Revenge Of A Dead Girl

Revenge Of a Dead Girl – episode 1

Episode 1

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses​, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.
Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
It was getting darker and darker as the night sets in, people were leaving one by one until I am the only one left. I decided to work until morning, since I was left with doc-ments to do and cases to solve.
I walked towards my office after I got myself a cup of coffee, my eyes set on the end of the hallway until I arrived on the usual door that leads to my office. I slid the door open, seeing my name engraved on the wooden stand just before the table.
An exasperated sigh escaped my mouth, realizing that a lot of people’s safety depends on me as the chief police of the town. I must be attentive and responsible enough to be considered as a real one, for everyone’s future.
Without further ado, I sat down on my somewhat huge chair and started flipping through the folders which were the previous cases from last year that I haven’t reviewed. an-lyzing each one of them, I noticed it was just burglary and some other minor crimes, which is a good thing since there are no murders and such.
After that thought passed my mind, I eventually found a worn out folder placed at the very bottom of all the folders. I opened it and saw a picture of a girl which seems like in her mid teens attached at the upper left corner of the paper and underneath the photo was some of her information.

Name: Park Young Ji
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Case #: 001294-23E-2013

My eyes were scanning the wh0le paper, wondering what could this girl had done to be in one of the cases, from the looks of it, she doesn’t look strong enough to even lift a knife or carry a gun. But my questions was eventually answered after my eyes landed on the words
Date of Death: February 13 2013
Place of Death: School restroom, 4th floor
Time of death: Body temperature, rigor and liver mortis, and stomach contents approximate the time of death between 6:30 to 7:30 pm
Immediate cause of Death: Hypovolemic shock also known as hemorrhagic shock, bleeding from serious cuts and wound from the wrists and blunt traumatic injury
Manner of death: Suicide
I was left puzzled after I read the first page of the folder, some part of me is questioning why this case is considered as a suicide when its obviously not judging from the photos in the crime scene where her body was sitting on the toilet, her head hanging low and her eyes wide open as if she had a blunt shock. There were a lot of cuts and bruises on her body, blood stained her white uniform and her hair also soaked in her own blood. There were also pictures of her when she was being examined in the autopsy room, her body completely beaten to pulp… weird.
This is not a suicide.
So I decided to call the officer in charge for this case to answer a few of my questions through a phone call, I probably lost count at how many times I tried to contact that officer but it seems the call wasn’t reaching, but after a while, he finally answered.
“Ugh. Hello?” his voice a bit worn out and husky, probably just woke up.
“Officer, it’s me the chief” I answered back, I heard tumbling sounds from his line and heard his voice tremble.

“Chief! Good evening sir, what can I do for you?” there was a change in his voice from tired and husky to a bit cheerful.
“Ah yes, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions regarding with this case which involves a high school girl who committed suicide just last year.” I said, still scanning the folder and reading her autopsy report.
“Suicide?” He asked in a puzzled voice. “Oh you mean that girl found in the restroom?” I heard a sound of flipping pages, probably him digging through his previous cases he worked on.
“Yes that girl named Park Young Ji” I replied
“Ah yes, found her. What is the matter with this case sir?” He asked
“Well, can you state everything you found in the crime scene?”
“Umm sure. Her body was first found by the janitor who goes to school at 5am every morning to clean, but he reported that there was an odd smell in,side the girl’s restroom so he looked in,side to find a pool of blood at this certain cubicle so he immediately called for help. After some investigations and interrogations from her classmates, we have come to a conclusion that she committed suicide.”
“Yeah I see, but according to her autopsy report, she received multiple sharp injuries such as a blow on her head, there were several deep cuts on her wrists and ankle, darkish bruises on her back and a pulled tooth, it was also stated from her laboratory results that she was s€×ually assaulted. Can you explain why this is somehow considered as a suicide?” I said a bit mad judging from the tone of my voice.

“Ah yes sir but I can authenticate the circ-mstances why she obtained such injuries.” He added “She pulled her own tooth because it got loose when she was punched by her own father. He was also responsible for the bruises and the s€×ual assault. And for the wound she had on her head, she fell down the stairs that day and the students were able to witness that, they said they last saw her went in,side the restroom that day.”
After a few seconds of absorbing the pieces of information I have gathered, I sighed. That was enough to say that it is suicide after all considering her circ-mstance with her father. But I’m still not saying that its not murder.
“Okay thank you very much” I said before ending the phone call without even letting him finish his line.
Closing the folder and putting everything back at the drawer “Well, I’m finished here. I should head back home” I muttered, standing up and glancing at the wall clock
11pm, well considering my daughter I’m guessing she’s still awake at this hour. I should ask her about Park Young Ji since she goes to the same school as her.
“Welcome back.” I was greeted by my daughter as she heard the front door open without even looking at me, who was silently sitting at the living room while reading a book. She may look like a 17 year old girl, but her way of thinking surpasses mine, you could say that she’s like a genius who never speaks much.
“Is your mother asleep already?” I asked, heading towards the kitchen to get myself a cup of water.
“Yes, about an hour ago.” She answered in a monotonous voice, keeping her eyes glued on the book she was reading.
“I see.” I muttered. “Yoo ma, can I ask you a question?” I spoke softly, watching her from my peripheral view as I sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen.
“As long as it is not a stupid question.” She replied, closing her eyes as if preparing to hear one of those worthless questions I often ask her.
“Well yeah, at work I happen to see a case which involves a girl who committed suicide.” I stated, I saw a change of expression on her face. Her eyebrows were literally knitted to each other and she was gritting her teeth probably from anger. “And I was wondering if you know her since she’s in the same school as you. What was her name again?” I was trying to recall the name of the girl but Yoo ma interjected.
“Park Young Ji” she mumbled, closing her book quite loudly and standing up from her seat. “Don’t meddle with things you can’t understand.” She looked at me with her eyes burning in anger before walking upstairs to her room, I heard her slam her door and lock it.
“Hmm. What’s up with her?” I asked particularly no one “Puberty.” I shrugged and walked towards the living room, turning the television on to pass some time.
For some reasons, the show on the television was about spirits and ghosts. There was an old woman being interviewed in a studio by a man and from the looks of it the old woman looks like she knows a lot about spirits.
“Can you tell us about an old legend about spirits ma’am.” The interviewer asked, and the old woman chuckled a bit.
“I’m sure everyone has already heard of this since its quite popular.” The old woman smiled, looking directly at the camera. “It was a saying from when I was just little girl. It is said that if a spirit isn’t fully at peace yet, it will return after a year and do the thing it wanted to do. Whether if its saying the things they wanted to tell someone, or…” the woman continued
“Avenging their own death.”
“What do you mean about that ma’am?” the man asked, quite puzzled about her statement.
“Well there are good spirits and evil spirits you see. They only become like that if their death was either peaceful or not. But if they experienced a horrible death, their main purpose in returning is to avenge it.”
“So you mean, that they’ll return after a year of their death to avenge themselves? Are all the dead people able to do that?” the interviewer asked again, his face delighted for receiving valuable information.
“Not all, young man. It takes a lot of evil energy for a spirit to return, they need to have a lot of willpower and hatred to be able to return.”
“Then its just depends on the spirit if she wanted to return or not?”
“Yes. The more painful it’s death was, the higher the possibility that it will return.”
I turned the television off, yawning as I felt my eyes drooping. I have no interest in spirits or whatsoever so I should just sleep already.

I stood up and was headed upstairs but I caught a glimpse of the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. The month, the day and the year were all written in large fonts stating that today is:
February 12 2014
“Hmm.” I mumbled, realizing something
“If that saying is true or whatsoever, then that poor girl’s soul will return tomorrow.”


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