Robin – Batch 10


“Luca was on his way home when he received
a call from the investigator that was looking
into the auction house. Agreeing to meet him
he turned his car around and headed back
into the city. There he met the man, John at a
“It wasn’t easy getting this information but
money talks. It was Filippo who sold them
the painting, he got 150.000 American
dollars. But that’s not all, he has sold them
some other paintings and other items of great
Luca slammed his fist on the table, earning
him some angry glances. “That son of a
bitch, after all, I’ve done for him and he
steals from me. I trusted him and would
never have suspected him.”
His phone rang and seeing the caller was
Sandra he thought about not answering but
hit talk. “What the hell do you want?” He
barked into the phone. “I’m at Ray’s bar, you
have ten minutes to get here or I’m leaving.”
He hangs up and says his goodbyes to John
and checking his watch. He wouldn’t have
agreed to meet with her if she hadn’t said it
was about Robin and was very important, a
matter of life and death.
Twenty minutes later he watched as she
walked towards his table. Being a man he
had to admire her, she was beautiful and
refined and moved with confidences. She
wore a tight black pencil skirt, a white silk
top, one with a plunging neckline which
showed off her cle-vage and her large
br-asts. Though they had been intimate on
and off for a few years he felt no
connection to her, no real desire. But with
Robin, it was instant chemistry, s€×ually as
well as a spiritual one, she was without a
doubt his soulmate.
Sandra slid elegantly into the booth across
from him. “Aren’t you going to buy a lady a
“Ordering her some wine he stared her right
in the eye. “You better start talking, what is it
you need to tell me?”
Reaching over she took his hand and held it,
but he quickly pulled it away. If Robin knew
he was here with Sandra there would be hell
to pay. “Start talking,” he snapped.
“I believe your wife is in danger,” Sandra
said, stopping to take a sip of her wine.
Hearing that Robin could be in danger he
leaned forward, his eye turned dark and he
stared at her, ready to let loose his anger.
“What the f-ck are you talking about? You
better tell me now or I swear I’ll choke the
life out of you.”
She had seen Luca mad before, but this time
it was different. Seeing the fury that was
raging in his eyes she leaned back in her
seat, wanting not to be close to him.
Thoughts of toying with him flew out the
window, she held her hands in her lap to
stop them from shaking and swallowed the
lump in her throat. “This morning I overheard
Filippo and Eleonora talking at the restaurant
I happened to be having breakfast at, they
were standing outside the ladies and
“So?” Luca snapped. “What were they saying?”
“I couldn’t hear everything, only caught bits
here and there. Filippo was saying Robin
would be gone soon, and she had to be
patient. It wasn’t clear after that, but I heard
her say she wasn’t going to kill a child.”
Luca’s throat burned from the acid taste in
his mouth when what Sandra said sank in.
Maybe she was making it up but he wasn’t
going to take a chance. Jumping up he
ordered her to call the police and tell them
what she had heard.
“Wait, where are you going?” she asked when
he turned to leave.
“Home,” he yelled over his shoulder as he
dashed out the bar. It was an hour drive back
but he planned on making it quicker, his gut
told him his little family was in danger. He
knew by looking into Sandra’s eyes she was
telling the truth.
“Get away from her,” Grazia screeched and
pointing the gun, her finger on the trigger.
“What are you doing to Robin?”
The two were shocked to find Grazia there,
she wasn’t due home for another day.
Eleonora started walking slowly towards her.
“Grazia put the gun down and let me explain.”
“Don’t do it, they plan on killing me and one
of the babies, then Luca,” Robin cried out,
“Is that true?” Grazia said, raising the gun at
Eleonora warning her not to come any closer.
“We are doing it for you Grazia and for us.
It’s only a matter of time before Luca kicks
us all out, now be a good girl and drop the
gun,” Filippo said, his hand placed on his
own gun.
“Don’t listen to them, they want Luca’s fortune
and plan on killing my baby. It was them all
along, the spider, the locked room. Listen to
me Grazia, they’ll kill you too now that you
caught them,” Robin said, teary eyed, hoping
she would believe her.
“You want to kill Luca and one of the babies,
no, I won’t let you,” Grazia said, her hand
started to shake.
Eleonora, seeing her start to shake lunged at
Grazia and they struggled with the gun before
it went off. Grazia scre-med and dropped the
gun when her friend fell to the ground, a
bullet in her chest.
Filippo started scre-ming. “You stupid bitch, I
needed her to deliver the babies and to help
me clean up this f-cken mess.” Without an
ounce of guilt, he shot Grazia, then turned to
a hysterical Robin. “Stop your f-cken crying.”
He began pacing back and forth, talking to
himself. Luca was going to be gone for
hours yet so he had to work fast. First, he
would inject Robin with the needle and hoped
she would deliver soon. If all went well after
giving birth he would give her the stuff
Eleonora brought and Robin would die along
with the baby boy. He would tell Luca he
found Robin alone and giving birth, that he
tried to help but that she died during birth,
and the boy was stillborn. The other two
women, thinking they were dead decided to
leave them here till he was able to dispose
of their bodies or hide them in trunks. He
was starting to panic, it was all going wrong,
becoming too messy.
Picking up the syringe walked slowly toward’s
Robin. “I have to move quickly, so be a good
girl and don’t make this any h-rder than it
already is.”
Luca broke all the rules of the road,
speeding, going through stop signs and
driving down a one-way street. Arriving home
he stopped the car, leaving it running and the
door open made it in,side in record speed, his
heart racing and sweating profusely. Seeing
his butler asked him if he had seen Robin,
but of course, he hadn’t.
“Gather the others and search this damn
place.” He ordered and raced upstairs,
searching their room first and then the
others. There was no sign of her and he was
worried sick to death. His eyes wandered to
the staircase leading to the upper part of the
castle. Shaking his head he knew she
wouldn’t go up there, not in her condition.
But then something caught his eye, walking
up several steps he s₱0tted one of her
earrings, her favorite pair from the tin box.
Picking it up he stuck it in his pocket and ran
up the stairs.
Checking every room and thinking of giving
up he sees the matching earring laying on the
floor, it was as if she was leaving a trail for
him to follow. Taking another flight of stairs
leading to the tower he checks some of the
rooms and he hears a scre-m. Taking off in
the direction it came from barged in and for
a moment froze when he Saw Robin tied to a
chair and Filippo getting ready to put a
needle into her arm.
Holding out his hands in front of him looked
from Robin to Filippo. “Don’t do it, whatever
you want it’s yours, just don’t hurt her.” He
looked at Robin and his heart broke when he
saw her tears and the fear in her eyes. “Are
you ok baby?”
Filippo waved the gun at him. “Don’t come
any closer or I’ll shoot her.” He pointed the
gun at her stomach.
“Luca,” she cries out. “He and Eleonora are in
it together, they plan on making it look like I
died giving birth and plan on killing our son
and later was going to get rid of you.”
“Why Filippo? After all, I’ve done for you,
giving you a job and letting you live in my
home. We were friends,” Luca said as he
looked down at the bodies of Grazia and
Filippo leaned over, nuzzling Robin’s neck,
enjoying the look of anger that flashed
across Luca’s face when he saw him being
friendly with her. “For money Luca, why else?
Some friend you were, treating me like dirt
that you would scrap from the bottom of
your shoes. You gave me orders, never
treated me as an equal.”
“That’s not true Filippo,” Luca said as he tried
to calm him down.
“If only you had married Eleonora all this
could have been avoided. Married to her she
would have inherited everything and then she
and I would marry after your unfortunate
death and it all would be mine. But you just
had to get Robin involved in it, damn shame,
she really is a beauty.” He stood up and
pointed the gun at Luca. “Now I have to shoot
you making all this more complicated.”
“You won’t get away with it Filippo, how are
you going to explain all of our deaths?” He
glanced over again at the two women who
were lying motionless.
“I have not quite figured it all out yet, but I
will. Perhaps when you found your wife and
son dead you couldn’t handle it so you shot
“And the other two women, how are you
going to explain them?” Luca said as he
edged a little closer.
“Not sure. Just shut the f-ck up, will you?
Sorry Luca, say your goodbyes to your wife.”
“Let me go to her, let me have one last k-ss.”
“Ok, hurry up, I’m getting so bored.” Filippo
waved him over, moving to the side of Robin.
Rolling his eyes as he watched the way Luca
k-ssed her and they pledged their love for
each other.
Luca kneeled down in front of her. Reaching
up he touched her cheek and tried wiping her
tears away, but they fell quicker than he
could wipe them. “Trust me when I tell you
that I love you and you are the only woman I
have ever loved and always will, I will take
care of you.”
“I love you too Luca, I trust you.”
Filippo laughed. “You can take care of her in
the after life, now stand up so I can kill you.
Robin and I have some babies to deliver.”
As Luca stood he swayed toward Filippo,
taking him by surprise. He grabbed his wrist,
the one holding the gun and pushed him
against the wall, away from Robin. He could
hear Robin calling his name but he had to
ignore her if he was going to disarm Filippo.
They struggled and Luca slammed Filippo’s
arm into the wall and the gun was knocked
out of Filippo’s hand, landing on the ground.
They fought, punching and choking each
other, Luca was pushed up against the broken
window and Filippo was trying to get him to
fall through it to his death.
It felt like a thousand knives piercing his
back as the sharp shærds of glass dug into
him through the material of his jacket. He
managed to turn Filippo so that he was up
against the window and raising his fist he
punched Filippo so hærd he stumbled back.
The glass gave out and Filippo went through
it. Luca stuck his head out and saw him
hitting the ground, being so high up he knew
the man was dead.
Rushing over to Robin he untied her hands
and taking her in his arms she cried and
wrapped her arms around his neck and clung
to him. Taking her face in his hands he
k-ssed her all over, the forehead, nose,
cheek, anywhere he could. He didn’t want to
let go of her, even when she tried moving
him away.
“Luca, Grazia’s been shot, go to her.” She
motioned to the woman who’s eyes were
slowly opening.
Going over he kneed down. “Grazia,” he said,
trying to get her to look at him. Taking her
scarf that was laying on the floor rolled it up
and pressed it to the wound to help stop the
“Luca,” Robin cried out and went over to
them, but because of her condition, she
couldn’t get down on the floor. “Is she going
to live? She saved me, she can’t die Luca.”
Robin sobbed.
Luca just looked up at Robin for a moment
before speaking.

“She’s in bad shape, but I think she is going
to live.” Looking back at Grazia he saw she
was coming to, her eyes open and her hand
reached up, grabbing his shirt.
“Robin and the babies, help them.”
“They are fine thanks to you, my dear cousin.
Now don’t try to talk, I’m going to call for
help.” He dialed his phone and called for an
ambulance, then down to his staff to come
up and help. Hanging up he went over to
Eleonora and felt for a pulse, he cursed
when he felt one. He hated her so much at
that moment and wished she had died. Well,
now he would make her life a living hell.
Two of Luca’s help showed up, and he
explained what had happened. “Stay here and
wait for the ambulance and cops to come, I’m
taking my wife to our room.” Going over he
put his arm around her wa-ist.
“Let’s get you out of here.” Helping her they
headed downstairs, halfway down she
doubled over and cried out in pain. “Robin,”
he said, eyeing her, fear once again took
hold of him. “What’s wrong?”
“I– think I’m going into labor. I can’t Luca, it’s
too soon.” Her hand’s grabbed his arms as
another wave of pain racked her body.
“That’s it, I’m taking you to the hospital right
now.” He lifted her up into his arms and
carefully walked down the remaining stairs
and out to the car. After gently placing her
into the passenger side he tore off his jacket
which had pieces of glass sticking in it. He
held her hand as he maneuvered the car
around and tore out the driveway. His gut
was tied in knots, she had a month to go and
with twins, he also knew it was too soon. He
hid his fear from Robin, not wanting her to
stress any more than she was already.
Having Luca there, holding her hand she
relaxed. As long as she had him she knew
everything would be ok, after all, he said it
would and she believed him. “I’m sorry,” she
said, wiping a tear away.
“For what?” he asked, glancing over at her.
“This is all my fault. If I hadn’t agreed to stay
and marry you none of this would have
happened,” she sniffed.
“If you had not my little bird I would have
fallen victim to Filippo and Eleonora’s vicious
plan. You saved me from certain death. So
never again say this was your fault, that’s an
order, you got it?” He said more harshly than
he intended to.
“Wow, after all this you’re still going to be so
bossy?” she smiled, actually loving his
bossiness. “I think my contractions are
getting closer.”
“We’re almost there,” he said and stepped on
the gas. Rounding the corner and stopping in
front of the entrance jumped out and going
around to her side. He helped her out and
lifted her up when another wave of pain
made her body shake and she let out a
painful mo-n.
“Someone help, my wife is in labor,” he
shouted once they were in,side.
“A nurse was there in a flash. “What have we
got here?”
“My wife’s eight months pregnant with twins,
she’s not due for another month,” Luca said,
his voice shook with emotion.
“Well let’s get you into the examining room
and a doctor will be right there sweetie.” The
kindly nurse said as she motioned for a
wheelchair to be brought over. “Sir, you have
to wait here.”
“Like hell I will, I’m going with her,” he
Robin touched his arm, calming him down.
“Luca, don’t yell at her, let them do what they
have to. I’m sure you’ll be able to join me
“That’s right sir, give us a few minutes and
I’ll come and get you.”
Luca kneeled down in front of her, taking her
hands in his. “I love you so much, Robin.” He
then k-ssed her and watched as they wheeled
her away.
He paced back and forth, raking his hand
through his dark thick hair. It seems like
forever that he waited before the nurse came
to get him.
“Sir, your wife has been taken to the delivery
room, follow me. You will have to wash up
and put on scrubs before going in. You have
cuts on your back, let me take care of them
for you first.”
“No,” he barked. “I want to go to my wife
When he entered the room Robin held out
her arms and she shook as he held her. “I’m
scared for the babies Luca.”
Taking her face in his hands used his
thumbs to wipe her freshly fallen tears away.
“They are going to be ok, I just know it.” He
gave her the biggest smile ever. “We’re about
to become parents. Ready to do this?”
She nods. “Yes, I’m ready.”
The first baby came out with no problems, a
“He’s beautiful Robin,” Luca said and giving
her a k-ss. His heart was bursting with pride
and happiness when he saw his son and
heard the loud crying. “He’s got some lungs
on him.”
Robin shed tears of joy, she held Luca’s hand
as she looked at the baby lying in the nurse’s
arm. “He’s so small,” she says.
“Ok Mrs. Mariani, his sister is coming, I want
you to push now.”
Robin started pushing and pushing, this time
it was taking much longer. She was
exhausted and when she was told to give one
more big push she cried out. “I can’t, I just
can’t.” Laying down she shook her head. “I
Luca towered over her, wiping her dampen
face with a cloth. “You can do it, you’re
strong and I love you with all my heart.”
Robin’s eyes w¡dened and she smiled at him.
“You said you love me in front of other
people, you told me you would never do
“I was a fool to say that, from now on I’ll say
it all the time. I love you, Mrs. Mariani, let’s
bring our little girl into the world.”
Twenty minutes later their little girl was born
and for a short time, they were allowed to
hold the babies. Being born early and
weighing just under the five pounds the
doctors wanted to have them in an incubator.
“Ok, Mr. Mariani, why don’t you wait outside
while we tend to your wife.” A nurse said as
she started cleaning up.
“I don’t want to leave your side,” Luca said as
he k-ssed her hand, not wanting to let go.”
“Luca, I’m worried sick about Grazia. Will you
please go and see how she is and let me
know. As rude as she was to me she did try
to save me.”
“Alright, I’ll go check, I’ll see you soon,” he
said and k-ssed her.
After talking to the doctor he found out
Grazia was operated on and expected to make
a full recovery and was asking for him.
Quietly slipping into Grazia’s room went over
to her bedside just as her eyes open.
“Luca, how are Robin and the babies?”
Sitting down by her side he couldn’t help but
smile. “Robin is exhausted, Lila and Zyrus,
both weighing four pounds and eleven
ounces are so tiny but are healthy.”
Grazia let out a sigh of relief. “I didn’t know
what Filippo and Eleonora were up to. I had
no idea they were lovers. Luca, it’s true I tried
to set you up with her, asked her to sed-ce
you. But I would never physically harm
Luca stroked her cheek. “I know that now.
You helped to save her life and the lives of
our children, I will forever be in your debt.
Who knows, maybe someday you and Robin
will become friends.”
“I’d really like that, but she may never forgive
me for the way I’ve been treating her.”
“It’s not in her nature to not forgive. I really
want to get back to her, I’ll check on you in a
while.” k-ssing her cheek he went to the
private room Robin was in.
She was asleep, her hair was fanned out and
he thought she looked like an angel, his
angel. He sat by her bed, his fingers
car-ssing her hand and she woke up. “I didn’t
mean to wake you.”
“You didn’t.” Her hand going to his face. “I
could smell your scent and thought I was
dreaming and I was so happy to find you
here. How is Grazia, have you seen her?”
“Grazia is doing really good and asked about
you and the babies. I think she’s warming up
to you. The police are on their way in to get
her statement, I suspect they will be in to get
ours at some point.”
“I want to see my babies.”
“Rest first,” Luca said and stopped her from
getting out of bed.
“I won’t be able to rest till I see them.”
Chewing on his bottom lip looked at the
sadness in her eyes and made a decision.
Picking her up carried her to the nursery. The
nurse let them in and pulled a chair over for
Robin to sit down, scolding Luca for taking
Robin from her bed when she was clearly
They were able to touch the babies through
the h0les wearing gloves.
“I want to hold them in my arms,” she said,
her sobs catching in her throat.
“You will soon, it’s only for a couple of
days,” Luca said and picking her up, taking
her back to bed when he saw she was
fighting to keep her eyes open. He laid her
down and covered her with the blanket.
“Sleep now my little bird.”
Yawning she asked if he got the cuts on his
back taken care of. Satisfied that he had she
closed her eyes and fell asleep.
Luca was lying on the bed with his arm
around her when two police walked in.
Getting up without waking her he went to
where they stood by the door.
“If you’re here for my wife’s statement it will
have to wait, she exhausted and needs to
rest.” Luca showed his displeasure by
opening the door and motioned for them to
They looked over at the woman asleep in the
bed, looked at each other and nodded.
“It can wait, Mr. Mariani. We got your cousin’s
statement and Eleonora Gallo. Miss Gallo has
confessed to everything. She told us how
Filippo Russo planned to murder you and
your wife and all that they did to harm her.
Miss Gallo will be going away for a very long
“Will I be arrested for his death?” Luca asked,
worried he would be taken away from Robin.
“No sir, it’s clear you are the victim and it
was in self-defense. We’ll come by tomorrow
to get both of your statement.
Congratulations on having twins, goodbye
sir.” The one office shook and hand and left
Luca alone to be with his wife.
True to their word they were back the next
day and Robin told them about finding the
book and what happened up to the time Luca
The police told them it was Eleonora who
hired that man to run her over. Finishing up
with their questions left.
When Robin told him that her bodyguard,
Chad, never made a pass at her, though he
was distant he was always respectful and
made him promise to rehire the man. Not as
her bodyguard as she was sure she wouldn’t
need one anymore, but keeping him on as
security. Making it known if he didn’t he
would be in the dog house for a very long
When Luca left to go home to shower and
change Robin decide to go see the twins, first
stopping at Grazia’s room. Going over she sat
down by the bed. “Grazia, what you did for
me was very brave, you saved us.”
“Luca was the one who saved you Robin, not
“You’re wrong.If it weren’t for you showing
up and delaying their plan it may not have
turned out the way it did. But I have two
questions for you. Where did you get the gun
and how did you know where to find us?”
“It was my father’s gun, I kept it when he
died.” A smirk crossed her face. “You never
know when one will come in handy. Since I
was in the hospital for a brain injury I get
these visions. It’s hærd to explain but I saw
you tied up to a chair in the tower. I want you
to know Robin I’m sorry I treated you the way
I did, I guess I was jealous of you.”
“But why Grazia?”
“Because of your beauty and the way all the
men were drawn to you, lusting after you.
I’ve never had a man look at me the way they
do to you, especially Luca. You’ve made him
happier than I’ve ever seen him. I would like
it if we could start over.”
Robin smiled, she knew Grazia was being
sincere. “I’d like that too. There is a man out
there for you, you just have not found him
yet. I’m on my way to visit the twins, would
you like to come with me?”
Grazia eyes glazed over. “You sure you don’t
“Of course not, after all, you are going to be
their Godmother,” Robin said, holding out her
hands to help her get out of bed.
Grazia teared up when she saw the babies
looking so small through the glass. “They are
so beautiful,” she said and hugged Robin.


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