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😥Am a pr!ncess yet am a prisoner😥
📖 Written by: P!nky Preshy Chioma 📖
💃 Episode 4 💃
Mr Dante’s Pov:
I threw th£ mug on th£ security guard angrily.
“You idiots! Of what use are you both h£re !n th¡s house?” I yelled as nanny Keisha and th£ security guard bowed th£ir h£ad !n guilty.
“Am very sorry sir! Th£ truth is that last night, I ch£cked up on h£r and $h£ was f*st asleep before I left h£r room” Nanny Keisha said
“Shut your trap! Th£n wh£re is $h£?” I sh©vted at h£r as h°t tears dropped d©wΠ h£r ch£eks.
“And you… You call yourself a security guard yet you let my only daughter… My only hope leave th£ house right under your damn nose” I s¢r**med
“Sir! It happened so f*st” h£ said
“You better pray to whatever God you are serv!ng that noth!ng bad happens to my only child if not th£n get ready for your h£ad to be served to th£ vultures…. You will not j√$t loose your job but I will make sure you die” I said as goosebumps ran d©wΠ th£ir sp!nes.
“Sir please tamper j√$tice with mercy I beg you” Nanny Keisha cried
“Get lost both of you” I yelped as th£y quickly ru$h£d ©vt of my sight.
I fell on th£ couch as tears circulated !n my eyes.
And gradually dropped d©wΠ my face.
“Janella why? Why did you do th¡s to yourself? You don’t know th£ k!nd of trouble you have gotten your little self !nto” I said !n tears.
I really need to f!nd h£r…
$h£ needs to know th£ truth….
I hope it’s not too late and that th£ black angels haven’t found h£r.
Janella’s Pov:
I sat on th£ big bounc!ng b£d.
“So you don’t know wh£re you live?” h¡s bold voice brought me [email protected]¢k to consciousness
“Am really sorry Alex but I don’t know wh£re I live” I cried
“What k!nd of human be!ng are you? I mean who !n th£ right state of m!nd doesn’t know wh£re h£ or $h£ lives?” Alex half yelled
“You know what? I feel so useless on th¡s damn crutch£s… You don’t know who I am and what I’ve gone through” I said as tears kept runn!ng d©wΠ my ch£eks.
“So tell me who are you and what have you been through?” Alex asked still look!ng ©vt of th£ w!ndow.
“Am Janella Dantes…A pr!ncess yet locked up and not allowed to a$$ociate with people! For th£ past 15 years of my life I have never left th£ house until yesterday…. I sneaked ©vt and honestly I had no clue or idea or even dest!nation of wh£re am go!ng….i j√$t wanted to see what it means to be free at least for th£ first time !n my life and now am lost” I burst !nto tears.
“That’s path£tic and unbelievable… I mean a big girl like you you haven’t left th£ house s!nce you were born” Alex said as h£ walked closer to me.
Wow! h¡s blue eyes are so cute 😘😘
And h¡s muscular b©dy 😍😍
h£ is so kill!ng and perfect ❤❤
Th£ closer h£ walked th£ f*ster my h£art b**ts 💓
But why? 🤔
What’s happen!ng to me? 🙄
h£ walked to me and [email protected] a [email protected] to me.
I gently took it and wiped off my tears.
“Thank you Alex!” I said
“It’s alright Janella…. For th£ meantime you’ll have to stay h£re !n th£ guesthouse until your wound h£als so that we can go look for your fath£r” h£ said as I sniffed.
“Alright” I replied avoid!ng eye contact with h¡m.
“What’s go!ng on with me? Why can’t I look at h¡s face?” I thought but my h£art gave me no answer.
“Are you fami$h£d?” h¡s voice smacked me !nto consciousness.
“A little…” I said
“I’ll make someth!ng for us to eat…I’ll be h£re until I get a nanny to take ¢ar£ of you” h£ said and I nodded.
“h£’s damn k!nd!” I smiled
Mr Dante’s Pov:
I ₱0ured ©vt of th£ bottle of champagne some w!ne.
I gulped d©wΠ th£ w!ne drunk.
“My happ!ness is gone… My life is worthless with©vt my daughter… $h£’s th£ replica of my wife” I said !n tears.
Do you want to know what really happened and why I never wanted my daughter to leave th£ house?
Th£ black angels of k!ng Lucifer of h£ll 🔥 were s£nt to earth on an £[email protected]
One of h¡s angels “Black angel Saraf!na” had a deep cut !n h£r arm.
$h£ couldn’t bear th£ pa!ns…
$h£ collapsed and h£r oth£r sisters left h£r and flew [email protected]¢k to h£ll !nvisible.
Th£n th£ only son of th£ Dante’s James saved th£ black angel h£ had no idea $h£ was not human.
Th£ black angel fell !n love with h¡m and refused to go [email protected]¢k to h£ll 🔥
Lucifer s£nt almost all h¡s angels to warn black angel Saraf!na to come [email protected]¢k to h£ll but $h£ bluntly refused.
That was wh£n $h£ made h£r identity known to h¡m but h£ loved h£r and was ever ready to fight for h£r.
Th£y gave birth to th£ir daughter and named h£r Janella.
Janella was half human… half black angel and $h£ possessed powers too.
Unluckily for th£m, Lucifer was able to caught black angel Saraf!na and h£ threw h£r !nto a cage.
But James told th£ child that h£r mom died !n an accident which was false.
Saraf!na warned James to keep th£ child away else th£ black angels and Lucifer will look for h£r and lock h£r up forever.
And th£ only th!ng that could save h£r is th£ tears of h£r one true love.
So James started mak!ng th£ child to become fond of th£ir family friends son but th£y became like sibl!ngs.
Only Janella can save h£r mom and only th£ tears of h£r one true love can save h£r….
Whose th£ one true love?
I bet black angel Luc!na is after Janella? 😥😥
Pr!nce Charm!ng wh£re are you?😭

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