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Perfecr hearts episode 16


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Jeremy walked into the library and located his table, he went there and found out that a guy had joined their table and was talking with Harrison.
He went to his seat and sat.
“You’re back” Harrison said. “What was so important that Alicia had to take you for so long?” Harrison asked and Jeremy could see the curiosity eating him deeply.
“She just gave me a gift. I don’t know why” he said honestly.
“Oh..I see” Harrison said and picked up his juice. “I’m glad it’s just a gift, or was there anything else?”
“No. Just a gift!” Jeremy said assuringly.
“That’s great then” he said.
“Hey man?”
Jeremy tilt his head to the other guy smiling lopsidedly at him and almost Immediately recognized him as the bully he had encountered on his first day.
“Yeah hey” Jeremy said, dryly.
“Oh.. I doubt you’ll not know him but this is Jose-
“He does!” The bully interrupted. “I mean, he’s a new student so why wouldn’t he” he bragged and Harrison gave him a frown.
“You bullied him?!” Harrison asked.
“Almost but he ended up being super smart and unreachable, just like my Rebecca and you know I admire intelligent people a lot” he said. “They turn me on” he added, lowering his voice and Jeremy gave him a deep frown, likewise Harrison.
“Ugh..not you; Who do you think I am?.
Just my Rebecca, actually” he said, smiling at the last word.
“Your Rebecca?” Jeremy couldn’t help asking.
“Yeah. McCoy” Jose replied.
Jeremy gave Harrison a questioning look.
“Right, remember when I told you Rebecca is hated by everyone in our class, well I forgot to exclude one person; Jose. He’s the only one who seem to like her a lot. Well, they’re both kind of alike so it’s not that surprising” Harrison explained and Jose gave him a frown.
“Well, thanks for that compliment” Jose said. “And you all are just jealous of my Becca, you all wish to be like her but your pea sized brains can’t take in all she knows. Deal with that” Jose said.
“Yeah, he defends her like that” Harrison said, rolling his eyes. “And the worst thing is, she doesn’t even appreciate it. Her weird attitude comes directly from her blood and-
“Hey!” Jose pulled in.
“What? It’s not like she likes you too anyways. How many times has she rejected you?. Tch..does she even like anyone?” Harrison scoffed and Jose gave him a serious glare. “Sorry. Just kidding” Jeremy raised his palm surrender-like.
“She likes me, okay?, She just doesn’t wanna show it yet. And y’all might not see it but she’s more than you think, I feel it. And you, just stick your jealous nose into your own business” Jose said.
“Yeah. Whatever, sorry” Harrison said. “And I think I know why you like her, you both have a lot in common. You’re both bullies” Harrison teased again.

Jose scoffed, grabbed Harrison’s juice box from his hand, stood up and walked away. Harrison laughed as he walked out of the cafeteria.

“You guys look close. How long have you known each other?” Jeremy asked, sipping from his smoothie.
“Two years or so. It’s funny but I used to be one of his bully-victims too. We got close when I helped him pay a debt. Apparently his parent was away that day so he stole from a fruit store to eat and he got caught but I was passing by so I had to cook up some believable lie and pay up his debt and ever since, we just got close” Harrison said.
“Oh..I see” Jeremy said.
“You’re the first person I’m telling this, so you can’t tell anyone else, okay?” Harrison asked.
“Yeah. I won’t” Jeremy promised.
“Cool. Hurry up with your meal, lunch break is almost over” Harrison Informed him.
The next morning as Jeremy made to leave for school, Axel suddenly became too clingy and wouldn’t let him go.
“Yeah, I know sweetie. It’s high time you start school too and you surely will, I know you wanna but just calm down, okay. Mummy will make a lot of money and send you to school just like your siblings, okay?” His mother said, wiping his w€t cheeks and suddenly Axel calmed down and began playing with his toys again, he still looked a bit gloomy.
Jeremy felt sad watching him cry. He must’ve seen his mates going to school as usual and gotten curious and jealous again.

“How about big sis start to give you home-lessons first before you start school. You might not know this but it’s what everyone does first before starting school so it gets easy for them over there” Kylie said and Axel’s eyes suddenly lit up. “You want that right?”
“Yes please” Axel replied happily.
“Cool. So we start today and you better be a good boy and not have dirt stains on your cloths. A student always have to be neat at school” Kylie stated and Axel nodded happily.
“I promise, I won’t!” He said and Jeremy didn’t know when he giggled satisfactorily.
“Good. I’ll be back from school soon so we can start” Kylie said and ruffled his hair.
“I should get ready!” He smiled and rushed to his room before anyone could stop him. Their mother smiled.
“Are you serious about tutoring him?” Their mother asked when Axel was away. Kylie nodded. “Won’t it affect-
“It won’t affect my studies, mother” Kylie cut her off.
“I’ll be assisting her sometimes too” Jeremy added and their mother nodded.
“Okay. I’ll buy some new books, pens and colours. You’ll need all that, right?” She asked.
“Just the colors and maybe some textbooks will be fine. I have some extra books and pencils” Jeremy said and she nodded.
“Okay. We’ll be running late if we don’t leave now, bye Mom!” Kylie stated.
She gave them a peck each all over and watched them leave, she couldn’t help getting teary the grateful at the same time.
She wished she had a degree, she would’ve gotten a more proper job and they would be more happier.

Getting to school, Jeremy walked to his locker to get his books.
“Good morning” Harrison came to meet him.
“Good morning to you too” Jeremy said, shutting his locker and they both headed to class, having little talks.
They walked into the class and hey’s and hi’s flung from different direction to them.

Subconsciously, Jeremy noticed Rebecca on her seat and her head bent on her desk.

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“Hey babe!” Alicia waved at Jeremy from the other side of the class where she was seated. Jeremy was sure she was referring to him before replying.
“Hi” he replied her with a wave as well..
“Whoa!!” The students present in class suddenly screamed after his response and it seemed they were referring to him.
He noticed Harrison’s countenance change as he walked to his seat and it confused him.
Alicia giggled in her seat as the girls stared jealously at her while her friends stuck even closer to her.
Jeremy cluelessly walked to his seat and sat.

Minutes later school work began and after a few teachings on business, the teacher introduced a project to them and decided to pair them ahead for it.
“I have the list already and if anyone wants to change their partners there is a probability that I would consider, although it depends” he said, glancing at Rebecca who had a smug look on her face.. “So be quiet and listen to your names and your partner’s” he said.

He began calling the names and it went on for about a minute.
“Rebecca and Jose” he continued. “Alicia and Evans. Harrison and Judy. “Jeremy and Brianna. Fiona and Samson….”

He went on and on for up to thirty minutes.

“So that’s it. I’ll be telling you all about your different projects tomorrow so just remember your partners and Jones, come with me to get group tags” the teacher said “You can speak up now if you want your partners changed” he said, giving Rebecca a look.

She didn’t budge as she kept scribbling on her note and it surprised him. He expected her to be the first to speak up especially since he paired her with Jose since he wasn’t that bright in his studies but she remained quiet.
“Hey,” Alicia nudged Brianna.
“What?” She answered.
“I want to partner with Jeremy for the project” she said
“But he’s my partner” Brianna said.
“I know. Just tell Mr Bricks you want to partner with someone else” she said.
“Why would I do that? Jeremy’s smart, I want him as a partner too. It’ll boost my grade”
“Well, I want him too and I’m closer to him than you are. So please, just do it” Alicia persisted.
“But I don’t want to!” Brianna frowned.
Alicia sighed, tiredly.
“Come-on Brie, do it before Mr Bricks changes his mind!”
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