary closed her eyes tight and cried

“Your tears ain’t gonna move me” Owen said in sign language

“I will go tomorrow then” Mary said and left Owen to sit on the bed

Owen moved closer to Mary

“My mum will never allow you to leave, did you get that?” Owen said

“What did you want then?” Mary said pathetically

“I want you to leave now” Owen said in sign language

“What!” Mary exclaimed

“If mum asked you why you leave in the future, tell her you left willingly” Owen said in sign language

“It’s 11:10pm, everywhere is dark, It’s not safe for me outside there , please let me stay this night, I promise to leave tomorrow morning” Mary said with a w€t face

She does not know why Owen is behaving in such a reckless way towards her

“You still didn’t get, Leave now” Owen said in sign language and stiffened his face

Mary cried gently and stood up, she started gathering her clothes inside her box

“Is Owen this heartless” she thought

She packed all her luggage and moved out of the room

Owen walked swiftly and stood in front of her

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna escort you” Owen said in sign language

Mary nodded

Owen followed Mary as they stepped downstairs the house , Owen opened the door for Mary and she walked away

Owen sighed gently and closed the door

Owen’s POV

“Who did she think she is? She thinks she can just come to inconvenient us here , No! I hate people like that, Bella is the one I like, I don’t even know why, she is the one my heart desires” I thought as I walked back to my room

I relaxed on the bed feeling happy that she has left

My tongue suddenly start to get hot, I stood up not understanding what is happening, I walked towards the table, I took some water and my tongue kept getting hot

“Am I about to speak?” I thought as I touched my tongue

“But I didn’t kiss anyone, what is happening to me” I thought and paced around the room

The hotness increased and I can’t contain it again, I ran crazily towards my Mom’s room

I twisted the knob and knock on the door

I beat the door with my palms, I was not hearing any response from my parent

“Are they so asleep” I thought in pain

My tongue was burning heavily

I fell to the ground when I couldn’t bear the pain again

The knob got twisted and my mum’s head came through

She saw me lying on the bed and quickly called my dad

She rushed to me before my dad could come

“Owen, what happened?” She asked

I was sweating already, the pain was unbearable

“Tell me, Owen, what’s wrong?” My mum asked again

“My tongue is burning” I said in sign language

My mother arched her brow and sighed

“Remember, what I told you about the second prophecy ” my mum said ignoring me on the floor facing my father

“Yes, you said a man told you in your dream that a day will come when his tongue will burn and that nothing will quench it apart from the saliva of the lady we accommodate at that time” my dad said

My mother nodded and smiled

“You were not happy when I said Mary should stay, did you now see that she is the saviour of your son now” my mum said

“I’m wowed, I’m sorry for being so cold towards her” my dad said

“It’s alright, let me call her in her room, ‘m sure she wouldn’t hesitate to come if she hears that Seven is in pain and he needs her saliva to be healed” my mum said

The pain is affecting my whole body, I couldn’t move any part of my body, I was pushing my tongue out and shaking my head

“What kind of life have I come, Zeus, why is my life like this, not only did you make me dumb, you are also burning my tongue, I thought they said you are a good god, why not just heal me and put an end to this pain of mine” I murmured in my heart to Zeus

I hope that Zeus will feel my pain and heal me, but it got worst. I watched my mum as she jugged to Mary’s room

I wanted to stop her but I couldn’t , My whole body was loosing strength because of the pain I was feeling in my tongue



Mary’s POV

I walked out of Owen’s house and walked across the street, I sat by an empty chair built outside of a restaurant

I bowed my head gently , I didn’t want to go home , I knew Dad will be sad seeing me, he would be mad at Owen’s parent , he would never believe it was Owen that sent me away, he would think I was sent away by the whole family, he may even take a step that I may not like such as sueing them , I do not want any problems to arise between the two families , I would have gone to my friends house, but their parents know my dad, they will call to inform him

I was thinking of staying in an hotel to pass the night and go home by morning , but I’m scared of going alone to the hotel at night

I thought of what to do as I sat on the empty chair , the rain started falling, I was confused, I do not know where to go, when I couldn’t bear the cold again, my body was w€t, all my luggage were w€t , people were scanty outside , I’m getting scared already, I checked my time, it was 11:51pm

“I gotta start going to an hotel” I thought

I stood up and walked towards the nearest hotel



“I couldn’t find Mary inside, where is she?” Star asked panting heavily

“Are you sure” her husband asked

“i searched everywhere, the prophesy said Owen would die if the spit of the lady is not poured into his tongue ” Star said

.”but you didn’t tell me that ” Her husband questioned

“Yes, that is because I thought Zeus will definitely allow the lady to be around whenever Owen will feel the tongue pain , but it seems Zeus has forsaken us” Star said

“Mum, Zeus is not at fault, I sent her away because I hated her so much, I do not know what came upon me , I just had so much hatred towards her , in fact, I never wished to see her around my vicinity” Owen said in pain with tears rolling down his cheeks

He regretted all that he did and he is afraid that he will die if Mary did not come to save him

Star stood still wondering when Owen became this heartless to the extent of sending an innocent girl away at night

“Do something star” Owen’s father yelled in fear of what may happened

Star returned her gaze to Owen’s father , she stares back at Owen

“Where is she now?”Star asked

” maybe she went home, I do not know” Owen asked

Star watched her child gnashing in pain on the ground, her heartbeat increased, she took to her heels and ran towards the door, Owen’s father ran behind Star

This is the last time I’ll be posting this story since no one is reading it.

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